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Caste: Blood Fighter
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Free Cities
Many thousands of years ago, the Free City of Saqqara was a region of intense tribal contention. The city's lands were, at the time, occupied by five tribes, none of them able to get along whatsoever, constantly fighting over resource and territory. It was, as it happens, Surya's father Sahura who united them all under a single banner, and founded the city of Saqqara. Surya himself was but a small thing at the time, but he was one of the first weres, after his father accidentally facilitated their creation.

Surya's young adulthood was full of the teeming activity of his father building and shaping what would someday become the oldest Western Free City. Saqqara was a radical idea, but neighboring lords at the time were unkindly to the rural communities that surrounded their large city borders, and Sahura did not wish for Saqqara to be under jurisdiction of some far removed king or emperor. He did then, and did for quite a long time, need to repeatedly reinforce his control over Saqqara's lands, and in time, the other nations left the city alone.

While Surya was never quite as adventurous as his elder brother, Sati, Surya did get up to quite a bit of trouble as a young man. Sahura preferred it that way, never opting to shield them from the world's plights and injustices, instead encouraging them to go learn of it firsthand, that someday, they might learn to better it. Sati, eventually, got caught by slavers, and Surya later followed suit. In trying to find and free his brother, he ended up in the same predicament.

Since then, a few hundred years ago, now, he's been from one House to another, usually following his brother when he can. Both, now, are highly esteemed blood fighters, both their names standard Dalmascan knowledge, Sati's infamy even reaching into Macenia and Jihon. Surya, on the other hand, has yet to become famous outside of Dalmasca's borders. Multiple times, one has thought to pit the two against one another, but quickly find neither will do anything. Such displays do not go down well with the public. They are rather quite boring.

Most recently, the two were in House Lancaster, a major house in Dalmasca, that became so on the backs of their blood fighters. But, the master of the house, Umbrius, died tragically, his wife disappeared, his brother's wife committed suicide, and the new master of the house, Umbrius' younger brother Titus, sold Surya in a fit of impetuous rage. Over... what, Surya honestly has no idea. Sati is still there. Of course, they wouldn't sell Sati. If Titus does, he is more of an idiot than Surya first thought.

At market, incidentally, Surya found Tihaan, the lost princeling of Haradi, and has decided he will, no matter what it takes, get Tihaan back to Haradi. Surya no longer remembers home, anymore. He doesn't want Tihaan to forget his home, too.


  • There is nothing you speak he doesn't understand. May take him a bit to parse newer Saqqaran, though, but he can speak that, too.
  • He is a were-lion, a white lion, for some reason. Yeah, his hair's naturally that color.
  • Air affinity mage; he hasn't been able to use his affinity for a long time, so, he's not terribly good at it anymore, but he's just rusty and can still whip you with it.
  • Yes, his ears are actually pierced and he does keep nails in them. I don't know why.

Glitter and Gold

March 10, 76
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Morning Sun

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