Hien Tran
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Hien An Tran
Caste: Ujalin
House: Tran
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Born to wealth and status in House Tran, Hien and his twin Vinh were the eldest sons of their generation, at least, the eldest to survive. As no one really remembered which one was born first, essentially they were both treated as the eldest son, and meticulously tutored in all manner of diplomacy, philosophy, military tactic, mathematics and astronomy, with some arts thrown in, such as calligraphy. Hien has always been the steadier one, more deliberate; but, as well, a little more stubborn and obstinate, too. His parents were often quite agitated with him, as he has the right mindset and manner to be rather the successful ujal, it is simply that he does what it is he wants to do, when he wants to do so, and not a moment before or later.

As one can imagine, this did not, perhaps, go over as well as it could've. Vinh was often praised over him, but Hien did not mind this. It meant he was free to study whatever it was he might wish to, without any real interference from his family. Even so, he knew he was one of the lucky ones; House Tran have always been of more progressive mind than most Jihonese noble lineages, and he could, indeed, get away with throwing himself headlong into engineering pursuits, and learning how to do what it is other nations do with magic, with something else.

Nothing prepared him for the day, one drizzly spring morning, he woke up, and Vinh wasn't there. Despite his family's lack of immediate panic, Hien knew better -- he was nowhere near their lands, and he was not coming back, at least, not anytime soon. His parents kept pushing him to learn, as he should, someday House Tran would be his, and not to worry about his brother so much, he'd be back. Hien, however, was very sure he wouldn't be, and became more and more obstinate, until finally, he sat, and he stared, the entire way through his lessons.

And, not long after, when talk of marriage came up, Hien would hear none of it. Oh, he made his appearances, discussed things with the ladies selected for him, but he had absolutely no interest, and that was quite apparent. Eventually, he learned to scare the houses of his potential brides into withdrawing their offers, and while he should have been concerned about his family catching wind of this, he didn't care.

The only thing he cared about was where the hell his brother had gone.

Ultimately, after much back and forth, and likely some relatively underhanded tactic on both sides, his parents finally gave in, and allowed Hien the opportunity to search for Vinh. However, they said, he must hurry, before his father died and he needed to inherit House Tran. Hien didn't bother preparing too long, simply took a horse, and left. Oh, but he was woefully under-prepared for such a thing; the world outside House Tran was a bit more callous and unkind than he expected of it, and after several disasters with bodyguards and other travel companions, he struck out toward Dalmasca.

It seemed, he chose the right direction, and even now, Hien isn't certain if he chose that direction well incidentally, if it was Kirinyaga's will, or the part of him connected to Vinh pointed him the right way. Either way, it doesn't matter. He followed a short trail in Dalmasca, later finding someone to teach him rudimentary swordsmanship, just enough to manage not to be completely helpless in a tight spot, and spent much time wandering the streets and farms of Dalmasca. Ultimately, his heart led him to Nydema, but he isn't certain where his path will go from here. In the interim, by some stroke of luck, he's become a guest of House Essair's, while he continues searching for his brother.

Vinh isn't dead, and Hien knows it. He just needs to find him. And it just happens House Essair is the least insane of the houses based in Nydema.


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