Blood Fighter

Blood fighters take part in the Blood Games, a series of gladiatorial games prevalent in eastern Azaleon. Many fighters can become extremely popular, and become esteemed and rather honoured among Dalmascans and the Jihonese. Blood fighter or slave? Has the character fought in the arena and won? Blood fighter. Otherwise, slave.

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These are the every day citizen. Commoners are typically not very wealthy, and some can be very impoverished, while others may have a steady enough income to live comfortably, but not in excess. Those of the commons class have full citizenship rights in whichever region or nation they call home, and are afforded the privileges that citizenship gives them.

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Something of a combination between a law-maker, and a judiciary branch, the justicar is a high-ranking Dalmascan that assists in management of a specific region within their country. There are five justicars per city, one of which is the Prime, the acting ruler of the city.


These individuals and houses deal in the trade of goods or services, and are typically somewhat moneyed, at the very least. Wealth is typically accumulated either through mercantile businesses, or through real estate. Commoners who gain enough wealth can have a foothold into the nobility class through wealth, and from there, potentially into higher classes.

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Any character that counts as ruler of a nation or Free City that has a monarch of some form, or those that are related to such a ruler.

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Slaves may be general house slaves, who do house work, body slaves, who are assigned a specific person to whom they answer and attend to the needs of, or public slaves, who do not belong to any one house or person but instead to the general public. Slavery is outlawed everywhere except Dalmasca and Jihon, however, slaves can come from everywhere.

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Those related to, or being themselves, an ujal, or the rhanujal of Jihon. These individuals are very high in social standing in Jihon, and only the rhanujal himself is above them. Much of the time, the ujalin operates as both a governor and a military leader, and managing the affairs of their given region is left essentially entirely to them.

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Any individual, or house, that has gained reputation and status via their military achievements, is officially warlord class. Only warlords can become justicars in Dalmasca, however this class is recognised in most of Azaleon. Typically, warlord class houses and individuals raise their standing further by becoming respected warriors, effectively defending strongholds, pushing back invaders, successfully invading other lands, defeating war parties, and similar.

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Below are all the houses on our site that are available. If you'd like one added, contact Esmera in the Letters to Esmera board. Alongside a short description of each are also the number of characters in each House.


Members: 5
But we are not men.

The longest standing major noble line in Dalmasca, House Asheron is a name that everyone knows, and many fear. The line began humbly, and steadily rose through class after class, going from commoners to nobility, to the biggest name in Dalmascan history. Anything big in the history books is almost always guaranteed to have the name Asheron tied to it somewhere, and all major lineages in Dalmasca have some blood from Asheron in their ancestry.


Members: 2
When the rich wage war, it's the poor that die.

The rulers of the Free City of Haradi for the last several generations, and the source of the auratech movement in the west, House Assad are an old and honoured lineage. Formerly warlords, the House have roots in the Ivory Mountains, at the base of which Haradi sits, but they are believed to have originally been Macenian. 


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The truth prevails.

Despite how infamous the name Cassimer is, they are newer to the nobility scene. Only a scant few decades ago, Cassimer were commoners serving under House Asheron; that is, until the current head of house, Marcus Cassimer, came into power and rather swiftly built wealth, and then shoehorned them into the warlord class, eventually surpassing their former patron house. 


Members: 18
Love is as blind as madness.

Rising stars to the Warlord class, the Essair family can trace their line back dozens of generations, but only recently had they become a well-known name. Formerly mercantile class nobility, the Essairs began wealthy and that is nearly all, but with the ascension of their current head of house to power, the lineage have gained a foothold into the military, and still continue to climb the ladder. Their emblem is a cobra, indicative of their covert ways, and, strangely, a large number of those patrolling Nydema's streets wear the same emblem. 


Members: 1
Beneath the same sun.

Newcomers to the major noble lines of Dalmasca, Greyson were originally a minor house serving House Kenleigh, and when Kenleigh fell, Greyson arose to take their place. For the most part, Greyson have kept their noses clean, and remained out of interhouse conflict, but with the rise of the house as a major power in Dalmasca, that, most likely, will change, and soon, despite their head of house's attempts to prevent them from being dragged into it.


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Rise above it.

Originally hailing from Highwind, House Ihsan are a more recent addition to the vassals of House Lucain, but they are no less loyal for it. Rescued personally from poverty and certain eventual death by the King of Saqqara himself, the House have pledged loyalty to the Lucains, and to Saqqara, in return. 


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In life or in death, triumph.

The only House to become one of the major lines solely and completely with the blood of their blood fighters, House Lancaster are somewhat new to the nobility scene, only having risen to that status within the last two decades. Unfortunately, their current head of house is great at making enemies; not so much at making friends, and it may well prove the House's downfall. 


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Stand not in the jackal's path.

The founders, and rulers, of the Free City of Saqqara, for the last three thousand years, House Lucain is probably the most ancient noble line on Azaleon. The lineage don't flaunt this, however, and tend to keep their precise founding years to themselves, years long before the current era. Most, as a result, don't know much about House Lucain, and their story, truthfully, sounds like something out of a story book.


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Even in darkest times, there is light.

An older lineage of formerly mercantile wealth, that later clawed its way into the warlord class, and from there, into ujalin, House Tachibana are a name well-known, but not always well-loved. The family can claim ancient roots, if they trace their line back far enough, and are just ruthless enough to get what they want, much of the time, however the lineage has suffered a recent blow to their standing, and may or may not recover from it.


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Fire tempers gold.

The name Teresi is rather well known, for a minor noble house. It is a name that is well associated with metal working and with weapons in particular. There are those who say that in the wake of the last Head of House stepping down the house will fall, but so far that has been false. Time will tell. 


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One of the oldest ujalin lines in Jihon, and the single ujalin lineage that has kept at least one ujal in their family the longest, House Tran is a name that many within and outside Jihon know, and know well. When one speaks the name Tran, it is said either with reverence, or fear, never between. House Tran are either a great ally, or the most dastardly enemy; but which one they are is ultimately up to everyone else. Choose wisely.


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Bloom where you are planted.

A lowborn family of occasionally quite ill repute, House Warwicke stands on the bones of those that have fallen before them. While none can place direct blame on their shoulders, it is certainly no secret that a Warwicke, or several, has almost always had a hand in some ill fate or another befalling other houses. The Warwickes have blood ties to almost every other house in existence in Dalmasca, and quite often flaunt this fact.


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Deeds, not words.

While lacking in direct power of their own, the Wynbrandts are rather beloved of those that do not. Protected chiefly by their position, in an odd twist of fate, it is also their position that places them in the most danger. However, they have stood for at least a hundred years, now, and are nothing if they are not resourceful. 


Members: 1
Heed the mountain's call.


Members: 0
What the Zhu lack in most things, they make up for with sheer numbers. House Zhu are, and have been for a long time, the largest House in Jihon, and merely due to this, their influence is everywhere. Rarely do the Zhu take anything head-on, instead preferring to slip about the shadows, and manipulate other Jihonese Houses into playing their cards in a way that benefit the Zhu.

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