Sheyana 344 Summers Female Dragon Flightless Red Hair Red Eyes 14' 2 Fire Affinity Nomad Art by Eva Toker Created Apr 13, 2019 2:49 am


A young, by her race's standards, dragon, Sheyana is still somewhat impetuous and temperamental, partly due to her youth, and perhaps partly due to her colour. She can be quite impulsive, diving into things head-first and not really thinking about them too much, but she is an oddly kindly dragon. Only somewhat; pressing the wrong buttons will eventually lead to the predator coming out and baring its very pointy, sharp teeth, but she seems to be more interested in making friends with everything and everyone she meets than eating them. She is a creature of whims, however, and if she feels like it that day, may be more inclined to immediate violence than anything.

Everyone has a nickname. And by nickname, what is meant is, she butchers their name pronunciation. Sheyana is also one of the only dragons that willingly communicates with non-dragon creatures telepathically. Currently, Sheyana is attached to a particular hume. He is unfortunately a slave, and his master has tried to enslave her several times; she continues to thwart his efforts, and be immensely amused.


  • Many brothers and sisters.
  • The insanity seems to run in the family; her siblings are about as nuts as she is.
  • Samudra is her older sister.