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Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: Jun 26, 2018, 06:34 PM »

The offer caused Einan to stroke his chin in thought. An interesting idea, becoming a crew member aboard probably the best damn airship out there. Einan had to admit, he was curious enough to see it behind the scenes and he was dying to look around more. Not that he wanted to make that obvious. The whole deal sounded almost too sweet, though. Crew member, free travel, and the occasional roll in the sheets with Suyis? 

What did he have to lose, though? It wasn't as if Suyis was chaining him to the wall or calling the guards on him. (Of course not, that would be absurd. The thought was absurd in itself.) 

Einan nodded after a moment and then extended his hand to his new partner in business. 

"All right then; how can I say no to such a sweet deal?" 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 04:13 PM »
"I like it already." 

With friends in high places and a dreadnought transporting his nice shinies, it seemed like running into a thief had been the most fortunate thing to happen to Einan tonight. Well, one of them, anyway. He smiled to himself as he ran an idle hand through Suyis' hair, enjoying the way his body stretched beside him. 

Since Suyis asked, Einan's interest was piqued. 

"Did you have something else in mind?"

Einan had merely thought it would be beneficial to have somebody to run his items to places where he couldn't normally go. He hadn't thought much beyond that but if there were other benefits to this... arrangement then he was interested. 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: Jun 14, 2018, 01:08 PM »
Yes, yes, somewhere over there. Einan eyed the clothing that had been tossed haphazardly across the room, his own clothes mixed in with the lot of it. Not in any particular hurry, however, Einan continued to make himself comfortable. He rested his cheek in his hand and his dark eyes searched Suyis' gaze. 

"Ah. I'm glad you asked." He smiled slowly. "I'm an auratech engineer--something I suspect you're familiar with. I've been dealing weaponry where, let's say... it's not quite legal to own such things."

This could be a trap. He was still watching Suyis for any sign that he expressed anything other than interest, amusement, perhaps mischief. Einan didn't have a bad feeling in his gut about this ordeal but it was easy to see why not. Suyis was disarming. A thief, a rogue, a pirate, even. He didn't seem like any law-abiding citizen but that could be the set up. 

Nah, I'm not that famous. Einan had made sure of that, by going to his customers with most of his face hidden. 

"I'm sure you see where this is going." 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 12:14 PM »
Running a hand through his mess of dark hair, Einan's gaze slid over Suyis' body. This was true; they'd had a good time but Einan had yet to throw his name into the ring. How utterly rude of him. He smiled slowly, letting his hand slide behind the back of his own neck as he made himself more comfortable. It was nice to get out and let out the tension that had slowly been building during his time away. Generally, the pleasure district was enough to dispel that but... For somebody whose line of work wasn't pleasure, Einan had to say: he was quite impressed. 

"It's Einan," he said after a moment. If they were going to be business partners from here on out, there was no point in hiding his name. Besides, he wasn't nearly as famous by name alone as Suyis was. 

"And do you even remember where they are?" he asked, referring to the hessions that had been stolen from him. He'd gladly take them back. Besides, it seemed like something of an insult to insist that Suyis keep them. The whole short game of cat and mouse had taken place because Einan wanted his hard-earned money back and if he didn't have to, he wasn't going to part with them that willingly. 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: Jun 04, 2018, 04:55 PM »
Yes, a deal. He couldn't tell if Suyis was actually entertaining the thought or if his snort meant that the idea was beyond his scope. What was his scope, anyway? The last pirate that Einan did work with, in order to transport himself and cargo, hadn't worked to his satisfaction. In that he'd woken up with a dagger to the throat and all of his goods being robbed.

It was unfair; if he told Suyis about that, it would paint him a terrible light. Einan was good at what he did. Creation? Bomb. Moving merchandise... Perhaps not his forté but he was working on it. 

Talk of the deal was left behind as they entered Suyis' quarters. Hard to talk business when he was climbing up after an attractive man, watching him and ah, well, knowing what was about to take place. Actually, he had a few opinions on that; he was either about to taste steel or he was about to have a good time. Or maybe there'd be some combination of the two. 

"Nice," was what Einan had to say about the room. His eyebrows swept upward, surprised. Somehow, he had just assumed this person lived atop mounds of treasures. He kinda reminded Einan a bit of a slithery little dragon. He decided to keep that to himself; some people didn't take that sort of talk as a compliment. 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: Jun 02, 2018, 02:49 PM »
"I don't," Einan said in amusement. "I was thinking we might be able to strike up a deal together."

After all, Einan might be an auratech engineer but he didn't actually own, lead, or serve anybody with an actual dreadnought in their possession. If they could strike a deal together, one that went beyond having fun under the sheets, then Einan could sell his gains in wider circles. Hence, the question. Then again, why ask a thief such a foolish question? Of course the cargo wasn't legally obtained.

But that part could be saved until later. Einan still didn't know if he was about to shipped off to parts unknown and sold off somewhere or if Suyis knew who he was and planned to find out where his stash was and take it. Maybe he really did just want to have a good time. Sure seemed that way, what with that last comment and that forever amused expression on his face. 

"No," he agreed. "I doubt it is. So why don't you show me what I came for?"

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:09 PM »
Kismet seemed to be a dirty word to Suyis. Personally, Einan had no strong feelings about kismet, one way or the other. It had mostly been spoken in jest but Suyis wasn't the first person he'd met who didn't like thinking that their lives were left to a roll of some god's die. Really, if Einan had strong ties to gods, then he wouldn't have pursued a career in engineering. (And then thrown it all away for something far less prestigious--but that was neither here nor there.) 

There it was. The dreadnought. The real thing, not something in Suyis' pants. Einan was impressed; even if he couldn't see it properly from the outside, the inside already caught his attention. Following Suyis inside, he was momentarily disoriented by the first step, even though he'd been warned. It did indeed move. He might have mentioned fixing it, especially if he had people entering it while it was cloaked but Suyis seemed blissfully aware of the fact. If he wanted to fix it, surely it would have been fixed by now. 

Einan eyed the boxes. 

"How much of this is legal?"  

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:42 PM »
"Flagship works. You know what they say."

Yes, they were being quite... the nerds, weren't they? Einan was enjoying himself, surprisingly--despite the fact that he'd been robbed. And he could be walking himself straight into a trap and get himself sold into slavery or some shit but he was happily following the pretty stranger. Suyis. Dreadnought. Suyis. The dreadnought. Things were starting to fall into place and Einan could hardly believe his strange luck. 

"Don't be either," he said. Impressed or insulted. Einan did know who Suyis was. Just... he never actually met the creator before. The name could have been some clever pseudonym for all he knew. But he could see that it was true as he looked at the blurry space where a dreadnought could have been. Shit. It was real. All of it was real. Shit. Shit. 

Not one to be intimidated or cowed by others, Einan let out a soft laugh of disbelief and shook his head. 

"What do they call this?" he asked, both himself and Suyis. "Kismet?" 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 29, 2018, 08:01 PM »
"You don't call it that on the first day or it simply isn't that big on the first day?" Einan's eyebrow rose in lingering amusement. 

Flexibility to maneuver any situation; that was part of what it took doing what he did. Einan had never been one of those stick-serious engineering types, even back home. He'd been the one with a quip and the one that suffered glares for his levity. It wasn't a surprise, then, that he'd taken what he'd learned to benefit himself. Einan was also that--selfish. He was looking out for number one. If he didn't find Suyis so attractive, he most certainly would have found a way to get those hessions back.

Briefly, Einan closed his eyes as his jaw was gently stroked. He opened them to an almost patronizing pat on the cheek--narrowed them as Suyis twisted his way out of Einan's trap. A game? Another game? Einan turned to Suyis, to find that he was gesturing for him to follow. Probably back to his dreadnought. Now, now. This was amusing. 

"It's real? You actually have a dreadnought?"

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 28, 2018, 09:43 PM »
Well, wasn't he an awfully easy-going one? Was this encounter going by the numbers for him? Catch a person's attention by robbing them, set off on a chase, and then... this? It seemed like he played hard-to-get but not really. More... impish. More... mischievous. Einan liked that look in his eyes; something about it made his heart patter faster and it definitely stirred interest in lower regions. After all, this was just the sort of androgynous beauty that Einan was attracted to. 

And he could touch that hair all day, really. His fingertips sifted through long, sable hair, somewhat amused but mostly aroused. 

Einan didn't mind fucking against walls either--he might very well have if that was what they had to resort to. But he had to admit, he preferred somewhere a little more secluded. Einan liked to put all of his attention into his lovers, not looking over his shoulder for possible voyeurs. 

He lowered his head and let out a soft, genuinely amused laugh. 

"That," he said, as he raised his head, lightly brushing his nose against Suyis' as he did so, "entirely depends on the... dreadnought." Double entendre or not, his lips quirked into a crooked little smile. "But I'd like to see yours."

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 28, 2018, 11:15 AM »
Of course. It could be, it could be something else. Since he so willingly offered up his name, Einan was somewhat inclined to believe it was his name but it could just be some thief name he'd given himself, some pseudonym to hide under when he made off with people's hessions. How did he know where they were, anyway? Einan could have sworn he'd hidden them well enough. Well no, maybe not. He was pretty sure he'd just slipped them into one of his coat's hidden pockets. Any thief worth his salt would have known about hidden pockets. Not to mention, how to slide the pouch out without so much as being detected.

While Einan studied the man's face, trying to read his expression, he had to ask himself--how long had Suyis been in possession of his money--and had he been waiting for Einan to notice? Hm. 

Suyis was clever; there was no need to explain to him what the hessions were for. He was playing coy, looking at him through those long, dark lashes like he was only just now wrapping his head around the concept. Had he planned for this? Hard to tell. Einan couldn't imagine that this happened every time Suyis here stole from somebody. After all, only a short while ago, Einan had been irritated by the interruption and the audacity it must have taken to simply take his money and run off with it.

How many actually gave chase, at that?

Einan kind of didn't care at the moment. It was hard to care about motives when Suyis shifted his body just so and used his voice in just the sort of soft tone that Einan was attracted to. Suyis, he was sure, drove many a person crazy. He has to know what he's doing. And that was partly annoying and partly intriguing. Damn it all, if he wasn't being sucked into the game whilst being aware of it. 

His gaze locked onto those amused, dancing eyes, then took in the pretty curve of his lips. Abandoning all pretense of looking for his lost money pouch, he brushed at Suyis' dark hair with his fingertips.

"I wouldn't spend my hessions on anything less." 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 27, 2018, 08:14 PM »
One way or another, Einan was getting that money back. He was marching back into the heart of the pleasure district, and he was going to pay a pretty price for a pretty face and he was going to relax. That was his plan for the evening, barring this unfortunate incident. There was no doubt that the thief had taken his pouch--he taunted him with it earlier and that was definitely his. So it had to be on his person... somewhere. And it wasn't in his boot because he hadn't leaned down before taking off.

Shirt? Secret pocket--Einan had those, so he knew too well about them. He was guessing a thief would have them, too. 

Also, the threat of turning him in did little to deter the smiling thief. If anything, he looked like he was winning at some secret game between himself and... himself, since Einan wasn't privy to the rules. 

"Oh, I'm so glad you've given me your name, Suyis," he said, "if that's even your name." He tried to slide his hand into Suyis' shirt, aware his hands were definitely all over the man's body but not particularly worried about it. Suyis didn't seem that worried either, except for the occasional squirming. Was he ticklish? Or was he just... What was he?! Yeah... what was he?

"Or," he said, hand sliding down over Suyis' hip as he considered his captured thief. He had a pretty smile. Hair looked soft. His body moved like a dream; it would have taken a blind man not to notice during the chase. Agility usually related to some interesting positions in bed. "You can keep it and serve its intended use."

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 26, 2018, 05:45 PM »
"No," he agreed, in regards to his face. "It's not."

And what raised his ire was the fact that the thief was still playing. There was a shimmer of amusement dancing in his damned eyes, like he'd stolen that pouch with the intent of being found out--and caught. Which annoyed Einan because this was most decidedly cutting into his time with some pretty young thing in a brothel. 

He immediately slid his hand from the thief's shoulder to his wrist, so that he could keep a tight grasp on him. As weasly as this guy was turning out to be, it wouldn't surprise him if he still got out of hand. Or what? His brow twitched involuntarily with irritation.

"You just said it yourself. I'll turn you in." He used his free hand to try and track down his damned pouch without a thought towards physical proximity. If this guy wanted space, he shouldn't have stolen his goods and run off with them--and then challenged him to find the pouch afterward! Cursing under his breath, he patted the thief down. 

"Seriously, where is it?"

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 26, 2018, 12:40 PM »
Those were his hard earned hessions, damn it! He wasn't letting go of them that easily and certainly not that number of them! As he continued to sprint after the thief, he found himself contemplating the position of his life in that moment. How did he go from coming into the pleasure district with his sights set on a soft, warm body to dance up to... only to run the streets in such a blur that he was probably passing up some prime opportunities! 

The thief's laugh rang through the alleyway, taunting Einan. That put a burst of speed into him, determined to catch the thief now more than ever. Laughing at him? The indignity! (And being called slow certainly didn't help--he thought of himself as quite fast.) That just put more speed into his step. 

That must have worked because he could see him, closer, closer, closer...! 

Einan was on him. As soon as his hand darted out to shove a shoulder into the wall, his other hand shot out to trap the thief between the stone wall behind him and Einan's body. 

"Pouch," he demanded. "Now." 

Pleasure District / There's been a robbery
« on: May 25, 2018, 03:45 PM »
For a second, Einan couldn't believe that he was seeing what he was seeing. His pouch, strung up in the hand of somebody that appeared to be taunting him. A thief so bold as to steal from him on the street and then taunt him? Einan raised his brows slightly in disbelief. Before he could expound said disbelief, the thief was off.

There wasn't a moment to lose. While his head was still shrouded in blatant disbelief, the rest of Einan's body said run. Not away--after the thief. It was foolish and it was stupid because it was probably a trap but with his head still clinging to the disbelief at the thief's audacity, Einan obeyed his bodily instincts.

He ran. He ran as fast as his fleet feet could take him. The thief was pretty tall and had a pair of long legs but Einan was confident that he could take him, especially with adrenaline boosting his performance. But the thief was fast and he seemed adept at maneuvering the streets of the pleasure district at his quick pace. Einan had never run through it; he'd always strolled leisurely through the area.

Yelling stop felt useless but he still shouted, "Thief!" as if some random passerby would be inclined to assist him in capturing the thief.

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