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In the beginning, it was only the ilim, and the land. In time, humes discovered their safe-haven, and the ilim welcomed them with open arms, readily sharing what they had. But, humes ever desire more than they have, and pushed further across the continent, building cities, and nations. The ilim were driven into a smaller and smaller territory, now called Galace, the last stronghold of the children of Azaleon.

And the ilim knew war. The hume nations slowly whittled away until there were but three: Dalmasca, Jihon, and Macenia. Dalmasca and Jihon were always at war with Macenia, seeking to reach Galace's resources and claim them for themselves, but the Macenian humes refused to bow and let them pass.

In hope that they would understand the ilim, and learn to live in harmony as they did, the gods bestowed unto humes magic, but it was not the gift they'd intended, most hume magi going crazy, over time. The people became fearful of hume magi, many casting them out when they were found, more outright executing them.

A prophecy was told, that foretold the coming of a mage called the Messiah, that would rid Azaleon of all humes incapable of using magic, and bring a new dawn to Azaleon. But some do not rely on prophecies and would- be. In Dalmasca, a storm rises, as a young boy aims to claim the imperator seat for himself, and stop the fighting. He has much opposition. Do you stand with the cobra, or will you seek to behead it?

Messiah is no word count, no app, no character caps/bans/limits. Due to its varying themes, however, it is not suitable for users below eighteen (18), though the overall board rating is high-side PG-13/3.2.2. It does go above this.
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Messiah is not suited for minors. Due to this, it is not recommended for users under 18.

Messiah is an original, member-driven fantasy, where magic is feared, and those capable of it ostracized, feared, and sometimes outright killed. Mages, while more common than most allow themselves to believe, are the key to Azaelon's future-one of them is the Messiah, prophesied to hold the power to rid Azaleon of all humes that are not also mages.

Our game is no app, no word count, no activity check, no character cap, no character ban. There is a biography in board profiles that can be utilized (click a character's name to read theirs, note not all of them will have one, this is at discretion of player). Rated overall 3.2.2., with allowances for content up to 3.3.3., due to the specific themes and subjects often present in Messiah's setting, not recommended for players under the age of 18. Content of a highly mature nature is possible, but hidden from users that do not input their birth date in their profile, so those that do not wish to read such threads can ignore them.
May 15, 2018 -- Full Open!
Messiah is now in full open stage! We're also nearly a month old, total! It's been great fun so far, I look forward to leading Messiah onward from here. See this thread for a few notes to keep in mind as we go forward.
Apr 16, 2018 -- Soft Open!
Messiah is now in soft-open beta stage. We don't expect this stage to last very long, but, see this announcement for information on how to contribute ideas, ask questions, or voice concerns. Enjoy!
Site lore documentations complete
That only took, what, two and a half years? I believe biographies should be ostensibly easier, now. Ha. We're approaching our soft-open stage! Get excited!
Groups, Profile Fields, and Boards Complete
You guys can start on characters now. Feel free. IC boards are missing their descriptions, but the actual structure of them shouldn't change, so feel free to start posting, too.
This tab will update players on current goings-on on the board. Each major IC event will be mentioned and summarized here. This is, thus, a bit different from most places, where events are run by staff; instead, we let the player base make the events occur. We may later run large-scope events for funsies.
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one great city / May 09, 2018, 04:18 PM / Haku Tachibana
Dalmasca's well-known for its winding, often narrow streets, back alleys that feel more like traps than streets. The main roads are larger, to allow room for horses, carriages, and other such vehicles to pass through, but most Dalmascans walk where they're going. In varying social hot-spots, the roads become even wider.
N/A / N/A / N/A
Many streets in Dalmasca's cities are home to residential properties belonging to the commoner class. Typically spanning several dozen blocks, these areas are somewhat sequestered to the side of town centers, meant to be close by, but out of the way. Some areas of such districts are visibly poorer than the rest.
silver winds / May 18, 2018, 03:13 PM / Alcides
With a thriving economy, Dalmasca commands rather a large market district, where local farmers, distant traders, and merchants, come to sell their wares. There's often a large slave market attached, off to one side, and a particular street devoted solely to the shops of artisan crafters, called the craftsman's district.
tul bar / Yesterday at 08:29 PM / Andreas
With several powerful noble lineages in Dalmasca, it stands to reason there'd be residential areas specifically for them. These residences are often spaced very far apart from one another, as these lineages tend to be wealthy enough to own quite a bit of land. It seems perhaps less like a city district, much of the time, and more like a suburban outskirts.
No Sweeter Innocence / May 05, 2018, 10:10 PM / Damian Cassimer
A few blocks from the market district usually lies a pleasure district, where one can find plenty of taverns, bars, and brothels, to whet any appetite for the seedy. The street gangs also often host their operations here, and there are plenty of gambling dens to meet Dalmasca's demand for them. Some are less reputable than others.
N/A / N/A / N/A
Religious buildings in Dalmasca tend to come in clusters; they are almost clustered enough to warrant the official declaration of another city district, in the larger metropolises, but they don't always like one another. Even in small villages, at least the more major Dalmascan deities, Oanke and Ytias, have a temple somewhere.
tides turn / May 05, 2018, 09:09 PM / Dimitrios
A city's mingling and day-to-day affairs tends to take place in the town center, around which the rest of the city is often built. From there, one can get anywhere in any given city with ease, and it's a common meeting place for businessmen and friends alike. Citizens also often hold weddings and other public functions here. The high court, where the Justicars tend to legal affairs, is often also to the side of the town center.

Beyond Borders
fortunes favor / May 10, 2018, 06:05 PM / Lucius Cassimer
While communication is not instant, varying different methods have been used to make long-distance communication faster. The Macenians send horsemen to carry messages across Azaleon, and the Free Cities have tamed and trained varying types of birds.
starlight / May 03, 2018, 03:13 AM / Sidonai Assad
Just outside Dalmasca, at the foot of the Ivory Mountains, is Haradi. Due to their close proximity to a slave-holding country, Haradi is both home to several hundred former slaves, either intentionally or not, and one of the more defended Free Cities in the line-up. In general, Haradi does not have much issue from Macenians, and actually rather get along with Macenians, often trading with them, but relations with Dalmasca and its nobility and gentry are, perhaps, long since strained.
N/A / N/A / N/A
The other monarchy amongst the Free Cities, albeit some argue that Saqqara is not a monarchy, but more of a true democracy, Saqqara lies in the cool desert valley of Nashret, between the Ajet Mountains to the northeast and the Al Hajar Mountains to the southwest. The city is distinctive in its architectural styles, retained from their earliest years, featuring pyramid shapes, bricks created of clay mud, intricate detailing designs, and domes. Saqqara seems to like the colors red, black, and gold, as well, as these are often used in their designs and architectural detailing.

The Other Fantasy
hello, darkness, my old ... / Apr 07, 2018, 09:20 AM / dragonborn
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How'd You Find Us? / Apr 22, 2018, 06:48 PM / incendium
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