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House Essair / save a little light for me
« on: Jun 21, 2018, 04:32 AM »
Unfortunately, it'd seem, he figured out, staring at the ceiling, last night was not a crazy nightmare.

Kass could only tell because he could hear tinkling glass in the bathroom. ... Sandalio did know he'd have gotten that, right? Probably. It wasn't like Kass was interested in arguing, at the moment. Actually, he just kind of wanted to curl up right where he was and stay there. That was likely a bad idea. He did have to get up, and do things, but eventually he'd have to face Cygnus. Or Icarus. Probably both. Or Leon, or something, and Leon would ask questions, and -

He rolled over, toward the window. The light streaming into the room caught his attention, little flickers of dust in the rays glimmering for a split second before disappearing. He had questions. Nobody seemed to have answers. Maybe he was asking the wrong people. Not that he'd consider Ytias a people, but that was beside the point. "... you owe me a few explanations anyway, bloody bastard," he grumbled, and stood up, stalking across the room to the door, opening it and down the hall.

... with any luck, at some point between the estate and the town centre, he'd remember he didn't get dressed and do that. Running off to a public place in just his pyjama pants was maybe not so good an idea.

Coasts / the darkness is always there first
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:21 AM »
Even this soon after winter had come and gone, the sea wasn't really cold. It was an odd thing, but, Kassandros had eventually deduced the southern water currents brought warm water into the Aont Strait, breaking into two south of Jihon and going around the island. It was part of what made the weather so... so, and it was interesting to learn about. Kassandros liked learning in general, but there were only a few things he found really interesting. The sea was one. The sky was the other.

Somewhere amid the morning routine, Kass had disappeared, scurried down the side of the estate, around the outer perimeter of the wall, and then down the short cliffs. The beach was all sand, to the east of the estate about a quarter mile, if that, and about two or three hundred yards inland, giant, rocky cliffs rose and seemingly held the land up, but there was one side where the cliffs dropped off, and the sand gradually transitioned into dirt. Kass always used that transition spot to scurry out onto the sand, usually barefoot and still in his pyjamas, just a pair of loose pants and a simple shirt, and, despite not always intending to, he did normally end up in the water, at some point.

He'd waded out to about his waist, watching the light gleaming on the horizon. The sun was over there, a bit to the left, lighting up the waves. It was always somehow enchanting, to watch the sunlight shimmer on the waves, listen to the constant hissing of the water rushing onto the beach, feel the current push and pull against his legs. By now, he was accustomed to remaining upright in the water, even if the sea got a bit rough, he could usually keep his footing, but fortunately, his favourite spot never got terribly rough, anyway.

Birds passed by overhead. Kassandros closed his eyes, starting to give off that faint glow they got from being in direct sunlight, breathed in the briny air. It was calming, in a way most things weren't. Watching the stars had a similar effect, but it was stronger, and also weaker, somehow. He reacted to the sun so intensely, it kind of made sense for him to do the same with the stars. Lights in the sky, after all, logically, they'd all count. Eventually, Kassandros turned a bit, finding a place where the waves weren't as strong, and then laid down. He went under the water for a second, but bobbed back up, floating and rocking as the waves rolled under and around him.

... did he tell the guards where he was going? ... eh, they'd figure it out. He could see the estate from here, so, he wasn't far, anyway.

House Essair / evolve
« on: May 21, 2018, 06:55 PM »
When he'd thought he might get an arrow along the way home, that really wasn't meant to be an invitation for the universe to do just that. It wasn't as if it was much of a hindrance; Kassandros had rather the pain tolerance, being honest, and the arrow presently in his shoulder joint didn't hurt much, at least, by now. It had at first, and undoubtedly would when it was pulled out, but for now, he hardly noticed it was there.

Ah, where should... well, Merenwen would be rather miffed with him, should he decide not to go essentially straight to her with this arrow, so she could get it out and heal it. He could, of course, simply pull it out, and let it heal on its own, but Merenwen would rather take the time to heal it, he was sure. It was rather the waste of time and effort if you asked him, but Merenwen was a worrying type. She especially worried over him, and he couldn't say it was odd. It was just kind of one of those things Merenwen did, she worried, particularly about him, because Kassandros was always doing something not quite intelligent.

Being fair, he never did anything particularly stupid, if you knew what his angle was. But that was sort of the problem; most couldn't quite figure out what was going on in his head, which worked in his favour, and Kassandros would likley never make himself easier to read, at least not on purpose. Yet, when he did something, it wasn't ever apparent or obvious what the point of that was. Kassandros had plans and made decisions based on plans that wouldn't come full circle for weeks, sometimes, and occasionally, even he lost sight of what he was doing something for. Suyis was never surprised and he had a lot of guns. Kassandros was never surprised and he always had a plan. May not always be a good plan, but he always had one.

At the moment, though, he'd much rather just float in the sea and pretend the world didn't exist. He had things to do. He and Livia had worked out a very good course of action, a solid plan, something to go on, more sure than just winging it, as Kassandros could admit, to himself, he was occasionally doing, he had things to do, changes to set in motion. He had finances to deal with, markets to visit, had to visit the town centre to see about getting that plot of land behind the estate, a wall to knock out and rebuild, aura barriers to weave, should probably have some idea of what the hell they were growing. And yet, he wasn't really in the mood, right now. Pain, she said. Like anything was painful except this stupid arrow whenever he pulled it out.

Speaking of which; he'd stopped, after he'd gotten in the gate, eventually redirected, staring over the other side of the wall at the waves gently rushing onto the beach below the cliffs. When the tide came in, the water often covered the entire beach, pushing up to the rocks. It was almost mesmerising to watch. Kassandros took a breath in, reached up, and ripped the arrow out; unsurprisingly, the loud shrieking yelp that elicited came out before Kassandros could bite it back, and more in annoyance, he tossed the arrow into the dirt a few feet away, blood starting to snake down his arm. It'd stop eventually.

... what first... probably, he should make sense of his ledgers. They made sense, but they also didn't make sense. They made enough sense he knew he wasn't broke, and had managed to pay his taxes on time, but he had no idea how much was excess. It wasn't like House Essair had financial allowances for land plots and blood fighters; he supposed, that'd have to change. Sepheres had nothing else to do and could do maths, that sounded fine. ... he should go in. ... in a minute.

House Asheron / auribus teneo lupum
« on: May 04, 2018, 03:47 AM »
The days were slow.

But, so far, Sandalio and Alasdair had been rather good at catching what threats Leon did not. Dimitrios was doing better, if nothing else he was alive, and that was rather a good thing, given he'd been so close to dying in the first place. Kassandros didn't really want to think about it. By the time the brothel's staff had figured out what was wrong, it'd have been far too late.

He was still digging for the slavers that thought it was a great idea to castrate the boy, and then not even allow him healing time. Brothels were inherently messy, dirty places, it was really no wonder the wound had festered and become infected. Dimitrios was really quite lucky he was alive. Kassandros had decided, in the end, to borrow Andreas and Cyprian from Lucius, at least for right now, that they could help Dimitrios along the healing process, as Kass had been quite serious about that not being allowed to walk thing.

And then, of course, Victoria. She still hardly remembered her own name, truth be told. She kept asking where Atenra was, remembered enough to be concerned about him, but didn't remember why, or who he was. It was a process, her healing, and she may never quite remember everything. Still, she had Sepheres, now. Perhaps she could help Kassandros teach him to be a person, instead of just a plaything. In the interim, he could read and write in Dalmascan, and Kassandros found it useful for his paperwork pile. Between keeping track of the house's affairs, he had those of the syndicate to manage, too. Kassandros was always swamped in paperwork.

And someday, Sepheres would go home, really home, to Saqqara, the glittering golden Western Free City, where he'd be loved and, with any luck, someday, find happiness. Victoria would likely go with her son, merely because he was her son. The Kenleighs would go back to House Cassimer. And Sandalio and Leon, someday, Kassandros intended to free them. And like always, Kassandros would be alone again, like always he was, eventually. It wasn't like it wasn't his own fault. He didn't really have room to complain. But it was easier, this way, never to get attached, never to let them get attached, so that when the time came, there'd be nothing clinging to him when he died. Kassandros wanted to die alone. He didn't want to live that way, necessarily, because he'd long ago learned he needed people, but he didn't want to die with people still wishing he'd live.

It was just a short trip, down the road to House Asheron, and he'd come by himself this time, like usually he did. Livia had likely just discovered Alcides was back in her estate, not that she minded it. He wondered if she'd told him. Probably not. That might be something to bug her about, if nothing else. It was obvious, even to him, that the two harboured feelings for one another, and neither had ever admitted it to the other. Kassandros thought this was sad, in its way. He skirted around the gate, which was, surprisingly, almost always open, let himself in the entryway. He was around so often, he was recognisable to most in House Asheron, and he wasn't worried about running into any trouble.

He made his way through the halls, one hand's fingers absently running along the stone walls. He was safe here, merely by virtue of Livia's stable of blood fighters being quite skilled at keeping threats out of House Asheron's lands, and he was, perhaps, notably more relaxed here. He was getting to be nearly the same, in his own house, finally. There was always someone out to kill him, and he knew where the majority of these assassins were coming from - he couldn't prove it, though, and really, he wasn't interested in going head to head with Marcus Cassimer, either. That was, he thought, a battle he'd lose, at the moment, and probably quite spectacularly.

Ah, here was the study. He almost passed it, but redirected, meandered in. She didn't have company, so he settled into a seat. "Been a few days," he said, as he did so. "Anything interesting going on?" It was worth asking.


Wanted / pure sunlight
« on: Apr 17, 2018, 05:35 AM »
30-60 ♦ Dalmascan Hume (non-mage) ♦ Open PB, see bottom of description

So, basically, Kassandros' father sucked, and his mother sucks, and he could use at least one positive influence from somewhere. He was raised by an ilim slave, so he doesn't necessarily need a parental figure, but having another one wouldn't be a terrible idea, either. Anyway, Kass has a decent moral grounding, despite not really being particularly emotional. Most things are viewed through the glasses of logic and doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do, not in expectation of favourable returns, nor in fear of karmic retribution. As such, to be fair, his morals are a bit shaky, or can be, and sometimes he doesn't quite know what is right or wrong. He tries, to be fair, but he's seventeen; he messes up sometimes.

In any case, he's suppressed all of his emotions and anything good about himself to the point they're buried so deep, even he doesn't realise they're there. I think he will probably always remain a little stunted, I don't think that's something he can ever fully overcome, but he could use some guidance and someone more experienced than he is to point him in the right direction, encourage him to remember he's still hume, and there is nothing wrong with being hume, despite what his father always said. This relative could be either his father's sibling, or his mother's, perhaps they left Dalmasca for military excursion or maybe just felt like travelling, maybe they're a craftsman and decided to gain experience from other crafters, or something, there's a lot of option there. For an aunt, though, I'm literally stuck on Ruby Rose for a PB, Kass is Lucky Blue Smith and at the right angles, he looks like Ruby Rose, I stg.

Parent-Figure/Head Healer
30s+ ♦ Technically Either Gender ♦ Prefer an ilim but technically just Galacese will work ♦ Open PB

When mom disappeared, dad wasn't going to raise the Essair triplets, so this character, who helped deliver said triplets and helped mom manage three infants, would've stepped up in her place. This character's meant to be ilim, but just culturally Galacese would be enough; this character was very subtle, more like a babbling brook than a rushing river, and their patience and steadiness was a boon in the triplets' lives. And probably at least part of what helped Kass become what he is now.

Cygnus kind of resents this character for not being their mom, but he doesn't outright hate them, at least. Kassandros tends to turn to this character for advice on occasion, and Icarus probably leans on them too. So they're a pretty important part of the Essair house, and always have been, really. They're, for most intents and purposes, also the head slave; essentially, they manage new slaves and direct the house's workforce to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. Otherwise, this character is also the head healer, and should be amid teaching Xiaodan Tachibana how to better control her affinity (both are meant to be earth), and how to heal well with it (earth is steady, and most of its innate healing abilities heal over time, rather than at once; you can make it heal faster, but you have to learn how to do it).

We also have Thetis and potentially Gannicus' lover girl, depending on how whoever picks her back up decides to angle, in the infirmary in House Essair. Dimitrios was also technically under her care, but he should be healed by April. Gannicus' lovergirl is probably at the point where she's figuring out how to walk again, but Thetis may well still be unconscious, she's fighting sepsis.

So there are a lotta plots and stuff here, and this character is pretty important to both House Essair and the triplets specifically, and we'd love to have this character on site. If you'd like, Merenwen was previously made to fill this role, but you can change almost anything if it doesn't work for you.

Criminal Offshoot Peeps
20-50 ♦ Either Gender ♦ Any nationality/race ♦ Open PBs

House Essair are currently the head of a criminal syndicate that operates under their House umbrella. Most likely, many of these involved in the criminal offshoot are part of, or affiliated with, a minor vassal house serving under Essair, so if you want a house of your own, you can slot them in as a vassal under the House Essair banner. Now, many of these are likely to be people that help with the actual day-to-day running of criminal operations and transportation of contraband. I don't imagine they aren't familiar with Suyis, they probably work with him a lot, if not own airships of their own. That's whatever. Many of these positions would be very important, such as managing documentation, transportation routes, government avoidance, treasury and accounting, security, street policing and peacekeeping, drug manufacture and transport, legitimate businesses they deal out of, there may even be many affiliated with the government to keep them off their collective asses.

So, this request is pretty broad and vague, if you're interested in playing what amounts to a gangster, here's your chance. Toss me ideas, I love hashing. While House Essair's syndicate is... ostensibly bad, they do a lot of good, as well, so really the only people that truly fear them are the nobility, not the commons. It's an odd thing. Haha.

I do have ONE specific thing for this, and that's, the Cobras do have an immediate commander. This is not actually Kassandros, as he cannot be there constantly, so the Cobras have a ... basically a secondary boss that manages the Cobras day to day. Most likely, this would've been the first Cobra, one of the founding members, and quite probably a close friend of Kassandros'. They'd basically have to get along really well. Now, this does kind of open the door to this person having other feelings, if you get the drift, I'm not angling specifically for that but if you decide to, that's fine. Kass is actually poly, it just takes a long time before he decides to show his poly. Anyway, not a required tidbit. I was actually imagining someone around Kass's age maybe a bit older, that is sort of like a de facto sibling. They may or may not flip each other shit, but it's in good fun and that's kind of just how they show affection for each other - wouldn't want the tough street gang leader guys to appear too nice.

Theoretically this could be a girl, but Dalmasca is kinder than Jihon at least, but not perfect, so a girl would probably have to fight to keep her position all the time, and I'm not sure that's someone someone would really want to do.

Town Center / tides turn
« on: Apr 09, 2018, 06:04 AM »
It was, unfortunately, already a long day. It wasn't over, of course, as Kassandros couldn't be so lucky, but if fate and fortune were kind, this would be the easy part of his day. Typical exchanges at market were painless, and uneventful, but the two of them were not exactly what one would call docile, and both were more than capable of being rather the bit of trouble. Together, they were even worse, at times, but Kassandros didn't expect to have much issue with either. The slavers, on the other hand, did not know that, and had trouble with them already. Mostly due to them being righteous idiots, but that was none of Kassandros' business.

He did have to find them, first. Usually, this was no real problem, as Kassandros often knew exactly where to go, but the Light hadn't told him, this time. He had not had the time to ask it, either, but he figured he could wing it, this once. If he constantly relied on the Light for everything, he would eventually turn into a helpless brat, and then he'd have to jump off a bridge, because he hated those. Whether he was kidding or not, even he didn't know. Perhaps he would, perhaps he wouldn't. With any luck, he'd never know.

As he crossed the market, the familiar scent of dirt, sweat, and the faint hint of blood became stronger. It was not the first time the leader of House Essair had come here, and it was debatable of it was to be the last. Well, he had a few years, yet. Perhaps some other sad story would get his attention in the intervening time. He would have to drag these two to House Asheron. One of Livia's was familiar with one of them. They could both use friends, anyway, and it was likely to be House Asheron they went to, when Kassandros was gone. Leon he intended to take to Galace, instead.

He should stop thinking about that.

Incidentally, his gaze almost immediately found them. For a moment, he just watched, silver embroidery shimmering in the light, only a cobra on the back of his shirt hinting who he was, but then made his way over. He knew they were tall, but knowing and seeing, apparently were two different things. Leon would be thrilled they could reach the shelves. It was either that, or Kassandros was going to move the shelves down, despite Leon's protests. Something about Kassandros needed to reach them occasionally, but Leon did all the time. The ilim should take precedent.

Why was that a no? Kassandros asked himself, from time to time, as if he didn't know the answer.

Wordlessly, Kassandros turned to the nearest slaver, handing them enough for both, then tapping their chains. These two. Thetis wasn't here to do it, but she'd laid the foundation for him. He'd continue where she'd left off.

(ooc: if this is utter shit, I'm sorry, I typed it on phone.)

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