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Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jul 12, 2018, 11:55 PM »
Damian gave him a knowing smile, that was about the best he could manage. "I would want the same thing in your place, so I understand." Was what he said finally. It was true, he'd want someone to tell Lucius that he was okay, whether he actually was or not, if only so his brother wouldn't worry about it. So he could understand why Dimitrios wanted him to, and maybe that was why he'd agreed, really. Just because that's what he would want if for some reason he was in the same place.

Damian would be fine, as far as the pricing went. And the conversation had been enjoyable, genuinely so. Though Damian was still concerned about Dimitrios - he'd just... hope that everything turned out okay.

He made a slightly non-committal noise. No, not exactly busy, but he probably shouldn't stay here too long since he didn't exactly know if or when Marcus might decide he had something that he wanted Damian to do or so. And it wasn't as if Marcus knew he was here. Damian sort of wanted to keep it that way - sort of.

"It's alright." In a gentle sort of voice. "Maybe I'll see you again some time." Maybe not all the same.

Damian did go ahead and rise to leave. He was still a moment after he stepped out into the hall, taking a few breaths to steady himself properly - he probably didn't look nearly rumpled enough. On the bright side, the woman at the front was blind and probably wouldn't notice. Right, this way, towards the main room.

@aphelion Dami should be ready for Julian.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 05:59 PM »
It was, Damian supposed. It was still a little sad. Unanswered questions, unfinished stories. Whole unwritten chapters, really. Nero had been young when he died, soldiers often were. He nodded slightly in acceptance of what Dimitrios had said - he was right after all. And he left the topic alone because it was honestly not his to keep pushing on.

"I guess it wouldn't." Change anything, that was. It was too late to change anything, given the person they were talking about was already gone, and now they were just curious in his absence. It wasn't enough, really.

"I can do that for you." Damian agreed in a quiet voice. "I don't know if I will see them, but I'll tell them if I do." Even though he wasn't entirely sure it was accurate. That scream of pain before... and then being here. But it could have been worse. But it could have been better. It wouldn't be the first time he'd bent the truth to soothe someone, but it didn't necessarily feel like the right thing to do.

They'd see if he ever had to make that choice.

"It'll be fine." He was quite sure they hadn't spent much more time talking than he would have spent floudering about doing the thing, had they actually gotten that far, and Damian wasn't really worried. "Though, I should probably go before much longer." If nothing else he had things he should probably get done at home.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 06:11 AM »
The affirmation did not really make Damian feel better, for the record. He still felt like there was no point in wasting his energy on being angry. There was no point because it wouldn't matter to the person it was directed at. All that would happen is that he would burn up energy that could be better put to something else, literally anything else. But he couldn't really stop the anger that he felt, he could only try to direct it into something constructive anyway. But that was somewhat easier said than done.

"Oh." That was... something of a relief and also not. Infection... "That must have been what hurt him." Suddenly, thoughtfully. "I hope he turns out okay." An infection, those could kill. They'd just have to see, he supposed, if Dimitrios pulled out of it or not. But now Damian felt bad for not sharing with Helene that something had been terribly wrong. But he hadn't known then that it was an infection. He hadn't known it was life threatening and that he should have said something. He couldn't really worry too much about it.

"I can do that." Later, yeah, he could take some stuff over for Lucius. Because of course Lucius would want to offer some supplies given Kassandros was now taking care of some of his slaves. ... And apparently a new, injured one he'd bought on purpose.

Damian nodded a little, seeming to accept that information. House Bauman, it had been a Vassal of Cassimer. That was... kind of ironic and maybe a little sad, actually. They'd been at least that close, and Marcus still said nothing about their fate.

"...Is that so?" Damian sounded somewhat surprised, but also not really. "Anything in particular acting as the last straw here?" It wasn't like he didn't know they didn't get along. But he was curious as to what had changed that made Lucius want to do this now when he hadn't in the past. Things changed, of course, and maybe there wasn't any one thing in particular that finally pushed him too far, but Damian wasn't sure what else to ask, so he left it there, for a moment.

The thought of being left in House Cassimer without his brother was not pleasant. He didn't say that either, immediately.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jul 01, 2018, 11:06 AM »
Maybe it was a normal thing to be upset about but there was really no point in it. It wasn't like it would effect Marcus, the fact that Damian was upset with him. Damian, after all, was worthless in Marcus' eyes. He always had been, he was never good enough. Could never be good enough because he was not Marcus' blood. That was the unfortunate truth of the matter, and Damian... well he still tried to make Marcus proud, even though it was pointless.

Ah, that was sad, wasn't it. "I guess it is." Normal, he'd admit that.  "I just feel like there's no point in being mad at him. It's not like it's going to affect him. ... But emotions don't really work that way." Unfortunately. It would be nice if he could just turn off the inconvenient ones when he knew they weren't going to help matters.

"Ah, no. No." Thankfully not. "I ended up with Dimitrios, actually." As... strange as that was. No, not strange, kind of sad actually. Sad because the house had fallen and it was sad that that was where he'd ended up.  "Yes from Kenleigh, I'm pretty sure." Almost positive, really, given the reference to Nero. "But I ran into Julian in the hall as I was leaving." Explaining that much seemed appropriate because Lucius seemed rather distressed by the idea, at least sort of.

See, that was more about his birth house than he had ever known. That was sad, in some sense, for the record. But Damian nodded a little listening to Lucius and considering the new knowledge thoughtfully. It was interesting that his father had made Marcus adopt him, they'd been friends, he'd heard that much. So maybe it wasn't so strange, except... Marcus never talked about him, so they couldn't have been that close.

"Oh, I see." But the Lucius didn't know that Damian didn't know he was alive so it hadn't seemed to be important to tell him. That made sense. And his mother really was dead. "Thank you for telling me."

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 30, 2018, 06:43 PM »
Mm. "A little, but ..." Shrugging. "It comes up, sometimes. So it's maybe not as strange as one might think." And depending on the company Damian might or might not respond. But he didn't really think of Dimitrios as being harmful or meaning any harm by the question. And then the other began to explain it, and he sort of understood a little better what had led him to ask in the first place. Yeah, Damian thought it was pretty harmless.

"I'm sorry, it hurts to be left with unanswered questions." His tone was quiet. Ah, but Nero had died, as Damian recalled. A shame, he was a decent guy, but people died in war, that was just... a fact of the way things went. It wasn't fair, it was why he was always worried when Lucius went away, but... that was the way it went, sometimes. It wasn't as if Damian could ask Lucius to step down from his military duties.

And it wasn't as if their talking about it would bring Nero back. "I would say yes, it is a logical thing to wonder about at this point." Given Nero's death had seemed to be the catalyst for the fall of their house. And of course, Dimitrios presumably cared for his brother, and apparently hadn't seen him very often in the past. "On the other hand, it's all speculation at this point." Damian was sure there were reasons, whether they were good ones or not, well. No one knew that, anymore.

He should... probably go before too much longer. If only because it was obviously strange to Dimitrios for him to stay and chat for too long. Still for all that it had turned down a somewhat darker path, it was a nice conversation, and he was almost loathe to end it. That probably said not awesome things about his social life, but at least he recognized that. Ah, he did fidget slightly with the him of his shirt, sort of at a loss for what to say next.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 28, 2018, 04:53 AM »
"You are not." In a mild sort of tone. Lucius was very intelligent. "You just have more important things to worry about." And so because he had more important things to worry about this wasn't something that had come to mind. Damian couldn't really blame him for that, and he didn't really think Lucius should blame himself, either.

"But there's no point in being hung up on it. It's not like it'll change anything." Damian's tone was rather flat. And maybe that wasn't the point, in Lucius' mind, but there it was. But knowing that dwelling on it wouldn't change that he didn't know before now, and wouldn't change the fact that it'd be kind of hard to get to know him now... it didn't make Damian wish it would be easier any less.

"Well, he doesn't really... tell me anything." Mildly. "But it still wasn't really your problem to think about." No, not really. Marcus should have been the one to tell him. Marcus was his adoptive father. And if he'd known that Julian wasn't really dead, it should have been him that shared the information.  "I didn't really-" Hm. "He seemed nice enough, but we didn't really talk for long. Not much time to make an opinion." Leaving that alone.

"Helene was doing well." The fact that Lucius knew her by name was interesting. But Damian decided it wasn't really his business. Because, well, it wasn't. What Lucius did in his free time was up to him.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 26, 2018, 10:05 PM »
The subtle expression changes were interesting, from concern to something like understanding while Damian spoke. He didn't say anything for a moment, letting Dimitrios finish processing before he said anything because it was easier that way to know what exactly he should say. Ah. "Yeah..." Shrugging a little. "I don't think he does honestly. He just kind of lets them do what they want and it works out well." Or at least it seemed to because the house was always in order when he went and Lucius never seemed to have anything unhappy to say about it all.

No, actually he really seemed to enjoy spending time with the Ilim. Damian missed him, sometimes, living over at the side house instead of with the rest of them. He didn't miss the fights between his brother and Marcus but that was... something else. It was a shame though that he couldn't really have his brother without aforementioned fighting.

"No he doesn't." Immediately in a rather bland tone. It seemed an odd thing for a brothel slave to be interested in. Damian's expression was... serene and thoughtful for a moment. "Marcus can be a hard man to live with." Was what he said finally. "He and Lucius don't see eye to eye on many things, so Lucius tends to find it easier to stay in the side house away from Father." It was probably more than needed to be said, but it wasn't really a secret, either. Anyone who paid attention knew Lucius didn't live with them at home.

Anyone who knew much about Lucius could probably find themselves wondering why, given he seemed to be a family sort.

"Even before that he wasn't home often. Doing things with the military. The usual." Yeah. And just, leaving it there, maybe.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 01:50 PM »
It was Damian's turn to huff in amusement at that. "Yeah, exactly." Okay, probably not really. But it really was an amusing thought. And they probably really were asking about food, if they were talking at all, since food and sleep and such tended to be all babies, even baby animals, really did for a good long while. He supposed as they got a little older there may even be a bit of play fighting that went on as they learned to move better. Ah, but that was... anyway.

"Oooh." Well, actually, as weird as it was to think of Lucius demanding the attentions of anyone. If he had come to a place like this, he supposed this was precisely how Lucius would act. Friendly, not demanding, and willing to just talk instead of doing the thing if that was necessary. Giving someone a break, that really was up his brother's alley, so to speak. It was odd to think that Dimitrios knew Lucius that well, but then again his brother did get out there, being a friendly guy at parties and such. So... yeah, no actually he guessed it wouldn't be that weird.

"Ha. That sounds like Lucius alright." Damian didn't really think his brother was too fond of those parties. He could be wrong of course, but they weren't really... Lucius' speed, in his opinion. But it really did sound just like him to spend the whole thing chatting with two kids at one of those parties just because people were jerks when they were drunk. And Lucius was a good deterrent for jackassery, unless you were brave enough to risk his ire. And most people... yeah most people didn't want to upset Cassimer.

Go figure.

"Lucius has a house full of Ilim slaves." Mildly. "It started out he got a couple because he didn't want them to end up with... other people. And then they had kids, and he decided he didn't want to separate them. Last time I was out there he had like, thirty of them in the side house." Damian smiled a little, at the thought. "And they all adore him." Kind of an odd thing to share, in hindsight, but it seemed to follow the party story, to an extent.

Heaven help you if you try to hurt one of those Ilim.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 24, 2018, 11:41 AM »
"It is, yes." Damian would admit that. But he did not think Essair would be so easy to topple as Marcus believed it would be. And he suspected things would get much messier before they got any better at all. "I can agree that it'll be messy no matter how that goes." He just wasn't sure there was anything to do about that. He'd rather stay out of it, if he could. But that wasn't... always an option. Dami just also wasn't sure he could back Marcus with a clear conscience.

He sighed a bit. Damian could tell he wasn't going to win this. And some part of him didn't necessarily want to but this also wasn't Lucius problem. And he didn't think talking really would help. It wasn't like talking about it would change the reality that he'd spent a large portion of his life believing a guy was dead when he wasn't. But seriously, this wasn't Lucius problem to worry about and he wasn't sure he wanted to pull him into the middle of it.

Snort. Yeah, valid. No he was just being whiny. But. if Lucius said so.

"I met my father." Finally, absolutely without preamble. "I didn't even know there was a father to meet. I've spent quite a few years just assuming he was dead because no one talks about him, ever." So there it was. On the table between them, so to speak. He had no idea how much Lucius even knew about the situation, so if he didn't know where Damian had met him, he'd probably just leave it alone.

"See? Not something for you to worry about. It's a silly thing to be hung up on." Okay actually it was probably pretty normal, and his father had seemed like a nice guy. But of course Marcus hadn't told him, the man didn't tell him anything at all if he could get away with not. And it wasn't like it was his mom's or Lucius' problem.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 23, 2018, 09:52 PM »
Oh? That was interesting, really. Never really stopped chirping at all. He had no real way of fathoming why they may not be stopping. But maybe that wasn't all that unusual either. It wasn't as if Damian had watched nests in the past - maybe he'd have to sometime. "Maybe the little ones are talking among themselves." Maybe? And then mom got home and they all demanded to be fed before the others. Yes, Damian knew that most animals didn't really think quite the same way humans did, still that was the easiest way of relating, sometimes.

"Yeah, I guess it might be." Weird. Well, Damian never pretended he wasn't weak or weird or anything like that for that matter. Certainly he was more soft-hearted than Marcus would have liked. Sometimes Damian cared that Marcus would never give him more than the time of day. Other times... in his clearer moments, he wondered why he wanted Marcus' attention so badly. It wasn't as if Lucius withheld his love.

"Why shouldn't it be?" His tone was slightly curious. Was there someone else who came here and did the same thing? His tone was light and easy, as if it didn't matter. Which, to be fair, it didn't It was just a curiosity, and whether Dimitrios answered or not, it wasn't the end of the world.

"Have to admit, I did not know that one." Damian's tone was pretty well impressed. "That's actually really cool. I bet it's an amazing sight." No kidding.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 21, 2018, 02:02 PM »
"I missed you too." But it had only been a week or two, so it wasn't like it'd been ages or something. Which, it was still plenty long enough for Lucius to miss him, so it wasn't as if Damian was going to refute that. Just, hm. He sort of missed when they saw each other all the time. But Lucius and father fought a lot, so it wasn't surprising he didn't come by as often as he used to anymore. Dami didn't like it when they fought, but Marcus was shitty at caring what other people thought.

Damian sighed quietly. Well, Damian never really claimed to understand Marcus, he just... he'd wanted to make him proud. He'd really wanted to make Marcus proud of him, but that just wasn't something he could manage to do, it seemed. Maybe it didn't matter, in the end, if he could make Marcus proud or not. At least he still had Lucius, and maybe that was just... something he'd had to live with. "Essair just doesn't really seem like a house to cross." Or... something like that. Just leaving it there.

He had a feeling Lucius would understand what he meant there.

"It's not really something you can help with, I think. It just... is."  Was that weird? He didn't think it was weird, all things considered. "And it's not that I'm worried about you judging me, I just don't think it's really important for you to worry about." Okay, actually there was a tiny sliver of concern that Lucius would judge him for being in the brothel in the first place, but Luci was usually pretty forgiving of most things. He'd probably be fine with that. It was just... you know.

The guy he'd met there, he hadn't known his father was alive. He'd spent most of his life believing him dead already, and as it turned out, he wasn't after all.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 20, 2018, 06:39 PM »
Damian listened intently, his expression somewhat thoughtful. "That makes sense." It did yeah. "All kinds of stuff right in nature to observe." Yeah, even with limited mobility, Damian could see why those things were interesting. And he was sure they helped make up for Dimitrios having less time to explore his interests. Though, perhaps not much. "Aww baby birds. That sounds neat." It did. "... Ah, though I do imagine they're loud." Probably at least. Little birds tended to be. It was kind of surprising how much noise something that tiny could make when it wanted food.

He made a soft noise of apology in the back of his throat, but Damian wasn't sure how to respond to that, exactly. Saying something trite about how many he would one day just seemed silly, all things considered. So perhaps it was better he didn't say anything at all. "I can agree with that." Immediately. "Ah, but Dalmasca could learn a lot from almost anyone if they opened their eyes." Just... leaving that there, yes. Because that was probably more than he should have said, but it was already out and there was no point in worrying about it.

It wasn't, like, incriminating at least. He just wished that Dalmasca didn't do quite such a good job at destroying everything it came into contact with. Would it kill them to make friends instead? Apparently yes, yes it would.

"I am really okay with this, yes." He was sure. "I promise, I have spent an hour or so in far worse ways." Yes. "Though I'll go if you really want me to. I just thought the pause might be nice for you, a little." If only because he was clearly in pain and sometimes a rest helped? He didn't know if this was something that it would help with exactly, but... it certainly couldn't make it worse.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 18, 2018, 11:27 AM »
Well, Damian couldn't really argue with that. Lucius judging himself wasn't something Damian really had a way around. So, yeah that was fair. He didn't really think it was necessary but ah. Not really the point he supposed. "I won't die if I have to entertain myself for a bit though you know." Slightly amused. The Ilim made it pretty easy to do, honestly, given the little ones always wanted to do something and if someone had the time to help they were thrilled.

"I know, I know." Shaking his head. "But yes, still Essair." Damian both did and did not understand why. Essair was something of a threat to Marcus' position, but not an extreme one. Cassimer had survived those coming in and out of the warlord class before, and there was little point in getting so upset about one rising house. Never mind Damian wondered to an extent what exactly Marcus was going to do as time went on and Essair continued forward.

There were plenty of rumors that Cassimer played awfully dirty, if one knew where to listen for them.

"Yes, I'm doing well." Damian reaffirmed immediately. ... Of course Lucius picked up on that. Damian wasn't immediately sure how he wanted to respond to that. But it wasn't really... he didn't think his brother really needed to worry about it. "It's not important." He said after a moment. "Don't worry about it." He smiled brightly.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 14, 2018, 04:58 PM »
Yeah, Damian supposed it would be. It was a safe place to experiment without quite the same stigma of doing so in certain other locations. There was less judgement here in a brothel, and less risk of someone holding something over one's head. It was dangerous, but not the same way that too many things in Dalmasca were. There was little in life here that wasn't dangerous in some sense.

Science. Ha. Well, that was something honestly so there was that. He nodded a little mildly. "I'm still not so sure that's all that weird. Though I imagine watching plants grow is a pretty long term project." The sort of thing one went back to over and over again because they didn't do so at a very fast pace. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing though, given it would provide something to focus on over the long term. Damian could see that being useful.

Dami deflated just a fractional amount there. Was he that obvious? Yeah, probably. Why couldn't he just be normal? On the other hand depending on ones definition of normal he was he was just normal for himself, not most of Dalmasca. Which was... probably a positive in some ways and a disappointment to his family in others. "Books about culture are really interesting." Damian's tone did not reflect that small deflation there, instead perking up a touch. "I haven't had the chance to read much about the Galacese." No, he hadn't. "History is interesting to, seeing where we've been, and how the world got to where it is now."

Sometimes that was sad, but it was more interesting than not, generally. ... Yes he knew he was strange.

He frowned slightly. "I'm sure it wasn't stupid." In a rather gentle tone. Yes, he'd heard that cut off word that was probably 'mom' ... and it wasn't terribly surprising, in the end. What it did do though was validate what he'd thought about Dimitrios being the same as the one from Kenleigh.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 09:59 PM »
"Ah, at least mostly yeah." Which he hadn't been sure of and then he'd been handed a guy and there was a whole lot more interest than usual. He could, well, function with girls. But that wasn't the same as being interested  in girls. He'd been interested in Dimitrios until he'd realized he was hurting him and then that was that. Ah, but that was mostly because Lucius had taught him to be a reasonably decent person. Marcus on the other hand would have pointed out that 'he was just a slave' and wanted him to keep going, if he was going to do it.

"...I suppose that's not a weird thing to be exploring here." Even if it had felt stranger to Damian, no he supposed it wouldn't actually be very strange at all. Where else was one going to explore? It was a brothel or somewhere like Salonus and no thanks there. Even if that house was technically one of Cassimer's vassal houses, that did not mean that Damian particularly got along with the man.

"Any topics in particular interesting to you?" This was getting a little easier now that he'd asked the first stumbling questions. Dimitrios hadn't given him much but the answers had still been there and they hadn't been entirely stop type answers, so Dami took them as slightly encouraging. But reading was some sort of common ground he could work with, if Damian would let him, even if Dimi didn't get to read as often anymore ... obviously. But he also hadn't been here that long, either.

"I don't think they're weird." Not really at least. "Nature is pretty fascinating." But Damian would also be content to hide in a library and read for the rest of basically forever so he really wasn't sure if he was the best judge of weird or not.

Oh. Well uh. He shrugged just a hair. "No real reason. Just... curious." Trying to make conversation, something along those lines.

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