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"I hear Naevia Warwicke finally had her baby."
"Oooh, was it a boy?"
"Why would the gods be so kind to the Warwickes? No, a girl."
"... is she at least cute?"
"All babies are cute."
"Not all babies, thank you. Some look like little rolls of dough."
"That's just terrible! How can you say such a thing?"
"The Warwicke child looks like rolls of dough, too?"
"I did not say that."
"Nope, but you were thinking it!"

Younger of age, and stronger of heart,

"That Warwicke girl's getting all the attention these days."
"She grew out of her dough rolls, then?"
"Aye, and the boys do so love her petite little nose and her pretty blue eyes, hmm?"
"Blonde brat, she is. You know the Warwickes are going to spoil her prettiness with a sour personality."
"That is their prerogative. Whatever makes them feel better. You don't like the Warwickes, do you?"
"Who does? They're terrible. Hyena their emblem may be, but it's maybe more accurately a vulture."
"Maybe a snake?"
"Ha, they're not smart enough to be snakes. They're hyenas for a reason. Leave them to being hyenas."
"Hyenas are quite dangerous, at times."
"Not these hyenas."

Listen not with ear, for not all is as told.

"Ksenia, there is something we need to discuss."
"I heard, already. The slaves were gossiping."
"Of course they were. They're jealous, I'm sure. House Kenleigh is, as you know, our patron house, and marrying into it rather quite the honor."
"Ksenia Kenleigh sounds funny. Too many 'K' noises."
"You'll get used to it. The wedding will be in a few weeks' time."
"What are we getting out of it?"
"Ships, Ksenia. So many ships. And gold, of course."
"If you gave me an axe and some nails, I could build you ships."
"Oh dearest flower, don't be so silly. Girls don't build things."
"A few weeks?"
"Yes. Aemilius says you're allowed to bring whatever things you'd like, any slaves you prefer."
"That's kind of him."
"Indeed, it is. You'll be fine, just learn how to make him happy."
"What if I can't? They say he's..."
"Oh, ignore silly rumor and hearsay. They're usually wrong. People just like to talk, that's all."

The light from the shadows has come.

"You'd be prettier if your nose was less..."
"My nose is fine."
"If it was just a tiny bit bigger, you'd look like a pig."
"I'm... I guess."
"Oh come now, Aemilius that was rude, you can say it."
"I'd rather not."
"Smart girl."

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you're the problem?!"
"I am what keeps this House standing and by proxy your own!"
"Oh bullshit, House Kenleigh is sinking like it fell into a sinkhole and you and I both know it!"
"One more word, Ksenia, and House Warwicke will go down first."
"You can't do that."
"Yes I can. Watch me."
"Another mark against your name, it'd cause House Kenleigh to fall practically overnight."
"I have other vassals -"
"If you turned on one vassal, your other vassals may well turn on you. Meaningless words, all of it."
"Hmph. Smart girl. But there are some things the vassals have no power over."

"Give me my son."
"Ah, he's a Kenleigh, no? I believe you mean my son."
"Aemilius. Give. Me. My. Son."
"Or what? You can't make me, and you and I both know it."
"Just give him to me, and you won't have to concern yourself with it anymore, you can remarry and have other sons, it's no loss to you."
"If I can't have him, you can't either."
"... where'd you get an aura gun?"
"Where do you think? It's kind of what Kenleigh deals in sometimes, transport of goods, no? Happened to have a crate of aura guns on board last shipment."
"Don't... put the gun down."
"I'm still winning, my dear, what are you going to do about it? I've got your runt, and a gun, and you've got... what, mother's love? Fat lot of good that'll do you."
"You said it yourself, you don't care about him, just -"
"Either he stays, Ksenia, or he dies. And you, you never come back here. Ever. Understand?"
"You can't just -"
"I did. Now get. I'm rather quite drunk, you see, and, I might accidentally pull the trigger."

"Aemilius expressed grave disappointment in you."
"I'm sure he did, mother."
"That's all you've got to say for it? How dare you come back here! Do you realize what you've done?"
"Mother, I need your help, my son -"
"Oh, stuff it girl, you've lost this one. And with House Kenleigh displeased with House Warwicke, your selfish stupidity has put us all in danger."
"He's not worth - mother, Cyprian -"
"Is not your problem! And did you really think you'd have kept a boy child, ha! Don't be so stupid, you've done enough of that being stupid thing. Now stop crying and stand up straight like a proper Warwicke! We'd better switch patron houses before Kenleigh destroys us all."
"I don't - that may not be so easy -"
"Well, you messed this up, it's only right. You'll fix it."

Stand not against the son bathed in gold,

"Girls never did look right, to me."
"I'm sure."
"I can't tell if the fat makes you look better, or worse."
"Probably worse. You'd like sharper angles, mm?"
"How'd you know?"
"I was watching you during the wedding. Sure spent a lot of time watching the blood fighters' display, and not in the usual manner."
"Ah. Observant, I see."
"Some might say. If you leave me alone, I don't care who you bring to bed."
"Mutual benefit?"
"Of a sort."
"We are supposed to have children. Some may squint a little, if we didn't."
"Of course. But beyond that, I have little interest in you, and you have little interest in me."
"I have troubles in bed with women. I may need an extra."
"... long as he doesn't touch me, that's fine."
"Good. Good, good..."

"His hair went blond."
"I think it's cute."
"Ksenia, hair colors shouldn't change that fast."
"Well, his did, and it looks cute. And Icarus and Cygnus are hard to tell apart, at least you know which one's Kassandros."
"Rather his hair was dark, like mine. I'm rather dashing, don't you think?"
"Your boyfriend thinks so, at least."
"What, you don't?"
"I didn't say that."
"But you didn't say otherwise."
"You're classically handsome."
"There, see, that wasn't so hard. ... try to make sure they don't cry so much. Babies are grating."
"Babies are not grating."
"You're a woman, of course you think so. They are grating. And very good at interrupting important business meetings. Just keep them quiet."

"Therey there, there, shh, Merenwen! Merenwen please come rock Cygnus, please, shhh shh shh..."
"I thought I told you to keep them QUIET!"
"I'm working on it! There are three of them!"
"You could just drown one if it helps!"
"Spares aren't a bad idea, but they are when they're grating!"
"They're teething, they do that thing where they cry! It hurts!"
"So give 'em some wine! Ought knock the bloody buggers out."
"Just, five minutes, okay?"
"Only five! And if they're not quiet by then, I'm knocking them out!"

"Merenwen... what is that light?"
"Ah... he's... it's a vision."
"... he's a seer?"
"I'd say so."
"No... no no, no, leave my son alone, there are hundreds of others, not him -"
"I'm... I'm afraid it's too late for that."
"He's so young for this..."
"All seers are."

"I will vanish, someday."
"Don't worry about that."
"It's important. Someday. On the wings of stars. You won't see it, mom. You'll be gone then."
"Will I?"
"Yes. I didn't see where you went. Father's gone, then, too. The flowers killed him."
"Flowers don't kill, Kassi."
"The pretty lady does. Mommy, I'm the Messiah."
"Shh, don't say that, someone might hear. You're Kassandros Essair. The rest doesn't matter now."
"But I am. I will go on the wings of stars, and the stars will bless Azaleon with magic. But I won't come back."
"Kassi, stop, let these things go -"
"Mommy, why do I have to die?"

"He knows a lot."
"Too much. He's only five, and it's weighing him down. I can see it."
"Ah, but this is a boon, isn't it?"
"It'd be difficult for our enemies to maneuver around us, if there is nowhere they can go our son cannot see."
"Vopiscus, no -"
"And why not? If the gods have given us a seer, maybe there's a reason why. Might as well take advantage of it."
"That's not fair, he's five -"
"Oh and um. Stay away from Icarus and Cygnus. When Kassandros inevitably dies, they'll need to take his place. I can't have you coddling them into uselessness."

"Younger of age, and stronger of heart,
Listen not with ear, for not all is as told.
The light from the shadows has come.
Stand not against the son bathed in gold,
For should you, someday he will tear you apart."

"Kassandros, come."
"You can't -"
"I can. And I am."
"He's a child, don't do this to him -"
"Or what? Get out."
"Vopiscus, don't -"
"Please, he's too young, he doesn't understand -"
"Ksenia, get out. I have my heirs. I have no need of you, anymore, and I'll not have you turning my sons into simpering little bitches like you."
"They need me -"
"Children need their parents!"
"Kassandros is already becoming dangerous, because you keep giving him foolish ideas. He won't live past 18, there's no point in bothering with anything beyond nurturing his powers. He will be the mountain we build Essair's castle upon, and you will not get in my way."
"Leave my children out of your petty bids for power -"
"Don't. I won't turn on your house. But if any Warwicke dares claim my sons as their own again, I will ruin you all."

For should you, someday he will tear you apart.

"Why are you back again?"
"I don't want to talk about it."
"You didn't do something stupid, and piss off House Essair, now, did you?"
"He won't move against Warwicke."
"Stupid slut! What've you gotten us into now? Can you do nothing right?"

"You know, you're supposed to be head of House Warwicke, now."
"... I don't want it, anyway. House Warwicke can burn. ... or freeze, I guess."
"Did you have to freeze her? Couldn't you have... I don't know, just, knocked her out?"
"Sorcery is rarely controlled when it's finally unleashed."
"You sound like you've got experience. Was it really an accident?"
"Of course it was. But I don't expect you to believe that, or understand anything."
"... well. The House elders have decided you'll stay here. Sooner or later, you'll go mad, I guess. Really, I suppose the tower's not too bad."
"Are they going to starve me?"
"No, the slaves are on orders to bring you food at mealtimes. No one wants to admit you killed your mother with ice sorcery, of course, or they'd just hand you over to the justicars. Instead, you'll disappear."
"Like all other things they dislike, mm?"


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