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we must stop killing each other.
nice to meet everyone, name's tianxi, but im also called angel, if thats easier to remember, feel free to use it. dragon also works, or some other variant of dragonborn. i am the head admin here on messiah, and im real excited for this board and hope it does even half as well as it threatened to in pre-alpha stage (ive never had a board of mine get so much attention before opening).

messiah was originally conceptualized as a fandom game, based on a rly super obscure game series thats prolly not well known in the rp verse. i decided it was too niche and started building it as an original, but it skewed too historical fantasy for me in the first iteration, so here we are with the second. its taken abt two and a half yrs of world-building to finally get this board done, and im excited to see where it goes.

im a strappin young lad of 26. ... am i 26. wtf am i. im p sure im 26. lord i was born in '91. ok lmao and i am half chinese, half japanese. i dont play girls v well, and my guys are p much almost always guaranteed to be gay, or at least bi. sometimes theyre poly, sometimes theyre reeeeeally not. im a p laidback guy, tho i dont have a particularly generous drama tolerance, but u just have fun and let other ppl have fun and everything's fine.

i also am super lazy when im typing ooc i promise my posts arent like this lmao

anyway, look forward to meeting everyone personally and plotting and threading! welcome to messiah!


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