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Some could, and do, call her lineage prestigious, originally born to a family of nomads. Kasaya's family are the bearers of a specific, odd curse; in every era along the time-line, there is a Kasaya, all born to the same family, and each one is a seer. Her mother before her, as normal for her family, died giving birth to her, leaving her to just her father. From the time she was conceived, to when she was born, her mother's father trained her own to protect and care for Kasaya. Her family is the only bloodline that carries the seer trait consistently, rather than it cropping up randomly, and her lineage's traditions moulded themselves around this reality. Male members of the family guard the female ones, but the female ones are the leaders. Each lasts only long enough to conceive and birth a child, always a girl, always named Kasaya, and this Kasaya would be no different.

As nomads, she and her father never remained in one place. Kasaya had been all over Azaleon, many times over, knows the mountains and the forests as well as she knows the city streets and busy farms. Unlike the male members of her family before him, her father thought to teach her some minor ability to defend herself, in case the two were ever separated, but while they were together, they never were. Kasaya always thought that some part of her father blamed her for what happened to her mother, and if it was anyone's fault, it'd be hers. In time, she began to wonder if there was a way to break that cycle, the endless cycle of living and and losing the same way, over and over and over, but it took a long while before she found an answer, and it, even, may not be permanent.

As a young girl, Kasaya often would forget her own visions, and her father suggested writing them down. Eventually, she developed something called a seer disk. Through help of the Galacese ilim, Kasaya stores her visions within these disks, and can "play" them back later. It allows, as a side-effect, Kasaya to show her visions to others, and it was Kasaya herself that prophecied the arrival of the Messiah. This prophecy, too, was stored in a disk.

Her father eventually left her. She knew he would, eventually, just not when. For a long time, Kasaya wandered by herself, but eventually was taken in by the Saqqarans, and she has remained there ever since. Some now know her only as the Oracle of Nashret, and, as most in Saqqara do eventually, Kasaya became a were. She is now well into 4,000 years old, and through experimentation and testing, has broken the curse of seers, by turning them into weres. She herself, perhaps her own family curse is broken, but perhaps not. After all, Kasaya has not yet attempted to have children of her own. She keeps the interest in having children under control by adopting, instead, and it is mostly enough to abate it.

In recent years, her visions have stopped going past a certain time-period. She, and any other seer she's met, has not had a vision that goes past the Messiah's aurora being unleashed. Kasaya believes she understands why, as the only one that truly understands the meaning behind the original Messiah prophecy.

He will come to her. There is time.

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Jun 04, 2019 10:19 am
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If you think Kassandros is freaky, Kasaya's even worse. She knows Some Shit. More shit than he does, and, she's far, far better at logically extrapolating what is most likely in one's head and heart, and really does seem to read minds.

She is a were-owl, turns into a snowy owl. She is old enough a were, now, she is more than capable of controlling herself in owl form, and can shift between hume and owl at will as easily as breathing.

She is a mage, too, but no one's sure which element is her standard; she can use several just fine.

Mostly, Kasaya stays in Saqqara, but she is a decently big name. It wouldn't be far-fetched to presume one could come looking for her, merely for her advice. Her temple's pretty impressive, too.