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Kalix Slave
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19 Years Nonbinary
5' 7" Slave
White Hair Silver Eyes
No House Art by Feimo
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It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.
Born the youngest child of House Argyros, a vassal lineage to House Assad, Kalix didn't ever really have it particularly hard. Social caste wasn't really a thing that was on their side, but they certainly didn't mind. Instead, they learned to view other people based solely and completely on their personal merit, and expected the same in return. Despite House Argyros being a vassal house to House Assad, those of Kalix's family were never pressured to respect those of Assad automatically, and Kalix didn't understand how grateful for that they were until much later.

Despite this, or perhaps because of this, Kalix came to respect and to some extent, admire, essentially the entire Assad line. King Sidonai was somewhat harsh at times, but fair, and truly cared for Haradi and her citizens. Sidonai's two sons were much the same, and Kalix often ventured out into the streets when Tihaan did, watching the young prince interact with the commoners. Whichever one took over after Sidonai passed, Ryhil or Tihaan, Kalix found they could live and happily follow either one.

Due to this habit, however, Kalix was present when Tihaan was hit over the head and dragged toward the city gates. It probably wasn't the best idea, but, Kalix did the first thing that came to mind: followed. The slavers got about halfway to Dalmasca, before they figured out Kalix was following, and caught them, too. Kalix stayed quiet, not wanting Tihaan to figure out they'd followed, and Kalix doesn't think he did.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, it really depends on your viewpoint, Tihaan and Kalix were separated in Dalmasca. Tihaan went to one house, and Kalix went instead to the brothels. At first, Kalix didn't much care for it, but eventually, it actually became almost... fun. The things Kalix learned to make a man talk about with the right wordings and gestures, it almost became a game.

Throughout the following years, via their many entranced bed partners, Kalix actually managed to keep track of Tihaan and where he was at any given moment. More recently, Tihaan was sent to market again, and Kalix is just waiting for someone to tell them where he ended up. They've had repeat customers offer to free them, but, Kalix always turns them down, even after one of them took such severe offence to Kalix's refusal that they ended up breaking their arm in the ensuing fit of righteous anger.

Sure, someday, Kalix thinks they'd like to go home, back to Haradi, but in truth, they're not sure how to be nobility anymore, and is concerned that home will be foreign. Either way, Tihaan is beloved very much by Haradi's people; he, at least, must go home.


  • Completely blind. Kalix can't even see vague shadows or anything, they see nothing.
  • As one may have guessed, Kalix is non-binary, and prefers they/them. Using 'he' isn't uncommon, and Kalix won't be too upset about it, but you know.
  • Air affinity mage. Actually rather skilled, they can manipulate sound waves now.