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Market District / The Glint of Steel
« on: Nov 18, 2018, 09:03 PM »
Astraea was humming quietly to herself as she moved around the shop, tidying up some of the displays. Most of them were blunted items, of course, with the actual stock being kept in the back where only one of the attendants could get to it. It was safer that way, preventing - or at least minimizing - the use of these items as weapons by thieves. And, also, generally making them less attractive to steal because they wouldn't hold a proper edge.

Astraea didn't often man the shop herself these days - usually leaving it to one of her siblings while she handled trade partners and managed the paperwork, and oversaw some of the actual weapons production. It was actually kind of refreshing to be back in the shop, she had to admit. Even if she did have a meeting later that afternoon.

Finally she settled back behind the counter, turning her attention to the copy of the design Master Cassimer wanted that she'd kept for herself. She'd passed a copy of it to the forgers already, they were beginning the task of making it. Something about the design... it was brutal, she had to admit that. It didn't seem to be something the Justicars would approve of and yet... it was what she had been asked for for use by them.

Astraea folded the paper and put it away, pushing the thought from her mind. It wasn't for her to worry about, is what Astraea told herself. But worry she did, a little.

About half of her attention was dedicated to listening for anyone entering the shop with her, while the rest drifted for just a moment.

Wanted / Fire Tempers Gold
« on: Nov 18, 2018, 08:47 PM »
So this is a generalized opening for house Teresi members. Below are some of the ideas that I have open but I'm open for basically whatever else might be a thought, just let me know what you're thinking!

House Teresi's Wiki page can be found here.

[Name] Teresi
Male | Mid-to-late twenties.

Astraea's husband. Took her last name, instead of her taking his, so he is probably a second-son, possibly from a lower noble house. Their currently stated dynamic is that he isn't sure how to handle the fact that Astraea does not yield to him and that she handles the majority of the actual business workings of the house. This is up for alteration, and also up for change across play if that's a thing (in the sense that he grows to take some of it from her shoulders bc he learns how to do it without undermining her, or so).

If he is willing he likely handles the family ledgers and finances. And possibly deals with the choice of adding slaves to the household or not on the whole.

Teresi Siblings
Under the age of 28 | genders open.
These are Astraea's younger siblings. They likely help in different aspects of the family business. Probably would have a preference (over seeing the craftsman, some may actually be metalworkers themselves, dealing with materials shipments, manning the shop (or overseeing hired help to man the shop), etc).

This is honestly really broad, and it's open for a few who aren't... you know interested in the family business. Maybe they want to marry into another family and are pushing Astraea to set that up, etcetc. This is wide open.

Assorted Aunts/Uncles/Cousins
Ages varied, some may be older than Astraea, some younger.
Also very broad, some probably work among the family business. Some probably don't. Some are married, some aren't. There is even some room for a few who may not think Astraea was the best choice of heir even if it is traditional for the eldest Teresi to take over regardless of gender.

Member Discussion / thought:
« on: Nov 17, 2018, 12:23 PM »
an affinity field is not a bad idea.
Relationship/poly markers I'm neutral on, but tbh, don't see why not either.
... ... and yeah the thing about weres. I mean the notes field works but

House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 09:21 PM »
"Right, I am." Hadrian murmured. "But I'm your guard so it would make sense if my movements were restricted to yours." As opposed to being able to go anywhere in the estate because obviously he wasn't doing his job if he was somewhere else and what good was he if he wasn't doing the job he'd been purchased to do? He shrugged slightly instead of saying that. Back over here at if he said so but probably he'd just stick to what he knew except when he could be helpful around the house in other ways. Maybe it would start to make sense over time if he did that.

Shrug. "I'll manage." It wasn't as if he was used to being entertained by someone else. Though he was reasonably used to being able to train regularly, it was hard to be bored when you worked yourself from dawn until dusk unless there was a fight that day.

The markets though, that had been boring. Anyway.

"Alright." Moving the bed, he would do that in just a moment, when Yishai was done moving things from behind the door. He didn't want to accidentally bump into it and hurt the kid or something like that.

Hadrian nodded. "The Festival of Iuna is always pleasant." So it was. ... He did wonder - well it didn't matter. What happened would happen no matter if he thought about it before hand or not. He'd just go forward as expected and whatever was going to come would. It was better that way than getting worked up about what might happen.

House Essair / What Just Happened?
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 07:51 PM »
Snort. Yeah, things happened for a reason alright. That didn't mean Sandalio had to like or even accept that reason. He didn't say that, though most likely Tristan would be able to recognize the sentiment. That didn't mean Tristan wasn't right of course. The kid was seventeen, and it was quite clear nothing had ever been easy for him. So, well, he wasn't surprised Kassandros didn't know how to handle his attention, that wasn't strange really. It wasn't something he couldn't understand it just... he didn't know how to handle it.

And he didn't know how to start working through this with Kass either, because where did you start when the object of your affection was someone who had no idea what love was or how to accept it? "I just wish I knew where to begin because being his friend is probably the best idea." But of course, time constraints. Which he was... he was okay with. And he would still try to do that.

But it was hard to be someone's friend when they were dead set on pushing him away, too. Ugh.

He took a deep breath and then released it. Well, Sandalio had brought it up. "I am a mage now." Casually. "Shadow magic, apparently." Yeah. "So that's... a thing. I guess." Slowly going crazy, one leak of magic at a time. And eventually he'd have to start learning how to control it which would either help or really hurt, depending on how quickly he started to slip.

But Sandalio didn't think trying to hide it from Tristan was a good idea.

The Festival of Iuna / Rumour Pickings
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 07:30 PM »
"That's... probably not a bad idea." In fact, it was such a good idea Icarus was going to look too, just in a different direction because the sooner they put their eyes on Cygnus the better. He loved his brother, he genuinely did, but uh he wasn't good at staying out of trouble. And after learning he'd made friends with Salonus' kids of all people Icarus didn't really like that he didn't know where... he was. "I won't." Go crazy, probably.

So when Kassandros turned one way, Icarus went in another after glancing at Thana to make sure he hadn't accidentally lost his bodyguard. He was sort of looking for Tristan in the crowd, hoping the large Macenian would have a better idea of where Cygnus was than they did, given he was the one supposed to be keeping track of him. Not really holding his breath, but start there would be good. Because if he knew then great, and if he didn't then they'd have someone else to help them cover the area until they did find him.

Sandalio decided to follow along with Kassandros, figuring that losing more than one sibling in the crowd was a bad idea. Enemies may not strike when it would be so easy to be caught, but on the other hand, it could be awfully easy to disappear among strangers. No, Sandi didn't intend to take any chances here.

He was paying perhaps slightly less attention than usual though, as his gaze flitted across the others, trying to see if he could spot the third sibling.

House Essair / What Just Happened?
« on: Nov 01, 2018, 09:08 PM »
"Not really." He responded, sighing a little. "Just, you know, this was a stupid thing for my heart to decide on anyway and here we are and there's not much I can do about it." Nope, it just was. "And Kassandros doesn't know that to do with it and... well. The closer I get the harder he pushes and given all the little pieces floating around I can't say I'm shocked." But he couldn't do anything about it either it just... was. This was the way things were going to be, and there was no point in pushing Kass because one wrong move and Kassandros could shut him out entirely.

But if he didn't push at least a little, then Kassandros would likely ignore it forever and then he'd die literally having no idea what it was to genuinely be loved. And that was... sad. Actually that was really sad. "And he's a seer you know." Quietly. "So I don't... I don't have forever to work through this with him." And that was probably the worst part of it if he was being honest with himself. He didn't have the usual amount of time stretching before them and sure no one had forever but most people didn't have another five years, tops. Maybe less than that, probably less than that even.

"And there's... something I should probably tell you. Unrelated." Mostly unrelated, but still important. He wasn't just going to dump that on him though so maybe waiting until Tristan had acknowledged it and he was sure the other wanted to hear about it. But that was weighing on him too, of course. There was every chance he was going to lose his own mind as the days went forward. He could ignore the magic and not use it, but apparently when he was upset he leaked it.

But he couldn't learn not to leak the magic without using it. And every bit of usage might bring him closer to the edge. And that edge was... well. No one had ever called Sandalio particularly stable before, and he wondered if that meant he'd fall much faster than most. It wasn't like anyone knew exactly what caused some to manage it safely for longer than others. If he wasn't one of the lucky ones he may well end up in a position where his own brother had to make that call. Sandalio didn't want to do that to Tristan but...hnn.

Okay maybe there were a few things bothering him. Maybe.

But at least he had opened up about it despite saying no? At least a little?

The Festival of Iuna / Rumour Pickings
« on: Oct 31, 2018, 05:05 PM »
Alcides nodded a bit. Yes, if that hadn't made sense probably. ... To be fair, he could have put it more simply, but... no one else was going to be easy on her in her alcohol haze either. So he didn't argue, and he also didn't try to clarify because it was probably easier that way anyway. Alcides followed Livia quietly, fully intending to make sure she made it home and into bed safely.

"Everyone likes to think they do." Icarus pointed out mildly. The difference here was that Kassandros didn't usually actually get drunk, at least in his experience, and so he was able to have a filter because he wasn't actually, well, gone. There were plenty of reasons to keep his wits about him and focus on not doing anything stupid, so well, it made sense that Kass didn't actually drink heavily all that often. "There are benefits to not being that drunk though so there's that." Yes like being able to think straight and keep a lid on one's secrets. ... Though Kassi had too many of those.


Something stupid. Well of course Kass thought that. He didn't ask though, there was no point in it. Kassandros probably wouldn't answer and they'd end up going in circles about whatever it was.

"Well that's a bonus." Small one, admittedly, but still a bonus. Not needing to kill anyone was a positive. Er. "... Well unfortunately... I do not." Icarus started to look around though, at that particular question because actually yeah where was he. Cygnus had a habit of getting into trouble and it would be a good thing if his assigned guard for the night kept him out of it but Icarus didn't necessarily want to bank on that. 'Cause he could be a handful, after all.

House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
« on: Oct 31, 2018, 03:21 PM »
The look on Hadrian's face was probably pretty telling. A mostly confusion, really. Being told he could go wherever he wanted was a strange thought. That was a level of freedom that was not afforded to blood fighters and rarely afforded to normal house slaves - generally one stayed within the range of what their specific duties were. Which in his case meant remaining at the boy's side, yes? As his body guard?

Okay well. He'd... not pretend to understand it but he also wasn't going to argue. Hadrian would probably not take much advantage of it though, and instead concentrate on what he could do. Though of course if someone needed help moving things that wasn't so bad. Easy work for him, made it easier for them to do their jobs, why not. Anyway, books over here. And moving this stack as well.

"I'll keep that in mind." Even if he didn't intend to take advantage of it. He'd also not skip meals, if only because he got a feeling Yishai would stare at him for trying to do so. Ah, because of course he'd know when they were supposed to be eating. He nodded a little. "A little." He admitted after a moment, seeing no harm in agreeing. "Blood fighters aren't typically given free reign except in houses where they are also guards. So it's a bit odd being told I can go where ever." He shrugged. "Strange isn't bad though." Just saying that.

Because it occurred to him that agreeing that he was strange might be slightly negative.

Also was it just him, or was the kid like, actually nervous? At least a little..? Hm. Not thinking about it too hard.

House Essair / What Just Happened?
« on: Oct 22, 2018, 01:32 PM »
"...Sorry." That had been slightly harsher than it needed to be, and he could recognize that that wasn't very fair to Tristan so yeah, apologizing there, a little sheepishly. Unfortunately Tristan might be on to something and that might have something to do with it. Which was, in a sense, frustrating because it wasn't like it was going to stop him from doing his job and doing it well. Aside from the fact that Kassandros had already mentioned that he thought they were taking it too seriously, and he was only interested in being "alive" and not so worried about the rest of it.

Sandalio had never agreed that that was good enough, so there was... that.

"I'm honestly not sure." He admitted mildly. "He might have guessed at it ... but maybe not. It's hard to read him sometimes." Kassandros was not exactly an easy trail to follow no. Sometimes he thought maybe Kassandros had figured it out, but other times it was more like he wondered if Kassandros would even recognize it if it slapped him in the face so there was... that. The kid was not great with emotions, that was for certain.

Sandalio considered that angle for a moment, thoughtful. See, that aligned well with Kassandros' stance on many things. He wouldn't order them away because he respected their choices and recognized that if he overrode them in that way that he was just like any other master, albeit with different priorities than most. Tristan was probably on to something there, actually, now that he was thinking about it.

"You're probably right." After several moments. On the other hand, he'd already decided that he wanted to see to it that Kassandros was okay as best as he can because he was important to Sandalio, and because he had helped a lot of people already. He didn't think it'd be an easy task by any means but it was still what Sandalio wanted to do. Sending Estelle away crossed his mind, because he didn't really want her on the front line, but also, he wouldn't want to send her alone. And Sandalio wasn't going to ask Tristan to leave him as the other had already decided not to.

Which meant they'd make it work right here.

...At some point he should probably tell Tristan that he did magic now though. Maybe.

The Festival of Iuna / Rumour Pickings
« on: Oct 22, 2018, 12:59 PM »
Alcides shrugged a bit. "You might be right." But maybe not all the same. "And that depends on when exactly you draw the line because honestly even I'm not entirely positive when it went from seeing you as a friend and duty to much more." Ah, no, he'd be honest and admit he didn't know when that happened. He'd figured it out long before he ever shared it, and maybe the line could be drawn somewhere around when his mind was able to make that change as they grew up but... hm. Anyway, this wasn't about him and his feelings, it was about Sandalio. "Besides that, he has been around much less time." Oh but that didn't mean it was less deep, just that it was possible he didn't recognize the difference yet.

"That's possible." It was, though her wording of it was odd. "Perhaps." Not saying yes, but, probably. She may regret what she said eventually if it went on like this.

Icarus made a noise in the back of his throat. "Does anyone have a filter when they're drunk?" He wondered allowed in a mild tone. No, it didn't surprise him really. And it didn't surprise him that she was drunk, either. She had her bodyguard around to make sure nothing went sideways, so why shouldn't she enjoy the festival gathering? "What'd she say?" Curious what had brought this particular point to Kassander's notice, that was all.

Sandalio considered answering that for a heartbeat, but decided to leave it to Kassandros, who he suspected wouldn't answer at all. But the Macenian didn't want to be glared at next.

"That depends on how difficult your time so far as been I suppose." But Icarus hadn't had it so bad. They were mostly slightly annoying, not particularly dangerous.

House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
« on: Oct 19, 2018, 07:32 PM »
"Some house slaves may learn, depending on what their owners need. But blood fighters don't need to know how to read." Just how to follow orders. But Yishai might have a use for him reading, and while it was strange to him to think that a bodyguard may need to know such a thing he would... put up with it. It was hardly the worst thing he'd ever been asked to do, after all. "Ah, but if that's what you want from me, I could try and learn." He wasn't sure how successful he'd be, but he'd try.

Hm. So he'd had a guard before. Filing that away as something that might be useful information later. It also meant that the kid was likely to be reasonably used to being trailed - it did not, however, mean that the kid wouldn't try and get away from him from time to time, depending. Hadrian arched an eyebrow. "I'm sure that won't happen." For a number of reasons starting with if his master wanted to ramble at him of course he was going to at least partially listen and ending with what could the kid possibly go on about that would end in him getting annoyed?

Hadrian took in the space all at once, getting an idea of where everything was, and what particular threats may lay within. With the window barred there was a low chance of a threat that way at least. Yes, by the door was probably the best option. It also wasn't nearly as bad as the boy had made it sound like it would be.

"That's not so bad." Mild toned as he moved to begin to do just that.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Oct 11, 2018, 08:16 PM »
"No, it is important." Damian murmured, almost more to himself than anything. His eyes were somewhat darkened by emotion as he considered what had been put on the table already. It was important, perhaps now more than ever. Because if this blew up, Lucius wouldn't make him choose but Marcus would. Marcus would never allow him to remain neutral in such a matter, even if he wasn't a born son of the family. In fact, perhaps especially because he wasn't biologically Marcus'. The fact to the matter was he did have to choose and being caught off guard by having to make that choice wouldn't do anyone any good.

"They might, but I doubt it." Marcus and Lucius had been half at each other's throats for a long time. Lucius had shielded him from the worst of it, but it wasn't like Damian didn't know. It was impossible not to know why Lucius didn't come home often anymore. Why he stayed at this particular side house and didn't bother with the main one. If the two of them were together for any length of time, they were going to fight about something eventually. It was only natural that eventually those fights would progress to the point where Lucius felt he had to decide between his own life and their family.

"I do appreciate that." He did, yes. He'd rather hear it from his own brother than someone else.

But Damian also knew, deep down, he knew what he would choose if he had to. The fact of the matter was, as much as he had always wanted Marcus to see him, to be proud of him, they weren't any more compatible than Lucius and Marcus were.

"But I guess you're right. It's not something we have to talk about now." Just something that he would have to absorb and consider and wait to see if it would come to pass. There were a lot of factors in the air at the moment, and perhaps Lucius was right, and something would change the current course of things before they knew it.

House Essair / What Just Happened?
« on: Sep 23, 2018, 02:42 PM »
Well, that settled that then, Sandalio supposed. Because he wasn't going to argue with Tristan about leaving, of course. And Sandalio had no intention of changing his mind and leaving anyway. Kassandros had done a lot of good for them, and Sandalio wanted to continue doing his job as a guard. He liked the Essair boy, and it really was that simple, in his mind. Yes, he had his freedom, but as Kass had said himself, nothing had to change if they didn't want it to. And Sandalio didn't. If Tristan wasn't going to go without them then they'd just make do with what they had right here.

"He said something once about ruining my life." Something like that, he couldn't remember the exact words. "I feel like this is probably just cycling into he knows he has enemies and doesn't really... he thinks Lycaon and I do too good of a job, so far as I can tell. We care too much about ensuring his wellbeing." Tristan of course wouldn't have been privy to those conversations. "So that's probably why the emphasis on wanting us to leave. But... on the other hand, it doesn't change that I actually want to protect him." No, it didn't.

Of course Tristan would ask that. "Yes I do. No I haven't." Firmly. "And given he's already emphasizing being rid of me, I don't think telling him is a great idea, do you?" Toned in such a way that it was pretty clear that regardless of what Tristan said there, Sandalio intended to stick to his guns.

Telling Kassandros would only confirm what the boy probably already guessed. It wasn't as if Sandalio hadn't tried to calm him down that night, after Cygnus. That had been beyond his duty as a guard, and they both knew it. The danger had been eliminated. But... Sandalio had still been worried. And yes, he knew why. He knew it was because he cared about Kassandros.

He just didn't think Kass would take it well. Go figure that.

House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
« on: Sep 21, 2018, 02:05 PM »
Hadrian gave Yishai a strange look at that. The kid now had plans to free him in his will? Wasn't he... a little young to be considering a will? Sure people died young in Dalmasca all the time but that seemed just a little excessive, perhaps. It wasn't really any of his business though, so Hadrian didn't directly comment on it. Still, it was slightly interesting to consider that the kid seemed to have no faith at all in Hadrian's ability to keep him alive. That was alright though, the kid didn't have to believe in him, Hadrian just had to do his job.

And he was just going to do himself a favor and push away that bit about freedom and pretend it had never been said. Easier that way.

Er. Well that was... completely up to Yishai, but it seemed like an odd thing to waste time on, teaching a guard to read. "If that's what you want." Was what he said, finally. He didn't necessarily mind the idea? It was just strange. Obscure medical conditions. Hm. File that away in things he probably wouldn't need to know but might turn out to be important, he supposed. "It'll be fine, I'm sure." Calmly. Though he was curious what the kid was so worried about. Aside from Hadrian being utterly confused by how nice this kid was being, it wasn't so bad.

Hadrian followed the boy towards his room without saying anything to that. He did make an effort to remember the paths they were taking if only because it might be useful to know to bring things up to the boy from time to time or something. Given he'd also be acting as a body slave, it was probably important to know that.

"I am, actually." And he'd enjoy watching the sunrise from time to time he was sure. Ah, but he'd be careful not to wake Yishai in the process, if it could be avoided. Perhaps he couldn't be, depending on how the room was set up. And how light a sleeper the boy was.

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