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             As the story goes, 22 years ago twin sons were born to one of the branches of the Tran family. It was considered a glorious day, Vinh and Hien were born, as the family gained two potential heirs that day. And indeed, the twins are the eldest of their generation.

The boys grew up playing together, and of course, Vinh received a reasonably standard education for a Jihonese boy - and far more, as one of the eldest sons of the Ujalin house that held the most territory of any. 

Vinh's personality was, perhaps, considered too soft at first to be a great ujal, but he tried his best, and he put his mind to learning all that it was he needed to learn as his parents asked. His brother did not want to be the heir, and so it was up to him to shoulder that - and he didn't mind. It was an honor to be seen as worthy, and to be given a chance to prove himself, given his brother's personality was far more suited to the task, at least at the surface level.

Vinh was fifteen when things started to change for him. Not in the way they changed for every boy his age. No, instead his magic came in, and Vinh found he could manipulate water. This was something that he knew he must never tell anyone. An Ujal could not have magic - no hume in Jihon could have magic. Their family was a progressive one, for Jihon, and he knew he was lucky for that much. But even progressiveness would not protect him from the reality that magic brought instability, insanity.

For a while, he did hide it, even from his brother. Eventually he resolved to tell Hien about his magic, if only to free himself of the secret and perhaps get his input on what to do now because he couldn't hide it forever. And Vinh didn't want to drag his brother down with him, but neither could he stand to keep the secret any longer. Besides that, it would be best to prepare his brother for the inevitable, he thought. Magic would likely eventually drive him to madness, and he could not serve as the heir if his mind began to shatter.

Vinh overheard his father discussing a possible marriage for either his brother or himself one evening after he had made his resolution - he didn't stay long enough to hear more. And... it wasn't the wisest thing to do, but he had done it many times before. The teen, now sixteen, slipped outside of the guarded areas of their home with the intention of taking some time to himself and then returning home as he always did.

Kirinyaga was not with him that night, and he was discovered by a group of pirates who overwhelmed him and ultimately captured him. At first he had some small hope that they would attempt to ransom him - his parents would be upset, but they would not refuse to do such a thing, not when it was one of their sons at stake. Again it would seem that Kirinyaga had other plans.

Ultimately Vinh would end up in a Dalmascan brothel, stripped of his personhood, his name, and his dignity. He made friends among the other brothel slaves if only because one took him under their wing in an attempt to help keep him from splintering apart under the strain that was being suddenly thrust into this world after the first years of his life had been so sheltered.

His friend is gone now, but Pantheras is still here. He misses Hien, a lot. But he's surviving, and maybe that is all he can ask for.            

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             Real name is Vinh Tu Tran