Evadne Wynbrandt

Evadne Wynbrandt 37 Summers Female Hume Merchant House Wynbrandt Black Hair Brown Eyes 5' 3 Dalmasca Zhang Zilin Created May 09, 2019 12:11 pm Last Posted Jun 12, 2019 9:20 pm Played by Nariko


Born to House Teresi, she was taught most merchant things quite early, as well as a bit about the House's work. Teresi is and has been for some time now weapon-smiths, and while Evadne's talent never quite laid in such work, she did respect and come to understand how it works. Ultimately, she found she had rather the penchant for mercantile work, and steadily became more of a seller than a creator. Quite diplomatic, Evadne had little trouble navigating the occasional-precarious waters of high-class Dalmascan demand, and it was probably what helped her find and secure her current husband.

They've been very fortunate, and the combination of the two made House Wynbrandt stronger and more influential. With Evadne's help, they became one of the most influential, and protected, minor houses in the bunch. It was also Evadne's idea to ally House Wynbrandt with House Essair, which has not proven to have been a terrible mistake. Rather the opposite, the Wynbrandts have found that House Essair is quite serious about protecting and assisting its vassals when and should they need it, a fact that likely contributes to other houses' hesitance to directly attack them.

She and her husband have had a son, but only one; Yishai was born with health complications that have, thus far, been managed fairly well, but sooner or later, Evadne's sure it will reach a point where it is beyond management. In the interim, his consistent and unpredictable episodes of weakness and fatigue have prompted Evadne to ensure he always has a guard; even if he doesn't like the idea, and likes having slaves even less.

Evadne doesn't feel one way or another about slavery; they are useful, and she knows this, and has also found that treating them kindly tends to end in better results, and thus has never been terrible to the slaves of House Wynbrandt. Rather the opposite, and they like her well enough, and generally stay in good morale. She has, even, freed a few for particularly diligent and accurate work, and recognises that, even if she wanted to, slavery in Dalmasca is not a thing House Wynbrandt alone could possibly end.

Unlike the other vassals of House Essair, Wynbrandt are not criminal in the least; but they may occasionally unwittingly transport contraband for them. Evadne and her husband generally have decided to turn a blind eye right purposely, because House Essair has done more good for them than any other House might've, save maybe Asheron.


  • Astraea is her sister.
  • She is married.
  • Yishai is their only son.

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Evadne Wynbrandt

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