Samudra 765 Summers Female Dragon Flightless Green Hair Blue Eyes 11' 2'' Earth Affinity Nomad Art by Sandara Created May 18, 2019 1:57 pm Last Posted May 19, 2019 6:03 am


Perhaps middle-aged is a good way to describe Samudra. She is not as naive, impetuous, and testy as younger dragons often are, but she does not hesitate to turn, very quickly, vicious toward those that give her reason. Overall, she is a slightly kinder dragon than is typical for the race, but only slightly. Samudra is very quick to remind those that would presume to get too familiar with her that she is still a dragon, and one still tastes good roasted.

She has humes and ilim that she likes better than others, and may be more patient with them, overall, but she does not give them extra liberties and then allow them to push too far. She will still enforce her limitations and boundaries. Samudra is, however, oddly bubbly and cheerful, for a green dragon, albeit the consistency and stability is still notable in her personality. Those she is fond of are often teased incessantly, for whatever reason Samudra feels like that day. She may, as well, occasionally decide to assist a non-dragon creature, but if she does so, it is not out of altruism, she is merely acting in what she has decided are her own best interests.


  • Many siblings.
  • Sheyana is her younger sister.

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