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Sorry guys, been pretty unreliable.
Working on rebooting one of my old sites and a bunch of code work, so yeah I'm... really slow. Still trying to get posts out, it's just taking me an age. I keep looking up like wow when did it become <insert date here>. Like, did you know it's fucking October? Wild.

So, yeah. Still around, still doing stuff, just slow as heck-all.
Heralds / Sep 20, 2018 -- Alert Wonk
Sep 20, 2018, 02:31 PM
I have noticed some awkwardness with the topic and board watch alerts in the alert system, and am curious if anyone else is having the same issue. Make sure your notification settings are set to alert on topics and boards receiving new replies/topics, and let me know if the system ever stops dinging you.

Otherwise, just be aware, I guess, that they may stop for some odd reason, I haven't narrowed down why. As far as I can tell, they are meant to log themselves as sent and I think this is to prevent the system from dinging you on multiple replies in the same thread before you post to it again, but that does not make sense, because the system will still send you multiple alerts for the same thread. I'm trying to make sense of this and fix it, guys, I promise, just, hang tight.

If an important topic of yours stops alerting and you need it alerting again, just let me know which topic, and I'll force it to do it again via the database.
House Essair / What Just Happened?
Sep 12, 2018, 11:14 PM
"Ah," Kassandros' voice interrupted what idle thoughts were running through Tristan's mind. He was helping with breakfast, again, this morning, and it'd seem Kassandros had a thing he wanted. "Now that you're both in the same room as each other," and here, the white-haired boy held up a piece of paper, and then started reading it, presumably. "I, Kassandros Essair, name my slaves, Sandalio and Tristan, no longer beholden to servitude, and free citizens under the name and patronage of House Essair. Thenceforth, they will be recognised as free citizens under Dalmascan law, with all right and freedom granted by such status."

"Wait," Tristan started, "what?"
Kassandros looked a bit amused. "You're free," he said, like that answered everything. "Both of you. I ah, took the liberty of registering you with the citizenship office under your real names, hope you don't mind."

Was he serious?

Obviously he was serious. Tristan had never known Kassandros not to be, but it didn't make this entire thing any easier to wrap his head around. He'd... just freed them, what on earth - well, he knew what on earth, logically, but it still made very little sense to him. Why now? Why at all? Wasn't Sandalio kind of invaluable? Far be it for Tristan to quibble too much, but - and besides, it wasn't like Sandalio was going anywhere. He... Tristan was pretty sure he had a thing.

Hadn't asked yet. Maybe now was a bad time.

"Nothing has to change, if you don't want it to," Kassandros mentioned. "Well, I'll be paying you starting today, that's a thing. Labour laws, and all of that, they apply now."
"It's okay," the younger said, giving this odd, lopsided half-smile. "I'm sure it'll take some getting used to. Estelle is also registered; I haven't bothered trying to explain the concept of being a slave one day and not the next and what that even means to a four year old, so, good luck. Well you probably want to wonder among yourselves what the fuck is wrong with me, and maybe decide if you're staying or going, I hear there's a caravan headed for Haradi soon, yeah? Yeah? Have a nice talk!" And Kassandros headed out.

Tristan, for his own, turned to Sandalio, one eyebrow arched upward. "... caravan to Haradi, huh? ... did you do something bad?" There was an awful lot of emphasis on that caravan to Haradi.

The Festival of Iuna / Rumour Pickings
Sep 09, 2018, 08:11 PM
She was here.

Here and rather quite displeased about it, actually, and trying so very much not to punch anyone in the face. That was, as it happened, somewhat difficult, given she had spent the last six years being high-pitch-giggly-whined at by... what was even that girl's name, again? It wasn't like Livia cared (give her another two or three glasses of wine, and she'd care even less), but remembering names and things, those typically were very good things to remember.

"You look radiantly dreadful," was what Kassandros decided to say, upon slinking up beside her somewhere amid Livia mentally stabbing someone and reaching for another glass of wine.
"And you look like you'd rather be anywhere else," Livia answered, sounding more bemused than anything. "I take it the guards are working out," she added, glancing behind him at his shadow.
"Yes well," Kass answered. "You know," he went on, dropping his voice a bit. "I'd figure free people would be less difficult to get to go somewhere else, but this one decided he's not leaving."
Livia, in all her fine slightly buzzed controlled manner, let out a very unladylike snort. "Well, Alcides." That was all she had to say. ... hey, wait a minute... Alcides wouldn't leave because - so did that mean Kassandros' guard had a - ... well guards did seem to currently have a track record of - ... how did he find enough hume in there to fall for, anyway... that was a very terrible thing to think. (See drunk. See not caring.)
"... yes. Alcides," Kass agreed. "So, anything interesting?" He was changing the subject. It wasn't like Livia was too drunk to notice that much. (He was not getting away with it.)
"Nope," Livia replied. "Just a bunch of high-pitched giggling and complaining about shipments being late. You're a merchant, Livia, couldn't you, you know, do something? Yes. I'm apparently more powerful than I thought, hmm. This'll get confusing, I seem to get caught going back and forth between powerless and all powerful quite randomly a lot."
Of course. Kassandros didn't say it, but the look on his face probably did.

"You know why Alcides won't go, right?" she asked.
"Well I think that's Icarus calling me, nice seeing you," and Kass turned right around and headed somewhere else. "Slow down on the wine, Livia."
Livia, of course, made a face. "You know you can't run from everything! Sooner or later you have to stop running, Kassandros! ... why do I bother?" she asked, looking at his guard. Honestly, why did she bother? Who knew.
Heralds / Sep 5, 2018 -- Upgrade Time-Line
Sep 05, 2018, 11:41 PM
IP Tech's server is now upgraded to using Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.1. The Character Manager for SMF 2.1/PHP 7.1 is also now complete, it just needs its installer written. So, here's how we're going to do this.

First, I'll be pulling character information from Messiah's current Character Mod installation. These database tables will be imported to an installation of SMF 2.1, and then the new Character Manager will be installed, and its upgrader run. All characters will temporarily be set as NPCs, posts moved over, and everything set up nice and shiny-like, and then that board will replace this one.

It should be pretty seamless, the change-over should be more or less instant when it's ready to be changed over. Feel free to keep posting in the interim! I'm expecting this to take about two or three days.

Test edit.
With the release of my Character Mod for SMF, we'll be transitioning Messiah to using it here in a bit. Here's how this will work:

  • Backups will be taken, just in case something goes awry.

  • The Character Mod will be installed and set up. Shouldn't take long.

  • Players will then be able to transfer their characters from the old subaccounts system to the new character mod system. Lots of copy-pasting.

  • Once all characters are moved from one to the other, I'll run a short MySQL function to move character posts from their character account, to their parent's, and then slap the character's ID onto it for the override.

  • The above means, make sure your character names are the same on both systems. Not username, but display name. If it doesn't match names, it won't swap posts.

  • Once that's done, we'll delete the old accounts and subaccount keys, uninstall the subaccount system, and we're free to rock.

  • The Character Mod comes with an automatic thread tracker. This means it'll add threads your character(s) post(s) to on its own. I'll be running a bookmark SQL query to try and copy bookmarks for characters from the bookmark system to the tracker system in the character mod, but I make no promises. I may need to do it manually.

Hopefully, this won't take but a day or two. I'm sorry, but unless you're here to do things with your accounts, you will lose them. So if you come back in another month wondering why your characters are gone, well, idk what to tell you. Remake them, I guess.

You'll love the character mod, promise.
Aight, this isn't terribly important, but, I made subaccount ages run off the parent account's age, so if you have the parent account one filled in and it's valid, all your subaccounts can or cannot see mature content, depending on your settings. Likewise, if you leave your parent account's birth date blank, your subaccounts don't magically get mature access because of a missing year.

Two things this means:

  • One, you can input character birthdates without messing up the mature content filters, as before, it would automatically give users with no year input access to mature content because for some stUPID reason, SMF files that as being born in year 0004, making you like 2,000 years old, so this would override having it off for people that didn't want to see it;

  • Two, your subaccounts should automatically have permission to view and edit posts in their mature threads now, without having to input an age-appropriate year.

Remember, however, foregoing the year on your OOC account will cause mature content to happen. Be sure you want that before doing it.

Member Discussion / What you listenin to?
Jun 03, 2018, 07:45 PM

Code Select
[youtube]video id[/youtube]

But unfortunately it needs something besides the video with it because I think it thinks it's blank without it. lol
So, ah, @aphelion mentioned it, and I thought it a good idea, because there are players on this board that are not in the same house as the initial Messiah crew, to kind of briefly run over what we've got in mind for the board's overall plot direction. None of this is really in stone, a lot of it can still change and it may skew kind of different in play than it sounds briefly outlined, but much of what we're thinking affects a large swathe of characters, and it may be good to know.

Um, aside, one can pretty much avoid it, if they'd rather, if it doesn't sound interesting, we're also open to others tossing wrenches in things, tossing more opposition in, whatever, it's really just like, so if you want to know where what functions as the "main" storyline is going (it's not really it just kind of... became de facto main story in absence of an actual one, because it's the biggest plot running right now), this is the thread for you.

Basically, Messiah's name alludes to the existence of the Messiah 'canon' character in world setting. This is an actual character that exists and is in play (@Kassandros Essair) on the board, and he is effectively supposed to pretty much explode into a gigantic aurora of magic energy that shoots across the entirety of Azaleon. Most think this means normal, non-mage humes will die, but they actually just become magi. Now, because magic and sorcery are illegal in our two star nations, Dalmasca and Jihon, essentially this would cause nationwide panic in both, and probably lead to a lot of death and destruction and maybe some plundering and pillaging because, magi go insane anyway, the entire hume race is doomed, yeah?

(Spoiler. Not really. The more connected to sorcery and sensitive to aura one is, the more clearly they hear the pulse of the planet; ergo, they can sense trees falling, people dying, animals being killed, rocks splitting, it may not hurt but one can feel a post being driven into the earth, sense the connections between the trees and plants in a forest, the passing of aura from one to another. Humes are not used to this level of awareness, and it eventually drives them mad. It CAN be waited out when it hits, but no one's ever done that outside the Free Cities.)

Anyway, so, knowing Dalmasca and Jihon can't handle it yet, and questioning why he's even supposed to give them all magic anyway (see finding new ways of killing each other), Kassandros decided to first conquer Dalmasca, become its imperator, and basically start changing things to make it better capable of handling the aurora when it comes. Problem: aside from being Messiah, which, the aurora will essentially drain all his aura and kill him, he's also a seer, and seers die. He's got a year left, and that's a lot of change to try enacting in a year's time. Further, House Cassimer (Marcus Cassimer specifically, he's NPC'd by @dragonborn), is a very gigantic wall in his way. Forget Jihon. Marcus sees Kassandros as a legitimate threat to his military power, because Kass is younger, more capable of combat than Marcus now is (he's nearing 60), and Kass may not be terribly well-loved, but he has the opportunity to become so, if he played his cards right. It's very common in Dalmasca for the military forces to actually be allied with their commanders, and not the nation itself, so if he got enough military units on his side, he could easily tear down any influence Marcus has at all. Bonus points, Kassandros is getting up that warlord ladder faster than most.

So there are lots of different ways this can go. At the moment, Kassandros is pretty much singly focused on getting himself in that imperator throne, but, he is starting to question whether he ought to even unleash the Messiah aurora in the first place, and may take steps to prevent it from happening. It just needs to happen, there's no set specification on when, or where it goes, it just needs to go, so he could technically also redirect it into the planet, instead. Either way, if he unleashes it, he'll die without very quick intervention. Seers cannot interfere with their own fate, however, so he cannot stop his seer-death, so even if he escapes that one fate, someone else has to get him out of the second one. There's been tossing around the idea of making him a were (Saqqara has the oldest seer on Azaleon, the Oracle of Nashret, who is well over four thousand now), but the characters have to come to that conclusion on their own (there is actually a spell that will make a were, that's how they were made in the first place, so it doesn't have to be a bite), or an accident occur. Either one.

In the interim, really, Dalmasca and Jihon are not his problems. He may give up on them entirely, and just leave Dalmasca outright. There was some more bantering about establishing a new Free City, and eventually, Dalmasca will attack it, taking it as a threat, like you know, he betrayed Dalmasca and essentially defected, so, fuck that guy (pretty much every Free City has had to fight for the right to be a Free City, and prove its mettle, so no one's really surprised). Jihon is a whole other ballgame, as it cannot keep operating the way it does, it'll exhaust its own resources and cause its own sudden collapse, so Kass isn't terribly concerned about it.

House Essair is allied with House Asheron, already, and will eventually absorb House Lancaster, and eventually, either absorb part of House Cassimer (Lucius and Damian may split off on their own and then join Essair), or all of it (if Marcus dies, and Lucius takes it over, he may merge Cassimer into Essair because there are a lot of not good things attached to the Cassimer name, and changing that reputation is liable to be a battle unto itself). House Salonus is eventually ripped down covertly by a combo of Essair and Asheron, that'll be mostly background I think. Depending on how the IC occurrences pan out and align, Marcus may kidnap and attempt to scare Kass into backing out of the warlord class (it's really kind of debatable if it works, because it may not deter him at all, and that may be where he redirects to leaving Dalmasca outright at, but, if it happens, that'll really tank, I don't recommend reading that thread, it really will suck). If Kass does get imperator, and starts fixing Dalmasca, Jihon is liable to revolt, at least a little, because Kass eventually aims to outright stop slavery, and Jihon will not like that, at all (a lot of their economy is the slave trade), and never mind the Dalmascans won't like it, so it could very well lead to a two-side war, one civil and one with Jihon.

SO, yeah, quick run-down of what we've all bantered between us and the vague direction we're going in with the main plot. Like I said, nothing is really set in stone, they may get a different idea somewhere along the way, change course randomly, whether they actually go this way or that is in the air... but a large number of played characters are going to end up allying with Kass, so by proxy, it kind of affects a chunk of the board.

I thought if nothing else, getting input and ideas from everyone else would be a good idea, fitting other characters in, and stuff, so, here it is. Sorry for the wall'o'text, thank you, I'm here all week.
starscream / Notes notes to self person
May 15, 2018, 06:56 AM
Uh, Sandalio brother, is he still a thing? Tbh I think I have two, kill me, ok. (Jayme and Tristan, Tristan is the older one.)
Thread threads, do things stuff.
Erm maybe need another want ad... For.... Are we trying to get Nikias or are we preemptively giving up?
Kalix has family too, may wanna do those.
Ads, do more, ok.
Sidonai and Suyis can do with siblings too, tho Sidonai needs his royal guard and stuff also.
Oh also, Suyis has a merry band of pirates.
Plotting / we shine; [essie's plotty thingie]
Apr 16, 2018, 11:47 PM
Imsa say this once.
I'm wild. I'm creative. I'm nuts. I enjoy Suffering and I get ideas at random, and I run with them.
I will throw curveballs. Things will happen in threads with me, and sometimes I mean they really happen, like shit gets way real, way fast. Be prepared for this. I legitimately cannot stop it. If you're the type that likes linear, logical thread progression, and things following planned courses, I am not the partner you're looking for, because I will throw off your plans like mad hell. -waves hands like a Jedi-

I have characters all over the place, and essentially any one of these is open to having either siblings, or kids, sometimes both. Depending on their age, if they had kids, they'd be relatively young, like maybe ten at most, so be mindful of that, but if you're interested in making more family members for my characters, I am all for it! I love family dynamics and any excuse to play them!

House Essair
4 (almost 5) years old / tentatively female / freedman/commoner / hume / Macenian / basically she's four, so, not much going for her at the moment / try shipping this early and you're gonna have to deal with two pissy ex-blood fighters, potentially five, and if you're really unlucky, three demigods

currently: Running around House Essair and being a kid for once.
notes: Came from House Salonus. Sandalio is her biological father, mom's in the air, but she's eventually going to kind of adopt Kassandros as her other dad.

If you are plotted or plotting with Kassandros, or House Essair in general, read this post.
House Essair
17 years old / what the hell even is gender, he doesn't know / nobility; warlord class / hume mage / Dalmascan / criminal overlord/military guy / he's also got a hand in a lot of the illegal shit / he/him is fine, but sometimes it will grate his nerves but switching to she/her doesn't help during those times / single / poly in theory, in practise, it takes a lot for him to trust, don't expect fairy tales / pansexual, leans toward men

currently: Planning his take-over of Dalmasca, arranging his finances and making sense of them, ripping his walls down and rebuilding them... he's kind of at a cold-war stand-off with Marcus Cassimer.
notes: Has a want ad for siblings and an aunt or uncle, and House Essair's criminal syndicate people, you can check that out here. This is the character the site ads talk about, the kid in Dalmasca aiming for Imperator, that's Kassandros. He can always use opposition and allies both, feel free to make either. Being around him causes humes to spontaneously develop the ability to use magic, eventually, for some it takes a few months, for others, only a few weeks, it depends mostly on the frequency and duration of time they're around each other. More time around him more often = expect it to hit within a few weeks to a month or two. Kassandros is a seer, expect him to know some shit, because he knows a LOT of shit. Fuck with his brothers, and he will fuck you up.

House Asheron
20 years old / female / nobility; merchant class / were-dragon mage / Macenian, most think she's Dalmascan / owns pretty much all the vineyards and farmland in Dalmasca / she may or may not also be on decent terms with varying pirates / female blood trainer / has a stable of about 80 / she/her is fine / sorta kinda dating-ish? / poly, yes, basically / generally heterosexual but biromantic

currently: Rolling her eyes at Kassandros. But when is she not. Also building walls and sentry towers around her farmlands to protect her farmers and fields from Marcus Cassimer.
notes: She is the head of House Asheron, and yes she gets a lot of shit for being female and running a House (ask her if she cares). Also gets a lot of shit from being a female blood trainer, but she does train her fighters herself when she has the time. If you want a decent House that owns fighters, Asheron's your name. Livia's mother is Marcus Cassimer's cousin, so Marcus is Livia's second cousin and Lucius and Damian her third cousins. I think. I forget how cousins work. Anyway, despite this she and House Asheron have declared their allegiance as being with House Essair, and against House Cassimer, so the political situation there is a bit rough.

House Assad
47 years old / maleish, sort of fluid / royalty / hume (non-mage) / Haradian / king of haradi / presently he's mostly keeping to himself / he/him, it never quite feels wrong just, also sometimes is kind of like "yeah, sorta" / widower / no idea if he's poly / has no idea what orientation he is, either

currently: Worry worry, fret, fret... He's actually debating going to Dalmasca personally, because obviously he's not getting anywhere right now.
notes: I made him a widower, but to be honest, I wouldn't mind a wife for him. Alternatively, could swing a boyfriend. Hey, actually, it'd be cute if one of his crownsguard happened to have a thing for him, or get one, and they danced around it for a while until Sidonai figured out he had a thing back. That'd be cute. Anyway, I do also want siblings for him, he technically also has room for more kids, Ryhil's the oldest, but there's room for more that are younger. He also has open slots for basically the entire Haradian crownsguard and the Haradian military.

House Lancaster
Born House Lucain, this is Prince Sati
3,037 years old / male, very secure in his masculinity because he acts kind of effeminate sometimes / blood fighter, formerly royalty of Saqqara / were (he's a hawk) / Saqqaran / blood champion of nydema / there is basically no one in Dalmasca or Jihon that have not at least heard his name, he's gone undefeated for over six hundred matches / he/him, strangely answers to "yo" and "it" / dating aquillius / poly though, I ... I think / pansexual

currently: Being pissed as fuck. Head of house sold his brother, and he's pissed. He's getting over it, sort of.
notes: So unfortunately, Spartacus has been the Blood Champion of Nydema for at least a year, now, and may never be overthrown from that position. Albeit, he is retired from the games, and is unlikely to ever go back to them, and someday, he'll get his freedom and will probably be removed as Blood Champion then. ... this would, incidentally, also make him the only Blood Champion that was removed from the position rather than another fighter beating his record. He's three thousand years old, give him kids, I care not. Technically isn't supposed to have more siblings, but his father Sahura is equally old, and may well have more kids.

House Asheron
26 years old / nonbinary / commoner / hume (non-mage) / Macenian-Jihonese / bounty hunter/mercenary/pirate / basically, blame all the illegal shit on him, he's probably got something to do with it / he/him is fine, he's not fussed over it / single / poly as shit / pansexual

currently: Probably doing something involving alcohol. Either drinking it or smuggling it, no one's sure.
notes: Do you want a sky-pirate? Suyis is your dude, then. He's the inventor of airships, and is the first sky-pirate ever, and still the most notorious. The first airship built is still the one Suyis captains today, the Har'zaref, a Dreadnought class (her cannons and armouring are terrifying). Suyis is nuts, but, he's fun, and he takes great joy in plundering Jihon on a regular basis, so actually Jihonese characters may have heard his name, and either fear him, hate him, or both.

House Essair, born Tristán
26 years old / male / freedman/commoner / hume (non-mage) / Macenian / former blood fighter / he only ever fought wild animals like lions and bears, sorry kiddies / he/him / single / probably poly as shit / what is sexuality, Macenians don't know her (pansexual basically)

currently: What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck -
notes: He is unfortunately not old enough to have kids that aren't like, ten, maybe, but he is the oldest brother of Sandalio and a youngest brother currently called "Jayme" for simplicity's sake, but I think they're all old enough, there could certainly be more after "Jayme," if someone was interested in making some other siblings to this bunch. Kassandros is determined to reunite them all, so he will be snatching them up and herding them to House Essair when he gets the opportunity to do so. We are seeing if he and Xiaodan Tachibana get along, if they end up a thing, there's that, but he's Macenian, so he is polyamorous and if he falls for someone else, too, well, that's a thing. He and Sandalio just got freed, so, that's fun.

House Wynbrandt
19 / male mostly / nobility; merchant class / hume (mage) / Dalmascan / pretty much just spends his time reading a lot, enjoying his days, and researching weird diseases / he/him / single / probably poly, but I don't think he knows that / pansexual

currently: Meeting his new guard, and showing a very lost Jihonese man around the Festival of Iuna.
notes: He is basically dying. Most will have heard of House Wynbrandt (they're the merchants that actually go to the places), and their dying son/heir. A lot of family lines think after Yishai dies, House Wynbrandt will fall and they can take their place in the nobility, but probably not, sorry guys. In any case, he is dying from a disease that operates like a combination of muscular atrophy and non-contagious tuberculosis, so he gets weak very easily, that's what he's got Hadrian for. His mother is Astraea Teresi's sister, so Astraea is his aunt, and he will eventually leave Dalmasca and follow House Essair when they leave to Saqqara (the second time, to stay).