Lycaon 21 Summers Male Hume Blood Fighter House Essair Black Hair Blue Eyes 6'2'' Macenia Dima Koldun Created Apr 05, 2019 7:43 pm Played by Lenara


Alasdair was less than ten when he was separated from his tribe along with his sister and ultimately taken by slavers. The pair would be separated and Alasdair would be sold to a master who had an interest in child slaves. In that house he would be given the name Lycaon, which would follow him forward.

Lycaon remained a slave of that house for many years, until a physical altercation during service earned him a one-way ticket into Bloodfighting. It was intended that the seventeen year old would die in the rings, certainly. But that's not really what happened. Despite no real training, desperation lent him the strength to survive the enemy he was pitted against.

His master had no interest in bringing him back home after the altercation though, and ultimately Lycaon was sold to a master who had a trainer for bloodfighters on hand.

Lycaon did reasonably well in the Arena,, and with training he only got better. Still, he was ultimately sold again at market, this time to a woman seeking a strong hand around the house and a bodyguard. It was an odd turn of events, but Lycaon found he liked this mistress of his. She was a kind and gentle woman, though Lycaon had no doubts that she would do whatever it took to protect her family.

He could have been happy there --- he was happy there, even - but the story would have a bloody end. She died, and the slaves - as well as her sons - were scattered and put on the Market.

Lycaon doesn't know where he'll end up next, but he doesn't have high hopes.