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Ryhil Assad Royalty
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24 Years Male
5' 9" Nobility
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House Assad Snow Villiers
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From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues come our honors.
The eldest of the current generation of House Assad, most can often presume Ryhil is rather the spoilt twit. He's accustomed to such assumptions, but he's never known his father to raise his sons incapable of functioning without a host of servants. Mind you, Ryhil's life could've been harder, and he's always known that, by watching the struggles of the commoners of Haradi, talking to the palace servants and guards, but he knows this at all. In and of itself, one might argue he has a bit of an advantage over others of similar classing, merely because his father did make sure he knows this. Ryhil was taught, early on, never to take anything for granted, and that all life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, mattered, because if one didn't, then why did any?

It was, perhaps, a philosophy that Ryhil took to heart. Considering he is the eldest Assad of his generation, thereby the first in line to inherit the throne of the Free City of Haradi, and all Free Cities are against slavery, and the concept that one person can mean more than another, this is likely a very good thing. Ryhil wasn't taught by special tutors, sequestered away from the commoners of Haradi to learn how to rule over them someday. King Sidonai would have never approved such a plan, but their earliest ancestor, whom founded Haradi and House Assad, would not have, either. It was always tradition in House Assad for the children of the line to be taught in schools, right alongside the commoners, and to live in their world and learn to understand it. Ryhil was never opposed to this, and, when he was old enough to attend school, neither was Ryhil's younger brother, Tihaan.

In fact, in many ways, Tihaan flourished among the commoners in ways that Ryhil never really did. Some murmured that Ryhil may have someday asked his father to pass over him for the throne, and give the crown to Tihaan instead of himself; the rumors weren't wrong. Ryhil was never terribly upset about that, either. He would have remained an important piece of the royal line, even so, likely taking up leadership of the Haradian military and or the royal guard, currently led by their uncle, but it was, unfortunately, not to be. One day, Tihaan never came home.

At first, it was thought he'd run, but the people insisted he wouldn't have. One of the nobles serving House Assad, a young member of House Argyros, had also disappeared that day, making the situation even more strange. Their father was in rather the bind. On the one hand, King Sidonai was never much one to simply sit around and wait for things to work themselves out, especially when it came to one of his sons. Those of House Argyros were important and long-standing, loyal supporters of House Assad, and the king felt almost obligated to assist them in finding their lost one, too. Unfortunately, he had more obligation to remain at the lead of Haradi. Without someone to stand in for him that both he trusted, and the people trusted, he had no choice but to send others to look for Tihaan in his stead.

Ryhil finished school, graduating with rather high marks in the sciences and language, and then immediately asked his father for permission to join the already rather large search party for Tihaan and Kalix. Ryhil could tell he did not want to agree to it, but he did, and Ryhil left for Dalmasca just a week after finishing school, the hopes of the people of Haradi, whom dearly missed their youngest prince, often called the People's Prince, with him. As luck would have it, he did not immediately find Tihaan, but he did eventually stumble into Kalix, mostly by chance. Since that first meeting, Ryhil has been working with Kalix and their rather wide information network across the highborn of Dalmasca, keeping track of where Tihaan has been. Thus far, he hasn't stayed in one place long enough for Ryhil to intercept him, but Kalix is always aware of the last place he's been, and knowing he is alive, that is enough.

In the interim, Ryhil and Kalix have grown rather close, and once he manages to catch up with his brother, well, maybe Kalix will come back to Haradi with them. Ryhil hopes so. He kind of likes them. Kind of.