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Member Discussion / What you listenin to?
« on: Jun 27, 2018, 06:18 PM »

Wanted / safe harbor
« on: Jun 19, 2018, 11:44 PM »
ah... not really. unless you wanted to do past-threads, probably just dump the lucius in his lap and do normal stuff. ... well, normal for them, weirdos... i wouldn't mind some past ones tho, if you wanted to dabble in the earlier stages of their relationship.

it's still ongoing, so its not as long as it could be, but yeah! glad!

and i wouldnt worry so much about messing up. if you contradict something, we'll just correct you and move on; basically, we do lore fixing through play, because there's no way anyone's gonna memorize the entire wiki, and some stuff isnt there anyway, so yanno, narration and what character say and stuff, it's pretty painless and fluid lol we won't hate you, promise. uh, other than that, though, might read some blue and the lighter red names! i think only a few of them are dalmascan, the rest are non-dalmascan slaves, so, bout as good as i can get with that. to kinda see how they set up their history and stuff, if you need an idea of how they've done it, but really, there's not much of a 'wrong' there. we've got non-dalmascan slaves from a wide range of backgrounds.

Wanted / safe harbor
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 06:41 PM »
mm, i dont think he'd shut down entirely, it'd just be more of a quiet acknowledgement and redirection. like, 'yeah thats a thing, dont worry about it,' kinda deal. lucius and marcus are always fighting about something, or they were -- not so much now because he's moved outside nydema and doesnt really spend any time with marcus anymore, but there's probably rumor lucius is going to branch off and leave house cassimer ( not really wrong... ), maybe some embellished murmurs about some thing or another. probably also always some talk about lucius getting married and... he never does. so. lol

it was probably a random draw, the first time, just gave helene money and was like pick one that needs a break, gimme an hour. most likely just kinda flopped over somewhere nearby and just, sat there. ... eventually started talking about a really random subject, i'm sure, and just kinda went from there based on what the slave seemed interested in hearing about. and was like do you actually want to do the thing or no, because if not, im cool just being a momentary decor piece that talks, no one has to know. the door's closed for a reason.

uhhh there is No Sweeter Innocence, where damian takes after lucius and does the SAMETHING lmao probably interesting. umm there's also Brotherhood, thread with lucius and damian, his interactions with damian are more true to who he actually is because hes far less reticent with damian ( tbh, damian is almost his son, really, because marcus wasn't going to raise him so lucius did it instead, and damian takes after lucius in a lot of ways ). ... damian is also julian's son. fun fact.

if you've got anything in particular you're lost on, lemme know, i can point you in the right direction ( i've been here since development started 2 years ago, i know some shit lol ).

Wanted / better left unsaid
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 12:21 PM »
i do, yeah. most likely, axel was saving up to go buy bff for an hour, it just took forever because everyone in that brothel is expensive af, lol so i have an angle to go and can start a thing =D

Wanted / better left unsaid
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 12:16 AM »
yayay! axelius just isnt right without his bestie, i'm so happy! (he is way different than he is with rosalio, i don't know why, but, he's weird with him, so. yeah. ... maybe he's depressed. -snort-)

Wanted / safe harbor
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 01:23 PM »
i don't mind either way! last time this role was a girl, but lucius is pretty pan so hey. im interested to see how they interact, sounds fun, and who doesn't love slow-burners? lucius is constantly like im just gonna sit here and everyone else is like WHAT DO YOU WANT?? not gonna lie, it amuses me endlessly. lol i feel like it probably is amusing to lucius, too, even if he's not obvious about it (i have to wonder why he's still in the military, it's not like he gives a damn about dalmasca, or its tendency to conquer shit... if i had to guess, it's a long break from dad and it keeps marcus quiet about bringing honor to the cassimer name or whatever).

im not sure how much lucius will actually talk about certain things, but he's not a very closed off guy; actually kind of blunt and honest out of sheer cannot lie to save his ass, there just may occasionally be some indication there's shit he's not talking about (especially since dalmascans love to talk, so there's probably always some 'did you hear marcus and lucius are fighting again?' filtering down the grapevine). he talks, he just doesnt talk about anything that matters? so that might eventually be a thing to squint at. kind of a, so you say this but you still keep me out of over half your life, i was starting to think you were serious and now i dont know, sort of thing? idk. lol on his end its just he doesnt wanna be a bother, and he doesnt really need to be feeding the rumor mill with insider info, right? so, some thought, and it may make sense.

speaking of the rumor mill, marcus actually has a reputation in the pleasure district, for being a sadistic fuckwad, and has traumatized and permanently injured brothel slaves before. been a long time since he last did, but the rumors persist. which may have been kind of ohshit -- at first with lucius because lucius didnt have a reputation at all, he'd never been to a brothel before then, so there may still be some lingering the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, where is your inner marcus...

i'll just dump all the plot webs on you, then xD the brothel kalix is in, is also the same one axelius is in and out of (he's weird, he charms his repeat clients into buying and keeping him, and then talks them into putting him in the blood games so he can make some monies and work on freeing his brothel friends), also the one dimitrios and sepheres were briefly in (they got snatched up by house essair). run by a nice lady named helene; she isn't the owner, just a very long-time slave in the brothel one of the clients permanently blinded, and the owner ended up making her the day-to-day management, so, npc to know exists (helene is technically esmera's, but dragon will npc her sometimes too). dimi and seph were prolly there for such a short time, they probably aren't terribly familiar with each other, but axelius has been in and out of there since he was like 13. given he keeps coming back it's probably like axel why are you even trying at this point, what are you doing, exactly... he dunno. axelius is the type to tease relentlessly, kalix might off-handedly mention this or that but it's more of a did you know this? do you see what i see? yes? okay, just checking.

oh, julian is also... was also...? over there. im fairly sure he's getting snatched up by house essair (p.s. it's not rare for house essair to come by and perma-buy their slaves either, so everyone there's like when kassandros walks in the door, somebody leaves and usually never comes back). ... why do i have all the whores. hmm. ... anyway, julian's been there for like 20 years, so he's probably more of a legend than kalix is. lol he is the eternal father. kalix is the older sibling, julian's the dad, helene's sort of a mom, and axelius is that drunk uncle over there nobody remembers how is related to anyone. xD

Wanted / safe harbor
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 12:16 AM »
(welcome! nice to see a new player! excite!)

ah, k, so essentially im not married to anything on that role. id imagine most likely they'd probably need to be somewhat like his mom, he is decent friends with livia so backbones are not discouraged lol but lucius himself is not terribly scholar-bright, and tends toward being fairly stubborn. hes the kind of guy that'll easily fight and die for what he believes in, and im kinda angling like maybe somebody that can complement that, kinda temper his charging in head first he does on occasion, because i dont think theres really a way of going too far out without ending up in direct conflict. if that makes sense? idk. im not terribly fussed and lucius generally isnt either (hes pretty good at seeing the good sides of people that dont seem to have one at first, but after tolerating his father so long his patience may be kinda thin).

as far as reciprocation goes, that's entirely up to you if you decide to pick this up. hes weird, if nothing else, like who pays that much just to sit and talk, amirite? lol its probably also not very rare that someone thinks theyve gotten attached to a specific brothel slave and then loses interest later down the road, so this char could be pretty jaded and take a while to win over, and thats fine. lucius isnt going anywhere. the thing is he doesnt ... okay he does but he doesnt want them to reciprocate? that's not why hes in this, hes genuinely trying to make their life a bit easier, so the feelings thing was just sort of a bonus side effect of a form. xD

thing to know, though, lucius is just about to go out on another military tour ic, in early april, and his entire unit gets wiped out (he does survive), and you know, people talk, so this char may hear about it. idk if you've noticed them yeeeet, but there is kalix, other brothel slave on the site, if they're in the same one could be friends and stuff.

blah blah sorry, stream of conscious xD

Member Discussion / What you listenin to?
« on: Jun 03, 2018, 08:09 PM »

axelius' not-theme song. (basically his theme song.)

Member Discussion / site info things
« on: Jun 03, 2018, 02:26 PM »
im gonna sound like a jerk, but, tbh the issues you're gonna run into on the lore are likely to be with the ones that legitimately don't like reading, and can't logic themselves into figuring out what they need to know. and. quite frankly, screw them, then. bonus points to, if you cut some back, people will complain there's not enough. we've already had someone complain there wasn't enough lore. irony of ironies.

i suppose though, that kinda leads into, which one do you wanna cater to? the ones that hate reading too much, or the ones that enjoy strong established lore? because, you can't really have both.

the only other suggestion i can think of is rearranging the wiki to have landing pages, with short summaries of each setting page and each nation page and whatnot, to make skimming easier. might be as close to a happy medium as i can think of.

Plotting / я твоя не первая [ ian plots ]
« on: May 07, 2018, 08:07 PM »
okiedoke. lucius has a paternal streak a mile wide, so, tbh, wont be missing much.

Plotting / я твоя не первая [ ian plots ]
« on: May 07, 2018, 07:42 PM »
if you wanna go the brother route, thats fine (dragonborn plays marcus, he just hasnt registered him), im jsut saying his dad (marcus) probably doesnt much like him if you do. not that this is weird, marcus doesnt tend to like anyone.

Plotting / я твоя не первая [ ian plots ]
« on: May 07, 2018, 03:41 PM »
i dont mind, but i am assuming this is a same-sex union based on the names. i will warn you, marcus (lucius and damian's father) is a douchenozzle, and his tolerance of homosexuality has a limit. at least a cousin wouldnt have had much of a difficult time with him, but my side of house cassimer and yours probably arent very familiar with one another in that case, as i dont think marcus would tolerate them being around each other.

lucius is liable to either take over the main branch of house cassimer, or split off into his own house. marcus' cousin also married into house asheron, so lucius and damian are distantly related to livia and her siblings.

Plotting / я твоя не первая [ ian plots ]
« on: Apr 20, 2018, 10:46 AM »
Lucius is generally pretty easy to get along with, at least. Just don't be a twatwaffle, basically. I can't think of a reason they wouldn't get along. In any case, I'm up for seeing what happens. Lucius is actually outside Nydema, a few miles, but he's home instead of at the Macenian border? Haha.

Plotting / we shine; [essie's plotty thingie]
« on: Apr 18, 2018, 05:48 PM »
uhhhh I need to figure out.... well, I can just make both yeah xD

Plotting / we shine; [essie's plotty thingie]
« on: Apr 18, 2018, 05:53 AM »
Okay so hey, hey you, hey, psst, Kalix and Ryhil need a thread. Also, Sidonai and Sahura should bemoan life together.

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