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House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
Sep 16, 2018, 08:57 PM
He didn't know if it was okay for Hadrian to take the weapon. Not yes you can use it, or no that one isn't acceptable. But he didn't know. For a moment, at least until Yishai explained Hadrian wondered if it wouldn't be best to wait for the master of the house then. The explanation was quick on the heels of the statement. Ah...right. Hadrian brushed away his confusion and inclined his head in a nod. Right, then he was going to keep this one because the weight was comfortable and it was a style he was familiar enough with to use without hesitation. So yes, apparently this weapon was fine. And if it turned out later that it wasn't, Hadrian would deal with those consequences then.

"I'll remember that." But Hadrian didn't have another name. He supposed Yishai had his reasons for saying that. And that was fine, it was a sweet sentiment, and confusing, but maybe the lesser of the confusing things Yishai had said so far. So fine. ... But Hadrian was his name, and it was always going to be his name. Yeah. Well maybe not always, he may eventually get an owner that took offense to it and changed it but that was... well. Apparently not going to be this house.

"I'm sure I can manage helping move some things around your room, don't worry about it." In a mild tone that was an attempt to be pleasant, really. Still, the more the kid spoke the more Hadrian realized he probably really did need a guard because if he was that fragile... it was a miracle Dalmasca hadn't killed him already. And it would probably take some work on his part to make sure it remained that way. ... Not the worst way to spend his time though. The kid was confusing, but his personality was pleasant so far. Hopefully it stayed that way. Being cordial with him would make things easier.

Wait did he say extra mattress. Confusion, crossed his expression. "...If... you insist." Not arguing, but where did the kid even come up with an idea like that. Giving a bed to a slave. But it wasn't a bad compromise, all things considered. Clearly the kid wasn't liking giving up part of his space very much as it was.

"I think it does." Yes, technically. It was an upgrade from his previous position, for sure, Hadrian thought as he followed the boy. "A little, but it's fine." It was a good weird? So far? Hm. "... No, I can't." Some slaves could, but he was not among that group.
House Essair / What Just Happened?
Sep 16, 2018, 08:13 PM
It wasn't that rare for them to be in the same room, was it? Hm... Sandalio turned at Kassandros' words though, as soon as he'd finished with what he was doing. Wait, wait. A glance at Tristan. Yes, okay, he'd heard that right. He wasn't misunderstanding or anything like that. No, Kass had just friend the both of them, and apparently, Estelle. Which made sense given Estelle was his daughter, wouldn't want to separate them but...

Hm. His expression was somewhere between confused and uncertain. "I mean thank you but why would you..." Well it didn't have to change anything, which was slightly encouraging. Still, he had no idea why Kassandros would do that exactly. Seemed like it would be just as easy not to free them at all and let them keep doing their jobs. It was something to be thankful for, sure, but it was confusing. Sandalio couldn't see what Kassandros gained from this. Of course, before he had a chance to ask anything else, to try and get an idea of what he might be thinking, Kassandros had gone and left him alone with Tristan.

"Not unless you consider doing my job decently well bad." Sandalio was frowning a little, thinking back on things. "I don't plan on going anywhere though." Nope. He was going to stay and keep doing his job. He wanted to keep doing his job. "I wouldn't blame you if you don't want to stay." In a rather serious voice. ... And maybe... if he went, maybe he should take Estelle away from here before things changed and something went wrong. But Sandalio was going to stay right where he was. He didn't say that immediately though.

Or, well. He supposed that Kass might consider the fact that Sandalio liked him some kind of a thing done wrong, intentional or not. And... well. It was one of those things that Kassandros may well have recognized as a thing. It didn't stop him from doing his job - in fact it made him want to do his job. But Kass had always had some minor issue with just how well Sandalio did his job, and how seriously he took the bodyguard thing.
The Festival of Iuna / Rumour Pickings
Sep 13, 2018, 06:38 PM
Sandalio snorted slightly at that particular comment, but wisely didn't say anything. There was nothing to say, really. He'd made his choice - he wasn't leaving. Sandalio fully intended to remain and continue to do his job as a proper guard. It wasn't like he was the first - there was another who'd done the exact same thing right over there, just behind Livia. It shouldn't have been surprising - good masters were hard to come by, and Sandalio didn't want to abandon the one he'd found. Never mind he had other, more personal reasons not to want to leave.

"I'm not sure why, Miss." Sandalio sounded slightly amused, as Kass went the other way. There was something in his expression, though, a bit of surprise. He was more obvious than he thought he was, if Livia recognized it. Or, perhaps it was just because of Alcides that she was able to guess so easily. Ah... well. He dipped slightly in a polite bow and went after Kass to make sure there wasn't any trouble lurking in the crowd. Sandalio didn't trust Dalmascans, no he did not. Not even at a festival like this.

... Maybe especially at a festival like this. People got drunk and they did very stupid things.

"Mostly I wonder if Sandalio knows why he won't leave, yet." Alcides offered in a quiet voice to Livia, after Sandalio had left them to follow after his former master. It was possible the other former slave believed it was merely a sense of duty or something similar. But... Alcides didn't think it was. No, there was something all too familiar in the way Sandalio looked after Kass when they were separated.

Icarus, for the record, was as far off to one side as he could manage, not exactly trying to avoid being noticed, but sort of. He had a glass of wine in his hand - but it was the same one he'd had the entire time they'd been here. ... No, he didn't trust anyone not to be a problem, go figure. The middle Essair had managed to disengage from the last person who'd insisted on cornering him to talk about their 'next deployment' never mind that Icarus had calmly explained that he wasn't going out onto the lines for a while as he needed to focus on his family.
House Essair / save a little light for me
Aug 29, 2018, 12:00 PM
Sandalio couldn't help a short laugh at that. Okay, she was cute, he had to admit that. He hadn't been around many kids since he had been taken from his home, and back then he had alternated between finding them cute and finding them annoying - but he thought maybe that wasn't unusual at that particular age of adolescence.

It in no way surprised Sandalio that Kassandros knew that. He wondered then, if at some point they'd lose the little girl because Kass saw fit to reunite her with her parents. ... That depended, he supposed, on the situation said parents were in, because he may bring them to Essair instead, or, Sandalio supposed, they may already be in Essair. Time would tell, and he'd just... not worry about it for the moment. Right now the goal was simply to get her home safely.

... And that was a vision. Sandalio stilled, watching quietly. There was nothing he could do, of course, except be reminded that Kassandros was an hour glass that was running out of sand. He frowned at the slight whimper, but said nothing. It wouldn't solve anything, and it wouldn't help at all. He'd just remind himself of. Oh. Detour, apparently that was what the vision was about. Sandalio turned his path towards the indicated one.

Did he die a different way, or did he just say that because he knew Estelle wouldn't see? Maybe it didn't matter - certainly Sandalio didn't want to know the answer to that question. It was easier, in many ways, not knowing how it would finally end. Sandalio could take each day as it came this way. Still, he gave Estelle a small smile. "Try not to worry about it, little one." It wasn't terribly reassuring, he knew. But he also had a feeling she'd be taken care of no matter what happened going forward.

"He's not lying though, he really does help clean the house." Turning back to something slightly lighter, yes. But they were almost home, finally.
House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
Aug 23, 2018, 03:25 AM
Hadrian just stared at him for several seconds at that. And then shook his head slightly, expression leveling out. Hadn't anyone ever told this kid what slaves were for? He didn't ask that, of course. It wasn't his place to question a new master, it was just... what did he want, exactly? What did he expect? Slaves did what they were told to do. They were conditioned not to mind anything up to the most unbearable conditions. They existed to serve, and nothing more. Was that a difficult concept?

Maybe it should have been a more difficult one for Hadrian to accept, to be fair, but ... it was what he had been born into and so in the end it was all he had ever known.

"I can think of no circumstance under which whatever arrangement we come up with won't be satisfactory, unless it comes to bother you." Because, again, he existed to serve. but, well, he would humor Yishai, if nothing else. It was easier to humor him than argue with him, after all - safer, too. Both made it the best choice of action. ... Honestly if anything was going to get frustrating it was probably going to be this kid constantly insisting that he have some sort of opinion on things.

Not saying that, we were not saying that.

And here was that 'you decide' thing again. It wasn't like he knew anything about which weapons he was allowed to use and which he wasn't. Or... even much idea of what he should be looking for in a blade. He worked with what he was handed. Instead of saying that Hadrian grudgingly tested the weight of a couple of the blades before finding one of the ones that had been indicated that had a weight he was immediately comfortable with. "Is this one okay?"

He was not even going to get started on the fact that one should probably not waste a Galacese blade on a slave.

"No. I don't." After a moment of consideration. The name his father would have called him didn't really count. It wasn't his name, and it never had been.

(test edit)
House Essair / save a little light for me
Aug 22, 2018, 02:59 PM
"That's fine." He agreed without considering it for more than a moment. It was kind of cute, actually. It was perhaps not the most dignified nickname, but she was what, five? It wasn't as if it mattered what he was called anyway - he was a slave and while Sandalio was his name, he'd been called no shortage of other things in his past, and he didn't really mind, in the end. It was a silly thing to be worried about.

Sandalio smiled down at her faintly. "Maybe you will." It wasn't as if he knew what her family looked like, so it was possible. And he wasn't going to ask because it was possible that she didn't know either. Never mind everything looked tall to a girl her age.

Mm. "Not so different from what you see down there." Bemusedly. "Maybe I'll let you see some time." But he was not going to put a girl in a dress like that on his shoulders, that would end not so well. He was just going to hope they could find something a bit more suitable to her age when they got home. But Kassander was generally a step or two ahead of him, so... he wasn't too worried about it, really.

Sandalio was just going to hope that the journey back home was relatively uneventful. Completely uneventful would be even better, but Sandalio knew better than to hope for that. It was simply asking too much. But they had gotten what they set out to do done. A trip to the temple - though that conversation was still slightly confusing to Sandalio, and they'd retrieved Estelle.
House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
Aug 15, 2018, 09:19 PM
Well, at least he was alone with the confusing kid now. ... Actually that was both a blessing and a curse because he at least had known what to expect from the Lady of the house, this one... he didn't know. And he was going to have to figure it out pretty quickly since the kid was the one he was supposed to be serving and upsetting one's direct owner tended to be a very bad idea. Still, Hadrian had never had a master quite like this one, and he didn't really know how to handle it.

... Was it ill-advised to tell the kid that while he understood the 'concept' of comfort he had no idea how he was supposed to apply that to himself? It probably was, so he would just... not do that. What he wasn't sure of was how to respond though, if he wasn't going to specifically admit that. "I'm not against it, I'm just not sure it's something you should be concerned about." Was what he finally said, almost quizzically. "But I will wear whatever you request." More or less.

Hadrian followed obediently, remaining behind Yishai. "A well made blade makes things easier." Hadrian hedged slightly, not entirely sure where the boy was going with this. ... He'd use what he was given, much like he would wear what he was told to wear. These weren't difficult things, but the way Yishai was presenting them made them strange, somehow. Presenting them as if he had a choice in the matter, when he was the slave and of course he would do as he was expected to do.

No, he didn't want to put it that way. He didn't want to come right out and say he didn't know what the kid expected there but uh. "It will be easier to do my job from the same room as you." Evenly. "Unless you are extremely opposed." And then he'd... figure it out. Wasn't sure what he'd do but he would figure something out.
House Essair / save a little light for me
Aug 09, 2018, 06:59 PM
Sandalio looked down at the little girl - his expression softening just a hair. "You could say that, yes." Normally he wouldn't have necessarily called himself scary, but he supposed to a girl as young as she was, he might very well be. And keeping bad people away... well. That was the point of a bodyguard, so he couldn't argue with that assessment. He supposed it had to have come from Kassandros anyway. "I'm Sandalio." She would probably break that up in some way she could manage, but hey, he could figure it out.

Not that he expected he'd have all that much contact with the girl once they got home. It depended, of course, on a multitude of things starting with what exactly Kassandros decided to have her do and ending somewhere around just how busy their mutual master was going forward because of course, he was going to keep stalking Kass - it was going relatively well as far as dealing with assassins went.

Then again it had been surprisingly quiet recently. He hadn't seen nearly the number of those who were trying to attack Kassandros in recent days - it was refreshing but also concerning. Had the person who wanted him dead actually given up, or were they just waiting for the right time to strike? And what, exactly, had actually happened with Salonus' son that Kassandros had backed him up into a candle - or whatever had actually happened there? He didn't ask. Now wasn't really the time, still it weighed on him a little.

Sandalio shook his head slightly. "I just did." He didn't really know how that worked, to be honest. Just, he'd gotten tall - his brother was tall too, honestly. "Probably got it from my dad." It was hard to estimate, exactly, how tall his father had been, but yeah, if he had to guess that was probably what it had been. From his parents, he'd gotten his height.

"It's nice to meet you, Estelle."
House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
Aug 08, 2018, 02:09 AM
Hadrian's weight shifted slightly as the boy's attention turned to him again. Getting his attention hadn't been precisely in the plans but it had happened and it was a little too late to regret it. He'd been trying, really, trying to be furniture. But blood fighters didn't generally get this kind of scrutiny unless they were brought into the house to entertain guests at parties. This was... a different sort of attention. He wasn't sure what to make of it, exactly.

It didn't matter, he'd deal with it, whatever it brought. "I have, yes, Master." Politely - his voice was low, but he was relatively sure it would carry enough for the boy to hear the answer. He was not, however, finished speaking. ... And apparently wanted to be called 'Shai'. Which was... strange. It didn't matter that he was capable of snapping him in two, the boy was his master. Not pointing that out, merely nodding in assent.

Hadrian had no idea how he was going to remember to call him that, honestly. But he'd... apparently have to figure that out. Making the kid angry would serve no helpful purpose and would ultimately make his apparent job much, much harder than it needed to be. It was difficult to protect someone who decided you were so distasteful to be around that they avoided you, for example. And while he'd never experienced such a thing, it wasn't hard to imagine he'd be held accountable for the boy's well-being where it was easy to keep track of him or not.

On the other hand if the kid - wait. Did he say clothes?

"Er." Confusion again, and that was probably not surprising. "Is there something wrong with the way I'm dressed?" It was all he'd worn for long enough the idea was rather strange to suddenly be shoved into something different. "But if it displeases you..." Then he was sure they could figure something else out. Just, he didn't have anything else so the young master was going to have to figure out what he wanted him to wear instead and provide it.

"A sword will be fine." It was what he trained with, it'd be fine. At least it would be familiar. Yes he would help move the books. Of course he would he was a slave his job was what ever his master wanted it to be and if that was tidying up his room then so be it. "The floor will be fine." The implication that it wasn't fine to the young master was confusing enough that Hadrian didn't even try to address it. Just, he asserted that the normal arrangements for people in their situation were fine.

He had no idea if that was going to work, but they'd see, he supposed.
House Wynbrandt / You Got Me a What?
Aug 02, 2018, 12:58 PM
Hadrian waited slightly to one side with a flat calm that was not feigned. His expression remained bland, and his gaze just slightly downcast. It was easier that way - he did not particularly want to upset his new mistress. When he was indicated, Hadrian made sure he was standing where the newcomer could see him, but remained quiet. Blue eyes studied the boy for a heartbeat before dipping back to the floor - it was safer not to look directly at one of the actual members of the house for too long - but he had been curious given the woman who had selected him had apparently done so that he may guard this one. And at least knowing who he was supposed to be guarding was... helpful.

There was a slight touch of amusement though, somewhere back there at the realization of his height. He fidgeted, a hair, when the other mentioned his eyes. No one had ever said that before - at least not where he could hear them. Hadrian wasn't entirely sure what to make of it, but decided to just... not say anything for now.

It took only a very brief time into the exchange for Hadrian to be confused. He didn't think he'd ever heard someone so annoyed at the prospect of being gotten a slave. He hoped his confusion was well hidden - but suspected that it didn't matter because the chances of his garnering any attention at the moment were rather slim. Slaves were merely furniture, and this was their argument to be had. Still, it was confusing in a sense. ... And might have been slightly insulting, actually, had Hadrian had any real pride in himself - as it was, he was generally of the belief that he could handle playing bodyguard for a bit.

The kid had no real idea what he was saying anyway, probably. He'd just... file it away and leave it be. Easier that way.

... Room. First the kid through a small tizzy about being gotten a slave and now they were discussing giving him... a room. ... Wasn't that how things normally went? Bodyguard shared the room, because, well, things that went bump in the night? There was a slight noise made in the back of his throat, somewhere between confused and amused - but Hadrian cut it off rather quickly.

He wasn't supposed to draw attention to himself, he knew better.
House Essair / save a little light for me
Aug 01, 2018, 02:29 PM
Sandalio's stance didn't really relax any, and he held relatively still. It turned out to be easy enough to keep Salonus where he wanted him - apparently the fool did have some sense of self-preservation. Gray eyes held no mercy - and if Salonus pushed him he probably would kill, whether Kassandros actually wanted him to or not. It was just as well then, that he wasn't going to be pushed at all. Not... today at least.

The screaming was concerning, that which he could hear. It was not, however, the right voice for it to be Kassandros. Sandalio relaxed marginally after ascertaining that, and remained where he was. He still wasn't going to let Salonus interfere, especially not when he didn't know who's scream that was. It wasn't much longer before Kassandros rejoined them and indicated it was time for them to leave.

Before Sandalio could move, of course, Salonus decided to press his luck one last time. Gray eyes hardened, but his hand didn't move. Sandalio made no effort to do more than restrain him, despite the sudden urge to just shut him up. It was for the best that he didn't, Sandalio reminded himself. It was for the best that he kept himself collected and didn't do anything that would eventually turn Cassimer on them - sooner, rather than later.

Wouldn't stop him, hm? Well that was both surprising and not. Not, because obviously Kassandros had no love for Salonus. But... on the other hand killing him would most certainly anger Marcus, and Sandalio would have thought that Kassandros would want no more trouble with him. On the other hand... Kassandros would know that Sandalio knew that, and might extrapolate that if Sandalio chose to kill him it was because he saw no other path available.


Kassandros had turned to leave and nudged the girl-child they came for ahead of him, it was only a moment before Sandalio followed. He kept his guard up, of course, for he did not trust the man behind him, but still, Sandalio left. "Well, at least we got what you came for." Sandalio's tone was even enough now that he spoke.

He was still angry, somewhere deep inside, but for now... yes for now he could stay calm about it. There was no sense in scaring the girl.
Town Center / stay
Jul 26, 2018, 04:52 PM
Okay, but that didn't - sure it was possible. People were unfaithful all the time - to the point it was almost laughable to assume that anyone was completely faithful to their husband. Still, it hadn't ever occurred to Icarus that he might have been fathered by anyone other than the man he had believed to be his father. Clearly that was a failing on his part - but there'd been no real reason to suspect it before, so perhaps he shouldn't be too hard on himself for that. It wasn't as if anyone went into things assuming they were an illegitimate child.

A very busy person. It was hard to imagine anyone who was more busy than Kassandros, and Icarus couldn't imagine not wanting to know him because he was busy. But he didn't say that. Maybe that was a nice way of saying he didn't know and/or wasn't interested in them in the slightest. Things they should know in relation to that, hm? He didn't ask - she'd already made it clear that she wasn't going to talk about it until they were all together at minimum.

Kassi had told her when they were four, but fourteen was too young? He didn't say that - there was a difference in seeing it and in doing it, he knew. Still, the fact that Kassandros had been a seer so young... he'd known that, logically he had. Still, it was jarring to be reminded by a vision of that sort.

He wasn't actually sure how to answer her, and so he continued walking in silence for several moments, thoughtfully. "He is still Hume, of course." Calmly, quietly. "He is... not exactly the same as you'll remember, of course." No, he wasn't. But Kass still loved, still felt - Icarus genuinely believed that. It was enough. "But I would not presume to know what goes on within his mind." Icarus didn't know and Kassandros didn't share. So... it was hard to say, if he'd followed Vopiscus' thought paths.

It was hard to say what, exactly, she meant by that anyway. "It's this one." Icarus said as they reached the gate in question.

Which, of course would be obvious when he entered said gate - but making sure Thanatus got a chance to actually see where they were seemed prudent.
House Essair / Eye of the Storm
Jul 25, 2018, 06:30 PM
Icarus was quiet, letting Cygnus think about what he'd said first without his interference. Sometimes that was all he needed, of course, a chance to think about things and process them. Cygnus didn't usually take that time, which was of course the major issue that he had. But, well... at the moment he seemed reasonably inclined to do so. Perhaps because he'd realized just how bad things had gotten while he was ignorant to the reality of it - at least partially because Kassandros and Icarus allowed him to be, but here they were.

"Glassblowing is basically making objects out of glass by blowing air into the molten glass to create the shapes, because the glass moves around the air instead of forcing it out." For some reason, Icarus wouldn't pretend to entirely understand why that was apparently how it worked, it just was. He hadn't toyed with it on his own, so he didn't really have experience with it to use to explain, so... there was that. Anyway.

"...I was." He had been, and come to think of it, yeah he was pretty tired. "But this was more important to deal with." It certainly was - Kassandros was being taken care of by Sandalio, so Icarus was making sure Cygnus was okay - it was reasonable. They'd needed to have this conversation, honestly. Preferably before anyone else got hurt because they were avoiding important things they should have discussed months - maybe even years ago.

On the other hand, the conversation was starting to wear down to things they could go over in the morning, and the noise from next door had quieted, and maybe it was a good idea to get some rest and look at this with fresh eyes in the morning. "On the other hand, I suppose the rest can probably wait until morning, if you're ready to try and get some rest."
Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
Jul 23, 2018, 11:50 PM
Damian had only made it partway down the hall before he nearly bumped into someone. Damian murmured an apology - what? he shouldn't have been in the middle of the hall like that. But before he could say more than that, he really got a look at the person he'd almost walked into. And... for a moment, he was confused.

Damian had never met someone who looked so much like him. Well, him in a few decades, to be fair, but still the structure was there. This man was an older version of himself, it was... a strange thought, really. A really weird experience, like looking in a mirror that aged him several years. Well, he knew he was going to age well at least. But that wasn't really... hm.

Who was he? Were they related somehow? It was hard to imagine that two people could look so similar without being related somewhat but how closely? The man's reaction almost hinted at recognition - as if he were just as surprised at seeing someone who looked just like him but also not. He wasn't sure what to say, at first, too busy being surprised at seeing someone who looked so much like himself here in the brothel. He'd thought his family was dead, after all.

"You look... familiar." It wasn't really what he wanted to say, but Damian wasn't sure what to say instead. So that was what had ended up coming out. It was, perhaps, enough all the same given the way the older man was looking at him. Was he a customer? Another one of the brothel workers? He hoped that was enough to make him understand what he meant though, that it wasn't meant to be some sort of negative and that there was no intention to hold his presence against him.

A little too late, Damian realized that that could easily be seen the wrong way.
House Cassimer / Brotherhood
Jul 21, 2018, 04:55 PM
Damian nodded a bit, clearly accepting that statement. He didn't know Kassandros very well, and some part of it found it hard to trust him because there were many, many mixed signal stories floating around. But he didn't trust Lucius and Lucius seemed to think this was the best outcome they could have hoped for in this particular case so he would just... yeah. He'd just leave it there and hope that he was right and everything went well. After all, if it didn't, it wasn't as if Damian could have done better.

Hopefully Kassandros would be able to save him. If not, at least he'd been able to see his brothers again before the end of it all. That was a bonus, right? Damian thought it would be, in the same position.

What? Was he supposed to have been able to guess at it? Hm.... maybe. It was kind of obvious that they didn't get along but he couldn't put his finger on anything in particular that might have changed the way they interacted together so drastically that Lucius felt it better if he left entirely. Maybe it really was just a culmination of lots of different things being a problem until Lucius thought that was the best way to keep the peace. It seemed, as Damian came to that conclusion, Lucius confirmed it. So, yes.

Either that, or Lucius had decided to conceal something in particular from him. Damian didn't really see why he'd do that though, so, assuming that yes, it was just lots of things adding up until this seemed to be the best path.

"I know you won't make me choose." But Marcus might, being totally honest. He'd almost hesitated to say that, but honestly Damian didn't see a reason to avoid that particular reality with Lucius. It wasn't as if his brother wouldn't be able to guess that that might happen anyway, to be totally honest.

Damian wasn't really sure how to proceed, either. On the other hand... if he had to choose between them, ultimately, he knew what the right choice was, even if it wasn't necessarily easy.