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Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jul 02, 2018, 03:17 AM »
Instinct made him momentarily back up, tensing to spring, and then it was gone a heartbeat later. It was just Vesperius, for fuck's sake, Axelius couldn't see him hurting much of anyone, least of all him, even if only because they were friends ( they were friends, right? ). Axelius snorted, the smirk becoming more amused than it was before. "Had noted," he said, drawling slightly. "Missed you, too, though," he added, quieter, less amused than before.

For a moment, Axelius just stared at him. He probably looked thoughtful, really, and he kind of was. Livia was strange for a Dalmascan slave owner. Axelius knew that, quite well. The Houses before her hadn't been nearly so eager to let him wander off wherever it was he wanted to go, as she was. It was debatable, why she was, when so many others weren't. If he pulled a stunt like this after a fight in only just the House before Asheron, he'd get a hell of a whipping when he got back, and probably some time in solitary confinement. Most likely waist deep in mud. If he was lucky.

If he was very unlucky, he'd have gotten executed.

Some part of him started to wonder, if maybe it'd be better, to just leave Vesperius here. It was safe, here, in ways it wasn't and never could be out there, because out there, there were monsters the likes of which Helene never let set foot in this building. They had security in this place, for fuck's sake. Maybe the reasons why the owner was protective of his slaves was ostensibly inhumane, but the fact of the matter was, he was defensive of them, and he did enforce the no damaging the goods rule. It was safe here. The only place that was more safe was to the west, where the fabled Free Cities were, and sometimes, Axelius wondered if they really existed or not, if they weren't just made-up places Dalmasca had come up with to give people a false sense of hope.

Still, he wanted to believe they existed. Because that was the tricky thing, about hope; it never really promised anything, so, it never really let you down.

"It's not as great as it sounds. D'you know why?" Axelius asked, quietly. "Why I left? I didn't have to become a blood fighter, either, I purposely asked to be one. Do you know why I did?" Probably, he didn't. Maybe it'd be better, if he didn't.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 30, 2018, 05:05 PM »
Uh. Well, not really. It was all just stuff he'd figured out by watching her, and that was part of his job description. Given she made Alcides her other guard, again, Axelius hadn't been doing so hot at that guard thing, but, eh, sometimes he was easily distracted. Sometimes he wasn't easy to distract at all. It depended on the day, what he was thinking about, anything that might be bothering him. He didn't mention all that, it felt like whining, so he just left it unsaid.

"Mostly stuff I figured out with observation," he said, shrugging. He wasn't bothered by it, of course. Livia had more pressing concerns than one of her blood fighters. She still thought about them, just, more distantly, but given she had close to a hundred of them, she'd never really have time for any given one on a more personal level. Axelius did have to admit he had a bit of a crush on her, but, maybe that was normal. A lot of her fighters seemed to, in some capacity. She was the kind of strong that only a very small number of people could ever hope to be, and if nothing else, Axelius did admire her.

"She's hard not to admire, I guess. Hard not to watch, because she commands attention without demanding it. It's like, how do I do that? ... and then, do I even want to?" Axelius never had much trouble with that, being fair. He was the kind of charming that got himself out of a brothel not once, but several times. Heh, all for this guy, anyway.

Axelius smirked. "Think what? You're not jealous or something, are you?" He was teasing, of course. Vesperius didn't have a reason to be jealous, anyway. He might like Livia, but, his relationship with her would always be very different from the ones he had with those here. Livia couldn't understand the way they did. Even some here couldn't really understand, some of the things he'd lived through. That was why Axelius was almost always so open and friendly. He was the kind of person that needed other people, so no matter where he went, he made sure he had people.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 28, 2018, 02:16 PM »
Axelius looked amused, for a moment, before his expression settled back out. That was good, though, it wasn't like Axelius had any say in who his trainer was. That wasn't how it worked. Maybe he would meet her, someday, but honestly, he wasn't going to hold his breath. Livia was a busy person, had plenty of other things to deal with. On principle, she didn't tend to like brothels, anyway, and might frown at him, actually, if she knew where Axelius had gone. It wasn't terribly easy to miss the Salonus brand, though. Maybe she already had an idea of where he'd been. The subject had, admittedly, never really come up.

Anything. Anything? That was helpful. Oh, "I can do that later," he answered. "Asheron's got healers, and everything, and they're just scratches, anyway, nothing to fuss with." Not everything was interesting. ... well, maybe they were, just, not always in the good way, he should say. "Well, my trainer's name is Livia. But she lets me call her Your Gorgeousness. Pretty weird, right? First person not to stare at me like I was nuts when I did my usual snarky friendliness. I was on market, at the time, market's not terribly interesting; they just chain your wrists together, and then your ankle to a post, and you stand around all day. Sometimes you'll meet someone cool, but, rarely. Depending on which slaver's wandering around by your post, talking could be a bad idea, too. Some don't mind. Some want any reason to hit you."

"Livia was like, Which ones are Macenian? Just happened to be the only Macenian in the bunch. Strangely, she decided she was buying me before we even met, and I snarked at her the whole way to the estate. She seems to find it amusing. She's like, yay tall," he held his hand up, about five feet in the air, roughly, "blue eyes, really pale blonde hair, almost white. Can't really miss her. Always got this medium-toned, dark haired guy, sometimes with a spear, sometimes not, somewhere behind her, that's Alcides. I hear she and Alcides grew up together. He's not a slave anymore, but, I don't think he knows how not to be one, so even though he's a freedman now, he still trails behind her. He's her personal guard. Not that she needs one, she's kicked my ass before, but you know, sometimes two heads are better than one." Sometimes, it was. At other times, it really just made things worse.

House Asheron / Live young, die fast
« on: Jun 21, 2018, 05:53 AM »
That was probably one of the rudest things he'd heard about Livia in a while. And exactly how much did someone have to undermine her capabilities to reduce her to just a lovestruck puppy? It wasn't like this was anything new. People did that to her all the time, but she shouldn't have to field this shit in her own damn house, too.

Not that she was here to hear this bullshit, but that was beside the point. If it was happening and being thought and said behind her back, in her own house, sooner or later, it'd come up to her face, too. Axelius knew she tolerated it. Quite frankly, she had more patience for that than she should, at least in his opinion, but it wasn't like anyone asked him, and her position was delicate enough, at times, she had to be careful how she handled it. A wrong step and it was her fault, he knew that. He did.

It didn't make him any more kindly about it. Maybe it was more because she couldn't necessarily rise to her own defense properly that made him do it so fast. And what was that, anyway? It almost read like sarcasm. Axelius would be relatively well-versed in the language of sarcasm. So what the fuck jumped down this guy's pants and bit his balls, anyway? Wasn't like Axelius really cared, so, he didn't bother asking.

You know what. "I'll do that, then." And he turned, and headed into the house. Before he said something he'd regret, later. Livia, at least, wouldn't be terribly pleased about her blood fighters getting into literal fights with each other, and he had some semblance of couth. Brothels would give you that, at least. One good thing about them.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 21, 2018, 05:38 AM »
Of course he had been. The smile on his face got a bit broader, and then finally dimmed somewhat. Vesperius and his odd antics were amusing, and perhaps more than a little familiar. Axelius hadn't had anything truly familiar in a long time, and really, it was nice. And it wasn't, but, he wasn't going to voice any of that, anyway. Vesperius didn't really need to know, anyway.

Axelius snorted. "Yeah, I mean, my beautiful self and I are quite good at dramatics." He did have to admit to having something of a flair for the dramatic. Some may think he had too much of one, and that was valid, but heck all if Axelius cared. Most days, anyway. Some days, he cared more than he could really be arsed to admit to. Neither here nor there, he supposed.

Er. "Yeah, she," he said, following where Vesperius pulled. "My current owner and trainer's a woman. Actually used to do a lot of the training herself, even." Which, was odd, but he found he didn't really mind it, after he'd gotten used to it.

It took a few seconds, of hesitating, shifting his weight, but eventually, Axelius folded down where indicated. "... stories? I guess. ... not sure what you'd be interested in, though." He did have a few stories to tell. Some of them, he'd never in a million years put to words. Others, maybe they weren't terribly interesting. Then again, almost anything was interesting when you were a brothel slave. Anything but the crap you dealt with every day was many times better. Still, he wasn't going to just start talking. What if he said something he shouldn't?


House Asheron / Live young, die fast
« on: Jun 19, 2018, 02:10 AM »
... Axelius really wanted to tell this guy how lucky he was to be able to think that. How lucky he was that sex was still fun in any capacity. He didn't. He bit his tongue, arched an eyebrow, and shrugged. "If you're into that, and the other person's not just an indecisive prat, sure." Him? Nah. Maybe with the right person. Maybe with someone he actually cared about, but, sex was an obligation to him, not really something you did for fun. Incidentally, Axelius still got plenty laid, because hey, how else would you spend your free time? He didn't know. He'd eventually figured out, though, it was really just making everything worse, and that didn't make any sense, but there it was.

Boy, was he glad he had his own room, here. Weird as it was, it wasn't like Axelius was used to sharing rooms with someone. One good thing about brothels, they all did have their own space. It was often invaded, but, beggars couldn't be choosers, or however the saying went. Not that it was entirely valid, but, it was valid enough, he guessed.

"Being honest, probably because I could keep up with her, if I tried," Axelius answered, shifting his weight. He did smirk slightly. "She's so get up and go, you know, takes a certain person to move at the speed of Livia. Most can't. But then Alcides came back. I don't know if you've noticed or anything, but she's got the hots for him pretty serious. Even if she did care whether I was around or not, I think she wouldn't even notice if I was or wasn't anyway, because Alcides is there." More or less. Okay, it was a little more complicated than that, because she did seem to give some semblance of a fuck about him, but, you know.

"Oversimplifying it, probably, but some days, it's not that far off from the truth." Some days. "Not that I mind. They're cute. Like in that really disgustingly cute way, and they're fun to tease about it." Fortunately, neither of them was traumatized by Dalmasca enough for that to make them super self-conscious or anything. "In any case, it's not like she can't take care of herself. She's just as much a fighter as we are, and all. It's just easier when she's not doing it solo."

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 18, 2018, 09:50 PM »
Well, yes, Axelius supposed, if you bit down hard enough, sooner or later, you'd break the skin. Axelius had done that, a few times. Hey, unfortunate side-effect of being a fist-fighter, he had to get up close and personal, and sometimes that ended in him biting someone's ear. Listen, ears didn't taste very good. But he won. And maybe how didn't necessarily matter, albeit Livia seemed to have a thing about fighting fairly. On the other hand, she did seem to understand that sometimes, fair was going to get you killed. That was just the way of the arena.

Ah, he was cute when he did that. The smirk steadily turned into an actual smile, albeit it was still somewhat lopsided. "That's better," Axelius decided. "Surprised befuddlement doesn't look as good on you." Indignation, that did. Most likely, only because that was typical, for Vesperius, and it was somehow somewhat uncomfortable to find him so thrown off. He was right, of course, it'd been a year, and given, before, it only took maybe a few weeks before he got sent back here, and had to charm another repeat client, all but the one of course, because that one would never put him in the arena, that was probably pretty strange. Weeks had turned into months, now here they were, a year later, and things felt right and wrong at the same time.

Didn't know his own strength... yeah, how many times had Axelius heard that? Any one of them here had heard it before. Blue eyes narrowed, glaring at the floor, but then it was gone. No sense in getting mad now. It wasn't like he had the ability to stop it, either. He glanced at the scar Vesperius was tracing, and then looked up at him, snorting softly and smirking. "It was just a scratch," he said. "My very beautiful self just decided to be dramatic and scar, that's all." It was, amusingly, as much as it was irritating, probably Livia's care that kept him from getting too messed up. She was very careful which games she put her fighters in, which houses she'd let them compete with. They were not allowed to compete against Lancaster, no matter how much many of them might want to, because Lancaster had Spartacus, and not a damn one of the Asheron fighters could take down Spartacus.

Sometimes, Axelius wondered if he could, and then wondered when he'd gotten a suicidal streak. There were instances when he wasn't sure if he was willing to die for this, or if he wanted to.

"Don't worry, though," he added. "Current owner is very careful what she lets us fight in." Yes, she. He'd gotten used to it, though, and didn't think to clarify that.

House Asheron / Live young, die fast
« on: Jun 17, 2018, 11:24 PM »
Usually, here, he'd be wondering why that was his default state of being. It had been since he was five, maybe, he hardly remembered now. And after House Salonus, he'd gone to a brothel, and it was still his default state of being, only then, he was older. He started understanding it better. Somewhere in here, maybe he didn't want to be that way, anymore. Maybe that wasn't the person he wanted to be. Truth be told, Axelius didn't know who he did want to be. He'd never had the chance to think about it. This was Dalmasca, of course; he'd be whoever his master of the moment wanted him to be, and House Asheron was jarring mostly for the fact he had no idea who he was, if his master wasn't telling him, and Livia never had.

He supposed, even a year away from it wasn't enough to make it go away. There'd always be some bit of brothel slave in him somewhere, a giant scar that never faded away. Some never did. This one was shaping up to be one of those.

"The wishy-washy ones are the most annoying," Axelius answered, eyebrows raising slightly, an almost-smirk gracing his lips. And they were. They made you do all the thinking, for one thing. "I'd rather get one that knows what he's after." Ultimately, it was easier. It was not always less painful, but, he liked pain, anyway. If he had to guess, that was probably part of why. Ah, but House Salonus were known for their, taboo pleasures among the noble caste. Come to House Salonus, and be every bit the freak you fucking were, and not have to worry about the consequences of it. Yeah, he knew how attractive that was, to them.

Public images, and all, they were quite the thorn.

Yes. ... no? Hmm. Axelius thought about that for a second, and then shrugged. "Yes, and no. I am technically part of her guard, so it is kind of my job to stalk her. I have to admit to a slight bit of repeated trouble refraining from stabbing uppity Dalmascan nobles, but hey, patient, nobody's ever used that word and my name in the same sentence." Nah, he wasn't known for it. "But she doesn't seem to mind when I don't. Like I said, Alcides is around again. I don't have to, anymore."

Wasn't like he knew what else to do, though, so if he wasn't talking to Rosalio, he probably would be.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 17, 2018, 11:06 PM »
He didn't know what he was expecting. That was, and was not, it. It'd been a year, now, things had changed. They may not even really be friends, anymore, after that long apart, and Axelius wouldn't be surprised, nor would he really hold it against him. It was his right to be mad at him. Better anger than the truth. Anger was always better than the truth.

Right. There was probably some semblance of resignation in his eyes, but he didn't move. Didn't even really blink, because honestly, he trusted Vesperius, more than he did most people, and even if he didn't, he'd been through worse. And then he hugged him, sort of, instead, and Axelius snorted. He supposed that was valid, too. He almost reached up, gave in and held his friend, maybe pet his hair, but he stopped himself. He still had things to do, people to do, more accurately, later, and Axelius had been in such a hurry to get here, he was still slicked in bloodied mud. He should just, not marr his appearance with blood-mud smudges.

"You can," Axelius answered, an amused lilt to his voice. "But I probably taste like blood and dirt." Typical, of course. His last fights had been for the Festival of Iuna, not in the big arena, where there was dirt instead of sand, but it wasn't like sand was any better. Ah -- ... well, at least he hit Axelius' skin, instead of hitting one of the metal plates of his gauntlets.

"Really?" One eyebrow arched upward, a boyish smirk crossing his face. "A whole year, wow, I thought it was like, ten minutes." It was sad, that was the most like his old self he'd been in this entire year. "I had to bounce a few houses before I got one that'd pay me." He didn't mention how rare it was, to find one that would. "And then yanno, I kinda had to ol' one-two some fuckers and earn the money. But hey, I made it. And it was only one year instead of like, ten. Could've been worse." It could have been much worse, but he understood; it didn't feel that way, in the moment.

"What's with this?" he asked, eyebrows drawing together as his gaze finally settled properly on Vesperius' wrists. With a much stronger grip than he'd had before, Axelius reached over and took his friend's hands, studying the bruising. "This is the worst of it, right?" If it wasn't, he damn sure as fuck was telling Helene on the way out. ... hell, he may tell her anyway and bribe her for a name. Her Gorgeousness seemed to kind of like him, maybe she'd be happy to upcharge the shit out of whichever fucker did it. She did, after all, control most of the food supply in Dalmasca.

Frankly, that was dumb, on Dalmasca's part, but nobody asked a stupid Macenian snake, now did they.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 17, 2018, 05:52 PM »
Naturally. Axelius snorted, not really being able to stop the smile. It was more of one of those incredulous 'of course,' sorts, not really an amused one. Well, maybe a bit amused. He turned his head to the side, watching one of the walls, but he didn't really see it, anyway. Why. You'd think he'd be more specific than that, but he supposed, confusion and shock, it did many things, and muddle your mind, that was one of the things either could do. It was a bloody right miracle even one of his owners decided to let him keep his own hessions, to start with. Letting him leave to use them, that was even weirder. He'd had to work his damned ass off to come back, both in the arena and out of it, because earning a master's favor, that was harder than it seemed in places like this.

Of course the ones that came here seemed to like you. They wanted to like you. Out there, it was completely different. Axelius was no stranger to it, having spent his early childhood in House Salonus, perverse as House Salonus were, he knew how houses worked. He knew how noblemen really worked, he knew it'd be hard, and he'd need at least a tiny sliver of luck if he was going to get anywhere. That was why he'd kept charming his clients. Sooner or later, one of them had to lead him to the right place. Her Gorgeousness turned out to be the right place. She let her slaves leave. She let her blood fighters leave. She even gave them some of the money they earned, and it wasn't a lot, no, but it was enough. It was many times more than most got in houses in Dalmasca. Most weren't even allowed to own anything, technically didn't even own their own clothes, if you could call the loose bolts of fabric most dressed their slaves in clothing.

But Vesperius didn't really know how houses worked. He'd never been in one. There were bonuses and drawbacks to having a house. It was easier to gain solid favor of someone, in one. But that favor often came at a price, and some weren't willing to pay it. And yet, should they incidentally catch some noble's eye, they had no choice but to pay it. At least here it was steady. It was all the same thing. No one person stayed for too long, so even the abuse was mitigated. In a house, there was nothing stopping a noble from beating a slave to death. And no one would care. They mattered, here. They made the owner money. They were expendable, but replacing a trained pleasure slave was difficult and took time. They were valuable, and any real damage was met with fines and sometimes worse. It didn't fix it. It didn't make it better. But the worst that'd happened since Helene was blinded was Kalix's arm had been broken, once. It deterred it.

No one would stop a master from burning his slaves alive if that was what he wanted. Axelius had been through worse, before he'd finally gotten lucky and landed in House Asheron. He didn't know how he'd gotten so lucky. Maybe only one other House in all of Dalmasca would be even a sliver as kind as House Asheron were. As much as it didn't please Axelius to admit it, Vesperius was safer here, than Axelius was out there. As much as he wished he was where Axelius was, it was safer for him if he wasn't. The good ones always fell. House Asheron had stood for centuries, but sooner or later, someone may yet take them out.

Why what? Axelius took a breath in, turned to the floor. "I got lucky," he said. "My owner miraculously, and pretty suspiciously, doesn't care what I do, gives me some of what I earn. It took a while, you're damned expensive you know that? But I got enough. Finally." He just side-stepped the rest of it. It didn't matter which houses he'd gone to before, how many of them had left behind new scars. That was what he was, anyway, a breathing, talking scar. He wanted to ask if he was mad. It didn't matter if he was, it wasn't like it was really Axelius' fault it'd taken so long. He was lucky he was still breathing, considering what a manipulative snake he'd had to be to get here. Any one of those masters before Livia could've just fucking killed him for it. If Vesperius didn't understand it, didn't know what he'd risked to get back here outside of being sent back, it was for the better.

He'd rather Vesperius was mad at him, than understood.

"Though, don't know when I can afford to come back again," he said, looking back up at his friend. "Like I said, you're damned expensive, and hessions don't just grow on trees." A quiet snort of amusement loosed at the end. Nah. They grew in the dirt, but fuck all if Axelius knew where. Maybe in the mines, where the slaves the Dalmascans couldn't use and couldn't sell went to work to death. He never did figure out what the mines were for. It'd be just everyone's luck, wouldn't it, the one mineral deposit that produced the minerals for hessions were where slaves went to die.

House Asheron / Live young, die fast
« on: Jun 17, 2018, 03:47 AM »
Well, go figure that. Axelius' expression probably screamed 'figures as much.' You know, he should, most likely, be more concerned that he was never really in a good mood, anymore. The only time he was anywhere near in a good mood, was when he happened to be in Livia's presence, and that was more because his charm instinct kicked in. You always charmed the ladies. That was half his job, once. Half, because, he also had guys to charm. He was starting to wonder if he even could, nowadays.

Axelius snorted, a half-smile crossing his face, pulling one arm to the side, popping his shoulder, then the other. That almost sounded like a terrible pick-up line he'd hear in a sleazy brothel. Nothing like he'd hear in Helene's place, not that it was actually hers, but nobody'd ever met the owner besides her anyway, but you know. ... he tried not to think about them, too much. Odd, wasn't it, how he missed it? "Well, sounds like you know what you want," Axelius answered. After a moment, an oddly coy smile replaced the half-smile, blue eyes doing one of those once overs of the other fighter. "I like guys that know what they want."

... damn it. That was not what he'd meant to say. Okay. Focus. He shook his head, the smile still on his face, but more distant, now. "In that case, what'd you have in mind? I'm probably supposed to be stalking Her Gorgeousness, she does that thing where she runs off and comes back with an arrow in her leg and all, but, Alcides is around, now. I can worry less."

And thank the gods for that, really. Alcides was better at Livia-stalking than Axelius was, but, the smaller one had a lot more practice.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 11:57 PM »
For the record, he wasn't fidgeting. Well, he might've been. He was nervous, naturally; it'd been a year, now, and Axelius couldn't help but wonder if he'd changed a lot. Axelius had. It was getting harder to be so vibrant and cheerful, like the energy behind it had just been all drained out of him, and it scared him a bit to think maybe someday, he wouldn't be able to find it anymore. He'd have to try, at least, to put it all behind him. Not to remember all the things he saw and felt waiting under the stands in the big arena, the crowd roaring as it always did, the ghostly blurs watching the chopped up pieces of who they used to be floating in the sewers where they dumped the bodies. Some of them remembered who they'd been; most had been there so long, they'd forgotten.

But the Macenians were the barbaric ones. Yeah.

A glance to the side, catching sight of the dirt and blood mixing together in an odd way on his skin in a mirror, and he looked away. There was a scratch across his cheek, probably, under his gauntlets, he'd slammed the metal edges into his skin enough to at least bruise, if not draw blood. He had nothing to go home to. Macenia didn't mean anything to him, he didn't remember a time he wasn't here. But Vesperius had dreams, had plans, maybe had a family somewhere. Axelius had nothing, and if he could give freedom to someone that could do something with it, shouldn't he? That was what he thought.

When he'd been here, he'd been good at taking on the rough ones; the ones that left bruises and scratches behind, because at some point amid House Salonus, he'd learned to like pain. Even now, if he fought long enough, and failed at it long enough, it'd turn him on. It was an odd thing, probably, something he'd never bothered explaining, but, House Salonus left scars behind, and one of them was pretty visible. A brand on his lower back, House Salonus' snake, spoke mounds to those that saw it, and if he didn't get a rough one, here, some of them became that way, after seeing the snake.

One hand reached up, attempting, at least, to wipe away the smear of blood across his cheek, but he didn't bother with the one on his shoulder. It was still bleeding. He didn't feel it.

"Just a second," Helene answered, shuffling back down the hall, her hand running across the walls so she didn't lose track of where she was, settling back down into her seat. "He's not busy," she said, meant for Axelius. "You remember which one's his."
"Yeah," Axelius replied, reflexively nodding. "Uh... shouldn't be here long. Keep track for me, yeah?" His tone was light and jovial, but it didn't really match his expression. Helene couldn't see it, anyway.
"Sure," she said, and Axelius headed down the hall, counting the doors. Like he'd forget which one was Vesperius', anyway. He was in this one almost as much as he was in his own. His was up a floor; Axelius glanced at the ceiling. He didn't figure it was still vacant, but it was every time he'd come back, before. He'd never been gone for a whole year, before. He had hessions to fight for, though. Hessions he'd use to give Vesperius his damn life back. Maybe he could get him to go to the Free Cities. Dalmasca was going to collapse and burn, someday, and Axelius didn't really want his closest friend in it when it did.

Axelius didn't bother knocking, just tried to swallow his nerves, pushed the door open, closed it behind him, watching the floor. A quiet breath in, and out, and his gaze flicked up, a slight smile crossing his face. "... sorry m'late," he said, watching his friend's face. "Meant to come back sooner, but, hessions ain't easy to get for people like me." Us, even, he didn't say it. He'd run off so quick, it'd be hard to pretend he wasn't a blood fighter now, but, that was alright. He could pretend it was for his own damn freedom; Vesperius would know there was something more to it. Axelius would fight, kill, and die, for things he found to be worth it, it'd be no surprise he was in the blood games, but it'd never be for himself, because that wasn't what Axelius found his strength in, and any one of the slaves here would know it, but this one the best.

Pleasure District / might be, maybe, could've
« on: Jun 16, 2018, 06:06 PM »
He'd done alright. In most matches, he did 'alright,' at least in his mind. Livia always insisted he was a better fighter than he thought, given he could manage to hold his own against swordsmen and spearmen just fine ( impressive, if you wanted to get technical, as Axelius was a fist-fighter ), but as far as Axelius was concerned, he could do better. He could always do better. It was a better idea, for him, if he constantly thought he could do better, instead of becoming complacent and, you know, dying. Hard to free somebody when you were dead. Hard to do anything when you were dead.

Finally, though, he had enough. He had just enough hessions to afford at least Vesperius for an hour or so. Maybe Helene would take pity upon his poor, broke ass, and give him a tiny discount. Axelius certainly wouldn't ask. As soon as Livia had handed out the blood fighters' earnings from the last few matches, and he figured out he had enough, he squeaked in excitement, bounced slightly, and started off. "Be back before nightfall I promise!" for Livia, and then he took off down the street.

No, he wasn't terribly afraid of catching hell for that. It was worth it, anyway. He had two savings piles, one for eventually buying Vesperius' freedom, and the other for seeing him in general. It'd be a while before the former reached anywhere near his goal, but the latter managed to do it in a year. Fuck the gods, had it really been a year? Yeah... he remembered last year's festival; he was with a different House, then, but he wasn't at the brothel. Fuck. Maybe Vesperius would be mad at him. Axelius wouldn't blame him, any. It wasn't like Axel had ever told him he intended to someday free him ( it was kind of a surprise ), so his constant disappearing didn't make any sense anyway. Axelius never told him why, but he also had never admitted it was purposeful, either, getting bought out of the brothel. He kept going back, here and there, in the early years, and then he'd gotten lucky this time.

A whole damn year... well, maybe Vesperius would just assume it was his owner's fault. If nothing else, Axelius missed him, and, even if he was mad at him, he still wanted to see him. He shook that off, scurried down the right streets, weaving between buildings. He should probably have stopped somewhere, gotten the blood and sand off his skin before he ran off, but, too late for that now. They had showers there, anyway. He'd bum a shower off Helene. He stopped outside the buildings in the pleasure district, looking around... he'd gotten the right one instinctively, good, well he'd been here a long time, it stood to reason he'd not forgotten where it was suddenly. He went in, right to Helene. "Hello, most beautiful person I've ever met," he greeted. "I'd call you gorgeous, but I have a gorgeous already."
Helene snorted, counting hessions, as always. "Been a long time, Mr. Suave. You back?"
"Nah, not to stay. Um. S'Vesperius busy?"
"... he might be? I'm fairly sure that was his last patron that just left. I'll go see," Helene decided, standing, and shuffling down the hall to tap on Vesperius' door. She stood outside it, a second, noting the lack of typical 'I'm busy' noises, and then tapped on the door. "Ready for another, or do you want a few minutes?" she asked.

lemme know if i need to adjust anything. also sorry for the wall'o'text. the words either flood or they dont go, i guess.

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That got a laugh, more airy than anything, a boyish smirk of amusement on his face for a moment. "Is that not what we're doing?" True it was, he guessed, some people had different definitions of 'socializing,' and some could argue Axelius wasn't terribly much for socializing with other blood fighters, anyway. They'd not be wrong, mostly because he had no idea how to deal with other blood fighters. Suave-charming the pants off a warlord? He had that down to a fine art. Everyone else? What do with.

Probably a side-effect of never really figuring out how to operate outside the bedroom, but, he wasn't too shabby at being charming with Her Gorgeousness (Livia, of course), or Alcides, for that matter, and he was actually pretty mouthy. It was a blood fighter thing. He had issues with other blood fighters.

Jee, couldn't imagine why, what a strange and unexplained thing to have issue with.

"Unless you have a different definition of it," he went on. "Which, I suppose some do. Some people don't much care for words, either, what are words anyway." Who knew. Noises, mostly, that somehow had magically gained meaning, probably because some people thought too much, and decided to try conveying these things they thought to other people (why?), and here they were. What the hell were words? How weird was it, anyway, names and stuff. What is the noise that gets your attention? Wild.

House Asheron / Live young, die fast
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"Basically," Axelius said, shrugging. Well, he hadn't died yet, that had to count for something, he guessed.

Girls weren't his speed? Well, welcome to the club, Axelius guessed. A ridiculous percentage of Dalmasca was either gay or bi, or didn't care either way. Axelius didn't really care either way, he just wasn't as practiced with girls as he was with other guys. Something about knowing how to use his tongue, or whatever it was. Quite honestly, Axelius tried not to think about it. It was easier, that way.

"You just drink a lot of water," Axelius replied. "And boyfriend, then. Or just friends, whichever." Hey, whatever floated the guy's boat, and all of that. Axelius wasn't judging, and frankly, neither was anyone else.


A slight shift of his weight, from one leg to the other, and Axelius snorted, smiling just a bit. "Mine's socializing," he answered. More accurately, it was remaining drowned in things to do so much, the rest of it went away. Being so caught up in the occurrences of every day, that his head never went anywhere it wasn't supposed to, that his thoughts stayed here, that it didn't start feeling like he was watching life pass him by through someone else's eyes. Because it was freaky, as fuck, that was why. "But isn't everyone trying to forget something?" It seemed that way to him.

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