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Kasaya Hume
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23 Years Female
5' 4" Commons
Silver-Blue Hair Silver Eyes
No House Paddra Nsu-Yeul
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We are all a single strand in the web of life. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
Born to a prestigious, if one can even call her line that, family of nomads, Kasaya was raised perhaps a bit oddly. Her mother before her had, as normal for her tribe, died giving birth to her, leaving her with just her father. From the time she was conceived to the time long after she was born, her mother's father trained her own to protect and care for Kasaya, as, in normal fashion for the female line of her family, Kasaya was born a seeress. Her line is the only line that carries the trait consistently, rather than it cropping up randomly, and her family's habits and traditions moulded themselves around this reality. Male members of the family guard the female ones, but the female ones are the leaders. Each one lasts only long enough to conceive and birth a child, always a girl, and Kasaya will be no different. That is the unending cycle her family are trapped in.

As nomads, she and her father never remained in one place. Kasaya has been all over Azaleon many times over, knows the mountains and the forests as well as she knows the city streets and the busy farms. Her father, unlike the male members of her family before him, thought to teach her some minor ability to defend herself, in case the two were ever separated, but in the last ten years alone, they haven't been even once. Kasaya thinks, sometimes, that her father blames her for what happened to her mother, and in truth, if it was anyone's fault, it'd be hers, as the children of her family always end up killing their mother, every time, no matter what medical attention is available. At times, Kasaya wonders if maybe there is a way to break this cycle, this endless cycle of living and losing the same way, over and over and over, but if there is one, she doesn't know it.

As a young girl, she'd often forget her own visions, and in order to curb this, developed a gadget called a seer disk. Through help of the Galacese ilim, Kasaya manages to store her visions in these disks, and "play" them back later. It allows, as a side-effect, Kasaya to show others her visions, and, incidentally, at a mere five years old, Kasaya was the one who prophecied the birth of the Messiah. Through some careful memory retrieval, Kasaya stored this in a seer disk, too. It was important.

And Azaleon, on the whole, misunderstood the entire prophecy. Kasaya knows this, better than anyone, because she remembers the vision itself, remembers the burst of hope the aurora inspired. It was not a culling of those unworthy, not in her mind. Perhaps she interpreted it wrong, perhaps not. What she does know, is her visions have now stopped. Kasaya has had a small collection of close to twenty visions in her entire life, a little under one a year, and suddenly, they've stopped. She hasn't had another one since she turned twenty. Something has changed. Something, along the timeline, has become immensely uncertain. The other seers she's come into contact with all say the same thing: three years ago, their visions stopped. And no vision has ever been had that occurred past the Messiah's aurora.

What it is, exactly, that is blocking the transfer of knowledge, what is stopping seers the world over from seeing beyond what comes in three years' time, Kasaya doesn't know. She seeks, now, to find out. At some point, however, her father gave up. After twenty years of following the girl around, he decided he wanted a different life, and left one day. Kasaya knew he would, in time, she just didn't know when. She wanders by herself, now, and Kasaya, like all those before her, is on a time limit. Someday, she'll have a daughter, and that'll be that.

There's time, before then. Time that she'll likely use for finding out why everyone's visions have stopped.