Nero Essair

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Fairly tall, Nero is, he somewhat stands out a bit. His eyes are very dark, and his irises are a bit larger than typical. Black hair is normally kept about chin length, if a bit longer, though he does often cut it much shorter. It just has this pesky habit of growing back out.

Nero is not a very bulky individual; his muscle is there, but it's strength, not mass. The two are not mutually inclusive. He has a slightly darker tone, not outright pale, but not exactly dark, and he has a notable golden undertone. The entire left side of his body, from mid-calf to about his collarbone, is covered in aura burn (it looks reddened, and cracks sometimes), and likely the scarring from that will never entirely go away.


The shining star of House Kenleigh, or at least, he was, Nero is believed the son of Septima (Thetis) and Aemilius. In truth, he was the son of a Macenian slave called Juventius, but he's never learned the man's real name, and neither did his mother. He was raised primarily by Thetis, despite Aemilius believing Nero was his, and being none the wiser to Thetis' affair with Juventius. Eventually, Juventius was sold off, and neither Nero nor Thetis ever saw him again.

Several years after, Thetis gave Aemilius two sons of his own blood, Nero's younger half-brothers, Andreas and Dimitrios. Cyprian steadily became more of a little shit, and Nero did what he could to contain his elder brother, but Nero was perhaps a little harsher on Cyprian than was really warranted, and Cyprian was always a little more misbehaved with Nero than others. Fundamentally, their issue is that they don't understand each other very well, but neither have they had the time to try.

Despite Cyprian having joined the military, he turned out not to really have the right mindset for it. As well, he was too unstable, and the military was very dangerous for him, for more than one reason. Ultimately, it was Nero that stepped up to that plate, and he did very well. Actually, he shined in the military in ways that most hadn't been expecting, and while the house long remained mercantile, Nero himself became warlord class very early on, and it's likely that he'd have eventually become a justicar.

It was a nice getaway, being away from Aemilius and the troubles of that house for longer than a few minutes at a time, and while, in a sense, he'd admit he was running from it, it also kept him sane. The last thing House Kenleigh needed was two Cyprians, and yes, by now, Nero suspects most of Cyprian's problems are actually rooted in Aemilius' existence, but there's not much for that. Patricide is bad, or whatever. Instead, he purchased a side-estate, and gifted this estate to his mother, hoping to keep her and the twins out of reach of Aemilius and his demon spawn. ... Cyprian. Same thing.

He earned the trust and respect of his fellow soldiers very quickly, and eventually rose to command positions. In a place like Dalmasca, his, albeit somewhat overly blunt, honesty and straight-forwardness made some very important people very fond of him, and he had his foot almost in the justicar door, but ah, that wasn't meant to be, it'd seem.

Nero and his unit were overwhelmed at the northeastern side of Macenia, and presumed deceased. Mind, he did lose a good number of them, but he has no idea what killed them. They weren't Macenian. Whatever they were, they were a little more dangerous than they were expecting, and Nero's lucky he's alive, and he knows it. It took a lot of time, and Nero was more concerned about getting his people home, first, but eventually, he came back to Nydema, and headed for what he knew as home.

Turns out, he missed some shit while he was gone.


  • Cyprian is his older half-brother. Sorta. Not by blood, but, Nero does consider him to be.
    He also kinda considers him to be a monstrous beast, so that's fun.
  • Andreas and Dimitrios are his actual younger half-brothers.
  • Thetis was thus also Nero's mother.
  • His father's name was Juventius. Aemilius did not know that, and everyone believes Nero is Aemilius' son; only Nero and Thetis know any better.

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