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House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jul 02, 2018, 03:02 AM »
"No," Lucius agreed, "they don't." Emotions did not tend to particularly get along with logic. That was half of humes' problem, you know, emotions didn't make sense. Lucius knew that, quite well, by now. There'd been plenty of things over the course of his life, that had caused such seemingly trivial wars in him. That eternal, never-ending war between emotion and logic. It was hard war to reconcile, especially in situations where, logic really was right, and despite the emotion being entirely valid, there was no real sense in it. Damian was a logical person; naturally, he'd have run into these complexities, too.

Oh. Hmm, Lucius had Andreas and Cyprian, and Leon had just come and gotten them for their brother. Dimitrios wasn't at that particular brothel, anymore, but instead, in House Essair. Kassandros did seem to have a penchant for buying seemingly random brothel slaves off Helene. By this point, he'd done it so many times, she actually had excess hessions to use for sudden gifting. Lucius' last visit had been free, because Helene had enough left over from Essair to cover it. Seemed a strange, strange hobby, but, Helene seemed to think it a good thing, and he'd trust her judgment. Though, maybe Damian might eventually go back, looking for him, and if he wasn't there anymore... Julian was, at least.

"You might want to know, then," Lucius started, "Dimitrios is not there, anymore. I managed to find his brothers, and Leon came and borrowed them for Kassandros. I don't know the details, but, apparently he'd developed a pretty serious infection, and Kassandros wanted his brothers so they could help him while he heals. Since he's kind of taking care of a couple of my slaves, I thought I'd send them some food and extra medical supplies we've got around. I'm sure they can use it, if you wanted to do me a favor, and take it over there sometime later..." Damian took after him, not Marcus. Most likely, he made tentative friends with the kid, and, honestly, Damian could use friends closer to his age, that weren't liable to stab him in the back.

It seemed a strange thing to thank him for, but, apparently Marcus hadn't said anything. "Ah, House Bauman, I believe," Lucius said. "Took me a minute to remember. It used to be a vassal house of Cassimer, actually." Which made Marcus' total avoidance of talking about them very strange; he and Julian were rumored to have been quite good friends. So, what changed? Lucius would probably never know.

"... I'm sure, eventually, the rumors will get to you," he said, toned kind of off-hand, "so I'd rather tell you, first. I've been considering splitting off from House Cassimer into my own, for a while now." Lucius wouldn't ask Damian to go along with it, or anything of the sort. He just thought, given Lucius was the only thing close to a family Damian knew, he deserved to at least know, and hear it from him, and not the grape-vine.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 30, 2018, 12:39 AM »
Yes, he was. Silly thing to argue about, really, so he just sighed, and left it alone. Honestly, though, he should've seen this coming. He should've guessed Marcus wouldn't say anything, because Marcus hardly ever said anything, at least anything of any damned importance. It was pointless to kick himself about it, though. What was, was, and it was too late to go back and fix it, now. No sense trying to go backwards, anyway, going forward was hard enough.

"No," Lucius admitted. "It won't. But you're probably mad at him for not telling you. Which is a normal thing to be upset about. That's kind of important. Or at least, important to you, I suppose the qualifier is valid." Given, clearly, it wasn't quite so important to Marcus. Lucius knew why. Julian had been a threat to him. He got rid of the threat, and stopped caring outright. All in all, it was logical. Marcus found threats, removed them, and forgot about them, because they were no longer important. Funny, because Lucius remembered them being fairly decent friends, once. His father had long ago lost his damned mind, so, Lucius wasn't terribly surprised, just, maybe a bit disappointed. Perhaps a hair sliver of confusion was in there, too. How'd he turn out so psychotic, anyway?

Yeah, he probably didn't have much time to talk. "... you didn't... end up with him did you, that'd be so awkward..." Eee... good that Helene was doing okay. She usually was. Someday, he was going to steal that lady. That day was not today. The slaves in the brothel probably all needed her, in some sense, anyway. She was kind of the guide, the hand to hold, for them. It wasn't like he was terribly attached to her, personally. She was a good friend, but, maybe she needed to stay, more than anything. Besides, it was safe, there. Sounded strange, but, that was why the one he was attached to was still there, instead of here. It was safer. It was sad when a brothel was safer.

"Wonder how much he's got left... from what I hear, your birth house collapsed because it fell into severe debt. Julian became a bond slave to pay it off, and made my dad adopt you, first, because he didn't want you getting hit with the ramifications of that later, and you know, we don't raise kids in brothels. Your mom, ah... shoot... Camilla, yeah, her name was Camilla, she was very sick, and she died about a year later. I hadn't heard anything about Julian since, but, I ran into him again, just before my last military tour." Even if he'd thought to mention it, he probably wouldn't have remembered, until recently, anyway.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 27, 2018, 08:29 PM »
Oh, met his father. Wait, he didn't know? For a second, Lucius probably stared at him kind of blankly, because, that had not crossed his mind as a concern. On the other hand, he didn't quite know why not. He'd figured out what Marcus had done a while back, it made sense. It wasn't as if Marcus was going to admit to it, certainly not to Julian's son. He wasn't really sure if the story behind it even mattered, at this point. Lucius closed his eyes, fell over onto the couch.

"I, am, a dumbass," he grumbled. "I am a dumbass." That established, perhaps he could, and should, move on with his life, now. "Why would he tell you that. ... no, that's pretty normal a thing to be hung up on." Considering, Damian always seemed to really want a father, and just randomly got another father, his real one, dropped in his lap, yeah, that was normal. That was probably the most normal thing to get hung up on.

"I always assumed he'd told you," Lucius said. "In hindsight, I don't know why. ... ah... it may not... really help, now, but, I'll tell you, if you have anything you want to know. What'd you think of him? Also, how's Helene?" Yes, he knew where Damian must have gone, if he'd run into Julian. And, really, he probably shouldn't so easily admit, in some sense, that he knew that, because that may eventually lead into the reason why, but, maybe Damian wouldn't squint so hard. If he had to guess why Damian was there, he'd probably figured out he was gay. ... yes, Lucius already knew that. Unlike some people in House Cassimer, he did actually pay attention to him. Probably, mother already knew, too.

He was a dumbass. Honestly. Marcus, tell anyone anything, ha, the thought was immeasurably laughable.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 23, 2018, 07:24 PM »
No, it didn't. Marcus didn't make smart decisions, anymore. On the other hand, House Cassimer ostensibly had more backing; most weren't going to suddenly turn on Marcus, if only because few could really believe he'd be all that terrible, in reality, but they didn't know him. Truth be told, neither did Lucius, anymore. His father hadn't always been quite so terrible as he was, and as time went on, and he heard more whispers in the quiet, dark places of Dalmasca, the more he wondered if maybe everything he'd thought Marcus was, was a very elaborate facade. It was hard to say. Lucius may never know. But if this war with House Essair got any worse, he may sooner or later lose his patience.

"House Essair is weaker, in some sense," Lucius mused, looking up at the ceiling. "Kassandros hasn't had time to build the support structure that Cassimer stands on, and his father before him did little to do so, either. He may fall easier than we think. He may not. Either way, it'll be pretty messy." He didn't really want Damian or their mother anywhere near it, when it got that way, but he wasn't going to ask it. Maybe Damian would get the same idea, given time.

Uh-huh... that was concerning, in some sense. "You know I'm probably going to worry, anyway, right? Besides, remember the talking about it helping sometimes thing? Still stands, really." It did. "Your feelings and thoughts are valid," he said, waving his hands mystically. "... jokes aside, they really are. At least to me." And really, at the end of the day, maybe all they had was each other. Lucius liked being someone Damian went to when there was something on his mind. Lucius went to him, usually. Unless, you know, it involved their father, because, Marcus was a righteous fuckwit, but he didn't want to catch Damian in the middle of that miniature war.

Lucius and Marcus had been at each other's throats for over a decade now, it was really nothing new, anyway. Sometimes, though, Lucius really didn't want to be a Cassimer, anymore. He didn't mention that, either. If and when that time came, he'd let Damian decide what he wanted.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 20, 2018, 04:52 PM »
"I know, but I haven't seen you in a while, anyway. Maybe I missed you." By a while, he meant maybe a week or two. He'd come back from a military tour a few weeks back, went home long enough to say hi to Damian and mother, and then left, before Marcus came home. It worked well, for avoiding the inevitable outburst. There was always an outburst, and being honest about it, it was really starting to wear him thin. He had more trouble from his own fucking father than he did from the Macenians he was at war with, that was some kind of sad. Not surprising, though. Lucius had long ago decided Marcus was a bloody psycho, and quite frankly, Lucius wanted nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, he was still his father, and Lucius hadn't quite reached the stage where he was willing to turn to patricide. It was tempting, though. Wasn't like Marcus could actually best him in a real fight. But there were laws, and blah blah blah...

He didn't talk about that with Damian. He didn't want to incidentally nudge the younger man one way or the other; if he liked Marcus, good for him. If he decided he didn't, good for him. It wasn't up to Lucius to make that choice for him.

"Of course still Essair." Well, Kassandros was younger and certainly more liked than Marcus was, these days. The kid could go far, if House Cassimer got out of his way. Lucius didn't intend to stand in it, but Marcus never did stop. Honestly, even if Kassandros was aiming for Imperator, maybe he'd make a good one. Lucius knew the rumors. Couldn't prove anything, of course, or he'd have whacked some of his soldiers with the flat side of his sword, but he heard some things. And still, the Essairs didn't let it get in their way. He admired their determination, if nothing else, and maybe some of Kassandros' ideas were radical, but at this point, that was what Dalmasca needed.

Lucius made a face, somewhere between 'really?' and 'uh-huh...' "Well, seems to be bugging you," he said. "I tend to worry about things that seem to be bugging you. I won't judge you, either, you know. And sometimes talking about it helps." Sometimes. If only because, in explaining it to someone else, you sort of explained it to yourself, too, and made sense of it. Lucius had no idea how that worked, he just knew it did. Besides, maybe he could help?

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 17, 2018, 03:56 AM »
Lucius laughed at that. "I'd judge me," he answered. "I don't need to be sleeping all day, and besides, you're here. That's a good reason to get up." Probably the best reason, if he was being honest. ... well, maybe the only reason Lucius would get up so quick after, what was that, like four hours of sleep? Shit, he was going to regret that later, but it wasn't like he'd never run into something similar at the Macenian border. Crazy fuckers could hammer an outpost for twenty six hours straight, if they tried. If you ended up at the wrong outpost, like the really wrong outpost, in Macenia, you'd end up with wave after wave after wave...

Their tactics were nuts, man, but they damn sure fucking worked. He loved Macenians. He did not love fighting them.

The usual. So, dad was being a whiny cunt, and mom was biting her tongue. ... yes. Okay. Well, he was glad to know nothing had gone horrendously wrong in the last few days, since he'd been over there. Damian, or someone, would've told him, if something had. ... Essair? Still? Lucius slowly turned his head, arching an eyebrow at Damian, for a moment. Marcus was aware that if he kept provoking Kassandros, sooner or later, he'd get serious, too, right? Lucius wasn't sure how a full-on cat-fight between them would go. Marcus wasn't above certain manner of playing dirty, which, Kassandros was above it. Come to think of it, that could end terribly for Essair, really. He wondered, briefly, what Kassandros was planning on that front, but the less he knew, the better. The last thing he needed was to have a treason charge his father could hit him with.

Marcus fucking would, and Lucius knew it.

"You're doing well?" he repeated, rolling over onto his side, propping his head up against his knuckles. "You sound kind of distracted, to me. What's up?" He had that slightly hazy undertone to his words. That was the 'I'm thinking about something else,' undertone. Damian was always thinking, at least, that was never surprising, but it was surprising when it was coloring his words.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 07, 2018, 05:23 PM »
Ten? It was ten. And he was fairly sure he was dying of exhaustion. Not that this was surprising. The kids had worn him out, to be sure, and then he'd had to read them to sleep, and that took a while, because they kept asking questions. It took them at least another hour or two, to finally fall asleep. Lucius, on the other hand, had fallen asleep in about two seconds after they did. Now, it was ten, and he was still exhausted. Probably, he could roll over and go back to sleep, but, apparently Damian was here.

"Mornin'," he grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose. "The kids ran me all over hell and creation last night, ugh. They only do this to me, I swear it." They seemed to have stopped being quite such hellions when Andreas and Cyprian were around. Probably because at least Andreas was more capable of catching the buggers.

"Nice to see you! How's life and stuff?" He had a feeling he knew. There was a reason Lucius was never at the main estate, of course. Mother was over there, and he did like seeing and spending time with her, but, heck if it wasn't kind of a plus and a minus to be there. Ultimately, his presence just made the main house more tense than it needed to be, and he'd stopped staying for very long. It only caused more problems, because he and Marcus never did get along, ever. He'd be there for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, a few hours if he was lucky, and then they'd get into a fight about something. Probably how he needed to get married, and varying nitpicks at whatever military thing he'd done that Marcus didn't like this time.

He wasn't quite as hard on Damian, though, thank the gods for that.

House Cassimer / Brotherhood
« on: Jun 03, 2018, 11:35 AM »
At some point, Lucius had fallen asleep on one of the couches. There'd been a couple ilim kids under one arm, but they'd woken up long before he did, of course; they had more energy than he did, anymore, and had worn him out running around like chickens without their heads all evening. Now, they'd found a feather and were tickling his nose. He'd wake up eventually.

In the meantime, one of the older ilim, a female with mouse ears and tail, was looking for the other kids... fortunately, ilim took a decent amount of time to have children, so they only actually had about five very young ones. One of which just jumped off -- aaaayee, at least Damian had come in about there. "Still jumping off things," she huffed. "That's the third time this week. Thank goodness you caught her. Nice to see you!" quietly, of course, albeit her being quiet would not side-step Lucius eventually waking up, but eh.

"Lucius fell asleep in the parlor," she said. "I imagine his back's going to hate him today." Most likely. It was almost amazing he hadn't fallen off of it, because it was one of those couches that didn't have a back to it, being meant to be laid on. And he didn't seem to have managed to squish the kids, either. They might've protested about that a bit.

Of course, almost right after she said that, a loud sneeze sounded from the parlor, and the two that'd gotten the feather squealed and ran out of it. She giggled, a bit. Served them right. "Aaaaaagh," Lucius grumbled. "... what time is it? Never mind," and a thunk as he flopped back over, presumably.
"... sounds like he's awake. It's ten!" she answered. "I'd probably best go make him some tea. And you," looking down at the girl. "No more jumping!" Sheesh.

House Cassimer / tul bar
« on: May 10, 2018, 10:33 PM »
The only bright side to this, if there was to be a bright side of any kind, besides that he had no intention of not letting them go, was he understood why the thank you had been deemed important enough to waste a few seconds on. Lucius shook his head, watching Cyprian pace for a moment, before looking back at Andreas. "Just focus on taking care of your brother, okay? I'll talk to Kassandros later, and see if we can arrange for you three to be in the same house." Family was important. No one could replace one, because it was never the same.

"I think you'll like Kassandros. He's a decent person, eerily patient, but he has no tolerance for stupidity, or someone harming someone else. About your age, too, Andreas, bit older I think. First thing to know about him, he is never surprised, and yes, he knows things he shouldn't. Second thing, the only boundaries he will not tolerate you overstepping are those that put someone else in danger, or hurt them. Some things still escape him, though. If you catch anything along those lines in his house, absolutely tell him, he'd want to know if he doesn't already." Sometimes he did know, but, sometimes he didn't, and just making sure he did, it wasn't a bad idea.

"If I remember right, Bluebell's the younger of the horses," Lucius mentioned, nodding at the horses as Leon led them around the back. "She'd have an easier time carrying two."

In the meantime, Lucius glanced around, for a moment, and then scurried down the hall, grabbing a saddle bag from storage, and then running to the kitchen. He knew Kassandros didn't need it, he could get things on his own, but it was more the intent behind the gesture, rather than the gesture itself in this instance. Lucius carefully packed a couple decent bottles of wine that he knew Kass favored, along with fresh fruit from the small orchard in the back. Someday, Lucius wanted to make that a proper farm, but he needed more land, first. A couple vegetables, and a few bolts of decent fabric, and Lucius toddled out the back door, out toward the stables where Leon had taken the horses, getting the saddle bag on one of them. Marina, so that Bluebell could manage two riders fine.

He just hoped things turned out okay, and Dimitrios made it. But, if Kassandros and Merenwen couldn't save him, well, maybe they weren't meant to. Still, being with him before he was gone forever, that was worth it, or at least, Lucius thought so.

Communication / fortunes favor
« on: May 10, 2018, 06:05 PM »
I suppose it hasn't been that long since I last wrote, though it feels like it. Hope things are going well. Maybe you'd be up for visiting? It'd be nice to see you, anyway, and you're better at wrangling small ilim than I am anymore. I actually got a couple hume slaves, and then Essair decided to borrow them almost immediately, so I'm on my own again. Not that I mind.

I just got a bunch of new books from Galace last time I went out for military business, might be interesting!

Love you!


House Cassimer / tul bar
« on: May 10, 2018, 02:03 PM »
As it turned out, Lucius didn't really know much of what was going on, so, he stayed quiet, deciding to let the ilim explain, whenever he'd decide to do so. Most likely, when both were present, rather than just one, as it was easier that way, anyway, than having to explain things twice over. Lucius was curious what Kassandros wanted the both for, really. It was odd, an unexpected turn of events, and that tiny corner of his mind that still expected Kassandros to meet seventeen-year-old-kid standards was still going 'how the hell did he even know they were here,' but this was normal. Kassandros often inspired this question.

A short nod at Cyprian, when he'd gotten there, and, as Lucius expected, Leon dove headfirst into explaining, once Andreas had gotten to them. Lucius eventually began distinctly frowning. Kassandros and Merenwen were rather impressive healers. If the combination of the two couldn't entirely knock out the infection, then it'd gotten pretty far. That was concerning, for many reasons. Lucius had only seen the twins in passing, here and there; he'd known their mother, albeit only really indirectly, rather the wonderful lady and he was very upset such a bright light was now gone. Perhaps, though, between he and Kassandros, they could keep her legacy alive and reasonably well.

Sure, Lucius could die at any time, he knew that. After him, though, his slaves went to Livia, and his father couldn't contest it because Lucius had bought them all with his own hessions.

"I've already okayed this," Lucius put in. "You may want to see if the horses want water, before leaving, but, otherwise, have a safe trip." That was the extent of what say he thought he actually had, here. But, Lucius was very big on reuniting family members, and keeping them together. These three had already lost their mother, they didn't need to lose each other, too. That reminded him, supposedly, Julian was doing better, now... yeah, he should see if Damian would come visit. "I'm going to see if my brother will come by, so don't worry too much if Kassandros can't spare anyone." It was fine.

House Cassimer / tul bar
« on: May 07, 2018, 03:39 AM »
Surprisingly, Leon didn't follow him in, but, perhaps that wasn't so surprising after all. A moment of thinking about it, and Lucius understood why, which, Leon then explained. His first assumption, about Kassandros wanting to borrow someone, was right, after all. Though, he wasn't entirely sure why Kassandros would want specifically those two.

A glance down the hallway, features a bit scrunched up in thought, he had to wonder what Kassandros wanted them for. Andreas and Cyprian were relatively new to him, but neither seemed terribly displeased to be in House Cassimer. At least, not this branch of it -- if they'd ended up with Marcus, that'd be a very different story. Already, Marcus had made several off-hand comments about the slave bitch that got executed for pretending to be above her station.

Marcus was the type that believed, firmly, Septima had deserved it. Lucius didn't think she did. And therein lie the root of all their problems -- Lucius was compassionate, but Marcus wouldn't know compassion if it turned into a dragon and roared in his face. It was that tight cling to what was the law, as if the law was 100% absolutely never wrong. Laws changed for a reason, or at least, that was how Lucius saw it.

"Andreas, Cyprian!" he called down the hallway. "Could you two come here, please?" Quieter, for Leon, he said, "I don't mind him borrowing them. Neither's particularly necessary at the moment, so I won't be short on help or anything, but uh, maybe at least one other person besides me taller than an ilim may be a good idea." Most likely, even, if nothing else he could use the help wrangling the kids.

Lucius was, after all, getting too old for this. Maybe he'd see if Damian would come visit for a bit. Yeah... it'd be nice to see Damian, anyway.


House Cassimer / tul bar
« on: May 06, 2018, 04:20 AM »
He was getting too old for this.

This, this here, with the chasing the small ilim children around. It was fun, to be fair; it kept them out from underfoot, made sure they weren't getting into or up to anything they really did not need to be messing in or with, and Lucius was happily busy. He didn't mind it much. Some of the older ilim kids, he was incidentally teaching how to fight, by virtue of them going through training drills with him, merely because it was interesting, to them. Lucius wasn't sure if this would be a good thing, or a bad thing, but he supposed, he'd find out sooner or later. Or, well, maybe he would never really know.

Was that tapping? Hmm. It kind of sounded like it was. He couldn't quite make it out over the kids running around. They were chasing a ball he'd made out of pig skin. The calling his name, though, that made a little more of an impact. Lucius stood, heading for the door. "Don't wander out of the foyer!" he told them as he went, eventually getting there and pulling it open. For a moment, he saw horses, and was very confused as to how these two horses had just knocked on his door, but then he looked down. Oh, Leon.

Wait, why was Leon knocking?

"You know you can just open the door, right?" he asked, tilting his head a bit, and then stepped back away from the door, so Leon could come in. "Come on in, what's going on?" Leon didn't typically drop by for idle chit-chat. Sometimes, mind, if only because he was nice enough to come help with child wrangling from time to time, but if he was here with horses, then Kassandros probably wanted to borrow someone. He did occasionally, when his criminal syndicate got into a shit fight with another one, and there were too many to heal for he and Merenwen to keep up with.

Wanted / safe harbor
« on: Apr 18, 2018, 06:47 AM »
[ open first name ] Cassimer
sibling(s) / >31 / dalmascan / hume (may be mage) / warlord noble / open pb(s)

Damian is the only sibling Lucius has established in his bio, but I would actually like more than one. He doesn't always have a large number of siblings, but Lucius is the sort to be a really older-brother type, and I can really see him having more than one. Besides, it's probably not rare for families to have lots of kids in this setting. Anyway, Damian was adopted into the family, so these can also be adopted, or be blood-Cassimers, either one.

Lucius is about as unambitious as a Dalmascan highborn will ever be, so he really wouldn't be fighting with a younger sibling for rights to take over as head of House Cassimer after their father Marcus. If he had a particularly ambitious younger brother or something, that might be rather the aggravation, because any attempt to outdo him or treat him like a rival, probably gets brushed off for the most part, and that may be annoying. Lol there may also be younger siblings more like the mindset that Lucius follows, that is, they are much more willing to bend rules and are kinder to slaves than their father is (he is not outright cruel, to them, but rules must be followed, and disobeying slaves are punished thusly - similarly, they are certainly not people, Lucius, what the hell is wrong with you).

I'm really open with this, honestly, but keep in mind Lenara plays Damian, so sibling dynamics discussions should include her. =)

[ open first name ] Cassimer
mother / 48-60 / dalmascan / hume (may be mage) / warlord noble / cate blanchett suggested (can be changed)

This is an extremely loose wanted role, so whoever is interested in taking her is highly encouraged to get creative and hash out ideas with me (and Lenara, as Damian would also be her son, adopted though). Marcus is a pretty strict and by the book personality, really headstrong and probably pretty bullheaded. Lucius strikes me as kind of a momma's boy type, so it's entirely probable that it's his mother he gets his kinder personality from, so she may be a gentler, less rigid person, or at least that's how I envision her in my head. Admittedly, though, Marcus is a really strict persona, so she likely has to word things carefully, tread softly, and ensure she stays on just this side of proper, because really, I don't think Marcus would hesitate to throw his own wife under the proverbial bus if she misstepped just enough.

In any case, I'd like at least one parent in this equation to be supportive, so I'd like Lucius and his mother to have a decent relationship with one another. Maybe she's the one that, probably covertly, encouraged him to do what he felt was right, even if he was the only one doing so. I'm really hyped for this role so I'd love to hear ideas and get some thought ping-pong going!

Marcus Cassimer
father / 48-60 / dalmascan / hume (not a mage) / warlord noble / scott adkins suggested (can be changed)

Essentially, Marcus is kind of a jerk. The thing is, he's somewhat of a well-meaning jerk. Everything he does, and everything he believes, is really just a direct result of how he was raised. He sticks to tried and true, rules are there to be followed and he follows them to the letter. In my head canon, I've always imagined his strict adherence to the rules and the way things are done is probably thanks to being something of a wild child; and maybe it got him, or someone he cared very deeply for, in serious trouble, maybe even killed, who knows. In many ways, Lucius is liable to be so frustrating to Marcus at least in part because he reminds him of himself, when he was younger, but unlike Marcus, Lucius never did outgrow it. He's still the same chaotic, seemingly reckless man he was when he was a teenager, and in some ways, that's probably kind of a proverbial slap to the face, because Marcus was one, and lost something, and Lucius doesn't seem to have lost anything at all.

The plan, at least the one I have, is that sooner or later, their disagreements and inability to get along will cause Marcus to essentially disown Lucius. Damian, Lucius' brother (Marcus adopted him, and actually, Damian's parents' death may have been the turning point for Marcus and what made him such a hard-ass, like maybe his recklessness caused it somehow - it'd also sort of solidify why Marcus adopted Damian personally, instead of letting him end up with extended family or so), will likely end up caught in the middle, because Damian does look up to Marcus, but he also looks up to Lucius. Lucius has enough standing on his own, he will probably found his own House right after, so Marcus still won't tear him down. Just some thoughts, really, this isn't entirely set in stone, it's just an idea of what I've got in mind. Again, I'd love to plot hash and discuss!
reserved by dragonborn

[ open name ]
lover / 19-40 / any nationality / hume or were / slave / open pb

This person, can be either gender tbh, would be Lucius' technically illicit love affair. This character is supposed to be a brothel slave, yeah what a dumbass right, fell for a brothel slave hahaha, anyway. Unlike most, Lucius just kind of shows up, pays for like an hour of time, and then... sits there. Relaxes a bit, engages in conversation. It probably started like, the military buddies dragged Lucius off to a brothel, and he wasn't comfortable with it, so he pretended for an hour, gave this character a break, or something, talked, went on his way. But eventually came back, and never entirely stopped, but never does anything but talk. He's very adamant about never starting anything until this character actually wants him to, or does themselves and actually wants to instead of doing it out of a sense of that's their job. So, not only is one of the most powerful men in Dalmasca coming by to see them, but all he does is talk and he insists on it. Repeatedly.

The power imbalance in this relationship is pretty serious, but Lucius really does like this character, and is liable to eventually whisk them away to House Cassimer, which might be rather the adjustment from being a brothel slave, to having a House and whatnot. Never mind Lucius' villa is full of ilim (he does not sell off ilim children like most, he let families stay together, so basically all of his ilim slaves are related, he's got about four or five generations of the same bloodlines), which may be rather alarming at first, lol. Most Dalmascans don't collect that many unless they have uh odd interests, but they also tend to sell off children pretty fast.

Anyway, their relationship is probably kept pretty hush-hush, because Lucius' father is unlikely to take it very well (Lucius has refused to marry so far, probably because of this character, and that won't go over well), so it may be this character that finally pushes Lucius' relationship with his father right off a cliff, but they don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, so it's just as likely it'd be something else. Again, hashing, totally up for it, I love ideas!

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