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Topics - aphelion

disclaimer: i cannot control these shits. they do whatever the fuck they want. i can try and nudge them toward something, but if it ain't working, it just ain't working, and i won't force them into something they're not agreeing to.

born nikanor | 23 | maleish | blood fighter | former brothel slave, former house salonus kid | hume, macenian | house asheron
has a thing for livia and tiny thing for alcides | eventual thing with lycaon | pan, poly af

overview: Usually, Axelius is a pretty vibrant guy. He's blunt, to the point, can be a bit abrasive ( he does not lie, unless it's about his feelings ), some may find him to be rather a bit of a jerk. That's fine. He's not necessarily looking to make friends. Axelius likes to make people smile, and he's an innately helpful and generous guy -- just understand he doesn't owe you anything, and mistaking his kindness for weakness is not a good idea. He makes a decent and supportive friend, just don't expect to end up bestest buds 5ever overnight -- it won't happen. It may never. He's had best friends that knew him his entire life never end up all that close. Nothing personal, really. The guy that says way too much, and nothing at all: that's Axelius.
currently: Mostly helping Livia keep House Asheron in order and defended. They're half-expecting Marcus Cassimer to rain brimstone and fire unto their heads.

Cygnus Essair
17 | male | warlord | hume ( mage, electric affinity ), dalmascan | house essair
this boy confused af, just dont right now | pan with a male preference, probably poly af but this is untested

overview: Okay, I'm gonna be upfront -- Cygnus is quite frankly a giant dick on a stick. He's got severe attention issues, he's always felt like he never got enough, and frankly, he didn't, he's schizophrenic as shit, he's got social-emotional agnosia like fucking hell ( this means he does not understand facial expressions, body language, or vocal intonation ), he also cannot understand most metaphors, he tends to be a bit over-literal. His mental executive functions are wildly and strikingly impacted, and he cannot control neither his emotions, nor his impulses, and he's got the attention span of a goldfish. So basically think of him as a 12 year old constantly demanding attention and throwing a temper fit. You're almost right. This is not his fault, but he has not, until now, managed to realize he had any problems, which is his fault, and yes, it's thrown a fuck of a wrench in his entire life. A lot of people will find him annoying. But, he's very in touch with his emotions, doesn't repress them, has a very odd, creative way of looking at everything, and he's actually very sweet -- he just has to learn to temper his schizophrenia.
currently: Coming to the painful and somewhat slow realization that he's been destroying his oldest brother. And this is pretty much flipping his world upside down.

49 | male | slave | currently a brothel slave, he wont be later | hume, dalmascan | no house ( eventually, house essair )
single | rather gay, but he can pretend he's bi, poly but he won't go that way on his own

overview: Actually scarily intelligent, Julian's got quite the brain in his skull. Tactical things and diplomacy are sort of a personal skill, so to speak, and he does still have some vague combat skill. He's a strategist, really, but he can be very reserved and somewhat meek, at times. Also probably has a lot of sexual trauma he's ignoring, but you know, hey. Joys of being a brothel slave for like two decades. Julian is actually a Dalmascan citizen, legally, so he has rights that most slaves don't. I imagine his observation skills are somewhat noted and valued by some of his repeat clients, so he may have friends in variant places.
currently: Um. He may technically already be in House Essair by the end of March, I'm not really sure.

Kaspian Ihsan
122 | male | warlord | commander of the saqqaran crownsguard | were ( fox ) mage ( ice affinity ), saqqaran-highwindian | house ihsan
single | pan with a slight male preference, poly but he can mono

overview: Some can consider Kaspian somewhat harsh. He takes his job and his duties seriously, and he really is very loyal to House Lucain, for many reasons, starting over there with they saved his family's lives, and ending over here with they're very good people. He's a lot more emotionally sensitive than he seems like he is, and while he can be serious, a lot of the time he's got a very jovial, outgoing personality. He's got some hurts, in him somewhere, he's not exactly a child anymore and the world can be painful, and some could argue he uses his upbeat and talkative outward personage to cover the pain up. They wouldn't really be wrong. He's more sensitive than he lets on, and it is actually easier than it seems to hurt him, emotionally, which tends to result in him suddenly and inexplicably gaining a snarky streak.
currently: Probably doing his job in Saqqara.

Lucius Cassimer
31 | male | warlord | hume, dalmascan | house cassimer
has relations with a brothel slave | pan, poly but he doesnt tend to lean that way on his own

overview: He's not shy, but he isn't really in your face, either. He minds his business, and expects everyone else to mind theirs, but he's never really acted as if he holds himself above anyone else. The respect he does earn, he works very hard for, earning it on his own merit, instead of his father's name, and this is very important to him. He wants to be respected for who he is, and not who he's related to. This does tend to end in him doing things the perhaps more complicated way than he needs to, but Lucius doesn't mind a bit of extra hard work. He means well, and while his execution may not always be flawless, his heart's always in the right place.
currently: Trying to wake up because his brother's by, and going back to sleep on him seems rude.

Ryhil Assad
24 | male | royalty | prince of haradi | hume, haradian | house assad
in a relationship with kalix | pan, poly af

overview: Whatever Ryhil puts his mind to, he can get, if he's willing to work for it, and often he is. He was raised not to believe himself above anyone else, but in some sense, almost below them, because he, as a leader, is someone that others depend on. He isn't really out of touch with his emotions, he just is very choosy about who he expresses them around, and which ones he expresses, too, so many that first get to know him probably find themselves a good distance away for a while. He isn't terribly jaded, but he is careful who he trusts, and while not outgoing, he doesn't shy away from new people or experiences. Ryhil can take care of himself, and he's always ready to, but he does know not everyone is out to get him, too.
currently: Looking for his brother.

Sahura Lucain
3,096 | male | royalty | king of saqqara | were ( jackal ), mage ( fire affinity ), not technically saqqaran but whatever | house lucain
... he's either married still or a widower, quite frankly, i don't know | pan, poly but he doesn't lean that way on his own

overview: Look, you know not insanity until you meet Sahura Lucain. He is loud, outgoing, excitable, passionate -- he doesn't go into anything half-assed, but somehow it always looks like he is extremely impulsive, until you squint at him a bit more, and realize he had this entire thing planned out all along. He's the kind of smart that cloaks itself in excitable impulse, but nothing he does is actually impulsive. You'll understand what I mean when he gets more play, but just trust me. He knows what he's doing. It's hard to hide anything from him, and Sahura is long past the age where he feels he needs to hide anything, so no, he doesn't believe in closed doors, and that thing you did last night you're hoping nobody notices, he will point it out. Whatever you do -- do not underestimate him, do not fuck with what is his, do not make him mad, do not get on his bad side. Because he can, and he will, rip you apart.
currently: Having a chat with King Sidonai of Haradi, because, why not.
Guest Services / Tech?
Apr 16, 2018, 05:53 PM
I was looking for it, and I can't find anything on auratech in the lore, aside from it exists. Might be worth it to go into further detail on it somewhere. I gathered at some point that each nation and Free City has a different level of auratech available to them, and some outright avoid it entirely, but not exactly which ones or how serious the avoidance is, etc etc.