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Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 06:06 PM »
He'd done alright. In most matches, he did 'alright,' at least in his mind. Livia always insisted he was a better fighter than he thought, given he could manage to hold his own against swordsmen and spearmen just fine ( impressive, if you wanted to get technical, as Axelius was a fist-fighter ), but as far as Axelius was concerned, he could do better. He could always do better. It was a better idea, for him, if he constantly thought he could do better, instead of becoming complacent and, you know, dying. Hard to free somebody when you were dead. Hard to do anything when you were dead.

Finally, though, he had enough. He had just enough hessions to afford at least Vesperius for an hour or so. Maybe Helene would take pity upon his poor, broke ass, and give him a tiny discount. Axelius certainly wouldn't ask. As soon as Livia had handed out the blood fighters' earnings from the last few matches, and he figured out he had enough, he squeaked in excitement, bounced slightly, and started off. "Be back before nightfall I promise!" for Livia, and then he took off down the street.

No, he wasn't terribly afraid of catching hell for that. It was worth it, anyway. He had two savings piles, one for eventually buying Vesperius' freedom, and the other for seeing him in general. It'd be a while before the former reached anywhere near his goal, but the latter managed to do it in a year. Fuck the gods, had it really been a year? Yeah... he remembered last year's festival; he was with a different House, then, but he wasn't at the brothel. Fuck. Maybe Vesperius would be mad at him. Axelius wouldn't blame him, any. It wasn't like Axel had ever told him he intended to someday free him ( it was kind of a surprise ), so his constant disappearing didn't make any sense anyway. Axelius never told him why, but he also had never admitted it was purposeful, either, getting bought out of the brothel. He kept going back, here and there, in the early years, and then he'd gotten lucky this time.

A whole damn year... well, maybe Vesperius would just assume it was his owner's fault. If nothing else, Axelius missed him, and, even if he was mad at him, he still wanted to see him. He shook that off, scurried down the right streets, weaving between buildings. He should probably have stopped somewhere, gotten the blood and sand off his skin before he ran off, but, too late for that now. They had showers there, anyway. He'd bum a shower off Helene. He stopped outside the buildings in the pleasure district, looking around... he'd gotten the right one instinctively, good, well he'd been here a long time, it stood to reason he'd not forgotten where it was suddenly. He went in, right to Helene. "Hello, most beautiful person I've ever met," he greeted. "I'd call you gorgeous, but I have a gorgeous already."
Helene snorted, counting hessions, as always. "Been a long time, Mr. Suave. You back?"
"Nah, not to stay. Um. S'Vesperius busy?"
"... he might be? I'm fairly sure that was his last patron that just left. I'll go see," Helene decided, standing, and shuffling down the hall to tap on Vesperius' door. She stood outside it, a second, noting the lack of typical 'I'm busy' noises, and then tapped on the door. "Ready for another, or do you want a few minutes?" she asked.

lemme know if i need to adjust anything. also sorry for the wall'o'text. the words either flood or they dont go, i guess.

Wanted / better left unsaid
« on: Apr 25, 2018, 02:18 AM »
[ open name ]
sibling(s) / >23 / macenian / hume (may be mage) / open caste / open pb

It does not say, in Axelius' bio, that he has siblings, but, truthfully, he does not remember whether he does or not. As such, he might very well. Additionally, normally this character does have at least a younger brother, but I'm open to anything here. Axelius is the very first Necromancer, it was given specifically to him, so his siblings likely wouldn't have inherited this, as there was nothing to inherit until very recently. He himself is typically one of those overprotective older sibling archetypes. He does recognize his family members need to learn to fly on their own, and they can't if he's constantly saving their butts or trying to control their lives -- and aside, they presumably won't really know each other very well, either, given Axelius likely doesn't remember he has siblings to start with -- but it doesn't mean he's not going to be going around behind their back and decking a bitch or nine.

It's usually his family that really grounds him, but I will warn beforehand, it's also his family that makes him bottle things really bad. Like, given what he is and where he's been, they can probably figure out relatively quickly his life's been hard, and there's gotta be some trauma in there somewhere, right? Well, they can figure that out, he can probably guess they can figure that out, but in his mind, I suppose, he doesn't need to go dumping it on them. He's a pillar for them, not the other way around, as he's the oldest. (I never said it was right, but that is how he sees it.) Likewise, when he figures out he sees dead people, he probably won't really explain that. You kind of have to needle him to get him to say things, or just wait until it explodes out of him, so he can be frustrating, but he means well. His heart's in the right place, it's just, things don't always work the way he thinks.

In any case, could be fun, running across a sibling that remembers him, but he doesn't remember himself, getting to know each other, stuff like that. He makes a decent brother, he's just kinda… toxic masculinity poster child. Haha. Which is amusing given he's somewhat effeminate, too.

[ open name ]
best friend/eventual lover?? / 19-29 / open nationality / open race / open caste / open pb

Axelius should have a best friend somewhere, preferably male. This friend has usually been his friend for about as long as Axelius has been in Dalmasca. There are two different ways this can go:

First, this friend might be one of the brothel friends of his. May or may not have been in the same House Axelius went to when he first came to Dalmasca, that's up to whoever takes this role. Axelius was in the same brothel that Kalix is now in, along with Dimitrios but I don't think Dimitrios is staying, but there are plot things available for those two with this route. Ah, Axelius never really has any interest in gaining freedom for himself, it's always for someone else, normally this character. So, essentially, they spent the last however long in the same brothel together, got to be friends, really close friends, and then at some point Axelius charmed one of his repeat clients into buying him. He was in and out for a while, hasn't been back in about a year now, but only recently got the idea to go into the blood games, so unless the friend has clients or someone else in the same brothel does, that follow the blood games (and surely at least one does, given their popularity), friend likely isn't really aware of this. His reasoning is, the games afford more money, and the more money he gets, the quicker he gains enough to eventually free this character. Yes, that's his end goal; he wants to free this character.

Alternatively, this may be a repeat client of Axelius' that eventually came to really like him, and probably lost track of him when he left the brothel last. He's bounced between Houses a few times and finally ended up in House Asheron, most recently. This angle would probably be most open as far as what kind of set up this character follows, as they wouldn't be tied to a specific arrangement, and that's part of why I'm suggesting it here, because it may be easier to work with. It's not rare for young Dalmascans to experiment with their sexuality in brothels, this is why most Dalmascan brothels have an array of both genders available, so that's an angle to be made. Um, I don't have as many solid concepts for this angle, so if you're interested in this one, you're absolutely free to idea ping-pong with me, cause I know this is about as loose as drapery.

Technically, these two pathways could be two different characters. One or the other, or both, really, could also end up a future lover. Axelius is actually poly, so depending on how things play out, may end up liking both, if he hits it off with them pretty well.

[ open name ]
brothel friends / 19-29 / open nationality / open race / brothel slave / open pbs

So, Axelius does occasionally go back to the brothel he was in when he was in one, and buy his friends for a few hours just to chat and catch up. He is a very bright, friendly person, so he probably has several friends there, so this could be rather the decent sized cluster of friends he buys occasionally. Depending on which arrangement the role above takes, it may be relatively rare that he does this, it may also be pretty normal and have a bit of a schedule to it. Kalix and Dimitrios are now in the same brothel, so these friends would be able to plot with them two; Kalix has been there for a long time, so they're probably included in the Axelius' brothel buddies header.

Mostly this cluster of friends support each other, and help one another deal with the circumstances of their situation. Kalix is likely to be the most emotionally steady of them, and act somewhat as a parental figure for them, because they deal with their environment much easier than most do. How well, or not well, any individual one handles being a brothel slave probably runs across a spectrum and varies between them all, but, yeah. This is pretty open, it's really more like, if you've ever been interested in a character like this, weeee have plots for them? Lol

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