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Town Center / stay
« on: Jul 19, 2018, 08:28 PM »
Yes, well, being blood related didn't inherently - perhaps that was a moot thing to argue about. She was sure, by now, they were rather aware of that. It was unfortunate, and yet, it wasn't as if Ksenia could undo what she'd done. She should've stayed. She should've fought harder. She should've, should've, should've. They were the same old circles her mind went in, before, albeit now, perhaps things had turned out exactly as they were meant to. Ksenia didn't often prescribe to the idea of fate, not really. Still, sometimes she wondered, if maybe certain things happened for a reason. Most humes liked to believe that things had a reason, particularly bad things, if only because, if bad things had a reason, it meant they weren't just because. It meant there wasn't pain for the sake of itself.

Ksenia had been young and naive and stupid, that was all. It was, still, her fault, for leaving, she shouldn't have, but you know, maybe ending up dead wasn't much better. At least she could be here, now. Far too late, maybe (certainly, she hoped not), yet, she was still here. Still she breathed, and perhaps she was a bit wiser than she'd been, then. If Kassandros was leading the house, now, he could use her help. After her mind came back, the rest of the way, of course, certainly she'd be glad to help. He was not Vopiscus, however, and Ksenia found it difficult to believe he'd lead the house down a particularly wrong pathway. Ah, but he was young, and the young were often short-sighted. Perhaps even a seer, might be, particularly one as all-knowing as he was. It was easy to miss that which was right in front of you, if you were too busy focusing on what was still quite some time off.

Did he know? What it meant to be what he was? Vopiscus never did understand. Perhaps Merenwen might've been able to explain it, but she remembered Kassandros having a habit of hyper-focusing too hard on one, specific thing, and completely missing that there were better ways of achieving the same thing. It wasn't difficult to imagine what he really was being lost somewhere in there. Further, it wasn't like anyone knew he and his brothers were demi-gods. Ksenia had, of course, never shared that information, until... right then.

"What it sounds like," she answered. "Vopiscus is not your father. You have no blood from House Essair. It is moot, I suppose. Your real father's... a very busy person, and will likely never be the father you want, merely because he can't be. There are some things in relation to that you should know, if you don't already, but we'll get there." They had, of course, a connection to the light they likely did not realize. As their physical forms were not exactly hume, they were a bit stronger than most humes, albeit only just, if they were aware they should be. The light, of course, answered your heart. If you believed, well, sometimes it was.

"Kassi told me, when you were four," Ksenia replied. "Fourteen? That's so early... ... Icarus, he's alright, isn't he? He didn't... he didn't fall down the same thought paths Vopiscus did, did he? There's still hume in him somewhere?" Maybe he wouldn't tell her, maybe she'd have to figure it out on her own, but, Icarus would know better than she.

Town Center / stay
« on: Jul 16, 2018, 06:58 PM »
Oh, she supposed he wouldn't necessarily remember that. Come to think of it, though, she wasn't sure if she'd ever told them that she'd married into Kenleigh originally. Quite honestly, at the time, they couldn't really fully understand the implications of that. Cy... Cygnus was the youngest triplet. Her eldest son was Cy... Cyprus? Cyprian. There we go.

"Essair... I wasn't sure if you'd still consider me an Essair." Considering she was the one that walked away... she never should've. She shouldn't have left Cyprian, either, she should've been stronger, and Vopiscus wasn't even truly threatening, either. What did it matter to her, if he'd torn House Warwicke down? It would've saved many a lot of pain, and the worst he could've done was killed her. He wouldn't have harmed the triplets; they were too valuable to him.

She should've been stronger. Aemilius might've killed Cyprian, if she'd pushed him, but Vopiscus wasn't quite as volatile. It was too late, now, for should've, could've, would've, might be, maybe, and still she thought things like that, had for the last decade.

"Cyprian is your elder half-brother," she said. "I married Aemilius, first. House Warwicke were House Kenleigh's vassal, at the time, it was rather the honor. Aemilius freaked them out, he had a knack for doing that, and they remarried me to Vopiscus after, to try and protect Warwicke from Aemilius' wrath." Clearly, they'd done something right, given the House were still standing. "Vopiscus isn't your father, either, but perhaps that is a conversation for another time." Most likely, they'd not really believe her, anyway. Ultimately, perhaps it didn't matter, in the end. It wasn't as if Ytias would ever truly be their father, anyway.

If he said so. She'd just try and believe that, then. There was no sense in arguing. At any rate, they were already going home (she'd missed having somewhere that was home), and perhaps she should just be thankful at least one of them apparently didn't hate her. She'd been expecting them to. It would've made sense.

"I suppose, by now, the flowers killed Vopiscus, hmm?" That was the most likely outcome. She'd gone, just like Kassi had said, and if usual trends held, he'd been right about the pretty lady, too. He'd been young, then. It was debatable, if he even remembered making that prediction.

Town Center / stay
« on: Jul 08, 2018, 10:53 PM »
"You followed Thana," the woman said, toned off-hand and nonchalant, as if it explained everything. "You already do meet what little I'd hoped for." In her mind, anyone willing to give a random, unknown slave the benefit of the doubt, and not only listen to him, but follow him, too... he wasn't much like his father, that was all, and in the end, it was the only thing she really hoped for. That at least one of them had learned their father was not necessarily right all the time. There was hope, then, that they'd learned to live their own lives, instead of living in Vopiscus' shadow, and that was what she wanted, in the end.

Oh, right, Ksenia. "Right, the conversation about Ksenia Kenleigh sounding funny, I remember now." Yes, Ksenia, that was her name. Or was it Ksenia... er... well, now she didn't remember the triplets' house name, either. She knew that, of course, she just hadn't really been thinking about it too hard. Her name was probably Ksenia Warwicke, anyway, she supposed it didn't matter any.

For a moment, she looked a bit perplexed. It seemed an odd thing to be upset about. Then, of course, she thought about it, and realized perhaps that was a strange thing to find confusing. "I hear," she answered. Food, later, that may be a good idea, yes. "Suppose eating may be a good idea. I wouldn't want to impose, though." Her welcome was, perhaps, somewhere in the air, still.

Town Center / stay
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 08:17 PM »
Ah. Perhaps that was a hair surprising. The woman looked momentarily confused, and then shrugged, just slightly. "Kassi has blond hair, and your eyes are bright blue. The youngest... ... C... nnn, his eyes are more gray tinted." Yes, that was how she remembered which was which. "I think their features are a bit sharper than yours, too." A bit. Icarus had a slight bit of a baby-face, to her. Perhaps that was an odd thing to think. "I remember Cyprian's eyes being the greenish ones. Aemilius' eyes were amber, not sure how Cyprian's ended up green." It was difficult to say.

76? Oh, that was a long time. Um. "Oh... eleven years? You're seventeen, now, then. You grew into a fine young man. I bet your brothers did, too." Most likely. Or, perhaps more accurately, that was what she hoped for. Thana, right, "Thana, I'm sorry, I keep forgetting." He knew that, and she knew that he knew, logically. Still, it seemed a bit rude, to keep forgetting his name. "Then again, I forgot my own, haha." She should, perhaps, be a bit kinder to herself.

Home. They were going home... that'd be nice. "Mmkay," she decided, flopping her head onto Thana's shoulder, quite happy to just let him get them wherever they were going. "... not the Warwickes, right?" One eye peeked open, clearly concerned.

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jul 02, 2018, 08:18 PM »
No, the woman didn't remember that. Come to think, though, she vaguely remembered them roasting a chicken, that first night they were gone (was it the first?), but she didn't recall him doing anything to it before or after, besides that. Tendons, he said, he'd pulled the tendons out, that was creative. Certainly, it wasn't anything the woman would've thought up. Right, the arrowhead was also made of bone, apparently the chicken's bones. How was it, that he'd learned to seemingly use everything of what he'd killed? Could he do the same thing with deer, and such? It stood to reason, certainly.

"That's a lot of things to be able to make with just... stuff lying around, more or less," she said. "Where'd you learn all this? Just, trial and error, or...? Sometimes, I think I should be more self-sufficient. Maybe once, there were always other people to make sure I got what I needed, but..." She glanced around, a bit. "You're pretty dependable, but, I could help, too." After everything he was risking and had already done, for her, she felt like she kind of owed him, and, being able to somewhat pull her own weight was a start.

Maybe it wasn't enough of one, necessarily, but it was a start. Everyone had to begin somewhere, didn't they?

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jun 29, 2018, 11:44 PM »
Oooh! That made sense. The notch in the stick kept the arrowhead from wiggling around too much back and forth, and the cords would keep it steady side to side. Then, the stick behind the arrowhead would prevent it from sliding backward. That was ingenious, and she was even more awed by what he could do, with just a stick, a piece of bone, and some cord.

Where'd he get the cord, anyway? She frowned, slightly, thinking about it. She didn't remember him finding any cords, or rope. That was strange, to her. "It's a good thing, you seem to remember what our ancestors knew. Where'd you get the cord? I don't remember. Is that also made from something?" It seemed, at least, to her, he was quite skilled at this making things out of other things deal. "What else do you know how to make? You're really good at this."

Was it strange a thing to be impressed by? Maybe it was.

Town Center / stay
« on: Jun 29, 2018, 11:38 PM »

Oh! Someone else that did ice magic! That was helpful. She was pretty sure, though, the nice man she was staying with wasn't a mage. Hmm. If he was, and his affinity was ice, too, then he probably would have shown that, before now. Odd moment to decide to, but, perhaps he'd only just - ah, but then, he wouldn't have had the control for it. No, there was a second one. She tilted her head, on the floor, watching the second one. He was familiar, and she couldn't immediately place why.

"... yeah, pretty dizzy... what's your name again? I forgot. ... again." It was frustrating, to be fair, but, she should, perhaps, be kinder to herself. She was getting better, a little at a time. "I got hungry and froze the fish, too," she added, nodding in the direction of the bag, now coated in ice. Could she get up and walk? Wait, where were they going? Had he found what he was looking for? That was good! For a moment, she was excited, but she couldn't remember why, so she probably looked confused.

Oh, no, the cobra. The second one, he was wearing one - she rolled over, sat up. Kind of slowly, in case she did fall over, she stood up, watching the new one. Ka - no. Wrong one. Kassi was blond. Not the younger, either, his eyes weren't quite grayish, they were more blue, like hers, the youngest had a grayish tint - "Icarus..." Yes. Icarus, that was him, that was him, the one before C... damn it.

"You got taller..." Well, of course. "I mean, yes, kids grow up. Gosh, you're older than I thought you'd be. I lost track of the years at 68... the walls didn't have room for more tallies... ... oh, we're going somewhere. Where are we going?" Despite asking, she did turn around, wobbled only just slightly, but she managed not to fall, and then clambered onto the nice man's back. He'd found Icarus, how'd he do that with just a name and an emblem? Never mind. Icarus was wearing said emblem... maybe it was the light, that led him to the right place.

Town Center / stay
« on: Jun 27, 2018, 04:24 PM »
"A naoidhean bhig, cluinn mo ghuth, mise ri d'thaobh, o mhaighdean bhan, ar ribhinn og, fas a's faic, do thir, dileas fhein," she'd been singing for the last... oh, she had no idea, being honest. It was the song she used to sing her children, when they wouldn't calm. It was keeping her nerves from fraying, too much. Truthfully, she was dizzy, and had been for... she had no idea of that, either. Long enough, it was starting to make her nauseous, at least. "Uuugh, when are you coming baaaack," she grumbled, more to herself. The kind man she was with had gone somewhere, and, she thought he'd told her where, yet she couldn't recall, at this moment. There were several things she'd forgotten, right this second. Ah, she was kind of hungry, too. Actually, she wondered if she could reach -

As she stretched a bit, toward their little stockpile of dried fish, her ice sorcery burst forth yet again, and froze the entire bag. ... that was not what she meant. Now, she had a headache, too. This was normally the part where she slept, but the woman was quite sure she could not do that right now. Dangling upside down from a giant ice tower was certainly not optimal conditions for having a nap.

"Aaaaah, I forgot your naaaame," she huffed. "A ghrian a's a ghealach, stiuir sinn, gu uair ar cliu's ar gloir, naoidhean bhig ar ribhinn og, mhaighdean uasal bhan," ah, she sort of regretted that song wasn't longer, but it was just long enough, the youngest triplet often was fast asleep by the end of one repetition. She couldn't remember his name, either, now. C, something... Cy... damn it.

Oh! The woman started slightly, gasping just a bit in surprise. "... I do not remember," she answered. "But... sorry. I'm... not sure how to get down." She turned her head down, looking at the floor. "It seemed like perhaps a terrible idea, to just break it, as I believe I'd hit the floor head first." At least she was present enough to realize that much.

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jun 26, 2018, 11:34 PM »
Maybe she could. Said dress wasn't terribly comfortable, and, they had been alone together long enough, she wasn't terribly concerned about it, but it'd seen better days. There was a hole in it, already, over her thigh, where the hem was. It was kind of a short dress by necessity, but it covered the important things, and the woman didn't think about it beyond that. It wasn't terribly important. Thana was busy, after all, looking for something. Someone? Yes. No.

She'd forgotten, again.

"Fishing spear?" she asked, and then watched him explain what he was doing. Air resistance wasn't a problem she'd think of, but this was why he was the one doing things like this. The woman nodded, when he asked if it made sense, and then squinted a bit, at the bone arrowhead. Up there? How did he intend to make it stay? "They do," she said.

"How will you make the bone stay up here?" she asked. "Even if you attach it with the cords you made, it'll come off? Because of the force of hitting a fish, I think it'd eventually fall out. Maybe not immediately. Right?" Being honest, the woman had never had to be too concerned about finding her own food, or taking care of herself in the wild. She kind of wanted to learn, given Thana seemed to know so much, and maybe someday she wouldn't be quite as helpless, on her own.

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 09:16 AM »
Yes, she'd thought about where he'd gotten the fish, as a potential place to get said bath. The woman smiled, slightly, albeit it was somewhat out of it. She was starting to be more mentally present, now, overall, yet there were still instances in which she was clearly still half here, and half somewhere else. The light didn't whisper as insistently as it used to, and given she had already been fairly confused, it made sense that it had likely been contributing to her confusion. Given it'd seemingly calmed down, and she was, now, always in the light, Ytias was likely pleased with where she'd ended up. The woman would take that as a sign she was on the right track. Or, perhaps it was Thana that was on the right track.

Admittedly, he did not leave long, when he did leave, but he seemed to have a much better idea of what to do than she. "That'd work well, I think," she answered, tilting her head back to look at the barn ceiling. It was way up there, past a loft likely meant to hold tools or perhaps grains. Varying plants had sprouted across the dirt, leaning toward the dappled sunlight, catching what few rays of light they could through the holes in the barn walls. She had an odd urge to paint it. There was nothing to paint with.

"I wouldn't want to be a bother, but, now that I'm moving around more, it's beginning to be a bit annoying." It was not as if she had rolled around in mud, and had it caked on her skin, and yet sometimes, that was precisely what it felt like. The woman would never understand how anyone could go too long without bathing. It felt grungy and uncomfortable, to her. Perhaps it was her noble sensibilities making her recoil from the sensation.

What was he doing, anyway? The woman leaned over, slightly, getting a look at what he'd been working on. "What is that?" she eventually decided to ask. Obviously, it was a stick, yet she wasn't quite certain what the stick was for, exactly. Clearly, he knew what he was doing, and she wouldn't question it too hard. She was interested, merely, that was all.

Commons' Residences / little star
« on: Jun 12, 2018, 04:39 AM »

It was quiet, out here, but it was also rather loud. For the first time, in quite a long time, the woman could hear the wind, whistling through the little splattered holes in the wood walls, rustling the trees and the grasses, almost as tall as her. She could smell the salty dampness of the coast nearby, hear the sea birds calling as they flew overhead. It was alive, out here, alive and wonderful and too much and not enough. The holes in the wood allowed small light beams to filter into the barn, dappling the floor. It was dirt, with a bit of dried grasses scattered around. It was not terribly comfortable, to sleep on, but it was a bit of an improvement over her ice floors.

In the corner, the woman sat, pinpricks of light scattered across her skin, her hands toying with what was supposed to become a snowflake. She was still having a hard time controlling it precisely enough to create the tiny branches of ice that formed a snowflake's structure, but Thana was doing something over there, and she didn't want to disturb him with incessant chattering. After all, that was rather quite rude. Besides, he was using a knife. Whatever it was, it was somewhat potentially dangerous. The woman couldn't heal; if he injured himself, they'd have to just hope it didn't become infected, as she couldn't heal, and neither of them had any money. Maybe they could make a bit of it, selling some of this scrap metal... who would want it, that, she didn't know.

Ice sorcery, fortunately, did not draw attention too much, so long as other people stayed away from them. So far, their luck had been holding. She prayed to Ytias that it remained so. When she'd woken up, he'd given her bits of fish, a handful of berries, some were sweet tasting, but some were more sour, making her face change, an apple, a bit of cattail flower spike, and what looked like wild asparagus. It smelled like it, too. Her mind still went in circles, and she still got distracted from time to time, but thinking and focusing were a little bit easier, today.

"Thana," she started, quiet, hoping not to disturb him. "Do you think we can find somewhere I can take a bath?" They didn't have any soap, so it wouldn't really be a bath, but, it'd been a while since she'd had one. The woman wasn't so sure where they were, in relation to everyone else, and how safe a bath would be. He'd gotten the fish from somewhere, though, right? Even if she did come out of it smelling like a fish, that'd be better than whatever she smelled like, now.

House Warwicke / light the way
« on: Jun 08, 2018, 09:49 PM »
No, no he didn't, because if he knew, then why would he still risk it? Death was not the worst thing that could happen, and the woman had long accepted that she was going to die, here, in this tower, and that was fine.
I will vanish, someday.
Her eyes squeezed shut, head tilting down, wispy strands of silver-white falling over her face. It was fine.
Because you keep giving him foolish ideas.
That's not fair, he's five -
If the gods have given us a seer, maybe there's a reason why.
Children need their parents!

It wasn't. It wasn't fine, it never was. She shook her head, pulled her hand from Thana's grasp, shuffling toward the window. It was late, and there was only but a sliver of light falling to the ice through the small window. She held her hand in the light rays, her fingers wiggling in the light. The woman's skin almost seemed to glow, but there was a slight sickly tint of blue to her hand.

They are here. Go.
You can't stay here.
If you're ever lost, call for me. Kassi, I'll show you the way.
The light from the shadows has come.

"I have a better idea," the woman said, softly, turning away from the light. The whispering on her skin stopped, the warm buzz of something; she didn't always hear Ytias, but it was not rare, that he spoke to her, because Kassandros... he was Ytias' son. Maybe that was why her triplet sons had come out so beautiful. It wasn't Vopiscus' genes, it was Ytias' blessings. It didn't matter. This was the only opportunity she was going to get, and maybe she'd accepted death, a long time ago. Her sons still needed her, and here she was, ready to wither away and die, for nothing, and no one would remember her, or her name. Did her sons even know, now, how much she loved them? Their father never really did. His children were political tools and stepping stones, not children, but they were her brightest stars. Her only stars, and when she was scared and lonely, she turned to them.

She couldn't give up, yet. Not now. Her sons still needed her.

Her hands raised, fingers splaying in the air, and the ice sorcery burst forth, unchained, uncontrolled. It didn't go everywhere, though, swirling and twisting around itself, into an almost intricate ice sculpture. It had no real form to it. "This will knock me unconscious, for several hours," she explained, turning to Thanatus. "I trust you. The guards shouldn't question it too hard, you can just tell them I died and you're disposing of the body. They should let you right out the gate. Be careful; if they believe you, they may still come looking for you, later."

The ice swirled itself upward, reached the ceiling, spreading across the stone, some stretching for the floor into icicles. As one of the icicles just brushed the ice on the floor, the woman huffed, the ice stream stopping abruptly, and she fell.

House Warwicke / light the way
« on: Jun 07, 2018, 11:45 PM »
The light from the shadows. She'd thought that, before, when Kassandros' name had come to mind, but she didn't remember what that meant. It was important. Kassandros was the strongest. No, he was the strongest, but he was also the weakest. When she'd first ended up in the tower, because the Warwicke elders didn't know what else to do with her, she'd known then, of all of them, Kassandros needed her the most. It wasn't to say Cyprian, Icarus, and Cygnus didn't, but, Kassandros was very, very powerful, too much so. And without something to temper that power, to teach him how to use it right... his father was going to create a monster. Maybe he already had.

And yet, no one had seemed alarmed, at the rise of a light-sorcery wielding monster. He was the light, that showed others the way through the shadows, the light that was friends with the darkness, that burned the brightest. The brighter a light burned, the faster it burned out.

He was going to die, too soon. How long had she been here? He needed her. The woman had tried, at first, to use ice sorcery to break apart the wall, to seep into the cracks in the stone and shatter it. It hadn't worked. She'd only managed to coat her tower prison in ice. It didn't matter. She wanted to see him, again, before he was gone. Wanted to be there when his brothers no longer had him, to help them through the pain. Their father never would. They needed her.

Where? The woman blinked in confusion, but she didn't pull away from Thana. He was kind, to her, he always had been. She trusted him not to hurt her, but, if he got caught, would she remember enough to convince them he was following her orders? Would they take them both back to House Warwicke, where she'd die in a tower trying to find what she'd lost, and he'd end up nailed to a wooden board for running? Was it worth it? Her eyes narrowed, partly in thought, partly in concern, perhaps a trace of sadness in the blue depths. Yes, they needed her - but was them needing her worth Thana's life? She'd forget. She always forgot. That was what she did, all she could do was forget.

"I..." The words scrambled in her mind. What was she saying? Why did she have to choose between one and the other?
Mommy, why do I have to die?
Stay away from Icarus and Cygnus.
Flowers don't kill, Kassi.
There's no point in bothering with anything beyond nurturing his powers.
And the stars will bless Azaleon with magic.

She shook her head. No. No, if they - would they remember him? Maybe. Eventually, she was sure, but most of them didn't think about her. It wasn't hard to imagine, they may not think about him, once she was gone. How? How did she convince them of that? It was safer for them both. It'd be easier. The guards would let him pass, no problem, getting rid of the body was - because it'd smell terrible and - the thoughts scrambled again, bursting into tiny ice crystals in her mind. No.

Don't get distracted.
They are here!

The cobra. "I cannot remember the name," she answered, turning to the cobra etched into the ice, and holding her hand out toward it. "The cobra. They are there. I do not remember the way. I will forget where we're going. I always forget. Thana, if they catch you, it would be too kind to say they will kill us both. I forget. Sooner or later, I'll put us both in danger, don't do this. You don't need to die for something you have nothing to do with." It wasn't right. ... but then, did he not have something to do with it? It may be too late.

It'd be difficult for our enemies to maneuver around us, if there is nowhere they can go our son cannot see.

It may be too late. Yet, if it wasn't, if there was any glimmer of Kassi left in him, if there was any bit of hume left in the Messiah, she needed to save it. Before... before the prophecy's more common interpretation turned real.

House Warwicke / light the way
« on: Jun 07, 2018, 03:56 PM »
If she heard his murmur, it didn't seem to sink in, one moment there in her head, and the next, filtered right back out. Many things flitted into her mind, and left just the same, because there was, not often, anything the woman truly wanted to hold onto. She may not remember this man's name, much of the time, may not even fully remember that he was real, that he wasn't a figment of her imagination, some odd mental specter her mind conjured in its loneliness, but she remembered that he listened. The woman was half mad, by now, many would say. Her mental acuity glimmered for a moment, and was gone, in a constant cycle, sometimes in quite rapid succession. She was there, physically, but her mind was always a thousand miles away.

They are here.

Thanatus... yes, that was his name. She still couldn't remember her own. "Thana," she decided, tone light and airy, as always it was. "I like that. Is that your real name?" She thought she remembered that slaves were called one thing, but their parents had named them something else. It was quite rude to just randomly change someone's name because one felt like it. Unless, of course, he preferred Thanatus. It was difficult to say. The woman was not a mind-reader, by a long shot.

Kassandros? The woman paused, for a moment, in her pacing, eventually kneeling down to pick up a piece of cheese and a slice of tomato, idly nibbling on them. Kassandros... who was Kassandros?
He knows a lot.
Too much.

The light from the shadows has come.

"A light," she answered, softly, returning to her pacing. "The light. The light from the shadows." What did that mean? He was important. Icarus and Cygnus... who was the fourth one? The cobra... but what was the cobra? No. Don't get distracted. Who was the fourth one? Cy... Cyp... "Cyprian," yes, "Kassandros, Icarus, and Cygnus. My sons. Cyprian is my oldest." Yes, now she remembered. How'd she forget them? Everything slipped away. Where were they?

They are here, they are here, they are right here...

They weren't here.

House Warwicke / light the way
« on: Jun 06, 2018, 03:49 AM »
What day was it? Come to think of it, what year was it?

The woman had lost track, quite some time ago. Somewhere, buried under the several layers of ice, each a slightly different shade of frosted blue, which she currently paced back and forth over, were the scratches. Tallies that she'd used to keep track of the days, as the days turned into weeks, into months, into years... she had lost track sometime around June of 69. Or was it 68? She'd forgotten, now. Several layers down, somewhere toward the window, was a cobra etched into the ice. The cobra was important. Sometimes, the woman remembered why. They are here, a voice whispered, in the back of her mind, and sometimes, she remembered who they were. And yet other times, she forgot.

There were many things the woman forgot. Forgetfulness was, by now, a familiar, almost comforting companion.

Window, she called it, in her head, as if the small hole in the wall was really capable of qualifying as one. She could hardly fit her arm through it, albeit, nowadays, she could get her arm most of the way through. The rest of her, well, that wasn't going to fit, no matter how skinny she got. Had she lost weight? Certainly, her clothes fit her a bit looser than normal, her hair limp, brittle, and lacking its usual sheen, blue eyes missing the glint in them, sunken and hollow. She paced, some more. About four layers ago, she'd buried the last of her small mattress beneath the ice, and had somehow managed to control her ice sorcery well enough to create a small igloo-like structure, to one side. Eventually, that, too, would be buried, but if the fates were at all merciful, the woman would be dead by then.

They are here. She'd never see them, again. It didn't matter, anymore. Despite her best effort, she'd lost, but wasn't that to be expected? Only one woman in Dalmasca had ever won anything, and this woman... she was no Asheron. She was no dragon. She made not a roar, but a yip.

"What?" she asked, turning around, as the new slave that brought her food came in. She remembered, once, being given more than this, and sometimes, he seemed to try adding to it. The woman worried he'd get himself in trouble, for her sake. Ah, she was close upon the heels of death. Or perhaps, more accurately, death was close upon her heels, but the woman wasn't running from it, not anymore. They are here. They'd stay there. She'd stay here. And that was that. She didn't remember his name. She didn't remember her own, now.

Presents, he said. Ah, he'd gotten hold of something besides bread! Even when full, she could still eat more, she thought, if given the opportunity. "Milk!" Oh, milk was so rare a treat! Careful not to knock the plate out of his hands, or displace him, she took the small cup of milk, and downed the entire thing. Goat milk, it was, but it was better than water. The woman was so sick of water. "You shouldn't," she said. "You are young. Barely a man. I can't remember how old I am, now, but, you are young enough to be my son, I'm sure. Don't waste your life on mine... it ended a long time ago." Ah... yes. It had. She held her hand out, her fingers moving just slightly in the air, sparkles of tiny snowflake dancing over her hand. The ice and snow were a constant companion, too. How lucky it was, she ended up with the one affinity that didn't require a pre-existing source.

They are here.
Mommy, why do I have to die?

"Kassandros..." Yes... they. Her sons... some of them, anyway. She had another, somewhere. His name was something with a C, but it came and it went. "Sorry, I got distracted," as always she did. "I've forgotten your name. What is it?"

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