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Heralds / Nov 27, 2018 -- New Theme
« on: Nov 27, 2018, 10:52 AM »
So we have a new theme for the winter. This will eventually come in a light variant, I just haven't gotten it done yet. Happy Non-Specific-Winter-Holiday-Of-Choice, everyone!

There are a couple things to note with this change.
  • The theme is still a little bit broken, or is using templates from Fra Nordri temporarily. I will eventually be going back and redoing several of the templates because they're annoying me. Lol
  • If anyone has any feedback about it, please do let me know!
  • We also have a playlist in the sidebar, now. Lots of good instrumental stuff with an ancient-times vibe in there. Ah, I will be adding some more songs to it, but it takes the .xml some time to update, anyway, and I gotta find the links for the new songs.
  • The staff now look like normal players. Why? Messiah was built and is maintained by its memberbase, and we really kind of wanted to push that ideology. So, now no one can really tell who's staff at first glance. Yeah, I'm a jerk, I know.
  • Also, quick edit is broken on the new theme, I don't know why, I'll have to fiddle with it. Just use normal edit for now.
  • Finally, I did just remove a couple affiliate buttons because they removed us first, I don't think anyone cares, okay, moving on.

Wanted / Houses With Open Positions
« on: Nov 20, 2018, 01:14 AM »
We have quite a few houses on Messiah in the general setting that are available for adoption, and heads of house that can certainly be taken by players. One is also welcome to create their own house, but we highly recommend having a look at the existing non-played houses, as one may align to one's goals already. There are also several Houses with just one or two played members that can certainly accept more members.

Fully Adoptable
House Forrester
Highwind / Merchant Class
Unsurprisingly, given Highwind's huge foresting industry, the leaders of that foresting industry have generally always been Forresters. They are in relatively consistent contact with House Yrdyn and their vassals, and have worked out a deal with the Galacese that allows Highwindians to traverse through Galacese territory in exchange for the spiricite that forms in the rocky regions of Highwind's forests. On occasion, a Forrester is elected to a more central leadership position, but more often, the Forresters don't even bother running. They're humble woodworkers for the most part, and would prefer to remain that way. Well, most of them.

House Greyson
Dalmasca / Mercantile
Newcomers to the major noble lines of Dalmasca, Greyson were originally a minor house serving House Kenleigh, and when Kenleigh fell, Greyson arose to take their place. For the most part, Greyson have kept their noses clean, and remained out of interhouse conflict, but with the rise of the house as a major power in Dalmasca, that, most likely, will change, and soon, despite their head of house's attempts to prevent them from being dragged into it.
The head of house is established as being Adranos Greyson, but he may have siblings, and does have a living mother. He's also never been directly referenced in board-canon, so could be replaced.

House Kanesuke
Jihon / Warlord Class
House Kanesuke is well-known for having a large amount of military influence. Some of the House's ancestors literally wrote the book on military treatise, and many of Jihon's unique means of battle formation and tactic can be attributed to the Kanesukes. They gained much influence with other militarily leaned houses over the years, and are said to have created their own greatest opposition, and this would not be wrong. It is one of history's greatest ironies, perhaps, that the Kanesukes essentially raised their own enemies. They are generally not on good terms with more houses than not, and their influence is waning, so if they are to remain a major house, they'll have to turn their luck around.

House Munemoro
Jihon / Warlord Class
House Munemoro were cemented in Jihonese history thanks to Dao Munemoro, the first to fully study the art of creating weapons. They are now master weaponsmiths in Jihon, and if you want a good blade, you want either a Galacese blade, or a Munemoro, though House Teresi's work is getting quite good, too. They are very neutral, and tend not to want to become ujalin, instead happy to remain dedicated to their craft, and back other houses for the elevated position, instead.

House Rhordyn
Macenia / Warlord Class
One of the oldest and highest exalted lineages in Macenia, House Rhordyn (roar-den, roughly, yes inspired by Riordan) traditionally rules the largest tribe of Macenians still within its borders (there are a few roving the other side of the Free Cities). While they have lost this status a few times over the years, they always eventually get it back. House Rhordyn are on very good and familiar terms with House Yrdyn, and members of the house are somewhat frequent sights in Galacese lands. Their alliance began through sharing hunting grounds, and continued throughout the years. It is thought most Macenians have some blood from Rhordyn somewhere.

House Salonus
Dalmasca / Merchant Class
Notorious and well-known, even if they are never quite liked, Salonus is a name most Dalmascans know very well, and the slaves of Dalmasca know even better. Some have theorised anywhere between a third to a half of Dalmasca's adult slaves and ilim have, at one time, been in House Salonus, and many of those in brothels were 'trained' by Salonus, as well, for House Salonus deals in pleasure, no matter how perverse a pleasure it may be.
Gaius Salonus, the head of house, has been sort of NPC'd along, but he is technically playable, too. He has rather the firm interest in the Essair triplets, and once had both Lycaon and Axelius. He's meant to die someday, but one can certainly adopt his kids. He has two sons and one daughter, at the moment, and they're a bit incestuous.

House Zhu
Jihon / Ujalin Class
What the Zhu lack in most things, they make up for with sheer numbers. House Zhu are, and have been for a long time, the largest House in Jihon, and merely due to this, their influence is everywhere. Rarely do the Zhu take anything head-on, instead preferring to slip about the shadows, and manipulate other Jihonese Houses into playing their cards in a way that benefit the Zhu.

Partially Played
House Argyros
Haradi / Merchant Class
The oldest vassal line of House Assad, those of House Argyros have been with Haradi and House Assad for many generations. The line are merchants, and own a good deal of land in and around Haradi. Much of the market trade fluctuation in the Free City happens because of, or goes through, House Argyros, and it is they whom traditionally track taxes and tariffs.
Currently played is Kalix, but they have been missing for several years now. Kalix is meant to have parents and siblings both.

House Assad
Haradi / Royalty Class
The rulers of the Free City of Haradi for the last several generations, and the source of the auratech movement in the west, House Assad are an old and honoured lineage. Formerly warlords, the House have roots in the Ivory Mountains, at the base of which Haradi sits, but they are believed to have originally been Macenian.
Currently there are three Assads, Sidonai, the current King of Haradi, and his two sons, Ryhil and Tihaan (Pallas). Sidonai may have siblings, living parents, or even more children.

House Ihsan
Saqqara / Warlord Class
Originally hailing from Highwind, House Ihsan are a more recent addition to the vassals of House Lucain, but they are no less loyal for it. Rescued personally from poverty and certain eventual death by the King of Saqqara himself, the House have pledged loyalty to the Lucains, and to Saqqara, in return.
Currently played is the head of house, Kaspian. Most of Ihsan would likely be part of the Saqqaran Royal Guard. Kaspian does have a living sister and a living mother, but he's a hundred something and so are they, may have more siblings, his sister may have kids, and he may have kids, too. Kaspian is a were-fox.

House Lucain
Saqqara / Royalty Class
The founders, and rulers, of the Free City of Saqqara, for the last three thousand years, House Lucain is probably the most ancient noble line on Azaleon. The lineage don't flaunt this, however, and tend to keep their precise founding years to themselves, years long before the current era. Most, as a result, don't know much about House Lucain, and their story, truthfully, sounds like something out of a story book.
There are many Lucains currently in play, and they are all weres:
Sahura, head of house, king of Saqqara, founder of the house and Saqqara both, too, were-jackal.
Inetkaes, Sahura's elder sister, were-shark.
Sati, Sahura's eldest son, current blood champion of Nydema, better known as Spartacus, were-hawk.
Surya, Sahura's second son, also a renowned blood fighter in Dalmasca, better known as Gannicus, were-lion.
Atenra, Gannicus' eldest son, raised as a member of House Lancaster, were-cobra.
Sepheres, Gannicus' youngest son, ... actually raised as a pleasure slave but hey, not old enough yet but will be a were-dragon.
Alexios, Sahura's boyfriend.
Victoria, Gannicus' wifey.
It is fully possibly they all have more kids. A few also have wanted ads of their own in the wanted boards.

House Warwicke
Dalmasca / Merchant Class
A lowborn family of occasionally quite ill repute, House Warwicke stands on the bones of those that have fallen before them. While none can place direct blame on their shoulders, it is certainly no secret that a Warwicke, or several, has almost always had a hand in some ill fate or another befalling other houses. The Warwickes have blood ties to almost every other house in existence in Dalmasca, and quite often flaunt this fact.
Ksenia Essair married into Essair from Warwicke. However, it is long established she had parents and siblings. Warwicke has done some fairly nasty things in pursuit of power, so to say the least, they're not very kind to others, or each other, often.

House Yrdyn
Galace / Royalty Class
Pronounced 'eer-den'. Headed by Galacese Emperor Viniel, and his wife Alyssiel, this house holds a good deal of diplomatic power in Galace. As their head of house is the current emperor, they likely have dealings in a lot of different fields, but they are envisioned as very down to earth, and really more the type of nobility that never forget they're just people in the end. The only requirement for House Yrdyn is they are ilim, not hume. Galace will likely never be ruled by a hume. Perhaps weres someday, but not humes. House Yrdyn are on good terms with House Rhordyn of Macenia, and are frequent sights in the tribe's lands. Their alliance began through sharing hunting grounds, and continued throughout the years.
House Yrdyn has one played member, Shilthandien. Speak with @dragonborn if you're interested in playing another member of the House.

Heralds / Nov 19, 2018 -- Semi-Canon Denotation
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 04:13 AM »
Hey all!
Hello, yes, hi, I'm still staff. Going to stay that way. Random aside.

Now, the purpose of this update message is to inform everyone that Messiah is now what we're going to call "semi-canon." What this means is that a user's first character must fill a wanted ad. So, if you haven't posted a wanted ad that you've been sitting on for a while, I highly encourage everyone to post them. You can also use the Character Snippets thread in the Wanted board to post short, one to two line ideas for a character; these are going to function as the simplest and loosest wanted advertisements that we have available, so that if an interested member cannot find a wanted advertisement that strikes their fancy, they can take a short one to two line snippet and build the character they want. Think of them as character prompts. Just a simple idea, no detail.

However, our wanted advertisements do tend to range from very established, to extremely loose; one should be able to find a wanted request that can work for what they want, and hopefully they're a bit inspirational, too. Many of the wanted requests posted by staff will be story-line heavy characters, or very driving ones. Remember that any house that has no played members is absolutely up for grabs, take it, make it your own, have fun. The house outlines on the wiki are really only there for ideas if someone needs them; you can technically still go in any direction you want.

Anyway, by taking a wanted request first, it gives new players immediate plots with established players, and at least one buddy on the site to help them acclimate to the board, so we're hoping this makes Messiah a bit less intimidating to jump into.

... we also turned PMs back on. If they become a problem later, we'll turn them back off.

Finally, for some reason, the custom BBCodes have all broken. I'm working on figuring out why, but I make no promises on how quickly this issue will be resolved.

Side trivia, I'm also working on a new theme for the winter season, it will also be mobile responsive and come in two colour schemes, one light and one dark.

Wanted / blinding light
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 02:43 AM »
Aunt or Uncle
30-60 ♦ Dalmascan Hume (non-mage) ♦ Open PB
The Essair Wiki page is over here.

There may be more than one of these, realistically speaking, and there are probably more on their mother's side. This want is specifically for a brother or sister of Kassandros' father's (his name was Vopiscus). Vopiscus was essentially a detrimentally-ambitious, sly fox. He raised his sons to be stepping stones to power, rather than raising them as his sons, and this character, or characters, as the case may be, did not necessarily agree with this viewpoint. Ultimately, given Vopiscus' manner of raising his children essentially broke all of them, to say the least of it, this character's quite vindicated. Unfortunately, they never said anything, and now they're all very messed up and this character (or characters) have rather the mess on their hands. The boys have more or less destroyed themselves to function, and started breaking each other.

Alongside Merenwen, this character, or these characters, would be working toward making the Essair sons more emotionally stable, and thereby more immediately capable of handling every day things. You know, preferably before they just utterly break apart. I did have an internal head-canon that the Essair triplets have an aunt that looks like Ruby Rose, but that's not a hard requirement, feel free to ignore it. The family is not blond. Kass and Ksenia were both dark-haired when they were born.

____ Mornaux, ____ Brunsmere, ____ Irovaine
Everything open.

These houses are not actually in the wiki, because I didn't see a reason for them to be. Anyway, this want is for the head of house for House Mornaux, House Brunsmere, and House Irovaine. Mornaux are envisioned to have a hand in the assassin show in Dalmasca, while Irovaine are known to be heavy in the military scene. Most Irovaine males became very important military officials, and a few have made it into the government, just not very high up. One of the Irovaines could very well be a current Justicar.

House Brunsmere run farms, but they don't actually grow food or produce wine like House Asheron, they basically produce psychotropic drugs. Cocaine falls under the header of a psychotropic drug, for an idea of what they deal in. I also sort of imagined Brunsmere has a penchant for producing a lot of seers, but they aren't exactly seers, more like ... ehh think the Oracle of Delphi. Really fuckin' high. Lol It would be very cool if one of them somehow manages to drug their brain enough to be in contact with one of the gods regularly, though.

Mornaux also very likely have dealings in poisons and probably medicinal things. Their underground dealings are probably slotted under their being healers and doctors in public during daylight, but the lights go out and man they can screw your evening up.

Now, all three of these Houses fall under the collective "Cobras" umbrella, and House Essair's Cobras have been slowly replacing the police force in Nydema. To say the least of it, they're sort of important, and pretty instrumental to Essair's reach for Imperator.

These Houses probably came to be one of Essair's vassals through Kassandros' efforts, not Vopiscus'; he was not very smart a person. If usual trends hold, they probably are Essair vassals because Kassandros helped them out of a tight jam in some way, he's pretty good at helping people. The thing with him though, is he does not demand loyalty; those that he gains it from give it freely. It's up to whomever takes any of these Houses and gets them moving in-play how exactly they feel about him. Given so many people are, it's entirely possible one or several of the Essair vassals are actually now against Kassandros' bid for Imperator because they don't think he can handle it right now. Not because he's incapable of it, but because he's very young, and not terribly emotionally stable, never mind he's dying.

So. I actually thought one of them may turn against Kassandros and try stopping him from reaching Imperator, not... like maliciously, but more of a, I want something better than this for you and you're not stopping, so I will make you. Could be an interesting plot-line, particularly if the House that turns on him is very close to him, personally.

Wanted / Character Snippets
« on: Nov 18, 2018, 12:20 AM »
This thread is intended as small want-ad like snippets, that are really more like a sole, loose idea, that a character can be created from if someone wishes to do so. Taking one of these and creating a character from it does constitute taking a want-ad, so you can start the game with one of these if you'd prefer.

  • A pirate that lost his ship.
  • Blood fighter that earned freedom, and then volunteered himself back into the arena.
  • Just-freed former slave trying to make it as a merchant.
  • A former head-of-house that left their home to travel.
  • A commoner from the Free Cities seeing slavery in Dalmasca the first time.
  • Rough and tumble sell-sword that's more of a softie than they let on.
  • A farmer that lost their fields to drought, who came to ask for aide from their patron house, and gets caught up with pirates.
  • Former servant to nobility that got lost in the woods - very lost.
  • Former assassin that was faced with the consequences of living by murdering, and are now questioning everything.

If you come up with an idea, post it here!

Absences, Intros, and Goodbyes / Been in and out
« on: Oct 06, 2018, 06:36 PM »
Sorry guys, been pretty unreliable.
Working on rebooting one of my old sites and a bunch of code work, so yeah I'm... really slow. Still trying to get posts out, it's just taking me an age. I keep looking up like wow when did it become <insert date here>. Like, did you know it's fucking October? Wild.

So, yeah. Still around, still doing stuff, just slow as heck-all.

News Archives / Sep 20, 2018 -- Alert Wonk
« on: Sep 20, 2018, 03:31 PM »
I have noticed some awkwardness with the topic and board watch alerts in the alert system, and am curious if anyone else is having the same issue. Make sure your notification settings are set to alert on topics and boards receiving new replies/topics, and let me know if the system ever stops dinging you.

Otherwise, just be aware, I guess, that they may stop for some odd reason, I haven't narrowed down why. As far as I can tell, they are meant to log themselves as sent and I think this is to prevent the system from dinging you on multiple replies in the same thread before you post to it again, but that does not make sense, because the system will still send you multiple alerts for the same thread. I'm trying to make sense of this and fix it, guys, I promise, just, hang tight.

If an important topic of yours stops alerting and you need it alerting again, just let me know which topic, and I'll force it to do it again via the database.

House Essair / What Just Happened?
« on: Sep 13, 2018, 12:14 AM »
"Ah," Kassandros' voice interrupted what idle thoughts were running through Tristan's mind. He was helping with breakfast, again, this morning, and it'd seem Kassandros had a thing he wanted. "Now that you're both in the same room as each other," and here, the white-haired boy held up a piece of paper, and then started reading it, presumably. "I, Kassandros Essair, name my slaves, Sandalio and Tristan, no longer beholden to servitude, and free citizens under the name and patronage of House Essair. Thenceforth, they will be recognised as free citizens under Dalmascan law, with all right and freedom granted by such status."

"Wait," Tristan started, "what?"
Kassandros looked a bit amused. "You're free," he said, like that answered everything. "Both of you. I ah, took the liberty of registering you with the citizenship office under your real names, hope you don't mind."

Was he serious?

Obviously he was serious. Tristan had never known Kassandros not to be, but it didn't make this entire thing any easier to wrap his head around. He'd... just freed them, what on earth - well, he knew what on earth, logically, but it still made very little sense to him. Why now? Why at all? Wasn't Sandalio kind of invaluable? Far be it for Tristan to quibble too much, but - and besides, it wasn't like Sandalio was going anywhere. He... Tristan was pretty sure he had a thing.

Hadn't asked yet. Maybe now was a bad time.

"Nothing has to change, if you don't want it to," Kassandros mentioned. "Well, I'll be paying you starting today, that's a thing. Labour laws, and all of that, they apply now."
"It's okay," the younger said, giving this odd, lopsided half-smile. "I'm sure it'll take some getting used to. Estelle is also registered; I haven't bothered trying to explain the concept of being a slave one day and not the next and what that even means to a four year old, so, good luck. Well you probably want to wonder among yourselves what the fuck is wrong with me, and maybe decide if you're staying or going, I hear there's a caravan headed for Haradi soon, yeah? Yeah? Have a nice talk!" And Kassandros headed out.

Tristan, for his own, turned to Sandalio, one eyebrow arched upward. "... caravan to Haradi, huh? ... did you do something bad?" There was an awful lot of emphasis on that caravan to Haradi.


The Festival of Iuna / Rumour Pickings
« on: Sep 09, 2018, 09:11 PM »
She was here.

Here and rather quite displeased about it, actually, and trying so very much not to punch anyone in the face. That was, as it happened, somewhat difficult, given she had spent the last six years being high-pitch-giggly-whined at by... what was even that girl's name, again? It wasn't like Livia cared (give her another two or three glasses of wine, and she'd care even less), but remembering names and things, those typically were very good things to remember.

"You look radiantly dreadful," was what Kassandros decided to say, upon slinking up beside her somewhere amid Livia mentally stabbing someone and reaching for another glass of wine.
"And you look like you'd rather be anywhere else," Livia answered, sounding more bemused than anything. "I take it the guards are working out," she added, glancing behind him at his shadow.
"Yes well," Kass answered. "You know," he went on, dropping his voice a bit. "I'd figure free people would be less difficult to get to go somewhere else, but this one decided he's not leaving."
Livia, in all her fine slightly buzzed controlled manner, let out a very unladylike snort. "Well, Alcides." That was all she had to say. ... hey, wait a minute... Alcides wouldn't leave because - so did that mean Kassandros' guard had a - ... well guards did seem to currently have a track record of - ... how did he find enough hume in there to fall for, anyway... that was a very terrible thing to think. (See drunk. See not caring.)
"... yes. Alcides," Kass agreed. "So, anything interesting?" He was changing the subject. It wasn't like Livia was too drunk to notice that much. (He was not getting away with it.)
"Nope," Livia replied. "Just a bunch of high-pitched giggling and complaining about shipments being late. You're a merchant, Livia, couldn't you, you know, do something? Yes. I'm apparently more powerful than I thought, hmm. This'll get confusing, I seem to get caught going back and forth between powerless and all powerful quite randomly a lot."
Of course. Kassandros didn't say it, but the look on his face probably did.

"You know why Alcides won't go, right?" she asked.
"Well I think that's Icarus calling me, nice seeing you," and Kass turned right around and headed somewhere else. "Slow down on the wine, Livia."
Livia, of course, made a face. "You know you can't run from everything! Sooner or later you have to stop running, Kassandros! ... why do I bother?" she asked, looking at his guard. Honestly, why did she bother? Who knew.

News Archives / Sep 5, 2018 -- Upgrade Time-Line
« on: Sep 06, 2018, 12:41 AM »
IP Tech's server is now upgraded to using Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.1. The Character Manager for SMF 2.1/PHP 7.1 is also now complete, it just needs its installer written. So, here's how we're going to do this.

First, I'll be pulling character information from Messiah's current Character Mod installation. These database tables will be imported to an installation of SMF 2.1, and then the new Character Manager will be installed, and its upgrader run. All characters will temporarily be set as NPCs, posts moved over, and everything set up nice and shiny-like, and then that board will replace this one.

It should be pretty seamless, the change-over should be more or less instant when it's ready to be changed over. Feel free to keep posting in the interim! I'm expecting this to take about two or three days.

Test edit.

News Archives / Aug 7, 2018 -- Character Mod Transition
« on: Aug 07, 2018, 04:42 PM »
With the release of my Character Mod for SMF, we'll be transitioning Messiah to using it here in a bit. Here's how this will work:
  • Backups will be taken, just in case something goes awry.
  • The Character Mod will be installed and set up. Shouldn't take long.
  • Players will then be able to transfer their characters from the old subaccounts system to the new character mod system. Lots of copy-pasting.
  • Once all characters are moved from one to the other, I'll run a short MySQL function to move character posts from their character account, to their parent's, and then slap the character's ID onto it for the override.
  • The above means, make sure your character names are the same on both systems. Not username, but display name. If it doesn't match names, it won't swap posts.
  • Once that's done, we'll delete the old accounts and subaccount keys, uninstall the subaccount system, and we're free to rock.
  • The Character Mod comes with an automatic thread tracker. This means it'll add threads your character(s) post(s) to on its own. I'll be running a bookmark SQL query to try and copy bookmarks for characters from the bookmark system to the tracker system in the character mod, but I make no promises. I may need to do it manually.
Hopefully, this won't take but a day or two. I'm sorry, but unless you're here to do things with your accounts, you will lose them. So if you come back in another month wondering why your characters are gone, well, idk what to tell you. Remake them, I guess.

You'll love the character mod, promise.

News Archives / Jun 10, 2018 -- Mature Filter Note
« on: Jun 10, 2018, 04:11 AM »
Aight, this isn't terribly important, but, I made subaccount ages run off the parent account's age, so if you have the parent account one filled in and it's valid, all your subaccounts can or cannot see mature content, depending on your settings. Likewise, if you leave your parent account's birth date blank, your subaccounts don't magically get mature access because of a missing year.

Two things this means:
  • One, you can input character birthdates without messing up the mature content filters, as before, it would automatically give users with no year input access to mature content because for some stUPID reason, SMF files that as being born in year 0004, making you like 2,000 years old, so this would override having it off for people that didn't want to see it;
  • Two, your subaccounts should automatically have permission to view and edit posts in their mature threads now, without having to input an age-appropriate year.
Remember, however, foregoing the year on your OOC account will cause mature content to happen. Be sure you want that before doing it.


Member Discussion / What you listenin to?
« on: Jun 03, 2018, 08:45 PM »

Code: [Select]
[youtube]video id[/youtube]
But unfortunately it needs something besides the video with it because I think it thinks it's blank without it. lol

starscream / Notes notes to self person
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:56 AM »
Uh, Sandalio brother, is he still a thing? Tbh I think I have two, kill me, ok. (Jayme and Tristan, Tristan is the older one.)
Thread threads, do things stuff.
Erm maybe need another want ad... For.... Are we trying to get Nikias or are we preemptively giving up?
Kalix has family too, may wanna do those.
Ads, do more, ok.
Sidonai and Suyis can do with siblings too, tho Sidonai needs his royal guard and stuff also.
Oh also, Suyis has a merry band of pirates.

Plotting / we shine; [essie's plotty thingie]
« on: Apr 17, 2018, 12:47 AM »
I need to redo this.

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