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Market District / silver winds
« on: May 01, 2018, 06:57 PM »
By this point, his horse was rather quite sick of wandering around aimlessly. To tell the truth of it, so was Haku, and yet, it wasn't as if he had any better ideas. The white stallion, of course, still had not deigned to reappear, or even give him a hint as to where it was, within the giant, sprawling nation that was Dalmasca, he was even leading the man. Of course, Haku should be expecting no less, from a horse, and a mirage horse, at that, but he'd been hoping for some kind of idea what he was here for.

Still, he wasn't quite ready, just yet, to give up. Sooner or later, either the stallion would come back, or he would, but as it was, Haku remained willing to admit, at least to himself, he may as of yet have missed what the stallion was trying to tell him. It was stupid. His family would all tell him as much, and such was the reasoning behind not telling them what he was leaving for. As it happened, children he might have, but he wasn't really married, his brothers could handle House Tachibana and its lands in his absence. His children may as of yet come to resent him, for leaving, but Haku would go home, someday. Whether he meant returning to Jihon, or not, that remained to be seen.

If nothing else, he might want to give his horse a break. That thought in mind, he climbed out of the saddle, after reaching one of the hitching posts for horses, tied the reins to a post. His horse happily, and quickly, found a source of water, unsurprisingly. Perhaps he'd wander the market, see if he couldn't find a name that sounded, at least vaguely, familiar to him. One would likely imagine, sleeping in the wilds would bother an ex-ujal, but, he did not much mind it. Still, it was getting to hurt. He left his horse where she was, stepped a ways away into the crowd, listening for the names of houses that sounded familiar.

( This is for @Lenara )

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