Andreas Essair

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Andreas was born to house Kenleigh, the son of the head of house and a slave woman, though Andreas was not aware of his mother's status as a slave until very recently. He was born with a twin brother, Dimitrios. Along with his twin, Andreas has two older half brothers, Nero and Cyprian, though he believed Nero to be his full brother.

They lived in reasonable luxury for some time, and it could be said they had a decent childhood, if not for the fact that their father was rather abusive. Nero was away with the military a lot, and didn't really seem to know much of what life was like at home, honestly. But Cyprian... well. Cyprian tried to protect them.

Their mother tried, and she raised them to be better people than their father was. The time came when their mother came home with two blood fighters to help around the house. Those two also spent time teaching the boys how to fight with a sword, in Nero's absence.

And then, Nero died. And the precarious balance that had kept House Kenleigh safe suddenly disappeared. Aemilius had many enemies, and when Nero died... well. Those enemies came calling. Ultimately the side house would be torched and burned. And it was in this crossfire that Andreas and his brother found out that their mother was a slave.

To their knowledge, she was put to death and they were put into chains. He hasn't seen Dimitrios since, and he's rather upset about that. But Lucius is a nice owner, and if he has to live as a slave, he's thankful it's in a house that is not too cruel.

He worries about Dimitrios though.

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Andreas Essair

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Andreas Essair

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