Damian Cassimer
Caste: Warlord
House: Cassimer
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Light Brown
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Jensen Ackles (young)


Damian was born to a noble family whose name has nearly been forgotten. The boy was only into toddlerhood when his family was nearly destroyed, and when he was adopted into house Cassimer by Marcus as a favor to his own father. Damian does not remember a time before he belonged to Cassimer. Following that, Damian does not remember a time in which his older brother Lucius wasn't there, in some capacity.

Damian, as it turned out, was not the same sort of person as Lucius. And with his brother Lucius' insistence, Damian attempted to find out who he was rather than merely following the path his adoptive father attempted to lay out for him. Damian, for his own, is rather more interested in scholarly pursuits than military ones.

Damian was a teenager when he first discovered his magic. Rather immediately he told Lucius about what he could do. But to this day, it's not a topic he discusses around his father. There is a very high chance that Marcus knows he can do magic, as Damian has brought in several books on the topic - but he's incredibly careful when he practices.

Damian is currently trapped in a place in which he is attempting to please his father - trying very hard to earn his father's love, without sacrificing the parts of himself that Lucius encouraged him to find and nurture over the years. It's a difficult balance, one that Damian will eventually understand is totally impossible, because he will never actually be good enough.

Eventually he'll understand what Lucius already knows - if he had to fight so hard to 'earn' his father's love, then it wasn't really love. There are many shadows surrounding Damian's coming to Cassimer, and many things about the situation he doesn't know about.


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