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House Essair / Listen to the Earth
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 01:56 PM »
Three empaths with no training. She had had a lot handed to her at once, but it was worth it, to have the help healing the woman, it was worth it to reunite her with her remaining family members. Xiaodan didn't mind - and the chance to learn more about her magic and how it could be used was invaluable, if terrifying on its own. It had been a few days, and where she'd started with all three of them was figuring out what they could sense and if they could identify what it was. From there, figuring out if they could tell who it was.

She'd been reunited with her brother, and Xiaodan was happy about that, genuinely. She still wished he didn't know the truth. If he could play ignorant it would probably be safer but well. It was not to be, she supposed.

It was early, perhaps two hours after dawn or so. She was sitting in the garden off to one side. Xiaodan was trying to be out of the way, but she'd wanted a few moments of peace before she went back to teaching or... healing or practicing her own magic. Just  moment to breathe and take in the morning air.

The young woman had started humming under her breath at some point, with her eyes closed. But it was in that relaxed state that she thought for a moment that she sensed someone coming, so of course, dark eyes opened and she half turned to face the direction she thought they were coming from. It was possible they'd go somewhere else though, she knew that. Still, Xiaodan was just a bit too much on edge to want to be caught entirely off guard. Assassins, they did happen on rare occasion - though they didn't usually get as far as the garden.

@Zozma When you're ready~. Let me know if you need anything changed.

Market District / Stillness and Grace
« on: May 10, 2018, 08:14 PM »
Xiaodan was loathe to leave the injured woman, even for a short while. But, she knew that she didn't have much of a choice. Her magic healing was only doing so much, and at this point, she needed more. Unfortunately, the only 'more' Xiaodan could think of was more mundane methods of healing. They would probably not be enough - but she was certainly going to try.

Kirinyaga did not give anyone a burden they could not shoulder. Nothing was ever completely coincidental. She had found that woman because she was meant to do something about it, Xiaodan was absolutely certain of that fact. Doing something meant trying her absolute best, anything else would disgrace Kirinyaga. Anything else would be a failing to uphold her end of the chance to balance fate properly. She had killed a man, and now for whatever reason, Kirinyaga wanted her to save this woman.

But she didn't have enough skill in the magical arts. And Xiaodan wasn't sure mundane methods would be strong enough. But she would try. ... Still, she needed more vinegar. And cloth for bandages. ... Maybe honey, if she could get it. Never mind she could probably use some edibles. She was running a little low on food, after all.

Hnn. So this was what got her wandering around the Dalmascan market place. Xiaodan looked a little uncomfortable as she moved passed various stalls, obviously seeking something. Still, she was careful not to make eye contact with anyone or draw attention to herself. It was safer that way.

Ah... this one had vinegar for sale. That was a good start.

This one's for @incendium

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