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Market District / The Glint of Steel
« on: Dec 04, 2018, 11:04 PM »
That was going to make things a bit complicated, then. Shil's ears drooped, slightly, but he was sure he'd figure it out. Dalmascans were notoriously easy to accidentally insult, but, Shil wasn't sure if that was because they really were, or because people liked to demonize them. Perhaps a little of both. Some, most likely, were, while others weren't. One bad apple spoiled the whole bunch, was it? At least he knew which name to call her. She was, so far, his best shot at getting what he wanted. Of course, it was difficult to say, how much to tell her. If he'd found a decent Dalmascan, then he'd want to be as honest with her as possible. If not, he'd need to be careful what he said. He wasn't quite sure how to tell which she was, though. She was having a conversation with him, and not speaking down to him, so that was a start. Many humes tended to speak down to ilim, just because they often didn't take them seriously enough, or saw them as eternal children. Ilim matured too, just not the same way, gosh.

"That would be a puzzling thing, wouldn't it?" he asked, albeit it wasn't a true question. "Well, I need a little help. Those of the north are very well separated from the ways of Dalmasca, you see. I don't know the first thing about Dalmascans, or their houses, but I would like to learn. Preferably without getting a rusty dagger in places rusty daggers are not meant to be, if you catch my meaning. I also had a follower, but she has disappeared between here and there. Any foreign place is potentially dangerous, so certainly, there is nothing terribly special about this being Dalmasca, in that regard." Of course not. Jihon would likely be just as dangerous, if not moreso. Perhaps some of the Free Cities might be less, but, all the same, they were becoming very untrusting of outsiders, and most with a brain could take a gander as to why.

"In any case, I certainly don't expect help freely. How would you like to learn how to make Galacese blades? Galacese blades make quite a bit of money up north; having a source of them down here would quite frankly affix you and your house as one of the richest in southern Azaleon, and make you very difficult to be rid of. It'd be both lucrative for many generations to come, and yet perhaps nigh permanent shielding from any other house that might see the end of yours. I just want to find my friend, wherever she may be, and someone here in a good position that'd be willing to talk peace with me. If Dalmasca, Macenia, and Galace, continue on like this much longer, no one will win. We'll flat destroy each other, and too many have died already. There must be a way to end it."

How long it'd take to make peace between them, that was perhaps in the air, but so long as Shil drew breath, he'd be trying, that was for certain. He loved his country too much, loved his people too much, not to. Perhaps, the truth was, Dalmasca was threatening to destroy both Macenia and Galace, and someday, perhaps, drive the ilim to extinction. But then what? Dalmasca would be standing on a bed of ruin, blood, and fire, and where was the glory in that? Eh. He never did understand those sorts.

Coasts / As Dawn Breaks
« on: Dec 04, 2018, 10:48 PM »
For a moment, Tihaan made a face, somewhere around befuddled, with perhaps a bit of a cringe, in there. It'd been a long time, since anyone had called him prince Tihaan, and, quite frankly, here he was, some six years later, still in Dalmasca. Some prince he was, huh. And just how, exactly, did he propose he keep his people from being enslaved when, bluntly put, he couldn't even get himself out of it? Albeit, he was sure, if he asked, Kassandros would just let him go; that wasn't the point, entirely. Ah, it was difficult to make sense of what the point was, even in his head.

Inetkaes... that sounded familiar... ah! "Sahura's sister," mumbled more to himself, as the pieces fell into place. Then, that meant, she was probably here looking for Gannicus. "No disturbance," he said, more sure this time. "And just Tihaan is fine. I was just doing morning patrols and you seemed familiar, though I ah, couldn't figure out why, at first. G-Surya, he is probably asleep, still. But, welcome to the nicest house in Nydema, this is House Essair. ... barring House Asheron. Ah, you're welcome to come in, if you like." A were as old as her, if she were a threat, she'd have already been a threat. "Master Essair's probably meditating, Leon's likely got breakfast well underway, though he may be talking Atenra out of the kitchen supply closet... ... oh, one of Surya's sons, actually. We discovered last night he's a were-cobra. Surya seemed oddly amused." Well, that guy was amused by a lot of strange things.

"I'd imagine Master Essair's already expecting you." He was like that. "Wouldn't be a bother, or anything. Actually, Leon likes to feed people. If he catches scent of you and you didn't come eat, he'll be pouty all week."

Town Center / stay
« on: Dec 04, 2018, 02:06 AM »
At least their discussions were interesting enough to listen to. It also told him a bit more about the house, and the family, in some manner. Clearly, there were some things that hadn't quite been discussed that should have been. Though he was curious, as to how, exactly, she'd ended up in that tower, he'd never directly asked. For one thing, that seemed terribly rude, and for another, he was too busy trying to find the cobras. In any case, he was paying attention, at least partly to try and glean whatever hint in regard to that may be dropped. So far, though, he still had no idea.

One would wonder, here, if it mattered, but given he was risking his neck over this, he'd like to know. Anyway. The grounds were nice, at least; the house didn't look terribly big, which, he supposed might be a good thing. Smaller estates, after all, were harder to get lost in. None of those he could see, in range of them, seemed terribly upset. Actually, they seemed more at peace than usual, for Dalmasca. Strange. He almost wondered if he was imagining it. Maybe those cuts to his diet were, finally, messing with his head.

This one's name was Lycaon. That was a relatively easy name to remember, at least. Thana, for his part, nodded slightly in greeting, arched an eyebrow a bit at what Icarus said, after the other was gone, but he didn't say anything. Some houses said that. They didn't really mean it, though. He supposed he'd see.

In any case, following him, though he didn't make it too far in, before he stopped abruptly. He almost dropped Ksenia right there, but managed not to, albeit he had no idea how. Everything seemed to slow down. His knees slammed into the marble; it'd pass in a second, it was just dizziness. Those came and went, once in a while. That'd hurt, likely, in a minute, too. He did manage to have the presence of mind to let go of Ksenia, so she could slide off him if she wanted, and one hand raised to press against his head. Bodies could be terribly dramatic.

House Essair / Morning Sun
« on: Nov 30, 2018, 11:47 PM »
House Essair had to be one of the most peaceful houses Gannicus had ever spent extended time within the walls of. Morning routines were predictable-by this point, Gannicus had taken to spending morning patrol time lingering where he knew Kassandros would be for his morning meditating, occasionally slipping back into the kitchen to help with whatever needed to be helped with. Some afternoons, he'd meander off into the woods outside Nydema's borders, usually with Tihaan and a spear, and they'd drag back wild boar and fish. With Thanatus around, now, they never really wanted for fish. That guy was almost always off fishing in the early evening, but he was quite skilled at it, and occasionally downed a deer or two, as well. He even used the hides and antlers. It was almost like being home.

No, it was. House Essair was home in a way nothing had been in a very long time. For once, Gannicus had a family again; Victoria was here, doing much better than she'd been when he'd first gotten here, and their sons were here, too. Sons. It was still a bit strange, to think that. If his nose wasn't lying to him, Victoria had a couple other sons, too, but he'd suspected as much back at Lancaster. He hadn't said anything, then, because Titus always loved getting new weapons. Something told him, he'd have quite the difficult time getting those weapons and gaining that leverage with them here in House Essair. Kassandros was... something else, but Gannicus liked him, a lot. Other houses may have been kinder than most, but only one had bothered bringing family back together, and that was this one.

Sometime after Kassandros had gone in, Gannicus slipped back in the house, too, heading toward the medical ward. Victoria could walk, now, albeit not easily, and mostly stayed in bed, still. Every so often, she'd ask him to set her outside in the sun, and she'd sit in a chair in the back lawn, reading a book and listening to the rush of the waves on the shore not far, the trickle of the water fountain, occasionally watch the hummingbirds that came for the wisteria twisted around the trellises. She was happy, here, happier than Gannicus had ever seen her be. Though perhaps confused, Atenra and Sepheres seemed to be doing well here, too. If he didn't miss Saqqara, so much, Gannicus would be perfectly happy to stay here, for the rest of however long they had left.

Quiet as only he and perhaps Sati could be, he shuffled in the medical ward, settling down on the edge of Victoria's bed, and handing her a flower he'd found. It was a brilliant violet, perhaps a bit more blue than purple. Gannicus didn't know what they were called here, but he remembered them being called jewelfire in Saqqara, when he was younger. Much, much younger... "Good morning," he almost forgot that.


Coasts / As Dawn Breaks
« on: Nov 27, 2018, 09:19 PM »
So early in the morning, things were fairly peaceful in house Essair. Kassandros was doing his usual meditation thing, and Gannicus, well, he was probably sleeping. Tihaan had heard, though, that the were's eldest had suddenly shifted into a snake on Leon last night, as the full moon had risen, and so there was understandably a bit of a buzz about the house concerning that. Tihaan was amused. True it was, he didn't understand how weres worked well enough to say for sure if that was normal, a lion and a snake, but he supposed it didn't matter. Even if it was strange, he was not going to say anything about it, at least not where Atenra could hear it. He didn't want to make the younger boy self conscious about it. Turning into a snake in and of itself would be difficult to handle anyway.

For now, while Kassandros did his meditating, and presumably, Leon dealt with getting breakfast done and ready to be served, Tihaan was making his way around the grounds, checking for anything out of the ordinary, potentially dangerous or merely interesting though it may be. By now, Tihaan had a small collection of seashells he'd found scattered across the grounds. Yes, even this far from the shoreline, he was finding shells. He wondered what they were from, but the not knowing was a good bit of their attraction. As he made his way around the outer perimeter of the grounds, he was picking up small shells here and there, but mostly, he was watching and listening. Soon enough, he stood upright, pocketing another small shell, the smallest yet, and noticed someone on the shore, not far away, as he straightened out.

Somehow, the figure looked a bit familiar, but Tihaan couldn't quite place it. The figure, female, didn't set his nerves on edge, at least. Cautiously, he shuffled into speaking distance, stopping a bit away. A few moments of silence passed, thoughtful, mostly, and Tihaan coughed slightly. "I don't think anyone really minds, but, I'm curious why you're here?" He was, yes.

Market District / The Glint of Steel
« on: Nov 27, 2018, 12:35 AM »
Oh, lucky him, he found the owner first. That was good. Now, here was the tricky part; many Dalmascans lied. That was, of course, one of the first things anyone said about Dalmascans, was they had a thing about lying. Shilthandien wasn't sure how much of that he believed. Of course, if something was repeated enough times, it probably held a grain of truth, thereby, this would be a delicate affair. Figuring out who to trust and who not to was really a matter of perhaps luck more than anything. Shil hadn't been born yesterday, though. Perhaps, he could figure it out, even if he'd chosen wrong off-hand.

He had to start somewhere. Always being afraid of talking to anyone here wouldn't get him terribly far. He was in no hurry to decide, though; this one was just more immediately tempting, as he had something quite valuable he could offer a weaponsmith in return for the help. Hmm. For a moment, he just watched her, and then smiled a bit. "Shil's good enough," he said. "Do Dalmascans address one another by the first name, or the last? I wouldn't want to be accidentally offensive, of course, and we don't exactly have a Dalmasca 101 course freely available up north." Not exactly... they did, of a form. It was, avoid Dalmascans. Also, avoid Dalmascans. And they lie. A lot.

"It is somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I do not know much about how Dalmasca works," he added. Teresi both did and did not sound familiar, and Shil couldn't quite place a finger on why. Where had he heard the name before... truthfully, he'd heard many names of Dalmascans over the years, it was difficult to say where, or even when, he'd heard them. Ah, perhaps, it was just as well. Still, he wasn't sure about laying all his cards on the table, just yet. There was a Macenian woman that had followed him, too. Galacese swordmaking techniques were valuable enough, he just might be able to figure out where she was likely to be, and get her out. She'd disappeared some time after they'd reached Nydema.

Of course, given the woman's fieriness (she was, if he recalled, one of the hume students of a master sorcerer in Galace, and rather the spitfire when angered, or cornered, for that matter, and many commented on how pretty she was), it was likely she was in trouble. He did not, however, have friends here, not yet-and outing himself as the prince of Galace seemed... unintelligent. Some may respect that, but something told Shil, most would love the leverage.

Coasts / the darkness is always there first
« on: Nov 26, 2018, 10:39 PM »
Well, ultimately, Leon couldn't make Kass do anything, and Leon knew it. It was important that he understood it himself, understood why Leon said what he did, but he'd never know Kassandros not to listen to some extent. Certainly, pestering Kassandros about it was going to be more fruitful than bothering Sandalio. It wasn't like Leon didn't understand why. Kassandros was easily confused by his own emotions, and maybe it was a step he'd have to take on his own. On the other hand, Leon wasn't sure there was an easy way of doing this. Either way, whether it was Sandalio that said something, or Kassandros, he'd be confused the entire way, Leon was sure. In the end, maybe it didn't matter which one said something. He just hoped, whichever one did, Kassandros didn't immediately shut down. That seemed, at least, to be his instinctive first reaction, just, shutting down.

And yet, Leon couldn't say that he didn't understand. When you'd hurt as much, as long, as Kassandros had, trusting anyone to get that close to you was, at the very least, rather dangerous, and Leon knew that. Still, he didn't think Sandalio would hurt him, at least, not if he could help it, and maybe, in finding someone that cared for him as much as Sandalio seemed to, that really did do so with no strings attached, maybe it'd help him learn to open up a little. It was long passed the time when Kassandros was hurting himself more by remaining so closed off, rather than allowing himself to take the risk of blooming.

"Clearly not," Leon answered, drawling slightly. "Alright. I'll quit nagging, but make sure you do think about it, Kass!" Leon didn't follow. Eh. He could use a walk, anyway. Talking to Kassandros about his feelings always did manage to make his head, and his heart, hurt.

House Essair / Half Remembered Haze
« on: Nov 25, 2018, 04:52 PM »
Yes, Leon thought he might appreciate clothes, without having to dart across the manor to get them. Not to say that would've ended badly, Kassandros was quite serious about that no-touching-anyone-without-their-permission thing, but that certainly wouldn't make it any more comfortable a thing. Anyway, the bright side was, Leon had thought to get him a change of clothes, and everyone side-stepped the awkward. Funny story, or maybe unsurprising story, the ilim didn't really know what clothes were, until humes arrived from across the sea.

"More or less," Leon answered. "Well, you did hiss at me. The good news is, I can handle most wild animals, backed away, and you, I guess, figured out you were in a weird place, and darted under the closet door. ... how's your back, anyway? I can't imagine turning into a snake was particularly comfortable for it." He may have been wrong, who knew. Maybe it didn't carry over like that... see, Leon knew a lot, but there were still some things he didn't know.

"Since you and your brother were born weres, you can turn out to be anything. Which is odd, because when a were is sired, they turn out something related at least, to their sire's animal form, like you're not going to get a cobra out of a lion that way. You know, ilim made the weres, but frankly, I've yet to meet an ilim that really understands how they work." But then, it wasn't as if they needed to know, mostly.

Oh! "Hey, maybe you should ask your dad, I bet he knows." If nothing else, he probably had a better idea than Leon did.

Market District / The Glint of Steel
« on: Nov 20, 2018, 02:00 PM »
The good thing about being a lone ilim in a place like this; Shil was small, he was fast, and he could make the earth under one's feet turn against them. It'd served him well, thus far, preventing him rather neatly from ending up in the same situation most ilim did in Dalmasca's borders (they really did love their ilim slaves; Shil had nearly been caught by slavers no less than five times since crossing the Macenian-Dalmascan border). By now, he'd changed clothes, tucking his more regal-looking attire away in his pack, now wearing something less attention-grabbing and glittery, and he blended in a lot better. Certainly, he got fewer weird looks than before.

It did not seem particularly intelligent, to barge into Dalmasca, declaring as loudly as possible that he was the prince of Galace. Dalmascans seemed like the type that'd love to use that to their advantage, somehow, and given his father hadn't exactly given him permission to wander into Dalmasca's borders (in Galace, it was all, stay away from Dalmascans, and Dalmasca, and southern Macenia for that matter), he didn't necessarily want this coming back to bite him in one of his tails. Fortunately, Dalmascans seemed to know very little about Galacese nobility, or the nine tails would've been a dead giveaway. Unlike most ilim, Shil had nine fluffy, peach colored tails bobbing behind him; only a few select, ancient lineages did, and Yrdyn was one of them. Well, what the Dalmascans didn't know, wouldn't hurt them, and would help him, so he was keeping his trap shut.

Unfortunately, Dalmascans knew little about Galacese nobility, and the Galacese knew little about Dalmascan nobility. He needed to find a potential friend. There was little of value he could offer someone-certainly, he had a few pieces of spiricite, that was valuable, but if Shil remembered correctly, Dalmascans were mostly hume, and had no real use for it. Sure, there were hume mages, sort of, now, but they were dying out, no thanks to the other humes killing them-certainly that was none of his business-so he needed another angle. He shuffled down the streets, near market, glancing at the signs. Shil could read Dalmascan, just slower than ideally. As he went, he kept his head up, his shoulders back, his spine at its natural gentle curve, padding across the cobblestone as if he knew what he was after and was supposed to be there. That kept most off his tails, proverbially speaking.

Ah, wait. Shil paused, outside a door. If he was reading the Dalmascan lettering correctly, this was a weapons shop. His ears halfway flattened, in thought. Oh, wait! His ears perked right back up, and he scurried in, then paused in the doorway, to regain his composure. There were certainly interesting weapon designs out for display, and, truthfully, if even half of them worked in a fight, that spoke mounds about this place's crafting skills. He turned from the displays, padding almost silently across the floor. ... er... he was pretty sure that was a girl. Not that this was strange, but in Dalmasca, he thought they didn't let their women do much.

Well, maybe this was a decent place to start, then. "Greetings, m'lady," he started, bowing noticeably. "I am Shildien. Would you happen to be the owner of this impressive establishment?" ... was that too formal? Maybe that was too formal. Oh, no... okay, keep cool. Act natural.

Wanted / Adoptable Ilim Designs
« on: Nov 20, 2018, 09:45 AM »
these are just designs. because we're trying to make this very easy, making an ilim that uses one of these photosets absolutely counts as taking a wanted ad. we do love ilim, it's just that unfortunately they are hard to find images for, so esmera and i made a bunch of them for member use.

if you're wondering what we're using for most of our ilim images, we're using the lyn race from blade and soul, because it's the closest, customizable character race in anything we've found before.

she looks to be a wolf

she is a tiger

kitty cat

um. i was thinking mouse but that tail... so probably a big cat of some kind lol


ahm you know i wanna say wolf but.. imma go with wolf.

squirrel i believe

also a squirrel

* unfortunately this guy has limited pictures. i'd thought i'd taken more. he is a tiger

canine of some kind

just post here if you want to use one, let me know which one, you can either make an image set out of the previews here, or mention you'd like the full photoset. most of these have at least five or six images, several with different lighting/backgrounds. they are all wearing the same thing.

anyway, yeah. if you also play b&s, feel free to make some lyn images to go here for others that don't to adopt for their own ilim! also even if you do play b&s, feel free to adopt one of mine anyway. xD

Wanted / dragon's wanted things
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 09:21 AM »
these are some pretty loose wants, and i am absolutely willing to plot-hash or discuss with someone about anything mentioned here, just drop me a note! most of this is just an idea of what i was thinking, but i'm not married to it, you won't be stepping on my toes if you have other ideas or make me mad or whatever. dont worry, if i dont think your ideas will work, i'll tell you, and offer something else.

wildly open ages. were. can be mages too. any gender, open pbs, should be darker-skinned, at the very least, surya's fairly dark.
for gannicus (surya)

surya is a very well-known and almost revered blood fighter. originally from house lancaster, and before that, probably another house, who even knows how many houses he's been in by now, he's been a slave in dalmasca for over a hundred years (i believe the number's creeping toward 300 years now, i honestly cannot remember off the top). to say the least of it, he's had many flings, uh, a few not-by-choice ones, probably a few lovers over the years before victoria, and you know, contraception is not really a thing in dalmasca, so he probably has a lot of children. the good news is, he should recognize them when he comes face to face with one, given he is a were, and their senses of smell are very good. and yeah, he can recognize the scent of his own bloodline pretty easily. in any case, if you want a non-white were, here you go!

> 30. hume. shouldn't be mages. both mother and father are open. open pbs, kalix is very white though.
for kalix

presumably, kalix has parents! also presumably, these parents would likely be looking for their missing child. or perhaps one is and the other gave up. whatever. in any case, one or both of these are likely to be leading house argyros, which is a very important house in the free city of haradi. it is quite likely they are helping king sahura of house lucain (he is king of saqqara) maintain peace in haradi while king sidonai of assad, haradi's king, is looking for his son. as it happens, and they are probably unaware of it right now, kalix and the eldest assad son, ryhil, are continuing the assad-argyros liaison tradition and dating. ah, kalix comes by it honestly. kalix was born blind, so they're probably even more concerned about them than usual; kalix is also very nonbinary and prefers 'they,' not he. given ryhil knows where they are, kalix won't stay missing forever, so reunions and whatnot can certainly happen eventually. maybe even soon. in the interim, their parents have the opportunity to be rather important to the plotlines of haradi.

side note, haradi has a crownsguard, and it is also possible that several members of the haradian crownsguard are argyros.

> 19. hume. shouldn't be mages. any gender. open pbs, kalix is very white though.
for kalix

this want sort of ties into the above. like ryhil did, it's also possible that one or several of the older argyros children went looking for kalix and got caught up with pirates or just very turned around, either one. by now, though, rumors of house essair's newest leader knowing everything might have gotten around dalmasca, so if they went looking for kalix, they may eventually decide to drop in on house essair. potential other plot-line. the siblings may also be haradian crownsguard, too.

honestly, the siblings are wide-open, one could make one and take them in whatever direction they feel like and technically still be filling this want, which is why it's here! again, though, reunions may well happen eventually, quite possibly very soon, and depending on their parents' ages, they may also be very important to the plotlines of haradi.

oh, one other thing on the parents and the siblings both, actually, given kalix was eventually found to have been taken by slavers, it's possible one or several of the argyros line went on a personal anti-slaver crusade, and may be working very diligently at the task of ensuring no one else in haradi end up enslaved. i was kind of envisioning that several of argyros' ancestry was former slave, as much of haradi is, or is descended from, freed or escaped slave, so i imagine that the anti-slaver movement in haradi in response to losing prince tihaan and kalix would be very personal to house argyros. but this is just an idea i had.

family, siblings or a parent
> 20. hume. shouldn't be mage. any gender. open pbs, thana is very white though.
for thanatus

this is so loose, i'm almost sorry.

as far as thana remembers, he's almost always been slave. he does remember little snatches of time in a nomadic tribe in macenia, so he does have some idea of where he came from, but he does not remember his parents, or if he had siblings or anything. he needs something in his life besides house essair, so i'd be super happy if he had an older sibling that remembers and recognizes him, likely because he looks a lot like one of their parents, or one of his parents, maybe even both. kassandros, the current head of house essair, is a seer, and to say the least of it, he has a habit of just randomly knowing things; we wouldn't necessarily have to put in a lot of work to bring them together, even if kassandros doesn't outright state why he's doing whatever he ends up doing or why they're going where they go, but thana trusts him, so he won't question it too hard, anyway.

it is fairly possible, given a large number of macenians are enslaved in dalmasca, that any family thana has is enslaved as well. thana used to be a blood fighter, but now he's more like a guard person, at the moment mostly sticking to ksenia, but he will eventually switch to sticking to icarus. i also dont think he'd be terribly willing to leave house essair anytime soon, so that may be a mild source of contention/trouble in paradise, as if his family are free, thana will likely mildly butt heads with them about going with them.

sorta adoptive family
> 30. may be hume or ilim. one of these is male, the other female. open pbs, totally open ethnicity, too.
for thanatus

when thana was first enslaved, he was a very young child slave in jihon, and he was called seiya there. the jihonese are well-known to mostly ignore their slaves, but thana was young enough, he still needed familial bonds. he eventually found those in these two, an older male slave and his girlfriend. they were around for a good bit of thana's childhood, and probably the only reason thana's not got attachment issues or some other complications. in any case, whether these two are now free, or were sold from jihon to dalmasca, or whatever, i'd like them to be reunited.

this want is actually more of a family want than thana's actual blood-family, because he actually remembers these two, and should recognize them, even if it takes him a few minutes to fully connect the dots (he's not exactly the brightest candle in the candelabra). so, this reunion will be a lot fluffier, a lot more happy an occasion, whereas the blood-related family one may be full of some mistrust and uncertainty. depending on what kind of family-like setup you'd like, either of these should work for that.

Merenwen has filled the female side of this. Now that just leaves the male one. if you need help making ilim images just let either myself, esmera, lenara, or andromeda know, we all play blade and soul and can get you an ilim design.

Coasts / the darkness is always there first
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 07:55 AM »
Quiet, Leon listened, and at the end, let out a little sigh. Well, maybe the visions had focused on him because he was important. Maybe more important than Kassandros realized. Far be it, for sure, for Leon to try telling him what he had his visions for, because that was really something the gods knew, and not Leon, but if he had to guess, the ilim was willing to bet Sandalio was, in fact, important. Maybe he didn't know why, just yet, but he did know what he saw. Gods if Kassandros didn't need someone to love him, without anything else attached, just the way he was, someone to see his flaws and imperfections, and love him all the more for them. Leon both was and... was not, that person. Sure, he did. But maybe he'd never really be enough. Because Leon couldn't love him in all the ways Kass needed to know it, and that was fine.

It wasn't like Leon was upset about that. He did wish he could do more. But if he helped, at all, then that was good enough for him. The ilim shook his head, shuffling over to Kass, setting himself in front of him, and reaching up to take his hands. "Listen," Leon started. "I know this is scary. This is really scary, but things like this always are. Sometimes, for some people, it's a bit scarier than usual. And it's okay, Kass. It's okay to be scared. You don't have to be that giant support pillar you think you're supposed to be. I know," he added, very quickly, "I know. You were built to protect Azaleon from itself, not to love, or so you keep saying. But Kass, there's a good deal of you that's still hume, and humes were built to love and be loved. It's not some magical, instant thing, you know? Nobody ever said it'd be easy. Love's more complicated than that. It's a journey. Something you try for, every day. It's a path you walk, every day, a thing you make, every day, and it's never done. There'll always be something you'll need to work out. This, Kass, this is such a normal part of loving someone, it's really kind of ridiculous, I think it's the most normal thing you've ever faced."

In hindsight, that was, maybe, a bit sad. "Talk to him, Kass. You're going to have to make the first move. Because I think he doesn't want to scare you away. And I know it'll be hard. You'll have to try really hard, to remember that he's there to support you, and you can talk to him. I know that. Heck, I'm sure he knows that. Love's this big, clumsy beautiful messy funny wreck, it's not perfect, and neither are you, and neither is he, and that's okay. Kass, it's okay to mess up. And if you trust him at all, trust him to understand when you do. Talk to him. Let him in. Trust him with the pieces of you that maybe aren't entirely whole. Because you can't keep hurting yourself like this." And Leon really didn't want to be stuck watching it for the rest of Kassandros' life.

"Oh, and, you're forgetting a small detail," he added. "Sandalio is a blood fighter. I think, whenever Marcus gets around to getting serious, he'll be in for a bit of a rude surprise. You don't quit something because you might fail. So don't give up on Sandalio so early because he might die. Shit, Kass, I might fall down the stairs tomorrow and hit the wall too hard. It's kind of a part of life." Death did tend to be that.

House Essair / Half Remembered Haze
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That was an exciting night. Things could have gone much worse, to be sure about it. Leon was just glad Atenra hadn't bitten him, not that it would've-well, it might have killed him, depending on how much venom Atenra loosed, and how quickly he could viably get-okay, that wasn't the point. The point was, the cobra didn't bite him, just looked like it might, and then changed its mind, and... if Leon remembered right, the snake had darted into... this closet. Ah. Just in time.

Leon smiled, kind of lopsided, straightened out and put one hand on his hip. His ears went straight up. "Good morning," he greeted. "I thought to get your clothes after you fled. But I brought you a change of clean ones." The ilim set the neatly-folded set of clothes on the table by the door, and then backed up. Some humes were very strange, and had a thing about being naked and seen that way. Some weren't. Leon wasn't entirely sure which one Atenra would be. (Yes, he knew Atenra was a were, but he was raised hume, so in manner, he'd be mostly hume.)

"If it makes you feel any better, you didn't bite anybody." That was a bonus! Oh, wait, he probably didn't even know what he was. "You're a cobra." Of course, that likely made more sense of not biting anyone being a very good thing, yes.

Heralds / Nov 19, 2018 -- Semi-Canon Denotation
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we do also finally have our new biography fields for characters! tiny note.

Member Discussion / thought:
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i mean, on the one hand the relationship/poly markers might be helpful at a quick glance, but im not sure theyre really needed. then again p much this entire board is poly so yk.

mk, so i got:
-shift form
-hair color
-eye color
-phys description

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