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Heralds / Aug 13, 2018 -- Ch-ch-changes
« on: Yesterday at 04:59 AM »
as we have all noticed by now, messiah has transitioned successfully to using the character mod @Esmera wrote for SMF 2.0. this went off without a hitch, and we're glad for that, everything was moved over seamlessly, and we're happily now using our fancy new shiny.

but, there are some other changes that are coming up and will be happening within a month or two that we wanted to inform everyone about, and prepare new members and interested guests for.

first off, the smf character mod will be rewritten from the ground up for version 1.0.1, and will support smf 2.1 by default, as well as php 7.1. basically just means it's being rewritten from scratch to work on some other thingers, good thingers (this is a good thing).

secondly, version 1.0.1 will have new features built into it, such as a shipper manager, sub-alliances and ranks, and a new, shiny tabbed biography with a bonus side of the character creation screen being tabbed. this means, while esmera may be able to code up something that'll upgrade us from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1, there will be some notable differences between one system and the other. when we are on 1.0.1, i will also be changing how the grouping is set up, we'll have nation and then caste, and then houses in as ranks.

now, thirdly, smf 2.0.15 does not run on php 7.2. currently the server runs on php 5.6, which stops support in a few scant months. php 7.1's security support stops in another year, meaning unless esmera wants to open our server to potential security holes (spoiler: they dont), our server must be upgraded from php 5.6 to 7.2, and soon. but, because smf 2.0.x does not run on 7.2, we are going to be moving messiah onto smf 2.1. it is a beta version, but it is much better than 2.0, trust me, you'll like it, it's got alerts and auto-saving post drafts and built-in @mentions and the wysiwyg editor we use is built into it, some other neat things. its really mostly just quality of life improvements.

smf 2.1 has been in beta for a long time, and honestly we have no idea if it'll remain in beta much longer or finally reach stable release within the next year, but with esmera behind us, we're confident we can run beta 3 without problems. there is no official time-line for this, just sometime in the next three months, as that is when php 5.6's support stops.

so, that's that, ah, mostly it shouldnt really affect the end-user's experience very much, just be prepared for potential down-time, esmera's going to try and make it as seamless as possible, but there may be some blipping. posts and registered accounts and characters and whatnot should be able to be moved automatically, but we may have to do some of it manually. we thank everyone for their patience during this time, and aim to maintain the best possible experience for all of you.

please thank your local esmera for their hard work.

-- the messiah team

Coasts / the darkness is always there first
« on: Jul 29, 2018, 02:14 AM »
To say the least of it, most of those in House Essair were concerned about Kassandros (then, weren't they always), and when he disappeared somewhere between dawn and breakfast, some of them tittered around in a mild mess of panic. Leon, despite, or in spite of, his propensity toward panicking, had shook his head, and barked something at them about getting on with it. Kass would come back when Kass wanted to come back. In the interim, Leon would focus on making breakfast, and leave the direct concern about Kassandros' immediate whereabouts to Sandalio (the titanic Macenian was getting better at trailing him, anyway).

Yes, they knew. Of course they knew, how couldn't they? Perhaps none knew details and such, but they could put the pieces together. Finally, it'd seem, Cygnus had pushed too far, and, in his gentler way, Kassandros had pushed back, albeit he didn't seem to have aimed it at the person it damned well should've been aimed at. That wasn't Leon's business. Kassandros would do as Kassandros does, and there was little sense in getting huffy over it. After all, it wouldn't get anyone terribly far, and there were better ways of expending energy.

Soon as breakfast was done, though, Leon scurried round the side of the house, his paws barely making any sound on the stone floors, and not much more in the grass outside. With some work, he shimmied up the side of the wall, facing the sea; yep, there in the water, Kassandros bobbed back and forth. "Figures," Leon murmured, more to himself, and then slipped back down the wall, headed for the gate. Even if Kassandros wanted to pretend nothing had happened, that he hadn't destroyed his bathroom, scorched his floor, melted the bismuth inlays out of his door, and made that gods awful shrieking noise, said something about not wanting to feel anything anymore, it didn't really hide the subtle changes in his behavior. Kassandros could pull quite the unreadable expression when he really put mind to it, but he couldn't fool Leon's senses.

At some point, during his time here, Leon had come to realize and accept that somewhere along the way, he'd grown to quite probably love Kassandros, in the way, up to now, he'd only really loved Aenwyn. He'd lost Aenwyn, because he wasn't fast enough, because he wasn't strong enough, because this was Dalmasca, and destroying is what Dalmasca did, but he wouldn't be losing Kassandros, figuratively or otherwise. No one knew stubborn til they'd met a determined ilim that'd found something to fight for. ... or, you know, Sandalio, he was pretty stubborn.

"You know," Leon started, stopping at the water's edge, the waves lapping happily at his paws, "if you stay here too long, you'll turn into a raisin." At least he'd be a pretty raisin? Leon knew better than to say that. Kassandros was awfully touchy about his aesthetic attractiveness, and... well, maybe everyone had an inkling of why, now.

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jul 27, 2018, 05:28 PM »
He supposed it was. Thana had never thought about it, being honest. He just did what he had to do, that was all. Sometimes he had to get a little extra creative in his ventures, but it served him well. "Mostly trial and error," Thana answered. "I ah... well, my parents, I guess, showed me simpler things, weaving baskets and such, and I figured out how to do other things. They taught me that whatever I needed, I could get, if I looked in the right place, but the tricky thing was figuring out what I needed, and separating it from what I wanted." Sometimes, you could get something you wanted, but you almost always got what you needed, and telling the two apart was much better for productivity rates. Spending too long messing with something unnecessary, after all, often left little room for that which was necessary.

Oh. For some strange reason (do wonder why), Thana wasn't expecting that. "Well, I can teach you some things," Thana said. "Plant identification is very important, there are some plants you don't want to touch, let alone eat, but there are ways of telling what's what. Fishing isn't too hard, but it may take a while to pick up. Some basic first aid things aren't difficult. There's a plant somewhere that does something to help with whatever ailment you've got, it's good to remember for emergencies. You could probably learn weaving and sewing okay, also good. Not sure how well hunting would go, but I could teach you archery, anyway." It'd be good for her muscles, too. Given she hadn't been doing much for only the spirits knew how long, it wouldn't be a bad idea to rebuild some of her musculature. On the other hand, while their diets were pretty protein-heavy, he wasn't sure it'd be enough to support weight gain.

May put that one off. "In the meantime, we can go find the river and get your bath." Before they forgot, would maybe be a good idea.

Guest Services / RPG Initiative
« on: Jul 14, 2018, 05:37 PM »

RPG INITIATIVE. A forum roleplay and resources community.
  • - We have a robust forum roleplay directory that includes:
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    • A spot for every type of roleplay category.
    • Site Updates available in your listing.
    • Comments straight in your listing.
  • Codex - Post templates, app templates and more. It's our copy and paste directory made easy.
  • Skins & Theme Directory - Our theme directory which includes all of the resources you need, images included, in one easy download.
  • Play-by (Faceclaim) Directory - Finding a play-by made easy. Narrow your search by traits that you're looking for in your character representation -- or contribute new ones!
  • Guides & Documentations  - From managing roleplays to how to code these guides will help you in roleplay and real life.
  • Writing Partners - Where you can find new Roleplay partners to play with.
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  • Access to our coteries (private groups) as a place to roleplay with writing partners or join other like minded people.
  • Access to our MTV's THE REAL WORLD! (or regular everyday non-RP) chat.
  • Plus so much more!

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jul 09, 2018, 03:34 PM »
"Thank you." The chances of him coming across one or both of his brothers was pretty slim, and Dimitrios knew that. Still, he didn't have to say he would. Whether he actually would or not was kind of in the air, somewhere, and Dimitrios knew enough about Dalmasca to know that, too, and yet, it still managed to make him feel a little better. Maybe things weren't the way any of them had hoped they'd turn out, but there was no sense raging against it, either. He was starting to learn how to just accept things.

Ah, well, it wasn't like Dimitrios had any say over this place's pricing, so, he'd just hope so. Then again, the Cassimers were the richest noble family in Dalmasca, so, he supposed he was worrying over nothing. Likely, it was instinct; their father was always on their mother and Cyprian's cases about spending too much. Which is funny in hindsight, given Aemilius spent a lot more than both of them combined. But that was none of Dimitrios' business.

"Oh! Right, yeah you're probably a pretty busy guy, huh?" Yeah, Dimi, quit running your trap. "Erm, well, sorry that didn't quite go right. But uh, I'm probably not going anywhere?" Nah. There was later, if he decided he wanted to come back and try that again. You know, they really didn't cover this in seducing-rich-men 101.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jul 09, 2018, 03:21 PM »
Oh, good. Dimitrios figured the worst that happened was, it didn't actually work. It wasn't like he knew Cygnus terribly well, so to speak lightly of it, he wasn't really in the best position to decide what'd work for him or wouldn't. Certainly, Icarus would have a better idea than he did, but it was worth mentioning, he thought, and apparently Icarus agreed.

"Yeah, at first," Dimitrios allowed. "And I wouldn't have, either. Cyprian used to make bowls and stuff, and noticed when they got air bubbles in them, the glass moved around the air, instead of pushing it back out, and it made him think, if he purposely blew air into it, made it the shape he wanted around the air, and then broke off one end, it'd be an easier way of making like, cups and bowls and stuff. He wasn't wrong, though he did fry his hands a few times, figuring it out. Kassandros just kind of gave him a bunch of sand, a furnace, and a pipe, and he's been making wine glasses and glass tumblers and amphoras for the last week." Dimitrios hadn't poked in on him recently, to see how it was going. Maybe he would, later, just to see how he was doing. Cyprian tended to hyperfocus, if you let him, and Dimitrios had long decided it wasn't good for him, really. He didn't take social isolation very well, but he also didn't seem to know how to not end up socially isolated.

It was probably more peaceful for him, when he was alone.

"Uh, anyway, I think I should probably get out before I turn into a prune," he said, sounding amused. At least, by now, he could pull himself out. "So, nice meeting you, um, and good luck with Cygnus." And, hopefully the constructive outlet worked for Cygnus as well as it had for Nero and Cyprian.

Guest Services / Affiliation Information
« on: Jul 07, 2018, 03:22 PM »
added! thanks very much! =)

Town Center / stay
« on: Jul 07, 2018, 03:23 AM »
At least she could think straight enough to do maths, right now. Interesting, too, that she seemed to remember how to tell them apart, despite not really having seen them in a long time. Some people changed a lot, as they got older. Others, well, you could tell they were the same person fairly readily. Course, the implication was that they were difficult to tell apart-triplets?-but if one was blond, maybe not. On the other hand, maybe it was bleached. Eleven years, though. If they were seventeen, now, that was quite a long time ago, and a small child bleaching his hair blond seemed... not that it was his business, but Thana wondered. Primarily, he wondered because he didn't want to interrupt their moment.

Ah, no-but Icarus answered, first. Thana snorted. "I think he doesn't like them," he said, softly, making sure she wasn't going to fall one more time, and then moving to follow Icarus. It wasn't like he knew where they were going. "And then you should probably eat, if you were hungry." Given she'd gotten herself caught in an ice pillar, it made sense that she had. Thana wasn't terribly surprised, it was probably the most logical outcome of that. Even he was a little dizzy, but it'd go away eventually.

Kind of strange, to think this part of their journey was coming to an end. He'd almost miss it, but it wasn't like Thana intended to go anywhere that Ksenia wasn't. Some things would change, that was all. And maybe he'd spend some time catching bunches of fish, anyway. It was nice to contribute, and maybe it wasn't really something for him to be grateful for, but he was grateful Icarus was taking her in. He knew of too many nobles that wouldn't care, and the fact Icarus did made Thana want to help.

Absences, Intros, and Goodbyes / Holiday and KPOP
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 05:24 PM »
have fun and safe adventures! =)

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 05:11 AM »
Dimitrios made an amused sound. "Noticing this," he said. "But it's been fun, going through the shelves and finding neat stuff at every turn. Your libraries are bigger than ours ever were." Father didn't see a point in keeping many books around. Mother might've wanted to, but, well, he always did get horrendously upset when she even breathed in the direction of buying something so impractical as books. She'd always encouraged them to read, because if nothing else, it did introduce concepts and ideas that maybe they would never really have the opportunity to come across in person. Dimitrios would always kind of appreciate her, for spurring a love of learning and reading in him. Through books, he'd been halfway across Azaleon, and never set foot outside Nydema.

Oooh, aura books... well, it wasn't like Dimitrios was a mage. Sure, he had the empathy thing, but one was not innately inclusive of the other. Still, might be interesting, to learn about. A lot of misunderstandings and such could be prevented by just, learning about things. Besides, maybe he could figure out why magi went insane so often. It wasn't as if Dimitrios had a personal investment in it, it was just curiosity. His mind was made for thinking and puzzling things out, anyway.

Huh. Dimitrios tilted his head, a bit, thinking. Yeah, he sounded like an odd combination of Nero and Cyprian. Cyprian was a lot like that, too. It was hard to tell how much of it was their father's influence, and how much was just, him, but he was certainly much calmer, less impulsive and irritable, now that he was left mostly to his own devices. Seemed he really enjoyed working with glass, too. It looked kind of difficult; Dimitrios had only sat and watched him work once, but it was enough for him to figure out it certainly wasn't easy.

"Well, he kind of sounds like an odd mix of Nero and Cyprian," Dimitrios said. "Cyprian's like that, too. Like the world's too much and never enough all at once, and he's always got lots of energy and it just kind of goes everywhere. Nero had the energetic issue, too. Cyprian's doing better now that he's got something relatively constructive to channel it into. Maybe that's what Cygnus needs? If he's that emotional, artistic expression could work. Cyprian does glass-blowing all day. Um, basically he blows air bubbles into molten glass, it makes it easier to shape into what he wants. It's really not easy, takes a lot of repetition and persistence, so it may not work, but, there's also always like, sculpting and clay and stuff." Just a thought.

Town Center / stay
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 01:46 AM »
"Thana," Thana answered. As soon as she got up there, he reached around and got a hold of her knees, making sure she didn't fall, and stood up. At least she hadn't fussed with him too much, but generally she didn't, anyway. He was still starkly reminded of how easy it'd be for someone to take advantage of her right now, and yet again, he was glad he'd managed to find her cobras. They'd have a lot more luck in keeping her safe than Thana would, but he also knew a bit better than that. Better than to assume that their status would shield them entirely, because Thana understood, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your outlook, just how precariously balanced the nobility really were.

It was kind of cute, in a strange way, their reunion. Shame she was still so out of it, but she remembered him. That was a good thing. Yes, she was doing better. "And we're going home." He wasn't really sure if that'd sink in, but, he'd wanted to say it. She'd forget in a few minutes, maybe.

Oh, "The spear, actually," he answered, nodding at the fishing spear to the side. "Useful bugger." Go figure.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jul 02, 2018, 02:25 AM »
Yeah, so it did. Dimitrios just shrugged. "Kinda what happens when people die suddenly, I guess." It wasn't like Nero was particularly good at explaining anything, anyway. No one really was. Things just were the way they were, he guessed. Sometimes, it felt like he'd missed a lot of his own life, even while he'd lived it, and that was probably a pretty sad impression to get. It wasn't really new of one, by any means. He always knew someone was always hiding something, and it was neither surprising, by the end, nor really upsetting, anymore. That was how it worked, in House Kenleigh. Maybe in most Houses, in Dalmasca.

"It is," he agreed. "... and really, doesn't actually matter. Even if I did figure it out, wouldn't change anything." He paused a moment, chewing his lip. "This is probably kind of bold, but, if you happen to come across one or both of my brothers... could you tell them I'm okay?" He wasn't. Not the kind of okay he was sure they'd want him to be, but, none of them could change anything. Unless, that is, Cyprian managed to talk his friend into saving them, but Dimitrios wasn't even really sure how close Cyprian and that friend were. It was more likely to be an arrangement of convenience, than anything either considered deeper than that.

Besides, Cyprian didn't really make friends, as sad as it was to realize.

Erm. "... hopefully it's not too expensive to have a talk around here." You know, Dimitrios wasn't actually... sure.

House Essair / Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
« on: Jul 01, 2018, 06:28 PM »
Well, he was, presumably, new to this. Considering, he wasn't being a complete idiot, at least. He could be worse. Gannicus just shrugged. There were worse ways of going about it, and now he'd figured out that'd work. It was only a few hours once a month, it wasn't like it was something terribly pressing. Perhaps Gannicus was biased. He didn't remember ever not being a were.

"No," he answered. "Weres are infused with the strength of the forest. But humes were born of the forest, too. It is not so foreign that it should hurt, unless one is fighting it. Someday, you can learn to remain fully aware when shifted, learn to shift on purpose whether the moon's full or new, or somewhere in between. The you that is a fox will someday be no different than the you that is a man. But you must learn to accept it, first. There is nothing shameful, or terrible, in being a were. We are the pulse of Azaleon, the protectors of its children. It doesn't have to be scary." It was, however, usually not easy. In some ways, maybe. In others, it really wasn't.

For a moment, Gannicus kind of watched him, curious. Weres eventually developed capacity for magic. It seemed to be something Kassandros spontaneously caused, too. Even ignoring that, weres in Jihon were labor, certainly not ujalin. "You do know, you probably cannot go home, right?" Perhaps in a few hundred years, when the world had changed so much it was nigh unrecognizable, when there was very little that could be a true threat to him left, but certainly not tomorrow, or the next day.

Kassandros had not said it, but Gannicus knew it. Jihon was stricter than Dalmasca, in many ways. Gods forbid the kid be gay, too, and sometimes, Gannicus wondered. That was why Haku couldn't go home, unless he wanted to pretend to be something he wasn't for the rest of his life; it'd be the same for Zhihao, except maybe he'd have to ignore even more of who and what he was to remain in Jihon than Haku did. Haku could forsake his sister, play the part of the normal, straight man, and he'd be fine. How did you pretend you weren't a were? How did you pretend you couldn't do magic if you could, and, at worst, he'd spontaneously develop the capacity for it in Jihon, where no one could teach him to control it.

What a monster they'd think he was. He'd go home, and, most likely, he'd die.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jul 01, 2018, 06:08 PM »
Astronomy? Hmm. Thinking about it, that seemed logical, for some reason. Hadn't Andreas mentioned... "Didn't you find a bunch of astronomy books up there?" asking his brother. They kind of had a foundation for guessing at the astronomy thing. Things up there, they were interesting, being fair about it. Dimitrios had never thought about them too hard. Mother said once, the stars were where the ones that were lost went. He didn't think it actually worked that way.

"I've seen him dance sometimes," he said. "I kind of want to learn. ... you know, later." When standing wasn't against the rules, so to say. "What do you read? I've never really thought about music. Would be interesting to know what kind of music they make in other countries, though. I found a book about plants, or, well, Dre did, but it's cool. I was watching a bird nest, and there was a caterpillar I was waiting to spin its cocoon. ... it didn't, before I left. There was a book I was reading before... before we came here, and I lost it, but I found it hiding on the shelves in the parlor, so now I'm finishing it. Um, about Galacese culture things." It was nice to be able to finish it. It really was interesting.

And, maybe, if he ever talked to Damian again... ... no.

"Hmm... what's Cygnus like?" He kind of sounded like he had too much energy, and nowhere to aim it. That would cause excitability and restlessness, and probably a penchant for getting into trouble. Nero used to be like that. Mom curbed it by giving him something physical to do, to burn off the energy.

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jun 30, 2018, 11:45 PM »
Had she missed that? That was a stupid question, actually. Sure, she might've been physically present for that, but, she probably hadn't been mentally present enough to figure out what he was doing. Perhaps, she didn't even register he'd been doing anything at all. That was, of course, kind of part of the problem, of nothing sinking in, mentally.

"Well, I don't know if you remember, or not," he started, pulling some of the loose sinew threads he had left out, to show her, "but I caught a chicken when we first came out here. Most animals have um, tendons and hamstrings, that help their bodies move. Even you and I do. These are very strong, by design. So when I killed the chicken, we ate it, and then I made things out of its bones," he went on, holding up the bone arrowhead, "and also pulled out the tendon. It's called sinew, sometimes, and basically it's just a bunch of tissue fibers, and when it dries, it becomes pretty tough stuff. Putting a few of the fibers together and twisting together a cord makes a pretty strong one."

He laughed, slightly. She seemed pretty interested. "If I had the tools, or could make them, I can also make boats, uh, other clothes besides... your dress thing, blankets and pillows, I can make shoes and bags out of animal hides, with a piece of wood I can make an animal skin canteen type thing. Hats and baskets, they're actually pretty easy if you've got the right plants around. With some mud and stone, you can make stone houses. Sun-dried earth is actually pretty tough, but I think Dalmasca's too humid for it to hold. With clay mud, you can make vases, cups, bowls, could do with wood, too. Lots of things can be made from just what's right here."

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