Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'
Livia Asheron
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House: Asheron
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There are few within the borders of Dalmasca, and even outside of those borders, that have never heard the name Livia Asheron. Strong-willed and cunning, Livia is, perhaps, the image of what every Dalmascan noble aims to someday be, only Livia didn't have to work for it quite as hard as most tend to. She is almost as a snake, quiet until you get too close, and if you don't back off, she may well strike.

While most believe the current head of House Asheron to be native Dalmascan, she is in fact Macenian, adopted into the lineage following poor fortune befalling her biological family. They were freedmen under the patronage and protection of House Asheron, both parents once having served in the House as slaves, and earning their freedom after a time. They became farmers on one of the many farms that the House owns, but noble Dalmascans are petty, and easily slighted. One perceived slight later, and the entire farm was set ablaze. Someone, no one is sure who, settled the girl, but an infant at the time, carefully in a protective encasement of stones, which protected her from the brunt of the fire, and only Livia survived it. She carries with her now several burn scars, the only testament remaining that her parents once lived.

Not wanting the girl to find herself enslaved, or let her die with no one to care for her, the Asherons adopted the orphan as their own, and to the rest of Dalmasca, she is an Asheron by blood. Well, Livia likes to say she is an Asheron forged in fire, but only she understands what that means. The Asherons have always defied the general Dalmascan patriarchal lean, and with Livia, it was no exception. Her parents, powerful and influential in their own rights, both of them, raised her to someday take over leadership of House Asheron after them. It was always intended she do so, albeit she now has several younger siblings that could take up the mantle after her now, but Livia has no interest in backing down anytime soon. Some circumstances are, admittedly, unforeseeable.

Despite being twenty years old, now, Livia has yet to marry, vehemently refusing to do so, as her proposed husband would likely expect her to join his House, rather than the other way around, and Livia's not about abandoning House Asheron at the whim of a male. Since she was thirteen years old, Livia's been a blood trainer, and trains her fighters herself. It is occasionally difficult, but a good handful of the fighters that come through her blood stables don't really need to have the patriarchy drilled out of them, and many will concede to her somewhat easily. The other blood trainers, not so much.

In recent years, with her insistence at continuing to train blood fighters, some of the best in Dalmasca, and her repeated refusal to bow to Dalmascan societal order, and her penchant for tearing down Houses that anger her through well-worded rhetoric and spreading the right rumours, to say the least, Livia has about as many enemies as she has friends. Assassination attempts are becoming more and more common, and she's chosen to select a couple slaves from House Asheron and train them as bodyguards. It isn't as if she needs the protection, for Livia can take care of herself, weredragon as she is, but two eyes are better than one, and six is even more so. In the meanwhile, she continues to do what she always has. She wouldn't be Livia Asheron if she didn't.

Well-behaved women, after all, rarely make history.


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