an open-world original fantasy game three races, two years' building, one continent

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Estelle Essair, Kassandros Essair, Livia Asheron, Sidonai Assad, Spartacus, Suyis, Tristan Essair, Yishai Wynbrandt
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gian hoa mat khon
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When justice takes a day of rest, death is twice as busy.
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Original art used for image set by JadeMere of DeviantArt.

I am a mixed-mutt (I have ancestry from everywhere except Australia, but I am Polynesian, so I suppose that's fairly close), speak English and conversational French and Japanese (I understand more of French and Japanese than I consciously remember how to speak), and I'm relearning Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese.
(Comment ca va? Haaaai, genki desu! Anata wa?)

I make board do. If you've got a technical issue, something's messed up with the theme, or you got an error doing something, I'm the Batman to that particular Gotham.

My chars are crazy. I'm also an extremely creative human bean, and if you let me, I will take over plots, so don't be afraid to redirect and or straight up counter me.

I post fast when I've got the time. Like, super fast. You'll get at least 500 words within maybe ten minutes fast. Yeah. I don't expect the same, don't worry.

I live in the midwest USA, with four other people, four cats, one dog, three hamsters, and six fish (four zebra danios, a plecostomus, and a betta splendens). Names, in order: Zorro (male, solid black), Prizrak (male, solid black), Violet (female, dark tortie), Oddball (female, tortie), Bear (male, black lab/retriever/hound), Diego (male, Roborovski), Seth (male, long-hair Syrian), Daren (male, long-hair Syrian), Dan (idk), Zip (idk), Dip (idk), Tiny (idk), Pepper (male), Lune (male, crowntail).

I rarely play girls. I think I have like one on my other site, and seven on the last one (but I have 30 chars on that one). Assume my dudes are 1, not straight, 2, polyamorous, you're almost always right. Several aren't even really a dude, there's a lot of nonbinary love around here.

I LOVE FAMILY MEMBERS AKSBJKSB DJFSBDJF I'm gonna do want-ads for them but just so you know, I love family members, come play some family members for my peeps. I'll love you.

It is A-Okay if you dislike Suyis. A lot of people do. He's even been called a Mary Sue before. Idc. Just don't tell me about it is all I ask. He was my first character, and I made him when I was 9. He's basically my kid. ... really bossy kid, but he's my kid.

Also A-Okay if you dislike Kassandros, but tbh, RP with him first. He does not actually play near as terribly as he reads.

I code cool things a lot. If I'm not around, I'm either mentally-incapable-of-words, or coding something schmance. Some of these cool things I code end up on here.

Fun fact: the last song in my profile player is myself, andromeda, dragonborn, and aphelion.
Hello ladies and gents and neithers, I am the Overlord of Code and Keeper of Chocolate, Esmera, and I am honoured to meet you. Ask me about my hamsters. Don't unless you're ready to be Rambled at for a while.

I know code things, hamster things, random things, useless things, love family plots, so definitely make my chars some family members, I'll love you, bad-ass girls, plot twists and curveballs, strawberries, and I am a connoisseur of soup and depression. I enjoy singing in the shower, gushing over cute things, and laughing at stupid customer stories. You know not the meaning of Terrible Past until you meet my chars. The ones I have are pretty tame, though.

I rarely ever play girls myself, they're usually male or non-binary. Just assume they're all pansexual, and polyamorous, that's probably right.
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