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Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 25, 2018, 01:21 PM »
Ah, the pleasure district--a man's first stop when coming back into Dalmasca. At least, it was Einan's first stop. It had been a while since he last felt a hand against his body or lips against his. Work got in the way a great deal of the time. Work and trying to make sure his tracks were covered. It was hard work to make everything appear as effortless as Einan attempted to do. (But he liked to think he did a good job at it.)

There were signs and people all around him but Einan was very particular about the company he kept. See, he'd had enough of the big, rough types out on the road. When he had a choice in matters, Einan preferred androgynous, pretty types. He wanted somebody with silky hair to run his hair through, somebody that would whisper softly into his ear--an erogenous zone for Einan--and press their body up against his. Woman, man, it didn't much matter, as long as they had soft hair, soft skin, and a soft voice. He had about enough of those body builder types to last him twelve kinds of lifetimes. 

With his work stowed carefully away, he was free to have a good time and he had the money to pay for good company. At least... as he walked toward his brothel of choice, he remembered that he had... up until he slid his hand toward his money pouch and found that it was missing. 

Taking in a deep breath, Einan stopped abruptly and patted himself down, sure that his pouch hadn't been in plain view of any vagrants or miscreants. Yet, it was nowhere to be found. He hadn't even hidden it in his boot? No. Irritation rising, Einan looked around him, behind him. 

"You!' he said, addressing the nearest person. "Did you see the thief?!"

He didn't bother explaining--he was sure any idiot could tell what was going on by now.

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