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House Asheron / Where the Heart Is
« on: Apr 27, 2018, 02:26 AM »
Axelius told her, that Alcides had left perhaps for only a moment, and then somehow come back, without her noticing. She was a young were, admittedly, in the grand scheme of things, and Alcides' scent and general presence was so normal, it wasn't surprising to find she'd completely missed it. It did, in a way, explain why she'd not been as on-edge as she'd expected, nor for as long as anticipated. Alcides had been with House Asheron for quite some time. Without him, things seemed just a bit drearier. Axelius stared at her all the time, like she was missing something obvious, and perhaps to most she was. The truth was, she wasn't missing it. Just ignoring it, was more like. Alcides was free, now. He had a right to decide to do whatever it was he wanted. That was, of course, what being free meant. It wasn't right for her to try and push what she wanted onto him, when he'd never known what want was in the first place.

Apparently, it was being here. That was apparently what he wanted, and for the life of her, Livia couldn't fathom why. It was funny, if she stopped to think about it; were the roles reversed, Livia likely would've done the same exact thing. Left, realised she had no idea what she was doing, nor what she wanted, and come back, because home was here, and here was home. No, that wasn't quite right, not for her. Perhaps the place was home, but it was only because of who, exactly, was in it. She'd never told him, not with words, what he was to her, how much he meant, to her, because Alcides, like most slaves, would've just gone along with it and not thought twice about it. She was ever in a position of power, over him, at least, she was. Nowadays, not as glaringly, but she did recognise she was, and remained mindful of that. It was very easy to influence him one way or another, and she wanted him to think about it, and decide for himself how he felt about her. Axelius was a similar complexity, but he'd already dived head first into that one, it was too late for that.

It was funny. Everything felt right again, she'd noticed, somewhere amid watching him do what he always did around the house, sans following her around, that was. Alcides had been her shadow for the last several years; it was strange, now that he wasn't. She wasn't going to admit that, not to him. Maybe someday, but not today.

After a few moments of standing in the doorway, she cleared her throat slightly. "You came back," she said, quiet, tone coloured only just slightly with confusion. True it was, Alcides was never terribly an ambitious sort. Perhaps he just hadn't decided what he wanted to do, just yet. At least he knew, in House Asheron, he always had a place to sleep, and food to eat. She'd attempt not to get her hopes up.


Wanted / red king, black queen
« on: Apr 26, 2018, 09:29 PM »
This is sort of a mish-mash of ideas all thrown together into one, really, and I'm not 100% married to any of them, so if anyone has other ideas they'd like to incorporate, that'd be fine. I don't mind discussing details and similar beforehand, even if we end up with something completely different than I originally had in mind.

House Asheron
Open ages, should be younger ♣ Dalmascan ♣ Hume (may be mages) ♣ Open PBs (see notes)

So, Livia has several siblings, all of them younger than her. As Asheron is very high on the nobility totem pole, they're probably pretty well-versed in the political scene, but there is, of course, room for the sibling that just doesn't do politicking, or even several. Livia is occasionally a very overprotective older sister, and her shadow may be difficult to stand in, but the Asheron siblings can easily shine in ways that Livia does not. Livia is occasionally too bull-headed and direct, and sometimes rather violent, let's be real, so calmer, more rhetorically gifted siblings would have their place, as would more scholarly ones, and so on.

Currently, House Asheron has an alliance with House Essair, and they do back Kassandros' aim for Imperator. It is possible that at some point, they'll make this alliance publicly official through a marriage arrangement, albeit Kassandros is ah mostly gay, so most likely, it'd be friendly and that's it. If a younger sister wanted to take that responsibility, that's possible, but it's also possible it'll be Livia. The other possibility is Livia marries Damian Cassimer, further tying House Cassimer and House Asheron together (Livia's mother is Marcus Cassimer's cousin - don't wrinkle your nose too hard, Damian's adopted and so is Livia).

Her siblings were probably raised without too many of the harsh expectations that most nobility in Dalmasca grow up under. Similarly, the female siblings are given a lot of freedom, treated the same as the sons, and the boys are never raised with inherent misogyny. They are raised to be well-mannered, so don't think House Asheron are full of unchained wildlings. =P

Notes: Try keeping her siblings blond, it tends to run in the family. Some others besides her may be adopted too, though.

Open ages ♣ Likely Dalmascan ♣ Hume (may be mages) ♣ Open PBs

While House Asheron are not Warlords themselves, Livia most likely is looking to change that, and probably has friends in the Warlord caste already. These House alliances may be loose, or not, but for the most part, it's basically a scratch my back and I'll scratch yours sort of arrangement. Livia is generous, and may help lower houses reach higher classes, but she'll expect a certain amount of unspoken loyalty in return. Thereby, most likely these particular kinds of associates, those that start lowborn and are brought up by House Asheron's association, would be presumed to become vassal houses of Asheron. Likewise, she may help failing higher class houses in return for their backing.

There are many kinds of arrangements this can take on, these are just a few of them, but if someone's interested in making a house that fits one of these descriptions, Livia's your lady. She's not overly demanding, but she does get really vicious if someone makes the mistake of fucking with her or hers, and those warlord houses may actually become something of an acting army under House Asheron. Admittedly, Livia already has an army, but a larger one is never a bad idea.

She aims to eventually bring an end to slavery, and fight Dalmasca's remaining misogynistic mindsets. Due to this, Asheron is very firmly allied with House Essair, and the deal may be sealed with a marriage soon, depending on how things go, and thus Asheron firmly backs Kassandros' gunning for the Imperator seat. Anyone allied with Asheron should also be allied with Essair, or at least not feel one way or the other about them, as Livia and Kassandros work closely.

Blood Fighters
Open Ages ♣ Open Race and Nationalities ♣ Open PBs

Of course, what is a blood trainer without blood fighters to train? Nothing really. Livia is meant to have around 200 blood fighters, mostly kept in the street fights that are essentially never fatal. She values each of them as people, and mostly they operate as house security; they're allowed to wander the grounds, even leave the Asheron Estate, at will, and are tasked with dealing with intruders, thieves, assassins, and unwelcome guests. Livia is a popular lady, but it is not always a good popular. As she works with all her blood fighters personally, training them for the games herself, it is probable that most of these fighters are very close to her, potentially sibling-like, some may harbour deeper feelings than that...

If someone would like a blood fighter without getting into the really shitty part of a role like that, Asheron's probably what you're looking for. As Livia's fighters are free to wander, it opens a lot of plotting opportunity, as one could easily just befriend someone at market, or so.

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