Thanatus Essair

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By now, he no longer remembers where, exactly, he came from, but, quite frankly, it's so in the air anyway. He does remember his family were wanderers, that roved around the western side of Azaleon, never quite settling in one place. He remembers the sea being a constant companion, and thinks, maybe, he might've been a tribesman of one of the sea tribes, that made their homes on and around the ocean, but where he comes from truly doesn't matter, anymore. He's called Thanatus, now, and he's mostly forgotten his birth name. Once in a grand while, he hears it, in a dream, in the wind, but loses it as quickly as it comes.

At an extremely young age, he found himself in chains, first in Jihon. His name was Seiya, there. Admittedly, in many ways, Jihon was kinder, but also somehow less so, as the nobility over there simply pretend their slaves don't exist, and, being as he was so young, it probably shouldn't be terribly surprising that he tried his best to make an impression on them. He did eventually redirect this to one of the other slaves, adopting a father figure, of a form, and stuck to him and his girlfriend. Eventually, his owner lost money, and to make it back, sold several of his slaves, and Seiya was one of them. He came to Dalmasca, eventually, where he was renamed Thanatus, and given a new house.

And his new house sucked. He bonded with a few other slaves, did what he was told, but he did not tolerate Dalmascan abuse very well. It took a long time, before he did, and by then, he was already a blood fighter, and there was no sense in trying to make that one any better. Ultimately, he gave up and learned to just keep his head down, but there was always a storm under the surface, and, truthfully, Thanatus never did entirely bend. He did have an odd knack for being sympathetic to others, and he is capable of being much kinder and gentler than most might expect of a blood fighter; but look, he doesn't tolerate bullshit very well.

At all, really.

By some odd twist of fate, and some more changing of houses, he became just a normal house slave, again, but this time, he's in House Warwicke, a bit higher up the ladder than usual. His job, it'd seem, is making sure the woman in the tower, whose name no one's told him yet, neither gets out, nor kills anyone, and whenever she does lose her mind, he's supposed to kill her. But the woman in the tower has been probably the first Dalmascan to ever be really kind to him, and he's not terribly looking forward to the day he does need to kill her. He knows she's a mage-there's ice all over the tower, and he swears it keeps getting thicker-and he knows there's supposedly no fix for that. Once you're mad, you're mad, but, he wonders, sometimes.

Dalmascans, he knows, and humes in general, really, tend to want bandaids, instant answers. Maybe there is no real quick fix, for mage insanity. But maybe there's not supposed to be. In the meanwhile, he's started sneaking her bits of vegetables and cheese, when he can, started making toasted garlic bread out of her meager sustenance. The slaves all say, she used to be allowed full meals, but, in recent times, the Warwicke elders have changed their minds, and decided they want her gone, already. That doesn't sit terribly well, with him. What could she possibly have done that was worth this kind of ridiculous torment? She's too kind, for her to be terribly vicious, and besides, if she was an immediate threat, he has no doubt the Warwickes would've killed her, already.

She's lost a lot of weight; it won't be long before she collapses and finally fades. And Thanatus isn't sure he can just sit by and let that happen. Someone, somewhere, has to care about her. He just isn't sure who, or where.

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Thanatus Essair

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Thanatus Essair

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He's a nice guy. Probably too nice, really, he's also not out of touch with his feminine side and his feelings. Actually, he's probably the one slave ever that's the most in-touch with them, as he never shut his down to function. It does mean, the blood arena screwed him up a bit more than most, so he's got Issues.

But, fair warning, he does not tolerate bullshit very well, and he will tell you if you're being a dumbass, sometimes quite bluntly.

He speaks Jihonese and Dalmascan. Does understand a small smattering of Galacese, and a few (mostly curse) words in Macenian.

Will generally introduce himself as "Thana." Ksenia gave him that nickname, and he likes it. (No one's ever given him a nickname before, it's kind of novel.)