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Wanted / sail away
« on: Apr 25, 2018, 07:09 AM »
Note, this character's slave name is Gannicus. His birth name is Surya. He only remembers Gannicus. I use the two interchangeably.

open names
kidlings, wide open age range, can be weres or hume, half-saqqaran, most likely the other half is dalmascan, open playbys (should be poc or mixed, or pass as mixed)

Being as Gannicus has been a slave for over a hundred years, he likely has a lot of kids. Two of them are in House Lancaster, and will be played by Lenara, but he may well have more. Some of them he may not be aware of, most likely he's not, to be honest, others he might be. They are likely at least aware of him, if only because he is a very well-known and popular blood fighter. How they feel about that is really in the air.

Gannicus' aunt, his father's sister Inetkaes, will eventually be finding him and his brother Sati (Spartacus), and returning them home. Sati mentions there are several kids Surya has, and Sati would like to attempt to find them. Especially if they are young weres, they'll need to be with other weres to better adjust to shifting, and there are tonics and stuff that can help them retain their ability to think rationally when shifted that are available in Saqqara (it is, of course, the major mecca of weredom, and a large majority of Saqqarans are weres).

Really, this is a very loose want, and the kids could be taken in almost any direction a player might want. Of course, the kids themselves would be given the choice to go to Saqqara or not, meet the paternal side of their family or not, some may want to, some may not. Surya is, at least, a prince of Saqqara, so they would have the opportunity to be royalty. I will forewarn, ulterior motives will eventually be figured out and Sahura is not above murdering his grandkids if he believes them irredeemable.

But, this want is a pretty easy foot into Saqqara and House Lucain. This also kind of encompasses a plot angle where Surya isn't the biological father of a character, but instead ended up in the same House as a youngling he sort of adopted and acted as a father-figure for, he's good at that (most Lucains are). This angle is open to any character at all, just that they're also a slave, or were a slave at one time. Surya might actually go looking for the ones he unofficially adopted.

Victoria Lancaster
lovergirl, 36-46, hume, dalmascan, Angelina Jolie suggested (not super willing to bend)

Victoria is the mother of Surya's two sons played by Lenara, these being Atenra and Sepheres, as well as a son by Titus Lancaster, Canius. Canius and Titus are little selfish, bigoted, dim-witted, aggressive twits. Not gonna lie. They have few redeeming traits. Umbrius Lancaster, Titus' elder brother, headed House Lancaster before, but when he died in a mysterious house fire, Titus took over. Umbrius' wife Aurelia, related distantly to House Asheron (she is Livia's mother's sister), disappeared one night, and that left just Umbrius' son Regillus, and Victoria, as the voices of reason.

Victoria never did love Titus. He's kind of a pebble in one's shoe, but her family were struggling and marriage into House Lancaster gave Victoria's house some vague social footing (she was originally promised to Umbrius, not Titus, but Titus threw a fit and had that changed-she and Umbrius had a fling for a short period and ended up with Reggie). She comes from a line of sisters. Surya, by some odd miracle, eventually accidentally wormed his way into her heart, and she into his, and when time allowed, they spent many evenings together. When Atenra was born, Titus knew the boy wasn't his but let it alone. When Sepheres was born, though, he got mad and took the younger one as his personal bed slave. Victoria probably knew about this, but was afraid of Titus doing the same with Atenra or sending Surya away, or something, so she just didn't mention Sepheres was his (he is thus not aware of Sepheres' existence). She did, however, name Sepheres an alternate form of Surya's father's name (Sepheres is the Greek form of Sahura), in hopes that someday, Surya might know he was his if he needed to for some reason. Contingency plans, you make them in House Lancaster.

Canius was allowed to run wild, for the most part. Victoria tried imposing rules and expectations on him, but Canius just went to dad, and dad said do whatever you want, so it was ultimately for nothing. Later, Canius turned on Victoria and tried to assault his own mother, and she did not take that well. She was believed deceased because she essentially threw herself off a cliff in the back of the Lancaster estate, but, she survived it (fun fact, humans have survived falls from 22,000 feet up - most regular survival is 98 feet, that's about the height of the Christ statue in Rio).

She was played for a short period, so there's a thread and profile up if you want ideas for her. Currently she is in House Essair with Sepheres, and then Atenra and Gannicus come get added to the mix mid-March, so if you pick up in April, they're there already. She's envisioned as a strong maternal type with a passion for storytelling. Gannicus is a very quiet sort, he communicates mostly non-verbally-looks, gestures, body language, you have to learn how to understand what he doesn't say as much as you understand what he does, so she's likely to be pretty observant and decent with social cues.

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