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A young ilim, whitish-grey wolf ears and tail, Leon was born in Dalmasca, however. His parents' masters at the time had little interest in gaining another 'grating little wolf thing', so, when he was old enough to be weaned off his mother's milk, Leon was immediately sold to market. As it happens, not many people really want ilim slaves, barring very particular individuals that have... unique sexual interests.

Leon was not fortunate enough to escape notice of those, and he served as a child pleasure slave for a few years. That House fell, though, destroyed by another one, and at some point, for whatever reason, Leon ended up in Nydema, instead. He went through another few houses, mostly doing menial tasks around his masters' estates, and then got bought by House Lancaster.

Most know the stories of House Lancaster. They say the House is as much at its own throat as it is at others', and there are no lies in the rumours and tales, Leon would be the first to tell you. About half the House are not much kind to the slaves, either, and had Leon been just a little taller, he might've gotten slapped more often. Umbrius and Regillus were always kind, however. Aurelia was too, and when she was around, so was Victoria. Titus and Canius, not so much. Aurelia disappeared one day, Leon has his suspicions as to why, Victoria threw herself off the cliff in the back of the house, Umbrius died in a fire, and all that was left was Regillus, and he was not enough to keep Titus and Canius in check.

Many times, Leon found himself having to help another slave, or more often, several, clean blood off the floors because Titus pushed a little too far, or Canius got a little too rough. Nothing they did was ever good enough for either of them, but sometimes Leon wonders if Canius is really all that bad, or if he's just in bad company. Canius is young, younger than Leon himself, and the ilim remembers what it was like, trying to impress adults that he held care for.

One day, Regillus came home with another Ilim, smaller than Leon, female, small puffy ears and a little cotton-ball tail. She was maybe around seven or eight, if Leon was doing his guessing right, and he became fast friends with her. Regillus called her by her name, Aenwyn, but Titus and Canius called her Gaia. Leon became perhaps as if her elder brother, taught her the ways of the House, helped her learn the best ways of avoiding Canius and Titus, what kinds of foods and drink Regillus liked. Leon would be lying if he said he didn't want her out of that House, but there wasn't much for it, and Regillus wasn't going to send her back to market - the same sort of people that got a hold of him when he was young would've loved to get hold of a girl.

Leon didn't remember having a family, but Gaia was about as close to one as he'd ever gotten. He did his best to be the shadow she hid in, but it wasn't enough. Titus got extremely drunk, one day, took offence to Leon and Gaia daring to exist, and beat them both. Leon's still not sure why. Unfortunately, he overdid it, either not remembering, or not caring, that they were smaller, more frail, easier to harm, and he slammed Gaia into the wall so hard, it killed her instantly.

Despite not really being a vicious person to begin with, Leon saw red. Probably out of strength born of sheer rage, he managed to get loose, grabbed a knife, and lunged at him. Had Canius not caught him, he might've managed to stab him in the gut, at least. Titus decided on the spot, Leon would be a blood fighter, then. Leon was not any good at it, despite what Titus thought, thanks to that one momentary overload of rage, but it wasn't like Leon had a choice. He learned, albeit slowly. The other blood fighters took some semblance of pity on him, and tried to teach him methods that would work with his smaller size, but the swords they had were made for full-grown humes, not maybe half-grown ilim.

When Regillus came back from the war-front, he was pissed, to say the least. Gaia was gone, any one of the slaves he asked told him why readily enough, and Leon, certainly not suited to it, was fighting with the blood fighters. Regillus watched for a while, and then decided to put him back in the house. Titus later tried moving him back to the arena, and Regillus just decided to get him out, literally gifting him to another House. And so Leon came to live with the Essairs, instead.

He isn't unhappy, here. Nobody touches him for anything, even in anger. Kassandros insisted on calling him Vaenos, even though he only really had the name for a short period of time, but eventually accepted he prefers Leon, and almost everyone asks for things, instead of demanding, like Regillus always did. Leon's even afforded the freedom to go to market when he needs, usually only when the House is running low on something, and Kassandros never questions where he was or why. He does miss Regillus, at least, and House Lancaster's blood fighters who were kind to him when they didn't need to be, but, he's not unhappy. This is probably the first time he's ever been not unhappy.


  • Decent at bows, Kassandros got him one of those fancy Galacese aura-bows, and he can hit you. Rather easily by now.
  • While he isn't good with swords, hand him a dagger and watch bad-assery happen. Because he is so much smaller, they tend to be long daggers, and his techniques are akin to Galacese blade dancing.
  • Leon is the head of House Essair's kitchen. Warning: Will feed you.
  • He's a very open personality, very heart on his sleeve, pretty candid. Frankly, Leon doesn't afraid of anything anymore, either.
  • Fire affinity mage.

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