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Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jul 09, 2018, 03:34 PM »
"Thank you." The chances of him coming across one or both of his brothers was pretty slim, and Dimitrios knew that. Still, he didn't have to say he would. Whether he actually would or not was kind of in the air, somewhere, and Dimitrios knew enough about Dalmasca to know that, too, and yet, it still managed to make him feel a little better. Maybe things weren't the way any of them had hoped they'd turn out, but there was no sense raging against it, either. He was starting to learn how to just accept things.

Ah, well, it wasn't like Dimitrios had any say over this place's pricing, so, he'd just hope so. Then again, the Cassimers were the richest noble family in Dalmasca, so, he supposed he was worrying over nothing. Likely, it was instinct; their father was always on their mother and Cyprian's cases about spending too much. Which is funny in hindsight, given Aemilius spent a lot more than both of them combined. But that was none of Dimitrios' business.

"Oh! Right, yeah you're probably a pretty busy guy, huh?" Yeah, Dimi, quit running your trap. "Erm, well, sorry that didn't quite go right. But uh, I'm probably not going anywhere?" Nah. There was later, if he decided he wanted to come back and try that again. You know, they really didn't cover this in seducing-rich-men 101.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jul 09, 2018, 03:21 PM »
Oh, good. Dimitrios figured the worst that happened was, it didn't actually work. It wasn't like he knew Cygnus terribly well, so to speak lightly of it, he wasn't really in the best position to decide what'd work for him or wouldn't. Certainly, Icarus would have a better idea than he did, but it was worth mentioning, he thought, and apparently Icarus agreed.

"Yeah, at first," Dimitrios allowed. "And I wouldn't have, either. Cyprian used to make bowls and stuff, and noticed when they got air bubbles in them, the glass moved around the air, instead of pushing it back out, and it made him think, if he purposely blew air into it, made it the shape he wanted around the air, and then broke off one end, it'd be an easier way of making like, cups and bowls and stuff. He wasn't wrong, though he did fry his hands a few times, figuring it out. Kassandros just kind of gave him a bunch of sand, a furnace, and a pipe, and he's been making wine glasses and glass tumblers and amphoras for the last week." Dimitrios hadn't poked in on him recently, to see how it was going. Maybe he would, later, just to see how he was doing. Cyprian tended to hyperfocus, if you let him, and Dimitrios had long decided it wasn't good for him, really. He didn't take social isolation very well, but he also didn't seem to know how to not end up socially isolated.

It was probably more peaceful for him, when he was alone.

"Uh, anyway, I think I should probably get out before I turn into a prune," he said, sounding amused. At least, by now, he could pull himself out. "So, nice meeting you, um, and good luck with Cygnus." And, hopefully the constructive outlet worked for Cygnus as well as it had for Nero and Cyprian.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jul 04, 2018, 05:11 AM »
Dimitrios made an amused sound. "Noticing this," he said. "But it's been fun, going through the shelves and finding neat stuff at every turn. Your libraries are bigger than ours ever were." Father didn't see a point in keeping many books around. Mother might've wanted to, but, well, he always did get horrendously upset when she even breathed in the direction of buying something so impractical as books. She'd always encouraged them to read, because if nothing else, it did introduce concepts and ideas that maybe they would never really have the opportunity to come across in person. Dimitrios would always kind of appreciate her, for spurring a love of learning and reading in him. Through books, he'd been halfway across Azaleon, and never set foot outside Nydema.

Oooh, aura books... well, it wasn't like Dimitrios was a mage. Sure, he had the empathy thing, but one was not innately inclusive of the other. Still, might be interesting, to learn about. A lot of misunderstandings and such could be prevented by just, learning about things. Besides, maybe he could figure out why magi went insane so often. It wasn't as if Dimitrios had a personal investment in it, it was just curiosity. His mind was made for thinking and puzzling things out, anyway.

Huh. Dimitrios tilted his head, a bit, thinking. Yeah, he sounded like an odd combination of Nero and Cyprian. Cyprian was a lot like that, too. It was hard to tell how much of it was their father's influence, and how much was just, him, but he was certainly much calmer, less impulsive and irritable, now that he was left mostly to his own devices. Seemed he really enjoyed working with glass, too. It looked kind of difficult; Dimitrios had only sat and watched him work once, but it was enough for him to figure out it certainly wasn't easy.

"Well, he kind of sounds like an odd mix of Nero and Cyprian," Dimitrios said. "Cyprian's like that, too. Like the world's too much and never enough all at once, and he's always got lots of energy and it just kind of goes everywhere. Nero had the energetic issue, too. Cyprian's doing better now that he's got something relatively constructive to channel it into. Maybe that's what Cygnus needs? If he's that emotional, artistic expression could work. Cyprian does glass-blowing all day. Um, basically he blows air bubbles into molten glass, it makes it easier to shape into what he wants. It's really not easy, takes a lot of repetition and persistence, so it may not work, but, there's also always like, sculpting and clay and stuff." Just a thought.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jul 02, 2018, 02:25 AM »
Yeah, so it did. Dimitrios just shrugged. "Kinda what happens when people die suddenly, I guess." It wasn't like Nero was particularly good at explaining anything, anyway. No one really was. Things just were the way they were, he guessed. Sometimes, it felt like he'd missed a lot of his own life, even while he'd lived it, and that was probably a pretty sad impression to get. It wasn't really new of one, by any means. He always knew someone was always hiding something, and it was neither surprising, by the end, nor really upsetting, anymore. That was how it worked, in House Kenleigh. Maybe in most Houses, in Dalmasca.

"It is," he agreed. "... and really, doesn't actually matter. Even if I did figure it out, wouldn't change anything." He paused a moment, chewing his lip. "This is probably kind of bold, but, if you happen to come across one or both of my brothers... could you tell them I'm okay?" He wasn't. Not the kind of okay he was sure they'd want him to be, but, none of them could change anything. Unless, that is, Cyprian managed to talk his friend into saving them, but Dimitrios wasn't even really sure how close Cyprian and that friend were. It was more likely to be an arrangement of convenience, than anything either considered deeper than that.

Besides, Cyprian didn't really make friends, as sad as it was to realize.

Erm. "... hopefully it's not too expensive to have a talk around here." You know, Dimitrios wasn't actually... sure.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jul 01, 2018, 06:08 PM »
Astronomy? Hmm. Thinking about it, that seemed logical, for some reason. Hadn't Andreas mentioned... "Didn't you find a bunch of astronomy books up there?" asking his brother. They kind of had a foundation for guessing at the astronomy thing. Things up there, they were interesting, being fair about it. Dimitrios had never thought about them too hard. Mother said once, the stars were where the ones that were lost went. He didn't think it actually worked that way.

"I've seen him dance sometimes," he said. "I kind of want to learn. ... you know, later." When standing wasn't against the rules, so to say. "What do you read? I've never really thought about music. Would be interesting to know what kind of music they make in other countries, though. I found a book about plants, or, well, Dre did, but it's cool. I was watching a bird nest, and there was a caterpillar I was waiting to spin its cocoon. ... it didn't, before I left. There was a book I was reading before... before we came here, and I lost it, but I found it hiding on the shelves in the parlor, so now I'm finishing it. Um, about Galacese culture things." It was nice to be able to finish it. It really was interesting.

And, maybe, if he ever talked to Damian again... ... no.

"Hmm... what's Cygnus like?" He kind of sounded like he had too much energy, and nowhere to aim it. That would cause excitability and restlessness, and probably a penchant for getting into trouble. Nero used to be like that. Mom curbed it by giving him something physical to do, to burn off the energy.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 29, 2018, 02:09 PM »
Oh. That was probably an easier way of dealing with it, being honest. Ilim were difficult to keep up with, and humes didn't necessarily understand them-their cultures were drastically different-so maybe it'd be a better idea, in the long run, to just let them manage themselves. Shame nobody else had thought of that. Ah, but in Dalmasca, there was no freedom, anyway. For anyone, not just the slaves. How had Dalmasca gotten so terrible, anyway? It wasn't like he could fix it, but, he did wonder, a lot.

Lucius and Marcus didn't get along... he'd heard that, a few times. Nero and Aemilius always did, so, that probably wasn't it. Sure, he was always busy with military things, but half the time, he was busy with military things because he'd decided he should be. Unlike the rest of them, Aemilius didn't push Nero, not even a tiny bit. It was just, weird. That really didn't help, but, he wasn't surprised. Nero had always been something of an unfathomable mystery.

"Makes sense to me," he decided, and he'd just leave that there. "Sorry, probably a weird question." Probably? "It's just, Nero was never home, either. I'll never really know why, now. Just, thought maybe I could figure it out." It wasn't Damian's problem, though, so he didn't bother explaining why he was curious, now. Maybe anyone would be, after him being gone so long, and then dying on them. If Nero had been home more often, maybe things wouldn't have been so bad. Maybe Aemilius would've randomly disappeared like the last head of house Essair. Maybe he wouldn't be here.

Maybe, could've, might have been, what if, but... stupid, dangerous thought trails to wander down, really. "Only Nero really knows why, now. No sense wondering about it, but, I suppose it's probably one of the more logical things to wonder about."

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 10:46 PM »
"From what I hear, he's got a natural disposition toward torture," Dimitrios said. "... well, what amounts to it, or could easily become it, if it wasn't controlled. Kass is much younger than Marcus is, a fact he is unlikely to have missed. I don't think he'll play fair at any point in this." No, honestly, Dimitrios was pretty sure, as soon as he stopped being discreet about it, he'd eventually aim to give himself some kind of advantage. And... if he was reading them right, if Marcus figured it out, he had leverage. Because, he thought Sandalio was starting to care a little more than normal, and Kass was starting to reciprocate. Maybe he should warn Sandalio, too. He didn't know if it'd help, but, certainly it couldn't hurt, he thought. Wherever Kassandros went, Sandalio wasn't far behind, either. He'd be most likely to be in a position to do something with it.

Come to think of it. "Does Kassandros have... hobbies?" He didn't seem to. Dimitrios found that odd, but he couldn't really be that busy, right? "... besides saving random slaves' lives, that is. Do you?" Maybe it was a strange thing to wonder, but, sometimes this family made him think maybe his wasn't so bad. Odd thing to think, he guessed. Certainly if their father had his way, neither he or Andreas would've ever had hobbies. But even Cyprian had things he'd found that he enjoyed (and it was nice, seeing him actually enjoying something).

He wouldn't lie. He thought Kass worked too much. He always seemed to have time for those in his house, maybe Dimitrios could get him talking about something he liked, or... otherwise distract him once in a while. Dimitrios wasn't sure why, maybe the empathy thing, but he got the impression Kass was overworked and stressed out.

Icarus apparently had just come back from military tour, so, of course he was. But, maybe they had things in common, too.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 05:15 PM »
He had a house full of what? For a second, he probably looked a little concerned, and then Damian explained it. That made sense. Yeah, that made a lot more sense, and sounded more like what he'd decided Lucius was probably like. Keeping them away from other people, that was always a good idea in Dalmasca. There were few reasons a Dalmascan would want an ilim for, which was kind of sad, because he remembered ilim being really good at a lot of things humes weren't. Like healing, for instance.

"Thirty?" Wow, that was a number. "How does he keep up with all of them? Wow." Well, maybe the answer was, he kind of didn't. Ilim children were supposed to be pretty energetic, at least Nero always said they were. He wasn't sure how Nero knew, but he'd taken his brother's word for it. Hmm. The rumors all said, Lucius lived away from the main Cassimer estate. Dimitrios hadn't noticed him over there very often, either. It kind of reminded him of Nero, a bit. Nero was never home. Dimitrios never did understand why, but thinking back on it, he supposed it didn't matter, much. Maybe there was some shard of him wondering why they apparently weren't enough to stay around, for. It wasn't like he had to stay in the main house. The side villa was actually his, and father wouldn't have ever denied him anything he wanted. If he wanted his girlfriend moved to the side villa, Aemilius wouldn't have said no.

He'd never really understand-Nero was gone now, and only Nero really had the answer for that. He wanted to understand, though.

"I hear Lucius doesn't stay in the main estate," he said. "Do you know why?" Maybe... maybe that'd give him a better idea. Something to go on, besides just guessing, because he could go around about it in his head, and never really figure it out. Not that Damian was any likely to have the answer he was looking for, but, maybe he could find it, somewhere in why Lucius didn't go home very often.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 03:46 AM »
So far, so good, at least. Though he really didn't like being about useless, he was doing better. It didn't hurt as much, now. Kassandros and Merenwen both warned not to push it, even though it seemed like he could, because it could go back to being really bad very quickly, and he trusted them enough not to. Maybe in a few more days, or so, he could start walking short distances. That'd be nice. He really didn't like Andreas being stuck waiting on him all the time. It just bothered him on principle.

Dimitrios shrugged. "After a point, it's less like trying to process it, and more like getting tossed into the middle of the ocean. In a storm. And you can't swim, anyway." That was probably the most accurate way of wording it.

Ah. So they were. Dimitrios frowned, slightly, glancing at Andreas, more out of instinct than anything. He'd heard the stories. The assassins were Cassimer's? Hmm. Marcus, though, not Lucius and Damian, he'd said. That made sense, thinking about it. Neither of them seemed the type that'd get like this. Well, there was a reason Marcus had the reputation, not them. He'd only met Marcus once, in person, quite a while ago, before the house fell. Even then, he'd given Dimitrios the creeps.

"Um. Kassandros pulled me out of a brothel," he said. "You know what brothel slaves do when they're not working? Talk. You know what men do when they're happy? Talk. I heard some interesting things. But, the one I'm worried about is, Marcus has rather the reputation for being a sadistic psychopath, in the pleasure district. Nobody's seen him in it since he attached to House Salonus, can't imagine why. Word is, his political opposition has a habit of randomly vanishing, and never being seen again. Just a bit worried, is all. Kassandros doesn't seem like he'd be concerned about it, but, maybe it's something to remember."

Indeed, maybe it was.

House Essair / Peaceful Reflections
« on: Jun 24, 2018, 02:41 AM »
Yeah, not really. It seemed like forever, and yet, not at all. Funny, how that worked, but Dimitrios was long accustomed to the relativity of time's passage. Sometimes it went really fast, other times really slow, and there was no logical sense to that. At least, none that he knew. Maybe he'd have to mess with that, just for posterity.

"I've noticed," Dimitrios drawled. Kassandros could be pretty bull-headed when he wanted to be. It was almost cute. "... I kicked a slaver in the nuts, and lost mine for it." Apparently, Andreas didn't want to say it, but, Dimitrios had decided, he didn't care much. That could very well be weird, but hey, it wasn't like Dimitrios had ever been castrated before, he had no idea what was and was not normal, here.

Dimitrios snorted. "Also noticed that." That thing where Kass just, seemed to know. "It's nice, though. Not having to flail with it. Empathy's pretty nasty, untrained. ... this I know." He and Cyprian had already gone in an empathy circle once. Fortunately, Kass had managed to break it, before it escalated too far. It was almost weird, how much Cyprian seemed to care. Dimitrios had almost convinced himself he must not really care at all, but, his reactions to things, thinking about other things in the past, he cared a lot.

He still wasn't really sure what to do with it. With the realization that Nero maybe wasn't as great as he thought. He still hadn't mentioned it to Andreas. It seemed... rude, really. Nero'd just died, speaking ill of him was... well. With any luck, Nero wouldn't hear it, anyway.

... come to think-"... this may not really be... my business," he started. "But, is House Essair really at war with Cassimer?" He heard they were. Everyone said they were, here. He thought he remembered someone, maybe many someones, mentioning it before House Kenleigh fell. The things he'd heard about Marcus... they concerned him, a bit. This wasn't Kassandros, but, maybe someone around here should know.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 24, 2018, 02:26 AM »
Despite himself, Dimitrios almost laughed, huffing slightly, one of those fleeting but natural smiles crossing his face. "Maybe they are," he agreed. "Wonder what they talk about. Probably something silly like 'when's mom coming back, I'm starving,' 'you're starving, I haven't eaten in two minutes!'" Well, probably not, but it was amusing to think about.

... hmm. Did he know Lucius came here a lot? Dimitrios had heard he had a specific slave he saw here, all the time. He kind of wondered if they were as close to dating as you could get in a place like this. He hadn't asked, of course. That seemed unimaginably rude, that was all, it really wasn't any of his business. If Damian didn't know, though, maybe Dimitrios shouldn't tell him. That seemed kind of rude, too. Far be it for him to want to stick his nose where it didn't belong.

He was just a silly brothel slave, anyway, now.

He kind of rocked a little, and then shook his head. "I just remember Lucius being a nice guy. I could see him doing this," he said. "When Andreas and I were nine, father dragged us out to another house for one of those parties for no apparent reason. Mom got busy with something, I think she was talking to a couple other ladies. Andreas and I were annoyed to be there, but most of the party goers were too busy getting drunk to bother with us. Lucius came over and talked to us all night, curtly made everyone else that happened to get interested go away. Mom thanked him when we left. Now that I'm older, I think I know why."

Apparently, he and Andreas were kind of pretty.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 22, 2018, 06:24 PM »
"They never quite stop chirping," Dimitrios mentioned. "Not sure why, though it does get louder and more insistent when the mom bird comes back." Probably, that was 'feed me,' but why did they chirp so consistently? That, he hadn't figured out. He wasn't sure if there was even really a reason, it could just be because that was what baby birds did. Some things, after all, had no real logical explanation; they just were.

Yeah... Dimitrios was starting to understand that. It wasn't as if he hadn't known it, logically, before. It was just that, he'd never really seen how bad it was, until now. His mother and Nero, and Cyprian for that matter, had done a pretty decent job of keeping he and Andreas mostly unscathed. Being honest, he wasn't sure if he was thankful for that, or if he wished life had been a bit harder, because it was something of a slap upside the head when they were gone. It wasn't like he and Andreas hadn't learned to take care of themselves; it was just kind of jarring, really.

He wondered if his mom and Nero had it worse than he thought. He knew Cyprian did.

He shook his head, there. "I don't mind, it's just, weird." Kind of funny, because Lucius did the same thing. "Though, I guess it shouldn't be weird." Well, no, still weird, because, how did a monster like Marcus manage to raise Lucius and Damian, anyway? He'd never know. "... did you know Galace's capital city was magically sung into a big tree?" That was always fun random trivia.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 15, 2018, 03:18 PM »
Yeah, it was. Dimitrios gave a nod, there. "Long term, is a way of saying it. I've got other things I'll get interested in, like watching certain kinds of bugs. There's a caterpillar somewhere around here, I'm waiting for it to spin its cocoon, so I can get a good look at it. That'll be fun. Some nesting birds around. There's no sense in sticking to just books when you're dealing in science, and all." It was much funner, and more of a solid learning opportunity, to see and experience first-hand, after all. "The birds just had their eggs hatch. The twittering... they scream more than hume babies." Haha.

"Someday, I want to see Galace," he mentioned. "... well, I did." There was no point in thinking about it, now. For the foreseeable future, he was stuck here, and brothels didn't tend to free their slaves very often. Unless he managed to get good at this, and do what that one guy did, charm his way out of here, somehow manage to earn freedom, he'd be stuck here. But what would he even do with his freedom, anyway? He didn't know where Andreas and Cyprian were, and Dimitrios didn't want to leave Dalmasca without them. He supposed even just thinking about it was kind of dumb.

"The Galacese have interesting ideas. Humes could probably use to learn a few things from them." That was what he thought.

It was kind of stupid, because there was no sense in being upset about it. He knew he would be, when he wasn't so busy he couldn't really think about anything anyway. He couldn't, and didn't, really fault himself that, but he was also supposed to be working. "... are you really okay with us just sitting here and talking?" Dimitrios decided to ask that, instead. Because it still seemed odd. Yes, it happened before, all the time here, actually, because Lucius was always in and out, but it still seemed... surreal. Dimitrios was less jaded than someone else here might be, but he knew enough about Dalmasca to know how weird this was, all the same.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 12, 2018, 02:47 AM »
A slight smile crossed his face, but it didn't really reach his eyes. None of his smiles did, anymore. "No, not really. Probably one of the more common reasons people come here." Some never came back, having gotten their answers. Others never really went away for too long. It depended on the person in question, of course. Dimitrios wondered which one this one would be. He supposed it didn't really matter, whether he ever saw him again or not, but Dimitrios wasn't used to being in a brothel, just yet. He still tried to connect with his clientele. It was a stupid idea.

Well, not really... mostly, Dimitrios' interests sort of drifted wherever his reading had gone. His m-... she had always been nice enough to buy him a new book, every time they went out somewhere, and the topics ranged rather widely. Mostly, he'd enjoyed history, what astronomy and chemistry information he could find, but astronomy books that didn't talk about the gods were rare. "Um... not especially. My interests never really settled on anything, but I like science. ... what little science I can learn about, anyway. I think that's why I like watching weird stuff like how plants grow." The gods may or may not be involved in that, that was pretty debatable, but, he could pretend it was just a wonder of the world for a while.

"You seem like the type that'd read a lot," Dimitrios mentioned. His social skill wasn't spectacular, you know, people like that tended to be book nerds. He'd know-he was one of those. "What kinda stuff do you read about? My m-... someone, gave me a book about Galacese cultural traditions last I had the chance to read. I learned some pretty cool stuff from it."

You know, until it burned with the rest of the house. ... he didn't even have the books she'd given him, none of her little trinkets, not a shred of her was left. It was like she'd never existed. And sometimes, even he wondered if she ever had, if maybe it'd all just been a long fantasy in his own head. His heart constricted in his chest, for a moment, and seemed to squeeze all the air out of him. A breath escaped, and he probably looked pretty upset, for a moment, but he looked down at his lap, biting his lip and trying to force it all back down. "Sorry... thought of something stupid," he murmured, then held his breath for a few seconds, released it... and it was gone.

There was no sense in being upset. He would be, later, but not now.

Pleasure District / No Sweeter Innocence
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 06:04 PM »
He couldn't help the eyebrow arch. A break? Oh, man. This shit only happened in cheesy romance novels, not in reality, and certainly not twice. Still, it was nice, to have his thoughts confirmed-Damian really did take after Lucius. That was... that was good, he was sure, but at the moment, it seemed odd and surreal. He wouldn't argue, of course; there was no point, in arguing with a Cassimer, if Lucius was anything to go by, and quite frankly, he didn't really care to argue much. Not today. He hurt too much.

"Oh?" Dimitrios answered, kind of curious. "... you're very gay, yes?" That seemed the most logical thing he'd be wondering. In his defense, though, Dimitrios was somewhat girly, so he wasn't sure he was very gay, just, maybe mostly. If it was any consolation, Dimitrios had figured out, he was very gay, too. It was very rare that women patronized brothels, anyway, which was fortunate, for him at least. How did you do that without a... you know what, he'd worry about that when and if he got there.

Helene seemed to have figured out he was gay, too, and what few girls came in always went to one of the very straight slaves, not him. Albeit, somehow, Kalix was also wildly popular with the girls. ... how was Kalix even real. Funny though, they seemed to like him, too.

Read? Dimi blinked in confusion, for a second. "Uh. I used to read," he answered. "Not... so much anymore." He hardly had the time, and it wasn't like places like this tended to have bookshelves. "Mostly, I watch things, now. The way plants move toward the sun in the morning and evening, the way the breeze changes direction in short periods of time, how the clouds roll across the sky. Weird things to pay attention to, I guess." But it was better than anything else he could think of to pay attention to. "Why?" Curiously. Because it was an odd thing to ask... then again, he supposed, Damian might be looking for something they had in common. That made the most sense, now that he thought about it.

... this was going to be one weird client.

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