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Khalida Shelved
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24 Years Female
5' 7" Unknown
Brown Hair Blue Eyes
No House Oerba Yun Fang
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No one needs promises in a world like this one. But ain't it funny how that's all anyone's got?
As it happens, Khalida is just another common girl from the Free City of Highwind. Her parents were not terribly bad off, though, at least not as bad as they could have been, but things were occasionally somewhat difficult for the small, budding family. Neither of Khalida's parents were of terribly high standing, and there really is no such thing in Highwind, anyway. While they had the respect of their neighbours, and some mutually beneficial deals with merchants that often passed through, that was, essentially, about it. A family of farmers, as were many in Highwind, times were hard on them here and there, when the seasons were unkind, and the weather threw a terrible curve-ball, but they managed as well as they could. Sometimes, they had flooded fields, and no crop for a while, but the family found other ways of getting what they needed.

As Khalida was the only child that survived past infancy (she had an elder brother, and two younger siblings, one male and the other female, that all died as infants), she grew up somewhat rough and tumble. Her father often needed help in the fields, and Khalida was fully capable of helping, and did so without complaint, or even any idea that girls typically didn't do things Khalida needed to. In more cases than not, it was Khalida, eventually, that asked to help, instead of the other way around. Some of those she met in Highwind told tales of the slaves in Dalmasca and Jihon, of the violence of the Macenian tribes, and Khalida was always glad that, at the very least, her family weren't slaves. But sometimes, it'd be a little easier, in some ways. Undoubtedly harder, in others. Khalida was raised to be just as headstrong as a man, and was held to the same standards as men, and really never grew up with a "proper" understanding of gender roles.

Talk of marrying came up, here and there, when Khalida reached the age of fourteen. Some of the neighbours' sons expressed interest in marrying her, but Khalida never did accept. Several of them eventually deemed her intimidating, too masculine, not feminine enough, and that was the end of that. Others, Khalida purposely scared off, or turned down, sometimes not too kindly. Boys always looked like frogs, to her. Oddly formed frogs, to be sure, but still frogs, and not terribly interesting to her. Girls, on the other hand… well, Khalida never mentioned that. The last thing she needed was her parents figuring out she actually had a type. Her parents held out hope that she'd find a nice boy, and settle down, but it never did happen.

The gods, it'd seem, had other plans, and blessed her parents with another child, a boy this time. Miraculously, he survived to see six years. He is twelve, now, a young precocious thing, and their father has passed of old age, and their mother hardly remembers her own name. Taking care of Nasir has fallen to Khalida, and she's not much of a parent, really, but somehow, it's working out. He has more of a mind for scholarly things than Khalida ever did, and she is admittedly disappointed, not in him, but in herself, as she cannot afford even now to send him to school. He'd flourish there, Khalida's sure.

She now leads a group of hunters out of the Free City of Highwind, but she's got rather the information network, and bases scattered all around. Bounty hunters they are, of course. They do get a decent amount of income, and Nasir's life is not as difficult as hers had to be, though she still makes him learn to take care of himself. Nasir knows how to cook, clean, repair his own clothing, societal gender roles be fucked. Her brother is not going to be helpless later on because of someone else's petty idea of what is too feminine for a boy to do. Khalida has many friends in the Free Cities, and has recently been sent on a bounty hunt after the missing Princeling from Haradi, by King Sidonai himself, who promises rather the impressive reward if she can find him. Obviously, his father wants him alive, but most likely, he just wants to know, for sure, what happened to him, and can't be chasing ghosts and shadows himself.

Unfortunately, she's been searching for three years, now, and has yet to actually find a solid trail.