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Letters to Esmera / House Addition
Jun 11, 2018, 02:57 PM
Could I get house Teresi added to the list when someone gets a chance (no rush ofc)? ... and I did finally settle on Iris for their emblem.
sorry if this is the wrong place for that. ><
Plotting / War of Hearts
Apr 20, 2018, 06:57 PM
Disclaimer: I am notoriously bad at remembering to update plotters. If a character is listed on my page but not here, you are still free to mention them here for plotting purposes.

One of these days I am going to finish this. Not tonight probably, but one day.

| Slave | House Essair | Hume |
| Single | Pan | Poly (under the right circumstances) |

Currently: Sandalio is currently in house Essair and is one of two bodyguards tasked with keeping Kassandros alive and functional. He is slowly but surely falling in love with his master, because he's a glutton for punishment, clearly. He's friendly, but he doesn't go very far from his owner (obviously) so his threading opportunities are open but only within a range.

Notes: He's an ex-blood fighter and probably has friends in the Lancaster blood stables. He may eventually go visit them. He's got two siblings. There's a chance he has a few small children running around but none of them should be over, like, 10.

Lycaon [Alasdair]

| Slave | House Essair | Hume |
| Single | Straight(ish) | Mono (... we're pretty sure) |

Currently: The other bodyguard of Kassandros Essair. He's less attached than Sandalio, but he's still rather dedicated to his job. He ends up at the gate a lot because it works out that way, tbh.

Notes: He's an ex-pleasure slave trained by house Salonus. He's not a guy you want to heavy handed flirt with unless he gives you very clear positive signals because he will panic and that will manifest as him lashing out if you corner him. He's can be friendly, but tends to keep to himself. He's not an open guy, not the sort that'll spill his life story on you... but he'll listen, if you need him to. He's got want ads for siblings up - Beneath the Stars.

| Commons | House Asheron | Hume |
| In love | Pan | Tentatively Poly |

Currently: Recently freed, Alcides has returned to house Asheron because he doesn't really want to be anywhere else. He has retaken his post as Livia's bodyguard. Threading opportunities mostly center around being in that house.

Notes: He's likely got friends in house Asheron, but probably not many outside of it (other than those who once were in house Asheron). He's spent most of his life in one single house - and is aware of how privileged he's been because of that.

Damian Cassimer
| Noble | Adoptive son of House Cassimer | Hume [Mage] |
| Single | Gay | Believed to be Mono |

Currently: At the moment, Damian is torn between his Father's house - where he is trying to earn the pride/respect/whatever of his adoptive father Marcus Cassimer, and the Side House where his brother lives, because Lucius has always loved him and always encouraged him to be himself. He's, ah, a little confused, to be brutally honest. Oh, and then there's the awkward friendship with the brothel slave he met once. Yeah...


Andreas Kenleigh
| Slave | House Cassimer/Essair | Hume [Empath] |

| Single | Straightish | Believed to be Mono |


Inetkaes Lucain

| Noble | Free Cities [Saqqara] | Were Shark | Mage |

| Widowed | Bisexual [Female lean] | Polyish in theory


Notes: She has a want ad up for various kiddos (and not kiddos) and a lover here: Sandstorms.

| Commons [Slave] | House Essair | Hume [Latent Weredragon] |

| Single | Pansexual | Feelings on poly vs mono unexplored



| Noble | House Lancaster | Hume [Latent Were Cobra] |

| Single | Bisexual | Poly in theory |



| Noble | House Tachibana | Hume [Empath and Mage] |

| Single | Straight | Mono |



| Slave | House Lancaster | Hume |

| Taken | Mostly Gay | Willing to Poly |



| Slave | House Essair | Hume |

| Widower | Mostly Straight | Mostly Mono |



| Nobles | House Essair | Hume [Mage] |

| Single | Mostly Gay | Mostly Mono |