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Letters to Esmera / theme thing
Sep 23, 2018, 10:17 PM
essie, could u add post count as one of the blocky things in the poster info in threads? thxmuch. NOT NOW. later. but eventually.
Heralds / Sep 21, 2018 -- New Theme!
Sep 21, 2018, 04:09 PM
esmera has made us a pretty nice new theme, called invidia ira. it, like fra nordri on 2.0 did, comes in two color schemes, either this light tan color palette with green, or blacks and charcoal grays with green. (hover over the forum name in the banner for funsies.) we also got a temporary until widgetbot figures itself out and starts working again.

the new theme is not quite done yet, i got excited (blame me, blame all the me), but most of it is usable. i think just memberlist and profile templates are not done. the stats page may be kinda funny lookin too.

anyway, fra nordri was a bit broke, so it is no longer available for selection. v sorry, someday we'll get another like it but for now, i hope everyone enjoys the new theme!
Member Discussion / help test stuff
Sep 20, 2018, 09:51 PM
if you're feeling kind, sub for alerts to this thread and ping-pong it and let us know if u dont get alerts for it. we're trynna figure out if this is jst a random occurrence or if theres a specific thing ppl are doing that is killing the alerts for threads.

it should be dinging u w an alert on the first new post to a thread u havent read yet, not ding again for any subsequent posts, and then ding again after u read it.
Heralds / Sep 9, 2018 -- Welcome back!
Sep 09, 2018, 05:49 AM
we are now on our new smf 2.1 home! welcome back everyone! some things have changed due to this!
  • first, our character management system has been upgraded as well to acm 2.0. this thing's got some cool stuff, the templates are different and more intuitive, and the controls are just more user-friendly. we also have auto-list functionality, so the auto play-by list is compatible with the char manager, and we have a journal feature now! most of the fun stuff's backend, but still, many thanks to @Esmera !
  • secondly, several of our features are now built into smf. mentions and the wysiwyg editor, for instance, we also have proper alerts, and you can turn on post drafts (and it will save them automatically at intervals). everything's much nicer, 2.1 was definitely worth it.
  • nothing's been lost! yay us!
  • our server is now running php 7.1! this is good news for us, as we're now running a much newer version of the industry standard, and 7.1 will take us into the future.
  • due to simpleportal not being updated for 2.1 yet, we did kind of have to fallback on our discord. we now have a discord crate embed (see the lil guy in the corner?), which is a very sleek-lookin' button that will load the discord channel for messiah on click. guests can post in it. i will also say, you can bounce to channels for boards you dont normally have access to through crate; out of courtesy to the other boards that share our discord, please dont.
  • you may find some things are a bit broke in regard to theme layout. the mature mod is also not quite as thorough as it was before. we do apologize, but esmera has been coding for two months straight, and we're gonna let her rest for a bit, so please be patient!
hope everyone enjoys! we have a few more things to square away from admin-side, and then we should be ready to finally kick off the festival of iuna!
Letters to Esmera / slight char mod bug
Aug 18, 2018, 05:44 AM

idk if it's just me, but creating a new character, the house drop-down doesn't work. does work on edit. as it happens, same deal with the homeland one. no rush on fixing it, given u can edit it after creation and get the stuff in there, but yeh. xD
News Archives / Aug 13, 2018 -- Ch-ch-changes
Aug 13, 2018, 04:59 AM
as we have all noticed by now, messiah has transitioned successfully to using the character mod @Esmera wrote for SMF 2.0. this went off without a hitch, and we're glad for that, everything was moved over seamlessly, and we're happily now using our fancy new shiny.

but, there are some other changes that are coming up and will be happening within a month or two that we wanted to inform everyone about, and prepare new members and interested guests for.

first off, the smf character mod will be rewritten from the ground up for version 1.0.1, and will support smf 2.1 by default, as well as php 7.1. basically just means it's being rewritten from scratch to work on some other thingers, good thingers (this is a good thing).

secondly, version 1.0.1 will have new features built into it, such as a shipper manager, sub-alliances and ranks, and a new, shiny tabbed biography with a bonus side of the character creation screen being tabbed. this means, while esmera may be able to code up something that'll upgrade us from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1, there will be some notable differences between one system and the other. when we are on 1.0.1, i will also be changing how the grouping is set up, we'll have nation and then caste, and then houses in as ranks.

now, thirdly, smf 2.0.15 does not run on php 7.2. currently the server runs on php 5.6, which stops support in a few scant months. php 7.1's security support stops in another year, meaning unless esmera wants to open our server to potential security holes (spoiler: they dont), our server must be upgraded from php 5.6 to 7.2, and soon. but, because smf 2.0.x does not run on 7.2, we are going to be moving messiah onto smf 2.1. it is a beta version, but it is much better than 2.0, trust me, you'll like it, it's got alerts and auto-saving post drafts and built-in @mentions and the wysiwyg editor we use is built into it, some other neat things. its really mostly just quality of life improvements.

smf 2.1 has been in beta for a long time, and honestly we have no idea if it'll remain in beta much longer or finally reach stable release within the next year, but with esmera behind us, we're confident we can run beta 3 without problems. there is no official time-line for this, just sometime in the next three months, as that is when php 5.6's support stops.

so, that's that, ah, mostly it shouldnt really affect the end-user's experience very much, just be prepared for potential down-time, esmera's going to try and make it as seamless as possible, but there may be some blipping. posts and registered accounts and characters and whatnot should be able to be moved automatically, but we may have to do some of it manually. we thank everyone for their patience during this time, and aim to maintain the best possible experience for all of you.

please thank your local esmera for their hard work.

-- the messiah team
Guest Services / RPG Initiative
Jul 14, 2018, 05:37 PM

RPG INITIATIVE. A forum roleplay and resources community.

  • - We have a robust forum roleplay directory that includes:

    • Common advertising links available right from the directory listing.
    • i]A spot for every type of roleplay category.
  • te Updates available in your listing.[/li]
  • Comments straight in your listing.
  • list]
  • Codex - Post templates, app templates and more. It's our copy and paste directory made easy.
  • i]
Skins & Theme Directory - Our theme directory which includes all of the resources you need, images included, in one easy download.[/li]
[li]Play-by (Faceclaim) Directory - Finding a play-by made easy. Narrow your search by traits that you're looking for in your character representation -- or contribute new ones![/li]
[li]Guides & Documentations  - From managing roleplays to how to code these guides will help you in roleplay and real life.[/li]
[li]Writing Partners - Where you can find new Roleplay partners to play with.[/li]
[li]Challenges - Make your own contests to challenge other members or join into staff run contacts and get your site featured on our community index or as a spotlight at the top of the site![/li]
[li]Access to our coteries (private groups) as a place to roleplay with writing partners or join other like minded people.[/li]
[li]Access to our MTV's THE REAL WORLD! (or regular everyday non-RP) chat.[/li]
[li]Plus so much more![/li]

[attachment deleted by admin]
most of you might've noticed by now that andromeda has stepped down from staff, and left the site. this is entirely rl personal reasons, nothing bad happened, and she will, eventually, return, but in the interim, her story-important characters have been picked up, and the ones that are important but not critical have been made wanteds. if you think you can play one, let someone know! you're free to change some stuff, as long as it's not absolutely set in stone (there's one of her characters that can't be changed up too much due to the existence of other characters).

i've also been noticing some aversion to posting in opens, there's been an influx of opens posted but hardly anyone answers them. thats not the site culture i want for messiah, so if you do post opens, remember to try and respond to others' opens. maybe reply to an existing open instead of making one of your own.

i also wanted to note, since it came up, here for everyone, that yes, we do have subs unlinking, sub deletion, and account deletion disabled. there's a specific order we have to do it in anyway, so it doesn't screw up the stats, but we had some issues with roommates and younger siblings getting on the site and deleting things when the user wasn't looking. to delete an account, you'll need to post in guest services, just so we can be sure nothing gets deleted if you don't absolutely want it deleted.

we probably started the festival of iuna a bit early, i dont think the main bulk of characters are ready for it yet, but im gonna leave it there for when we are ready. lol i am, however, going to officially declare us as being in april now.

i am vaguely looking for a co-admin, if you're interested, post in guest services and just state you're interested and i'll send you a pm.

we passed our two month mark! so go us. glad to see the site still going strong, and everyone still having fun! here's to a bunch more fun!
heyo guys, we'll be having our first ic festival soon! the festival of iuna will be happening in dalmasca's capital of nydema, icly, from april 8 to april 12, yes, dalmascans love a good party and will draw it out. there are already characters that will be going, so if anyone else wants to go, feel free, just beware dalmascans are dumb, and drunk dalmascans are even dumber.

i will be making a new board for it shortly, so anyone that wants to attend it can do so. the time-line also now has month tabs, so april threads can be made now.

as an aside, anyone affiliated with house essair will, shortly, be offered the opportunity to visit the free city of saqqara, as kassandros will be taking a journey there to confer with king sahura, probably either in the first or second week of april. they'll be swinging by the free city of haradi, to drop tihaan off, suyis is being kind enough to give them a ride so it will only take about a day altogether, to get to saqqara. those with house asheron may also have the same opportunity, if livia is taking the journey, too.

happy playing!
Member Discussion / messiah ships
Jun 03, 2018, 04:29 PM
do you have a messiah otp? how about guilty crackships?

for me, tbh, lycaonxaxelius are my otp of the moment. ngl. i need them to happen ic. lol
also alcidesxlivia is a close runner up.

i always have loads of crackships but, my crackship of the moment is sidonaixnikias. dont ask me where that came from idefk. i never know where my crackships come from.
Member Discussion / site info things
Jun 02, 2018, 10:55 PM
i wanted to toss this at you guys, ive got a site review up on a resource site, but if anyone had any thoughts on the doc arrangements, any ideas on how to make it less daunting/easier to digest/navigate, things like that, i'd love to hear 'em. i know messiah is kinda big, there's a lot to it and a lot going on, and its kinda hard to guess what'd be required and what wouldnt be, so any ideas on making it a bit less overwhelming for new people, would be a+!

we also updated our privacy policy, in the rules, in reflection of gdpr, but i dont think we have anyone from the eu right now. =)
News Archives / May 15, 2018 -- Full Open
May 15, 2018, 02:17 AM
Finally, we are ready for full open. a couple things to note about this:

  • the site information has been moved from the on-board page system, to a wikidot wiki. this is so users and staff alike can help keep the information up to date. quick note, if you don't write it, your house pages will not be put up.

  • in light of this, the house board was removed. we have no use for it anymore.

  • we got a new theme somewhere in there, thanks Essie, but the old one is still available if you prefer that one.

  • the plot thread message icon was turned into a seeking threads icon, where you can change your plot thread to use it to indicate you can handle new threads. if you later can't, just change it to blank.

  • speaking of, the message icons were remade. and they look schnazz.

  • incidentally, messiah has also near been open for a grand total of a month! go us! soft open lasted longer than I expected, oops.

  • if anyone wants to help with advertising plsplsplspls do I hate it, thx.

Plotting / 龙裔
Apr 21, 2018, 08:37 PM
House Essair | Born Dimitrios Kenleigh
16 | gender fluid | hume | single | very gay | poly if the cards are laid right

Current Goings-On: Dimitrios is one of the two youngest sons of the now-fallen House Kenleigh. His mother was presumably killed, his father also killed, and he and his brothers sold into slavery. Dimitrios ended up a eunuch, and in a brothel, incidentally the same one Kalix is in, but that didn't last long before Kassandros of House Essair randomly bought him and decided he's not allowed to walk until his injury heals properly. It got infected; amazing.

House Essair | Born Surya Lucain
3,032 | male | were (lion) | dating Victoria Allendale | pansexual | not poly, maybe, not sure.
in some IC threads going right now, he's House Asheron, he changes houses mid-play

Current Goings-On: Being a well-known blood fighter in House Lancaster for a good long time (his brother Spartacus is the current Blood Champion, also Lancaster, and if he wasn't Champion, Gannicus would be), made the sudden movement to House Asheron really jarring. Even more jarring was running into his son, finding out his girlfriend's (presumed) dead, and oh, you have another son by her. Yeah, his head's kinda reeling. He ran into Prince Tihaan of Haradi's ruling House, Assad, at market, and attached. He refuses to detach until Tihaan is back in Haradi where he belongs.
At some point, IC, he gets sent to House Essair to help them build an army and be reunited with his girlfriend, no, she's not dead, and his second son.

No House (brothel slave) | Born Kalix Argyros
19 | nonbinary (they/them) | hume (mage) | dating Ryhil Assad | poly, though

Current Goings-On: Kalix is currently background, keeping tabs on Tihaan's whereabouts in the shadows.

House Essair | Born Vaenos
17 | male | ilim | single | may be biromantic but he is asexual | not sure if he's poly. probably?

Current Goings-On: Kassandros comes home one day with new slaves. Leon's thrilled! They're even from House Lancaster (he used to be Lancaster, and liked the blood fighters well enough). Except now he has Macenian titans that can reach the shelves, and Kassandros is still pushing about moving said shelves down. Well, so goes life. In the interim, even more new faces around House Essair, and Kassandros seems to have just gotten serious about this push for Imperator.
But hey, Kassandros would be an Imperator Leon would be willing to die for. Kassandros wouldn't like that, so, Leon's never said it.

House Essair | Born Tihaan Assad
21 | maleish | hume (mage) | single | bisexual | not poly I don't think but I've been proven wrong before.
in some IC threads going right now, he's House Asheron, he changes houses mid-play

Current Goings-On: The jump from market to House Asheron was rough, but then he went to House Essair with Gannicus, because for some reason the were refuses to separate from him. In the meantime, now that he can, he's been spending time wandering around market, and incidentally ran into a noble looking to buy a guard. ... how anyone asks someone to their face if it's possible to buy them and not feel slightly uncomfortable about it, Tihaan will never know. Not that it's really his place to judge; probably just different cultures. You don't buy people in Haradi, after all.

Regillus Lancaster
House Lancaster
28 | maleish | hume | single | the gayest of the gay | he is poly though

Current Goings-On: So his fucking uncle's hellspawn murders Reggie's dad, then his step-mom disappears, then, his mother commits suicide, his mother's boyfriend gets sold, and then there goes his half-brother to a brothel. Listen, at this point, Regillus needs a gallon of vodka and some painkillers, that ought to do the trick (death being an inconvenient side-effect), but he sent his other half-brother to House Asheron for safety, you know just in case he was next on the list. In the meantime, looking for Sepheres, not having much luck, and trying not to catch a case of sudden-death. It seems to be going around these days.

House Warwicke
20 | male | hume | single | probably pretty gay, may be bi with a really strong gay lean | poly status unsure

he will swap houses in play shortly here in a thread or two, from warwicke to essair

Current Goings-On: So he gets set to watching this mage lady in a tower, and, can we start with how she'd buried her tower-room in like six inches of ice, and then end somewhere over there with how there were scratches in the walls under the ice marking the days? It was the first time he ever considered doing something technically illegal, but, in the end, he went with it. Worth it. Except, now he has to find her sons, so he's playing match the emblem to the house, and, yanno what, he can make thread out of friggin sinew, but don't talk to him about match the emblem to the house.
Note Boards / Get a Note Board
Apr 18, 2018, 10:25 PM
To get a note board of your own, just fill out the form and post as a reply. =) Someone on staff will be around to make it for you when they're available. Members get moderator permissions for their own board.

Code Select
[b]Board Name:[/b]
[b]Board Description:[/b] it accepts html
[b]Sort Alphabetically?[/b] y/no

News Archives / Apr 16, 2018 -- Soft Open!
Apr 16, 2018, 05:47 PM
Welcome to Messiah! After two years worth of building and changing and altering the game, we are finally ready for our soft-open stage.

During this stage, new players are welcome, but the staff will not be actively advertising outside of returning first links, and listing Messiah in relevant directories. Everyone are encouraged to post and get the ball rolling, we're still testing out some stuff, but to be honest, I think Messiah is mostly done, and soft-open shouldn't last terribly long.

If anyone has any suggestions, concerns, or comments, please direct these to the Guest Services board (it's for more than just guests, despite the name), or bring it up for general board-wide discussion in the Member Discussion board.

Have fun!
nice to meet everyone, name's tianxi, but im also called angel, if thats easier to remember, feel free to use it. dragon also works, or some other variant of dragonborn. i am the head admin here on messiah, and im real excited for this board and hope it does even half as well as it threatened to in pre-alpha stage (ive never had a board of mine get so much attention before opening).

messiah was originally conceptualized as a fandom game, based on a rly super obscure game series thats prolly not well known in the rp verse. i decided it was too niche and started building it as an original, but it skewed too historical fantasy for me in the first iteration, so here we are with the second. its taken abt two and a half yrs of world-building to finally get this board done, and im excited to see where it goes.

im a strappin young lad of 26. ... am i 26. wtf am i. im p sure im 26. lord i was born in '91. ok lmao and i am half chinese, half japanese. i dont play girls v well, and my guys are p much almost always guaranteed to be gay, or at least bi. sometimes theyre poly, sometimes theyre reeeeeally not. im a p laidback guy, tho i dont have a particularly generous drama tolerance, but u just have fun and let other ppl have fun and everything's fine.

i also am super lazy when im typing ooc i promise my posts arent like this lmao

anyway, look forward to meeting everyone personally and plotting and threading! welcome to messiah!
Member Discussion / How'd You Find Us?
Mar 18, 2018, 05:44 AM
And what made you stay? You stayed for the cookies, didn't you...
Guest Services / Affiliation Information
Mar 18, 2018, 04:00 AM
Please have our button up first, if you are requesting affiliation first, static positions only, no requirements in regard to member count, post count, or board age. We do humbly request your site as well lack such requirement limitations. We do not affiliate with resource sites.
Our one request is, please have a static version of your affiliate button we can use. We have a member on-site that has epilepsy, and moving images cause trouble for them, so we want all the images on our site to be non-animated.

Code Select
<a href="" target="_blank" title="Messiah -- original, low-race-count tech-advanced fantasy"><img src="" alt="Messiah, an original fantasy"></a>
Guest Services / Frequently Asked Questions
Mar 18, 2018, 03:59 AM
Anything related to the setting aspect of creating a character:
If it is not mentioned as being established in the board's lore, you are welcome to suggest it be added! You may do so either through this forum, by posting a new topic here, or in the member discussion section of the forum, to discuss this with the member base beforehand. Neither of the staff mind adding new things to the site, so long as it suits the existing lore already established.

How do I create a character here?
Simple: register with an OOC account first. Once registered, it is recommended to log out, and back in, ticking the 'stay logged in' checkbox, as the system will automatically log you out after an hour, otherwise. In the box at the top that says 'Welcome back, <your name>!', find the icon that looks like a group of people (it should be the fourth button down: [span class="fas fa-users"][/span]), and click that.

Now, you'll need to find and click the Create New Character button, will be to the left side of the screen. This will take you to the character creation screen. Fill out as much or as little as you like, just remember that your character needs at least one name in the name field, and a group. Once you're done with it, and ready to play (you can edit and add to your character's bio later, as you play), go ahead and tick the complete checkbox and save it that way.

Our character mod does not have the ability to switch accounts; everything about characters is managed from your user account. You will have a Post As drop-down in posting screen and quick reply, and that's basically it. The Character Mod was coded by @Esmera - any problems or errors with it need to go in Letters to Esmera. Further, this mod is technically a beta version; there may be lingering issues with it, some quirks of the system, and it will be updated later with new features and more cool. We are the only board using it, right now, aside from aphelion, so be glad! But also we're kind of guinea pigs. Character Manager 1.0.1 is believed to be getting ready to be released in a few weeks, as of August 18, 2018, and there's a lot of cool that's shipping with it, so, be excited! (We get character journals and status streams.)

Notice, threads that a character posts to will be automatically added to their thread tracker. You do not need to do anything but post to it with that character, so if you want a thread in their tracker, make sure they post to it at least once (you can, technically, post with them, and then swap to another character after, to get it logged in both's tracker). Tracker entries cannot be manually added, only deleted if they're added by accident.

What goes into biography in the profile? Is it required?
By "biography," essentially this is a free-form history field. This field is optional, you do not have to do it if you don't want to (albeit, it is recommended). This field is so that other players can get a good idea of where your character is from, where they've been, what they've experienced, and deduce whether there are any common parallels, or plotting avenues available (i.e., your character sells contraband, other character wants contraband). You can format this any way you want, write a narrative, do bullet points, add to it over time, whatever, it's all about how you operate best.

Notice; each player here plays different. Please do not judge them harshly if they happen to write at a "lesser quality" than you think they should. Quality is vaguely subjective in the arts.

Are house alliances/last names required?
Nope! Your character can forego having a house alliance at all, if that is what they wish to do. Many of those from the Free Cities, particularly those without a nobility caste to speak of, tend to not even really have last names, either. It depends on the angle you want to take.

Is artwork accepted in place of a play-by?
It is! Please do not steal artwork from someone else.

I'm registered and done with my character, what do I do now?
You can post a plotter/shipper, if you'd like (if you don't know what this is, it is basically a thread detailing the kinds of plots you would like/had in mind for your character(s), to get some ideas going, or what kinds of things they're into/up to, if someone else needs a character like them for something). You can also post in the plotters that are already there, or, check the wanted forum in development, to see if there are any wanted roles you/your character could fill, several may be loose enough they can be adapted to a pre-existing character. You can pop into the cbox or so if you'd like. Post an open thread, or pop into one that's already posted, and see what happens. There are several ways to get going!

Where is the PM option?
Gonna be blunt: we see no real reason for PM systems. In our experience (over a decade), it tends to just cause problems more than it solves them, so, we disabled the PM system for the most part. Use the forums in order to do things like plotting and chatting and whatnot. That's sort of what they're for.

If you are able to PM other people, there is a moderator that wants to talk to you. Check your inbox.
The system will also tell you if you have an open warning. Warning points detract by 4 every 24 hours, so it will eventually go away. At 10, one is put on moderation watch, meaning they need approval from staff in order for a post to appear. At 60, one can no longer post at all.

Where do I post if I need to contact a player?
For plotting related things, such as being interested in plotting or threading with one of their characters, post in their plotter. If they don't have one, well, being frank, that's their fault. If you're comfortable using Discord, you could also get a hold of them from the Discord server, but be warned, that may take a few, because honestly, we don't use the Discord very often, and usernames on Discord are almost always different than the ones on the board. If you're interested in a wanted ad of theirs, post in the wanted ad thread. If you want to join a House, you would post in their plotter for that, too.

Along these lines, please consider making a plotter, even if there's nothing really in it, having one is helpful.

I see a thread time-line in the lore, does this mean dates are necessary?
Yes. We've had a lot of issues with people being unable to keep fluid/liquid time straight, so, now we have chronology. Dating is easy, it's listed at the top of posts when starting a new thread, hopefully one won't forget. If a thread date is not added, Andromeda will likely come by eventually and assign it a random one. Until it is dated, a thread is not considered board canon, and thereby may as well not have happened at all.

Please date on your own. Please also stick to the vague vicinity of the most recent dates on the time-line. If we're close to the end of one month and the start of another, and you want to start in that new one, go for it, just let someone know so we can open that month on the time-line (chances are, Esmera will have opened it around when we hit the 20s of the current month, so poking may not be necessary).

Does this site have a Discord?

You can access the discussion channel through crate, to ask questions or so before registering and the like. Join here.

Are mages discouraged?
No, they are not. However, be aware that a hume mage using their magic unbridled may eventually be on the receiving end of immense prejudice, other characters may react very badly to them, they may lose any social standing they had, merchants may refuse to trade with them, they may be jumped down a dark alley and get the snot kicked out of them, if not end up murdered. If one intends to make an openly magical mage, be aware of the consequences of doing so. We don't give out Phoenix Downs or Max Revives around here.

Do weres and ilim have magic?
Yes they do. Ilim have been capable of magic since long before humes even came to Azaleon at all. Weres are sort of a mixed bag, some can, some can't, but more can than can't. Neither weres or ilim face the same complexities as humes re: going insane.

Can I add a new race?
No. Messiah has a small number of races, on purpose. We want to keep this number low.
Guest Services / Board Features
Mar 18, 2018, 03:58 AM
This thread will go over the unique features and functions available on Messiah. As we are self-hosted, and our host is a bit of a master at the specific software, there are quite a few unique functions!

Our site has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, in posts, quick reply, and character profile text area fields. This editor is a powerful one, enabling quite the array of options, and some keyboard shortcuts work (ctrl+b for bold, +i for italic, etc, warning, ctrl+b on Opera and Opera-based browsers will trigger browser bookmarks controls coming up). There is one caveat, and that is the WYISIWYG editor will not load if Javascript is turned off in the browser; you'll get a text area, but not the fancy controls, you'll have to BBCode in it manually.

It will start in raw BBCode mode by default, and the quick reply will not show buttons and such by default; to change this, click your username at the top of the side. A drop-down box should come down (if it goes to your profile, hover over Forum Profile, and click Look and Layout), find Look and Layout on it. From there, check the box for "Use full editor in quick reply," to get the buttons in quick reply, and or "Show WYSIWYG editor on post page by default" to get the WYSIWYG to load in rich edit mode. You can switch between rich edit and standard modes by using the page icon at the end of the editor's top bar.

Automated Who's Who, Play Bys, and Time-Line
By filling in the PB field, your play-by automatically appears on the list. If you are using artwork, just leave it blank instead of inputting none, else you can credit the artist. The time-line automatically populates threads by chronological ordering. The member list also automatically creates itself based on accounts and their subaccounts.

Easy Thread Dating
This takes the form of a series of options when posting new topics (below the description field). Select a month, type a day number, and a year (we are in 76), and you've added your thread to the time-line. Threads that are not dated are not considered board canon until they are! The dating system was implemented to prevent users from getting confused and muddling the IC time-line - and thus incidentally being in two places at once.

Almost 100% Mobile Responsive
While the board will alter and readjust itself to better suit phones, it is not perfect. We will be getting a new theme soon, that will be completely mobile responsive, and even have mobile menus and button strips. It'll be a while. In the meantime, it's usable on mobile.

We'll also regain our theme variants; one will be light coloured, the other dark.

Alert System
This is built into 2.1, now, so it works a bit different than before. Firstly, click your name on the top-bar above the site banner; a drop down box will appear. Find "Notifications."

This screen allows you to set your preferred notification settings; what you want notifications for, and whether to send an alert, or email. Notice, this server is on a dynamic IP address. This means most email systems will reject incoming emails from its IP address, because emails from a dynamic IP are often spam. You cannot override this; if your email provider does not allow our server's emails through, there is nothing we can do. You can turn emails on for something to test if your provider will allow them through, but one, there is no promise they will continue to go through, and two, if they don't, you'll have to revert to just alerts.

(We can get a static IP, which would fix this issue, but that'd make our internet cost skyrocket to over twice as much.)

For topic and board alerts, you'll need to subscribe to a topic or board first, in order to receive alerts for it. Remember if you don't turn alerts on for that topic or board, and then subscribe, it still wont send alerts. The last button on the button rows (New Topic, Reply, Etc) will be No Alerts or Emails. Click this and change it to Receive Alerts to mark it as watched.

@ User Mentions
Just type @ and a username right after, no spacing, and it'll tag the user in question. It works with spaces. It is recommended to put these on their own line to avoid the @ system getting confused.

Post Drafts
Make sure, when you're registered and logged in, to click your username at the top of the site, and find Look and Layout. Turn on draft saving. Trust me, you want it on.

What this does, is periodically save a copy of your posts (about every minute). This way, of something crashes your browser, or you misclick, accidentally backspace in the wrong place, power goes out, whatever, at least most of your post should still be there. You can also use this to type up a post on a mobile device, and then finish it later on a different device, in those cases where you're on the go, have ideas, and don't want to lose them between there and home.

If you don't make changes to the post, between one auto-draft save and another, it will not automatically save. When you start making changes again, it'll go back to it, so there's not a script firing off in the background constantly for no reason.