Merenwen Essair

Merenwen Essair 48 Summers Female Ilim Commoner House Essair White Hair Ice blue Eyes 3' 5 Earth Affinity Galace Game Art Created Apr 05, 2019 7:58 pm Last Posted May 21, 2019 12:03 am Played by Nariko


At one time, ilim had two colour variants, one light and one dark. Over the years, these two mixed together, blurring the lines, and Merenwen is a pretty good example of their combining. Fair-sized for an ilim female, Merenwen usually only makes it to, or just above, others' waists. She sports very bright white hair, kept long, loose, and somewhat curly, icy blue eyes, and medium skin, perhaps a bit on the dark side.

Like all ilim, she has paws instead of feet, generally opting to forego shoes and keep the parts of her paws that don't touch the ground normally wrapped in protective bandages. In contrast to her dark skin tone, her legs from the middle of her shin down are coated in a light-coloured fuzz, giving an interesting effect with the darker skin underneath.

Her ears and tail, white as well, resemble perhaps a squirrel. Her ears are wide, but short, and her tail curls slightly into a bit of a wave.

Notably, for a slave, she wears clothes that cover everything, usually simplistic shirts and pants she can move in, occasionally with protective armour over them, perhaps bracers to hold her sleeves out of her way. She also always has a leather band with the Essair cobra attached to it around her arm.


By now, Merenwen has forgotten the name the Dalmascans gave her. That was quite a long time ago. Her small village in southern Galace, often, was pressured by the Dalmascan military, and in effort of keeping them from plundering, offered handfuls of young ilim as tribute slaves. At first, Merenwen was upset she was in the cluster, once, when she was nine, but she's long given up holding onto bitterness. It serves her none, now, and neither did she think it a terrible thing, until it happened to her. It still is somewhat terrible, but it is a kind of necessity, and she recognises this, now.

For a time, she lived out her life first in Jihon. She's forgotten what they called her there, but she had a lover in Jihon, and they, eventually, took in a young boy from one of the nomadic tribes to the west of the Free Cities. They called him Seiya, in Jihon, but as all things do, that time eventually ended. Seiya was sold by their master, to pay back some debt, and soon enough, it was her turn. Merenwen doesn't know what happened to the lover she had then, but they never saw one another again. From Jihon, she came to Dalmasca, specifically Nydema, and has never been anywhere else in Dalmasca.

As a young girl, she'd been through abuse at the hands of several houses, in her early years. Merenwen never did try and overstep her bounds, kept her head down, and, despite relatively extensive training in healing, conveniently forgot to mention this training to most of her masters. Trained for it at a young age, as everyone needs healers, Merenwen even eventually learned to use her affinity, earth, not known for being able to heal immediately, in ways that allowed it to heal in a short span of time. It was a matter of arranging the sorcery formations properly, and it was learned through trial and error.

In time, she came to House Essair. The master of the house, thankfully, mostly left her to her own devices, considering she was a girl, and he was quite gay. His wife, on the other hand, became rather good a friend of Merenwen's, and for once, Merenwen found she actually cared for the company of a Dalmascan. Albeit, lady Ksenia was always rather closed off, but she always had a smile for Merenwen. In time, lady Ksenia fell pregnant, and Merenwen sensed... something. Even a mere unborn babe, and the child was already storing heavy amounts of aura. In time, Merenwen realised, through her ilim senses, there were three, not one, but only one was storing so much aura. When the triplets were born, Merenwen was the only one Ksenia would allow to help with the delivery, and as the first came unto the world, the house shook, objects fell from the shelves, the sunlight from the window brightening, and cradling each boy was he was born.

At least the house shaking stopped after the eldest, whose hair nigh immediately turned white, but the light seemed happy and reached out to greet each son as he took his first breath. Merenwen didn't know what to think of this, except that, perhaps, the Essair triplets were destined for great things. Perhaps unfortunate things, but great nonetheless.

Their mother did what she could, and often called on Merenwen for help; after all, Vopiscus certainly wasn't going to be doing anything so feminine as child-rearing, oh no, not him. The boys ran the two women ragged, but both were very happy. However, Kassandros, the eldest, never did stop storing so much aura. If anything, it grew, at an exponential rate Merenwen had never seen even in ilim, and they've always been mages. When he was still very young, Kassandros began using light sorcery, with a mastery far beyond his years, as if he'd always known how, just had never bothered before. And, one day, he had his first vision.

Ksenia was distraught. Merenwen wasn't terribly happy about the news, either, but the boy was what the boy was. A seer he might be, they'd love him anyway. Or at least, that was the plan. Vopiscus had other ones. Eventually, he sought to use Kassandros' seer abilities for his own personal gain, and despite the nigh constant protest from Ksenia, the very logical arguments, Vopiscus would not give in. In fact, only a scant six years after their birth, Vopiscus threatened their mother's house, and chased her out of the Essair estate, leaving the boys with no one but Merenwen. Vopiscus did not love them the way Ksenia did. It would greatly impact them, over time.

She tried her best. Cygnus became very much obstinate, and refused to listen to her. She didn't blame him. Icarus withdrew, and Kassandros seemingly forgot what it was to even be hume. Merenwen has always worried for him, because he is the Messiah, and she knows this, now; but he hasn't destroyed everything, so there is still a part of him that remembers who he is. In time, the triplets steadily forgot Ksenia, but Merenwen kept parts of her with them by passing them on to the boys through herself. The song they sing, when they're upset, Merenwen learned from Ksenia, for instance. Eventually, Vopiscus pushed Kassandros too far, and it cost him his life.

Kassandros seems to have changed, a little. There was more urgency in the way he carried out seemingly every-day things, and he pushed his way into the warlord caste, and then started going up the ladder. Merenwen's not sure what for, it seems an odd goal, as, she's fairly certain she knows what he was born for. She waits, until the time he'll tell her, either with words or otherwise. She keeps his criminal syndicate in tip-top shape, enjoying helping others, and acts as something of a head slave, directing the others and keeping the house in order around him. It is, at least, one burden she can take from his shoulders. And she watches, as he slowly falls in love, and doesn't even know what love is, not really. His brothers are much the same as he.

Above all, Merenwen hopes for the best for them, but she knows that one person's kindness is not always enough.


  • No known blood relations.
  • She did half-raise Seiya, now called Thanatus, and the Essair triplets, and considers them her sons.

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