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Communication / fortunes favor
« on: May 10, 2018, 06:05 PM »
I suppose it hasn't been that long since I last wrote, though it feels like it. Hope things are going well. Maybe you'd be up for visiting? It'd be nice to see you, anyway, and you're better at wrangling small ilim than I am anymore. I actually got a couple hume slaves, and then Essair decided to borrow them almost immediately, so I'm on my own again. Not that I mind.

I just got a bunch of new books from Galace last time I went out for military business, might be interesting!

Love you!


Wanted / safe harbor
« on: Apr 18, 2018, 06:47 AM »
[ open first name ] Cassimer
sibling(s) / >31 / dalmascan / hume (may be mage) / warlord noble / open pb(s)

Damian is the only sibling Lucius has established in his bio, but I would actually like more than one. He doesn't always have a large number of siblings, but Lucius is the sort to be a really older-brother type, and I can really see him having more than one. Besides, it's probably not rare for families to have lots of kids in this setting. Anyway, Damian was adopted into the family, so these can also be adopted, or be blood-Cassimers, either one.

Lucius is about as unambitious as a Dalmascan highborn will ever be, so he really wouldn't be fighting with a younger sibling for rights to take over as head of House Cassimer after their father Marcus. If he had a particularly ambitious younger brother or something, that might be rather the aggravation, because any attempt to outdo him or treat him like a rival, probably gets brushed off for the most part, and that may be annoying. Lol there may also be younger siblings more like the mindset that Lucius follows, that is, they are much more willing to bend rules and are kinder to slaves than their father is (he is not outright cruel, to them, but rules must be followed, and disobeying slaves are punished thusly - similarly, they are certainly not people, Lucius, what the hell is wrong with you).

I'm really open with this, honestly, but keep in mind Lenara plays Damian, so sibling dynamics discussions should include her. =)

[ open first name ] Cassimer
mother / 48-60 / dalmascan / hume (may be mage) / warlord noble / cate blanchett suggested (can be changed)

This is an extremely loose wanted role, so whoever is interested in taking her is highly encouraged to get creative and hash out ideas with me (and Lenara, as Damian would also be her son, adopted though). Marcus is a pretty strict and by the book personality, really headstrong and probably pretty bullheaded. Lucius strikes me as kind of a momma's boy type, so it's entirely probable that it's his mother he gets his kinder personality from, so she may be a gentler, less rigid person, or at least that's how I envision her in my head. Admittedly, though, Marcus is a really strict persona, so she likely has to word things carefully, tread softly, and ensure she stays on just this side of proper, because really, I don't think Marcus would hesitate to throw his own wife under the proverbial bus if she misstepped just enough.

In any case, I'd like at least one parent in this equation to be supportive, so I'd like Lucius and his mother to have a decent relationship with one another. Maybe she's the one that, probably covertly, encouraged him to do what he felt was right, even if he was the only one doing so. I'm really hyped for this role so I'd love to hear ideas and get some thought ping-pong going!

Marcus Cassimer
father / 48-60 / dalmascan / hume (not a mage) / warlord noble / scott adkins suggested (can be changed)

Essentially, Marcus is kind of a jerk. The thing is, he's somewhat of a well-meaning jerk. Everything he does, and everything he believes, is really just a direct result of how he was raised. He sticks to tried and true, rules are there to be followed and he follows them to the letter. In my head canon, I've always imagined his strict adherence to the rules and the way things are done is probably thanks to being something of a wild child; and maybe it got him, or someone he cared very deeply for, in serious trouble, maybe even killed, who knows. In many ways, Lucius is liable to be so frustrating to Marcus at least in part because he reminds him of himself, when he was younger, but unlike Marcus, Lucius never did outgrow it. He's still the same chaotic, seemingly reckless man he was when he was a teenager, and in some ways, that's probably kind of a proverbial slap to the face, because Marcus was one, and lost something, and Lucius doesn't seem to have lost anything at all.

The plan, at least the one I have, is that sooner or later, their disagreements and inability to get along will cause Marcus to essentially disown Lucius. Damian, Lucius' brother (Marcus adopted him, and actually, Damian's parents' death may have been the turning point for Marcus and what made him such a hard-ass, like maybe his recklessness caused it somehow - it'd also sort of solidify why Marcus adopted Damian personally, instead of letting him end up with extended family or so), will likely end up caught in the middle, because Damian does look up to Marcus, but he also looks up to Lucius. Lucius has enough standing on his own, he will probably found his own House right after, so Marcus still won't tear him down. Just some thoughts, really, this isn't entirely set in stone, it's just an idea of what I've got in mind. Again, I'd love to plot hash and discuss!
reserved by dragonborn

[ open name ]
lover / 19-40 / any nationality / hume or were / slave / open pb

This person, can be either gender tbh, would be Lucius' technically illicit love affair. This character is supposed to be a brothel slave, yeah what a dumbass right, fell for a brothel slave hahaha, anyway. Unlike most, Lucius just kind of shows up, pays for like an hour of time, and then... sits there. Relaxes a bit, engages in conversation. It probably started like, the military buddies dragged Lucius off to a brothel, and he wasn't comfortable with it, so he pretended for an hour, gave this character a break, or something, talked, went on his way. But eventually came back, and never entirely stopped, but never does anything but talk. He's very adamant about never starting anything until this character actually wants him to, or does themselves and actually wants to instead of doing it out of a sense of that's their job. So, not only is one of the most powerful men in Dalmasca coming by to see them, but all he does is talk and he insists on it. Repeatedly.

The power imbalance in this relationship is pretty serious, but Lucius really does like this character, and is liable to eventually whisk them away to House Cassimer, which might be rather the adjustment from being a brothel slave, to having a House and whatnot. Never mind Lucius' villa is full of ilim (he does not sell off ilim children like most, he let families stay together, so basically all of his ilim slaves are related, he's got about four or five generations of the same bloodlines), which may be rather alarming at first, lol. Most Dalmascans don't collect that many unless they have uh odd interests, but they also tend to sell off children pretty fast.

Anyway, their relationship is probably kept pretty hush-hush, because Lucius' father is unlikely to take it very well (Lucius has refused to marry so far, probably because of this character, and that won't go over well), so it may be this character that finally pushes Lucius' relationship with his father right off a cliff, but they don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, so it's just as likely it'd be something else. Again, hashing, totally up for it, I love ideas!

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