Sandalio Essair
Caste: Commoner
House: Essair
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Hair Color
Light brown
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Dustin Clare


Sandalio was born in Macenia. He was taken by slavers at 14, and at the time he was already at least partially trained as a warrior of his tribe. It was this coupled with his tendency for aggression towards his captors that led to him ultimately being selected as a blood fighter.

It took some time for Sandalio - now called Valerius - to earn any sort of distinction as a Blood Fighter, but he held his own in the games. And, ultimately he would have probably either earned his freedom or died there on the sands. But fate had other plans, as it often does.

Instead of dying on the sands, he found himself purchased first by one house that did not participate in the games. He spent his time in this house with a fellow blood fighter acting as a bodyguard for the lady of the house and as a combat teacher to the two younger sons of the house. He probably could have lived out his days in this house happy.

But happily ever after is not a fate for blood fighters, and ultimately the house fell. Despite his best efforts, the Lady of the house was killed as well. There were reasons, of course - she was not a noblewoman at all but instead a slave posing as one, and her husband was actually her owner. Sandalio doesn't know where fate will take him next, but he has little reason to believe it will be kind.


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