Tihaan Assad

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The spitting image of his father, Pallas looks every bit the Assad that he is. While one couldn't necessarily call him short, one would be hard-pressed to call him tall, either, as he stands at a relatively average height. After spending time in the sun, he does tan a bit, and, shockingly, his hair is a deep cobalt, his eyes a vibrant red.

He does, of course, have slight problems with his vision, thanks to his eye color-going from a relatively low-light environment to a very bright one will blind him for several seconds, and even walking from a building out into direct sunlight will cause his sight to dim. Pallas has learned, instead, to rely on his hearing when his sight fails him. In a way, this has made him a better fighter than he looks like he'd be.

While certainly not lacking in muscle entirely, he is not exactly of the titanic build that many are accustomed to blood fighters being. In fact, he looks almost flimsy next to most fighters, but he is fast, and decent at tactical thought. He is technically a fist-fighter, but his gauntlets have claws on them.


The second son of king Sidonai Assad of Haradi, younger by a few years than his brother Ryhil, Tihaan is very clearly an Assad. Ryhil, with his vibrant icy blue eyes and blond hair, looks nothing like their father, taking after their mother, instead, but Tihaan is the spitting image of Sidonai when he was younger.

Despite being born to rather high privilege, or at least, what most would see as privilege, Tihaan never had it terribly easy. He never had it hard, at least not really-he had food, he had shelter, he had family that loved him, and never felt unsafe-but he was never spoiled. Sidonai taught him to be grateful for the help they had, and Tihaan often helped the servants around the palace. When Tihaan did make a particularly crazy mess, king Sidonai made him straighten it, instead of the servants. He was taught astronomy, mathematics, history, everything modern knowledge could teach, and, entirely on his own, Tihaan soon enough began mingling with the commoners of Haradi on the streets.

Tihaan quite enjoyed interacting with them. He often helped craftsmen and farmers that sold their wares in the street markets, preventing would-be thieves, and when he did find one, instead of turning them in to the guards, he usually figured out why they were stealing first, and if the reasons could be fixed, he'd work on that, instead. Many came to call him the People's Prince, as he was always very familiar with the citizens of Haradi, what they needed, wanted, their hopes and dreams, their fears and opinions, and it wasn't rare that he spent his own money at a craftsman's stall, partly because he did like their creations, and partly to encourage others to take a look at them.

It was, unfortunately, this habit of his, this mingling with others, that eventually got him into trouble. He still doesn't understand why, or what they were doing in Haradi to begin with, but he remembers someone hitting him over the head with something, and then he woke up somewhere between Haradi and Dalmasca's capital Nydema, in chains. The stress of this event did rather quickly inform him he was a mage, and it was only through encouragement of an elder farmer woman, whom he'd met many times at market in Haradi, that he managed to contain it.

He doesn't know if his family have any idea what happened to him. Now, of course, Tihaan knows that there are slavers in Haradi, and if he can ever get home, he'll fix it. There are slavers in his city, and maybe he hasn't had the best time of it since he was enslaved at 15, between being enslaved and trying to control his incidental sorcery, but that isn't where the majority of his concern is. He has a brand, now, from a momentary stint in the blood arena, an S, but one of the more recent houses decided he made a better house slave. He's fine with that.

His mind never leaves Haradi. Constantly, Tihaan is haunted by the knowledge there are slavers in Haradi, that there are ex-slaves in Haradi that may well someday be forced right back into slavery. He has no idea how many of his people have been brought to Dalmasca the same as he was, and it bothers him immensely. He isn't the People's Prince for nothing. And Dalmasca had better damn well hope he never sees Haradi again, because if and when he gets home, Dalmasca will hear all about how much he hates them.


Sidonai Assad-father
Ryhil Assad-elder brother

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Tihaan Assad

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Like any good prince-y boy, he did learn a couple different languages. Aside from Haradian and Dalmascan, he speaks Galacese and Saqqaran, and understands Macenian and minor Jihonese, he just can't always formulate responses in his head.

He is an ice mage. By now, he's got good control over it, but when he's extremely stressed out, he'll still leak ice everywhere, and he cannot actually do too many things with it purposely.