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House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:29 PM »
Lucius' letter had offered quite a bit of an opening for Damian to come and visit. Of course, he didn't need a reason to, exactly. And certainly Lucius wouldn't generally send him away when he did come. It was always nice to spend a little time with Lucius anyway, a nice reprieve from the constant bustle of Nydema. Besides, the Ilim were always fun to play with.

It was rather early in the morning. He probably should have sent Lucius an answer, just so he knew to expect Damian, but on the other hand, it wasn't like it was all that far so Lucius was probably not really expecting a letter response as it was.

He moved around the house quietly to put the horse he'd ridden up safely. It took a short time to make sure the horse had been watered and put up. Once that was done Damian slipped inside the house. The Ilim all knew him, of course, so he wasn't too worried about simply appearing without warning Lucius. He'd mentioned hume slaves, but he'd also said that they'd been borrowed by Essair.

Damian had to wonder what Essair wanted with his brother's slaves. But well, he'd ask eventually, maybe.

"...I'm not sure you should climb that." Damian was watching one of the young Ilim. The young Ilim chose that moment to giggle and throw herself at him. Damian made sort of a strangled noise of surprise as he caught the girl.  "Please don't do that again." Concern in his tone, of course. If he hadn't managed to catch her she could have really managed to hurt herself, and Dami didn't really like that idea.

"Okaaaay." The girl agreed, and he set her down gently back on the floor.


Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Apr 27, 2018, 12:41 AM »
This was probably a terrible idea. Damian realized that, mind. But ... no one would miss him for a couple of hours, and perhaps he'd never know if he didn't try. Still, this had to be his least thought out plan ever. ... To be fair, no one would look cross ways at a Cassimer going to a brothel, really. He was nervous about nothing, logically Damian knew that. But that didn't make it easier to push it aside and just... go with it. Of course, his nerves were more likely to draw attention to him than his presence.

... Logically he knew that, so why couldn't he just... calm down? This was rather a safer experiment than something similar under his father's roof. Damian took a deep breath and released it, willing himself to look calm as he made his way down the street. Damian kept his gaze steady, and reminded himself to look like he not only knew where he was going, but like he had a purpose. People paid less attention if you seemed like you belonged already.

It didn't take all that long to find the brothel he was looking for. This place had a relatively decent reputation, from what Damian understood. The nerves weren't entirely gone, but the young man had a better grip on them, at least for now. Of course, as he approached, Damian realized he had only the faintest idea of what he was even asking for.

...This was a terrible idea. Anyway. Ah. Right. Once it was clear he wouldn't be interrupting someone else - who might actually know what in the world they were doing - Damian approached the woman who seemed to be in charge. ... At least, from Damian's perspective. "I was wondering who you might have available."

That hadn't quite come out right. Damian decided not to backpedal on it, for fear of making it even worse.

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