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Axelius Blood Fighter
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23 Years Maleish
6' 3" Blood Fighter
Brown Hair Blue Eyes
House Asheron Liam Hemsworth
Last Posted Jul 02, 2018, 03:17 AM Written by aphelion
I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.
Born in Macenia, one of the tribes over there, he no longer remembers which one, Axelius has been away from home for quite a long time now. Some things he's forgotten, he's sure he just, forgot, as minds are wont to do, but perhaps some of it was buried under traumatic repression. It isn't as if anyone has a concept of such a thing, anymore. He barely remembers Macenia itself, has long forgotten his parents' names, and he's long given up trying to remember. What he does remember, is his name was Nikanor, and that his parents are both gone. Even if he wanted his freedom and to go home, he'd have nothing to go home to.

His father died, presumably fighting against Dalmasca's forces in one of their many battle conflicts. Axelius remembers he and his mother fleeing the battlefield, attempting to reach safety somewhere, but she was killed saving him, from arrows and javelins, and he remembers being trapped under her as she slowly bled out on him. She said it'd be okay. She was wrong.

By chance, probably really poor luck on his end, after his mother finally died on him, and he thought it was safe, he scooted out from under her, and ran in a random direction. As fate would have it, he ran right into a Dalmascan military camp. He doesn't remember much of that, as it didn't end well for him at all, and it earned him a ticket to a specific House in Dalmasca, run by a master that collected child slaves. He had, how you say, unique interests. Despite how ill-tempered Macenian tribesmen tend to be, Axelius never fought. He'd rather have fought, but he also had no interest in dying right then, and knew fussing would only get him killed, if not just be a waste of time, and make it potentially worse. Albeit, he's not sure why he didn't want to die. Maybe because his mother did, in hopes that he'd live.

Eventually, he got older, and his master didn't have much interest in him anymore. He was sold to a brothel at thirteen, where he actually did quite well, having already learned that song and dance before. He'd learned the game, and learned how to play rich, powerful men, and manipulate them into doing what he wanted. Eventually, he was in and out of that brothel, as he charmed repeat clients into buying him, and one of them, he later talked into putting him in the blood arena.

Axelius was a blood fighter, then, off and on. Occasionally, he still went back to the brothel, but he hasn't gone back in a year now. Most recently, he's been purchased by House Asheron, from another House, and while Livia hasn't taken him out of the arena entirely, that isn't his first job around the House. She's decided he makes a decent bodyguard, along with another, smaller slave by the name of Alcides. Axelius quite likes House Asheron. He wouldn't mind staying longer than usual.


- he sees dead things. Not quite fully active as a necromancer, but he is the first one.


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