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Sahura Lucain Royalty
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If you don't live for something, then you'll die for nothing.
The story of the founder of House Lucain, and incidentally, the Free City of Saqqara, is a long one. When he was born, the world knew only humes and ilim, and the two lived side by side in Azaleon, in relative peace. Many concepts that, today, seems to drive the lands of Azaleon, such as the concept of material wealth, conquering, and slavery, had yet to really take root. However, conflict, in general, was not a new one; perhaps, to some extent, humes had always known about conflict, even if only in the form of conflicting over territory and resources. Food, after all, can be, at times, difficult to come by.

The area in which Sahura was born, today the general location of Saqqara, was occupied by five hume tribes. These tribes generally did not come into contact with one another, but it was, perhaps, never meant to last. As they spread further from their own territories, searching for resources, or even following game herds, they eventually met one another. While at first, these tribes attempted to get along, squabbling soon enough became the norm for them, and they devolved into what amounted to war. These five tribes had, when Sahura was born, been at war for many decades, and it was taking its toll, not only on the tribes themselves, but on the surrounding lands and the animals in the vicinity.

Sahura did not grow up thinking he would, someday, see an end to the endless cycle of carnage. Originally, like his parents before him, he sought only to grow strong, provide for whatever family he may someday have, and live in relative peace. Unfortunately, the tribes' warring only spread further, and began to catch those that lived on the outskirts of the conflicts into them. Sahura eventually lost a younger brother, and his mother, to the mess. It was then that he decided, enough.

His first goal was to gain an army. He taught himself combat techniques, with the help of the ilim (and it was through them that he eventually, accidentally, created the were race, as a spell backfired and caused unintended effects). Then, through mostly sheer determination (he was rather soundly defeated, many, many times, in the effort), he defeated the leader of one tribe, and became the new leader. Sahura then bettered and refined the battle techniques of that tribe's warriors, creating probably the first organized army that Azaleon had ever seen. Using battle tactics that were the first of their kind, and rather outside the box, so to say, he later used that one tribe to conquer a second. And a third. And a fourth. The fifth immediately surrendered faced with the collective, single tribal military that Sahura had drawn together of the four.

The warring in the valley of sand had stopped, and the five warring tribes were united beneath Sahura.

In the time after, Sahura eventually started constructing settlements. Each tribal leader that had led their group before him was made overseer of regions, and all five tribes began to build villages of their own. The people were happier, and they were able to better defend themselves from outsiders and wild animals. Eventually, the villages spread in size, and rejoined into one, larger city. That city became Saqqara, and Sahura was installed as its leader.

Sahura has led Saqqara ever since, and established House Lucain. His children have never been shielded from the wonders and horrors of the world, and Saqqara still, to this day, operates as one. Many of the same tribal leaders that Sahura defeated remain in Saqqara today, acting as managers and officials in control in certain districts of Saqqara. Some have stepped down, and given the role to one of their children, but Saqqara remains a well-oiled machine, and while its leaders may not always agree on everything, they do remember what impact it has to become divided. For the sake of the peoples whose lives and livelihoods they are responsible for, they have vowed never to become divided again.

As such, they've forged strong bonds with the other Free Cities as they began to appear. Their closest neighbors, Haradi, are exalted and valued allies, and have been for many centuries. Sahura married from Haradi, but it was not a formal arrangement; the two truly came to care for one another, and Sahura very much loves his wife. When Haradi's youngest prince, and a child of House Argyros, also valued by House Lucain, disappeared, Sahura was first to offer his assistance in relocating their missing ones. His eldest had long vanished, his youngest, incidentally, ending up in a similar predicament as he'd gone to look for his brother. Sahura understands king Sidonai's position, perhaps in ways most can't.

Thus far, however, none of the four have been located. All Sahura's people have found out is that the four are alive, and somewhere in Dalmasca. It may not be long before Sahura goes looking for them personally, and Dalmasca may not terribly care for that outcome.


- He is a were-jackal. The first were ever, actually.


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